The Bitch Research

byblack saphire©

Day seven of her Estrus cycle came along and Jenna saw no signs of it receding. Stuart was a little tired this morning but she needed some satisfaction so they ended up doing a 69. She managed to cum twice on his mouth and fingers before his cock erupted in her mouth. Being Saturday, Stuart rolled over to have a snooze while Jenna went to wash herself up.

During her regular morning inspection, she was surprised to find her vulva now a fiery red. It was as almost as if it was raw and scalded. She felt no pain however. Her secretions were also much more, practically coating her pussy and thigh. There was a strangely sweet smell emanating from her pussy as well. Her nipples were not just sensitive today, they were practically aching.

Jenna wasn't sure if her pussy was really emanating the sweet aroma or if it was just her heightened sense of smell that was picking it up. Her heart rate was also higher and the hot flushes seemed to be intensifying. Jenna wanted to ask Stuart if he could get the sweet aroma too but he had already left to go home for the day and wasn't due back till later at night. Jenna noted everything down in her notebook.

Jenna went outside to take out the garbage and she spied her neighbour sitting in his porch across the street. Mr Johns was a sweet older man, almost touching 60. His wife had passed away a few years ago and he lived with his three sons. The boys all worked in the construction company that their father had set up. Jenna hardly saw the sons as they always worked long hours and when they weren't working they were out with their friends. It was useful having Mr Johns across the street as he always helped her with minor repairs and fixing appliances. She waved cheerfully at him and he smiled and waved in return. As soon as he acknowledged her, she felt a knot in her stomach and that all familiar feeling. Just as quickly, she realised that she was extremely horny.

She bit her lip and looked down at the ground as she put the garbage in the bin. Still averting her gaze, she ran back into the house. She tried to call Stuart but she couldn't get him. She was almost feverish with lust now and the thought crossed her mind if Mr Johns might just be able to fix her appliance. Jenna knew she was traversing dangerous territory but she was so horny. She needed to get fucked.

She quickly changed into a short skirt and a tube top. No bra, no panties. She picked up an old toaster that had been damaged previously and she ran out and across the road. Mr Johns was no longer on the patio and Jenna hoped he was inside.

She rapped on the door and waited, her body already craving sex. She heard footsteps and Mr Johns opened the door.

"Well hello Jenna." he said. "Bright and early this morning huh. What can I do for you?"

"Uh. This toaster..." Jenna mumbled. "Seems to be on the blink. I was wondering if you could look at it?"

"Why sure. Come on in." Mr Johns said, his eyes growing wide as he noticed her nipples protruding out of her tube top. His cock started to swell in his pants as he led her to the sofa. "Take a seat. Can I get you a drink?"

"N-no. I'm fine thanks." Jenna mumbled. She parted her legs slightly, trying to give Mr Johns a look at her pussy. If he didn't take the signal soon, she would just have to tell him the truth. Tell him how she needed to be fucked.

Mr Johns could see right up her skirt to her hairy pussy. He swallowed hard and carefully placed the toaster down. He looked hard at Jenna who looked at him with a glazed look in her eyes. Mr Johns knew that look well. His wife often had that look after he had sucked her and just before she begged him to fuck her. "Stick that hard cock in me lover" she would say to him. His cock throbbed harder as he reached down to grab Jenna's hand.

"Its not your toaster that needs fixing is it?" He grinned at her, as he pulled her up. "I don't know why and I'm not gonna ask, but perhaps today is my lucky day."

Jenna nodded almost in relief. Pulling herself away from Mr Johns, she pulled her tank top over her head in one smooth motion. Her breasts shuddered as her shoulders came back down. "Take me Mr Johns. Do what you want with me."

"Call me Dave." He said softly as his hands reached out to cover her breasts. "No need for formalities if were gonna fuck." He lowered his head to suck her nipples and Jenna's responsive moan caused his cock to jerk harder in his pants. Dave peeled her skirt off her and pulled her to him. He kissed her softly and she melted into his arms. Her lips parted, kissing him back urgently. His tongue slipped into he mouth and teased her own tongue. They kissed like teenagers and Jenna felt her already wet pussy turn leaking copious amounts of fluid.

She was pleasantly surprised that Mr Johns was kissing her and not just fucking her like the other two men had. She knew she didn't need the foreplay when she was in such a state of arousal but it was nice. And it was nice of Dave to take the time to seduce her when it was apparent she didn't need any seduction.

Jenna's hands moved to unbutton Dave's shirt and then to pull down his pants, all the while still kissing him. She was mewling softly with his kisses as she pressed her naked form against him, her nipples brushing his hairy chest. She slid down his body, giving it small kisses till she reached his stiff cock. She fisted it in her hands and knelt on her fours. Again the Lodorsis reflex kicked in with her hips arching upward to offer her wet pussy to Mr Johns.

He had never seen anything so erotic or sensual in his life. Normally he had to work hard on a woman to get her so worked up but this beauty was offering herself up to him. He positioned himself behind her and slid his cock into her gaping hole. It was wet and hot and enveloped him nicely. He let out a low groan as he worked himself into her.

"Mmm...that feels so good Mr Jo..uh Dave." Jenna sighed. "So good."

Dave moved in and out of her slowly, enjoying the warm wetness. Although she was well lubricated, she still felt tight. He began to thrust into her deeply now, relishing the slapping sound as his groin met hers. He could also hear the soft squishy sounds her pussy was making as he fucked into her. Jenna lowered her elbows to the floor, bending her upper body and her head down to offer her ass even higher to Dave.

"Uhh..yess..Uhh...oh fuck...oh....unnnh.." She groaned softly.

"What's this?!" The voice that called out interrupted their pleasure. "Looks like Daddy's getting some nooky."

Jenna looked up to see Danny, Simon and Andrew – all at home for a change – standing in front of her. Dave had stopped fucking in and out of her but was still buried deep in her cunt.

"Oaahh...Don't stop Dave. Please Don't stop." Jenna cried out in frustration. Her hands reached upwards, urging the boys closer to her.

"I'm gonna cum." Dave moaned. "Can I cum in your mouth?"

"Then one of you boys fuck me!" Jenna cried out, almost pleading. It didn't take the boys half a minute to undress. Dave moved to Jenna's mouth and she took him in willingly as Danny entered her from behind. She could taste her juices on Dave's cock and it turned her on even more.

Danny wasn't as gentle as his father and he fucked her fast and furiously. It was exactly what Jenna needed and she hissed and groaned on Dave's cock. Dave didn't last too long and soon spurted his load into her mouth. He didn't have much cum for an older man but his taste was strong. She swallowed every drop, feeling it hot in her stomach, as Dave's cock slowly deflated and withdrew from her mouth.

With her mouth free, she was able to concentrate on the feelings in her pussy again.

"God yes! Fuck me ....fuck me good." She screamed. "Fuck me Danny!"

Andrew had moved to her mouth and she licked his cock softly. He urged himself forward trying to force his cock through her mouth but Jenna turned her head.

"No, please. You can fuck me too. All of you can fuck me!" She cried out, not wanting to waste a cock in her mouth.

Danny was dripping with sweat as he finally let out a soft cry and plunged deep into her.

"Oh fuck Jenna... Fuuucck!" Danny cried. His cock swelled and he withdrew it to spew his load all over her back. The hot liquid splashing on her back ignited her own fires and Jenna let out a loud groan as her body throbbed and convulsed.

"Cover me with your cum! Ohhhh I'm cummmminggg"

Her body was still thrashing as she felt another cock enter her. This was thicker than Danny's but not as long. She looked around to see who it was to find it was Andrew filling her with his cock. Andrew's cock spread her nicely and she started to cum again after a few strokes.

"OOohhh aaah.....yyyeeeaaagghh!!" Jenna screamed." So good...just keep fucking me! Oh yessss!"

She was going wild with sexual delirium. Her entire being was focused on sex and nothing else. Every fibre in her craved with sexuality. Andrew was still fucking her and she still craved more. She turned to Danny.

"Let me suck your cock." She cried out.

"What about me??" Protested Simon.

"Fuck my ass!" Jenna moaned, completely consumed with lust. "Fuck all my holes! Just fuck me!"

Danny moved forward to her mouth and Jenna sucked and slurped on his semi flaccid cock. She felt Andrew withdraw from her pussy and then position her body so that he entered her pussy from underneath. She felt Simon's cock pressing against her asshole and she sucked hard on Danny's cock as she felt Simon press hard against her ass, forcing his cock into her.

Jenna screamed loudly but her scream was muffled by Danny's cock. Her ass felt like a red hot poker had been jammed into it but surprisingly, the pain receded very quickly. The three brothers worked up a rhythm and her body was buffeted with three cocks working together, filling every fuckable hole in her body.

Her body felt like it was connected to an electrical current. She felt tingles from her ears right to the soles of her feet. She was nothing but a fuck machine and she was loving it. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her and if her mouth wasn't so crammed of cock, she would have been screaming out her pleasure. Just as she was about to climb the peak of another orgasm, she felt Andrew and Simon tense unleash there torrent of cum into her.

Her body responded with jolts of pleasure and her muscles spasmed and tensed. Danny let out a loud groan as his cock spit viciously into Jenna's mouth. He mouth was half open in a silent scream and some of his cum dripped out the sides of her mouth. Andrew and Simon slowly pulled out of her with a popping sound and Jenna let her head collapse to the floor.

Her ass and pussy were leaking the juices of two men and her own juices. As if by reflex, she put her hand behind her to scoop out their mixed juices and brought it to her mouth to lick it. Just like a bitch in heat she thought to herself with a half smile.

The four men lay as if in a daze around the room. Jenna felt fulfilled but still there was a yearning in her. She wanted more. She wasn't completely satiated at all. Far from it, she felt like she needed to fuck all day!

"Do you mind if I spend the weekend?" She asked the dazed foursome quietly. "let me just call Stuart and let him know...."

** *** **

The weekend went by in a wild orgy. Jenna lost count of the number of times she got fucked and by whom. She only knew that on Sunday evening she had a gang bang session much like the events of the first day. Just like with Stuart, she had briefly explained the changes caused by the experiment to the Johns family. Unlike Stuart, they had no interest at all in the details of the physiology but had all the interest in her hot wanton body. That suited Jenna fine.

She returned to her home late Sunday night and when she awoke on Monday, she noticed that her urges had receded somewhat. She had obviously peeked with Estrus over the weekend and she quickly made notes paying special attention to the length of days that Estrus kicked in and when it peeked.

She lost all signs of Estrus after 12 days but her enhanced sense of smell stayed for 14 days. The hot flushes and secretions stopped almost immediately after 10 days as well as the redness of her vulva. It was almost beautiful to look at once it went back to its pale fleshy skin tone with bits of pink. She smiled to herself as she looked at a picture she had taken of her red fiery vulva. It looked like she had applied lipstick to it.

Once she had returned back to full normalcy, she worked to isolate the enzyme further and reduced the dosage to a manageable level. She did further tests with it on herself as well as giving it to some of the friends for their own usage. She managed to remove all the side effects and adjust the Estrus level combined with an enhancer so that it took effect in 10 minutes and lasted for just a couple of hours. It was a high tech women's version of Viagra.

She also developed an instant antidote to ensure that the Estrus tablet was not used as a date rape drug as well as in the event that for some reason you wanted to stop the effects. Once she was convinced that everything was in place, she announced to Jake what she had done. She showed him her research and finally explained to him her behaviour that day in the lab. Jake was extremely excited by her results and applied for FDA approval immediately. After a few months of testing, they received FDA approval and the Estrus drug was marketed. Jenna Sinclair made more money that she had ever hoped for.

The icing on the cake came when she was flown to Sweden in early December.

"Presenting the Lecture for The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery and isolation of the genetic enzyme that causes Estrus; and for significantly modifying this enzyme to be used safely by human females. I present to you, Dr Jenna Sinclair."

Jenna rose from her seat. She looked ravishing with full make up on and her hair let down. She was also wearing dangly golden hoop earrings. The only strange this was her outfit. She was wearing a long button down coat dress – that looked something like a mix between an overcoat and a trench coat.

She slowly made her way to the podium and addressed the crowd. She began her lecture, explaining how she had isolated the enzyme; the tests she had performed and the modifications she had made. She finished with these words.

"It has been my said that words and diagrams that you see in presentations and lectures do not fully explain anything. There is no better teacher than experience." She said as she slowly unbuttoned her coat to reveal a sheer golden cocktail dress underneath. The dress was so sheer that you could see her naked form quite clearly underneath it. Her nipples were hard and long and they poked out at her dress. All eyes were riveted on her – especially the fiery red lips of her shaven cunt that stood out like a beacon shining through her dress.

"I'm currently in a state of Estrus." Jenna continued. "This is the original dosage that I used in my experiment. I am a bitch in heat and this is the optimum day of the Estrus cycle. I need to be fucked. Fucked hard and long by everyone and anyone who wants to. Fuck me like the bitch in heat that I am."

There was a wild commotion as men rushed up on to the stage as she slowly pulled the dress off her and seductively squeezed her breasts.

"Oh.." She cooed into the microphone, "I brought some samples of the tablets for the women that are interested."

There was another wild commotion...

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