tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bitch's Oven

The Bitch's Oven


Robin Bennett is a freshman at Tech. A little rich girl, spoiled to the max, still a virgin, her daddy's little girl. Her daddy would buy her anything she wanted. Why didn't she get him to rent her an apartment off campus? Or better yet, buy her a house near campus! To say Robin is beautiful is to say the Sun is somewhat warm. And she knows it! Her hair is jet black a little beyond shoulder length. Her facial features those of a goddess, her breasts are pictured in the dictionary beside the word "perfect". Her butt gives a whole new design element to low rider jeans, her bellybutton a goblet for unrealized pleasure. When she shows up at the pool with one of her stunning bikinis and extreme tan all activity stops. She is the object of everyone's attention. The girl is hot! Robin has been pledging her sorority since she got to school and she is coming to her wits end. She hates the girls in her sorority…the girls in the sorority hate her. It hadn't taken long for the lines to be drawn between them. They were affectionately known as the Delta Beta Bitches around campus.

Robin threw her dorm room door open and slammed it behind her. She noticed the envelope on her pillow just as she flung herself onto the bed. She bounced back to a sitting position and picked up the envelope. The sound of the shower running and voices giggling in the bathroom took her attention away from the letter. Her roommate, Nikki, had one of her little "friends" over. They were in the shower together. Robin's roommate was a LESBIAN! How much more could Robin stand? The giggling in the shower turned to moaning and deep sighs and an occasional "oh yeah, baby". Robin couldn't imagine being touched by another girl! But listening to the goings on in the shower caused her thoughts to drift away. She had come close to having sex a couple of times with her high school boyfriend Allen.

She laid back on the bed, closed her eyes and let her mind wander back to the day they spent in the country just before she left for college. She escaped that day with her virginity intact by the narrowest of margins. They had found a peaceful place to sit under a large tree, it wasn't long before Allen started kissing her. They shared several deep long wet soft kisses, then Allen pressed her backward until they lay flat on the ground, his face above hers. She had always tried to dress "safely" when she knew they would be in "dangerous" situations. She had on a tshirt and her thickest, unsexiest bra. It didn't do a lot of good. Allen began to chew her nipples gently through her clothes, changing from one to the other ever so often. The tender buttons pushed up through every layer of clothing giving away her feelings.

Robin began to moan his name lowly, "Allen, please stop," she said over and over. Finally he sat up as if he were going to obey. Their eyes met, hers were melting his were fiery. He glanced down her body lustfully and dropped his face onto the crouch of her jeans and began to chew her pussy roughly through the denim, he didn't bite but more massaged her with his teeth. Robin arched violently at this sudden attack, the attack from Allen and the attack from the flood of sensation this sent rushing through her virgin loins. In her stunned state she just sat up looking at Allen's head working feverishly on her sweet treasure. She threw her head back and tried to pull him away from her, she didn't fight hard, and she was loving the feelings he was sending through her entire body. She was growing so weak she could barely resist. Allen had worked his way up to unbuttoning her jeans. His hands were sliding inside Robin's panties when she stopped him.

"ALLEN! STOP!" She half screamed and half sighed. She sucked in a deep breath, her head was spinning out of control.

He held his hand there massaging her wet bushy mound in defiance for a minute or two, his fingertips inching deeper and deeper, his head lying in her lap. Finally, he gave in and he took his hand out and sat up. Her mind was filled with the sensation that gave her. If Allen had only kept it up for a couple of more seconds he would have won and Robin would not have been a virgin today.

Robin returned to the reality of her dorm room. Her hand moved slowly down to the snap of her jeans. She unfastened it. She closed her eyes as her fingers slid inside the waistband of her panties. She let out a soft sigh as her fingertips touched the velvet flesh where her pussy lips began to part. When she reached the hardening little button of a clit inside her swelling muffin her sigh grew louder and faded into a sultry moan…she slowly massaged herself, her heat and fragrance were filling the air. Then she realized the sounds from the bathroom had silenced! Her eyes shot open to see two soaked blondes wrapped in towels watching her play with herself. Nikki and her bud Carey were just standing there holding each other watching Robin with wide smiles on their faces.

"Hi, Robin." Carey said in a sickening sweet tone. Carey had always been far too nice to Robin, even though Robin was rude to her. "Having fun?" she added quickly.

"Here's another one to play with if you want to." Nikki giggled, smiling down at Robin lovingly and opening Carey's towel exposing her fur covered snatch. Carey just smiled.

"Oh brother." Robin said in frustration. Her face turning red, she fastened her jeans and bolted from the room embarrassed and ashamed of herself and Nikki and Carey. The two just snickered as she left.

Robin found a quite place beneath a tree on the quad to sit and read the letter. There were no markings on the outside. She took the letter out and began to read. "PLEDGES READ CAREFULLY" was written across the top in huge bold letters. Robin read on.

The letter stated, if anyone else reads this letter, you will be dropped from pledging the DBBs (Delta Beta Bitches). If anyone finds out about the contents of this letter, you will be dropped from pledging the DBBs. The statements were followed by a list of eight or nine names and an invitation to inquire of these listed how serious this was. They had all been dropped by the DBB for this letter violation. Robin didn't recognize any of the names and guessed they were faked just to scare her and the other pledges. Little did Robin know she was the only pledge to get a letter. The only one that ever had.

The letter went on. You will dress in a witch's costume. (You might try the costume shop at the corner of 4th and Main). On Halloween, just at sundown, you will have a sorority sister of your choosing drive you to the old Reynolds farm. Robin thought, that's about four miles down the road that runs behind the sorority house. It turns into a dirt road about a half-mile from the house. She read on, you will tell her nothing. You will wait by the old barn. You will not have to wait long. Again we emphasize, TELL NO ONE OF THIS LETTER IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN BECOMING A DBB!!!!!

Robin glanced up at the window of her door room. She didn't want to go back there just yet. She thought to herself, "what the heck, I don't have anything better to do than check out a costume shop." But Halloween is tomorrow. Why did they wait so long to tell her about this? She got to her feet and headed toward 4th and Main.

Once at the shop she began to browse the isles for a witch's costume. The only one she saw was on a mannequin in the window. She went to the counter to inquire.

Robin started half asking about and half demanding a witch's outfit before she even reached the counter. The girl behind the counter looked up and somewhat startled said, "Excuse me."

"I need a witch's costume for Halloween. Where do you keep them?" Robin's tone was obnoxious and sharp.

The clerk looked back defiantly, "We are all out of witch's costumes, so sorry." She returned to her work behind the counter.

Robin let out a sigh. "I have to have a witch's costume for tomorrow night. Where can I find one you…" She caught herself and stopped short of making any insults. She was used to getting what she wanted and not having to wait for it.

A lady in her mid to late thirties heard Robin from the back and came to see if she could help. She was tall and blonde. Robin thought she was very beautiful, she was made up for Halloween obviously. She was dressed like princess from a Disney movie. All in white and quite radiant.

"May I help you?" She asked.

"I need a witch's costume for tomorrow night." Robin answered, still somewhat frustrated.

"I am sorry but we are out of them. You would make a lovely fairy, or nymph. Let's see what we can find for you." The lady was being more than helpful.

"NO!" Robin was getting more and more flustered as this went on. "I have to have a witch's costume. I was told…" She almost let it slip. No one is to know about this. "What about the one in the window?" Robin inquired pointing toward the front of the shop.

"Oh no, I am sorry, that one is rented already. They are going to pick it up around 4:00 o'clock today." Her answer didn't make Robin any happier.

Robin dropped her head to think. What was she going to do? "Are there any other shops in town that might have one?"

"No honey, not that I know of." The lady responded.

If she had known about this in time she would have had a costume created for her that would have made the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz look tame. Why had they waited so long to let the pledges know about this? It was probably part of their plan. A way to find out how resourceful we are, or something stupid like that she thought.

"Wait a minute." The lady said as if she had just thought of something. "I do have one thing that might work for you. Come with me." Robin followed her to the back of the store.

The lady pulled a box off the top shelf in the store room. She opened it and inside was a black dress and a witches hat folded flat on top of it. It looked fine to Robin, why had she held this one back? The lady led Robin to a fitting room and ushered her in.

"Let's see if it fits." She held the curtain open so Robin could go in.

A couple of minutes went by, then! "You have got to be kidding!" Robin almost screamed from inside the dressing room.

"What?" the lady came back almost laughing.

Robin stepped out. The dress was so sheer her nipples were totally visible through the material. It was so short the bottom of her panties were showing beneath the hem and they were white and that doesn't help much.

"I can't wear this thing!" Robin was put out.

"I'm sorry honey, it's the closest thing that I have." She took the hat and put it on Robin's head. "Now that's not so bad. We will get you some black hose and a black bra and it will be fine, you will just be a little bit of a naughty witch that's all."

She wasn't making Robin feel any better. Robin looked at herself in the mirror. She decided right then and there she would never come to this shop again bra-less. She would need a black body suit to make this work, how stupid she looked, or at least she thought so. The lady left and returned quickly with a pair of fishnet black pantyhose, a lacy black strapless bra and a pair of black high heels. She handed them to Robin. Robin just looked down at them in her hand. Her eyes began to water but she wouldn't cry, not Robin Bennett! She returned to the dressing room to change back into her clothes. Just as she stood there with nothing on but her panties, the lady threw open the curtain and asked if Robin wanted her to box the costume for her, her eyes studied Robin's tits. She covered herself with the dress and answered yes she did. She handed her the costume, covering her breasts with her arm. She thought to herself, "what was with the women in this place, were they all lesbians?" She finished dressing and returned to the counter where the lady was adding up the ticket for her. Robin handed her her credit card, paid the bill, gathered the costume and left. If she had known this store keeper was in on this thing, that the sorority had set this thing up, she would have been livid. The lady and her clerk had a good laugh when Robin had gone.

Robin had asked Heather Long to drive her to the Reynolds place. Heather had shrugged her shoulders and said OK, whatever. Heather was one DBB that Robin could stomach, but just barely. It was almost dark and Robin sneaked out of the dorm hoping no one saw her in this ridiculous dress. She worked her way close to Heather's car in the parkinglot. She hid in the bushes until she saw Heather coming. As Heather approached the car Robin bounded out and rushed to the passenger's side.

"Hurry Heather! Please hurry!" Robin was nervous, her head darting all around to see if anyone saw her.

"What in the world are you suppose to be?" Heather broke out laughing.

"I am suppose to be a witch." She popped the hat on her head and gave Heather a go to hell look. "Now open the damn door and let's go, pleeeeeaaaase!"

Heather hit the unlock button and Robin disappeared into the front seat, the door slamming quickly beside her. Heather got in amazed at the figure sitting beside her. Her laughter grew, and she laughed all the way to the Reynolds farm. They were there in no time. Heather came to a stop at an opening in the fence near the barn.

"Do you need me to pick you up witchy poo?" Heather was still laughing.

Robin was standing outside the car looking up in frustration and disgust. "No, I don't think so."

"What are you going to do out here?" Heather's laughter turned to a slight amount of concern.

"I can't tell you, hell, I don't even know myself. Thanks, and please Heather don't tell anyone about this. Please!" Robin heard herself beg for the first time in her life that she could remember, other than begging her daddy into something she wanted and that was fake begging, this time it was for real.

Heather could tell the girl was not having a good day. She looked up at Robin and with as much sincerity as she could muster, considering the sight of this lost little witch, she said. "Ok honey, I promise."

Robin turned and looked at the barn as Heather drove off. She glanced back just in time to see the car's taillights drop over a small hill come up the other side and disappear around a curve. All was quiet. A little cold, she couldn't hide her nipples in this getup for any amount of money. She headed toward the barn, slowly, her fear beginning to grow with every step. "What in the hell is going on?" she thought. Just then she noticed a dim light behind and to the left of the barn. She headed toward the light, fearful but having faith that no one would let anything really bad happen to her. What a stupid thought that was!

As Robin approached the light she realized it was in the middle of a clearing of trees. She entered the clearing. There was a huge flat stone about three feet tall and eight feet long in the center. A lantern hung in a tree directly across the clearing from her. The clearing was 15 to 20 feet in diameter. THEN! Suddenly a black hooded figure popped his head from behind the tree where the lantern hung! It startled Robin and she turn to run! Her face slammed against the hard muscled chest of another black hooded figure. Robin fell backwards landing flat on her butt with a thud. She threw her arms behind her to catch herself. She sat there stunned, legs spread wide open on the ground. The figure came into the light. Robin's eyes grew twice their normal size! The black hood was the only thing the figure was wearing, a black hood and sandals! And that was it, nothing more! Robin struggled to her feet and backed toward the stone, words rushed into her mind like…altar…and blood sacrifice! She glanced over her shoulder to see the first figure now completely inside the circle. He was dressed the same and carrying a black leather bag. His soft cock dangled from side to side as he walked toward her. She looked for a way of escape. But a third figure entered the circle from the closest route she could see, his limp tool dangling also.

"No…what are you doing? Who are you? Leave me alone, I am leaving! I am out of here!" Robin tried her best to stay strong, to have her way. But a thought deep inside her told her that tonight she would not have her way.

She dropped her head and tried to dart past one figure. He grabbed her arm and tossed her back toward the stone. These guys were all cut and muscular beyond anything Robin had ever seen. She tried her best not to look below their waists, but they were naked and she couldn't help but catch a glimpse of their shrunken organs now and again, after all there was nothing to keep the little things from dancing about as the men moved around. A hand behind her grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard, her hat fell to the ground. The craziest thought entered her mind. "I hope they don't ruin this costume I don't want to pay for it."

As the grip on her hair tightened another one of them pulled her wrists together and the third bent down and took hold of her ankles. They lifted her and laid her on the stone altar. She fought as hard as she could but her struggle was futile, they were much too strong for her. The one holding her wrists began to pull her flimsy dress off her shoulder. His fingers were quivering on her bare skin as he pulled on the dress.

"NOOOOO! NO!" Robin tried to roll away from him but there was no where to roll! "No, please no…" she found herself begging for the second time today.

The man at her head began working on the other shoulder, "Trick or treat little bitch!" He whispered.

Slowly he slid his whole hand between her chest and the dress taking it down as his hand moved over her breast. He hesitated for a second as his fingertips reached her nipple, then moved on. Soon the dress down to her waist, and that stupid bra was almost useless. In her struggle and his groping her breasts where starting to pop out on their own. She almost cursed the fact that she had large firm tittys. The bastard at her feet reached to her waist and pulled the dress the rest of the way down her legs. She tried to kick but he moved so fast that the dress lay crumpled on the ground at the foot of the altar and he had regained his hold on her before she could do any good. His hands slid up and down her thick muscular but feminine calves.

The one at her head took the leather bag, placed it beside her face and opened it. He took out a knife and hovered the blade over Robin's eyes. The fear in her grew even deeper now. He slipped the blade under the hook of her bra and turned it sharp edge up and began to saw through the sheer material. Her nipples were already visible through the bra but when it was cut through and he had brushed each cup off of her full globes, they all stopped and stared. He slowly rubbed the dull edge of the cold steel blade across one swelling pink nipple then the other. She closed her eyes tight and tried to wish this all away…her nipples responded to the touch anyway and began rising to their enjoyment. Soon her nipples were fully erect, each a half-inch of delicious firm flesh. As he would run the blade over a nipple it would lay flat.

As soon as the blade had cleared it, it would spring back to attention. She could almost feel the lust in these guys. Robin felt their hands exploring her body! As one palm worked in small circles around one nipple, the friction burning into her body, another hand cupped and massaged her other breast, rubbing it firmly all over. Fingers dug into the firm muscles of her stomach and slowly drug across her body from one side to the other, she could feel the goose bumps rising on her flesh. She was sure this wouldn't help matters any. The hand on her belly slowly worked down to the waist of her pantyhose. He kept his hand on top of the hose but he brushed across her pussy, rubbing in a circle on it a couple of times then continuing on with his work. She let out a quiet whimper when he did this, she could hear their breathing growing louder and deeper with each passing minute!

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