tagInterracial LoveThe Black Angel

The Black Angel


I met Alexandra Burke when I met her mother, a good woman with a heart of gold who had just got out of a bad marriage, and was alone with her six year old daughter.

She was black, and her ex was Jamaican. I first met her when she was to carry both a bag of clothing and keep hold of Alex's little hand as she struggled up the stairs to her apartment.

I stepped out my apartment, it was the early 1990's and I was sporting simple jeans and shirt.

I had recently joined the army, and it would span the next 20 years almost. At the time I was just out of training and needed a place of my own to stay in.

"Hi do you need some help?" I asked as I looked down at Alexandra, god if only I knew back then.

She was wearing a simple purple dress that clung to her small form, and she had her long black hair in two pigtails with pink clips. Even when she was young her blossoming lips were on their way, juicy and full lips.

Her mother smiled in black trousers and blouse.

"I am new here, I am just moving in now. No one else would help me." She said smiling gently, I knew what she was talking about. Half of the estate was racist, and the other half who were ethnic kept to themselves for that reason.

"I'm not like that I promise." I said taking the bags off of her, as she concentrated on little Alexandra. Alexandra smiled at me as her mom helped her up the stairs, as the white families watched from their apartments soon to be snubbing me for it.

"Shes a beautiful little girl you got there." I smiled carrying the bags.

She grinned.

"Well she can be a handful sometimes."

Alexandra grinned at me and I helped them move in immediately.

After that it became a regular routine from then on, I would come up and make sure her mother, April had what she needed as she was a single parent.

Soon enough she had Alexandra in school, and of course April had to work three jobs in a single day to make ends meet. The rest of the neighborhood wouldn't speak to me and they ignored April, and so it was agreed she needed my help.

It began with me collecting Alex from school, bringing her home and I would watch her until her mom came home from work.

Alexandra was a beauty growing up, she was a little pixie and so cute but soon she was growing up. With looking after and helping out with Alexandra and of course the army the years flew by.

Alexandra grew up so quickly, she had a lighter chocolate skin tone to her mother probably due to her father being Jamaican and.

As quick as I could see I saw she had grown into a woman, a beautiful one at that. I guess I had never really noticed, however I did notice after she passed the 10 year mark she began to change but the amount of times she chose to come over to my place of her own choice grew too.

Her light brown eyes, her caramel skin, and her raven black locks were amazing. Her body filled out amazingly, she was no longer the skinny cute girl anymore but the voluptuous busty Ebony beauty. She had long thick sexy legs, very well sized breasts with dark brown aureoles that stood out in her shirts and tops. On top of all of this her ass grew out too into a nice small black bubble butt. But to all the men it was her lips, they were juicy like a porn stars and full. So kissable or suckable.

One day again her mother asked me to go and collect Alexandra from school, but she was now 18 years old so why would I have to pick her up.

"Why?" I asked.

Her mother smirked.

"For one, she asked me to ask you and secondly some guys have been giving her trouble at school."

I sat in my jeans and top, I was concerned.

"What do you mean?"

She took a deep breath tidied up the room abit as she spoke.

"Some of the guys have pestered her, and her friends. Making sexual comments and stuff, when she told them to leave her alone and her friends they said they would... but not her, they would have her."

The words did worry me, and so I stood.

"They won't touch her April, I promise you that." I said pulling on my jacket.


That's my name by the way.

"Don't do anything stupid alright, just bring her back to your place and I will be as quick as I can from work. She loves and respects you, she doesn't want you to end up in trouble with the cops. Neither do I." She fluffed a pillow.

I nodded and kissed her on the cheek.

"OK I promise."

I left and made my way over to her school in my car, I was prepared for any eventuality. I had a lock box in the car boot with a gun, I had a license for it and it was all legal.

I hated the idea of guys gawking at Alexandra and put my foot down on the peddle.

Finally I was at her school, I locked the car up and made my way to the courtyard to look for her.

I saw her, she was a sight to behold. An Ebony beauty. Her black hair clung to her gentle face down her shoulders with a sleek look and her thick and full yet sexy lips.

I walked towards them and saw what she was wearing, a golden breast top she wore to her cheer leading that was zipped up at the front, and tight matching football pants with the front strings players wore but the woman version that was in fashion. It all exposed her amazing cleavage and breasts plus her sexy legs, hips and ass.

She looked up at me, her eyes gleaming as she looked like an angel would.

"James!" She gasped as she saw me, running at me she jumped on me wrapping her arms around me giggling.

"Wow you really have grown ain't you." I laughed gently holding her as her friends watched.

"Hey I am not that big." She playfully pouted.

I smiled playfully lifting her up and down mockingly pretending to weigh her.

"Hey!" she laughed playfully hitting my chest with her small cute fists.

"Just checking." I smiled.

She pouted again and I set her down.

"So mom told you I wanted you to pick me up?" She asked as her friends kept staring at me.

"Yeah and told me about some guys giving you some trouble."

She looked down at her feet.

"Its nothing, just the usual stupid shit they do."

"No Alex, tell him the truth." A young blonde girl in a short plaid skirt and top said.

Alexandra shot her friend a glance, and turned away again.

"Tell me what Alex?" I asked.

She went quiet.

"Alexandra tell me." I said more sternly.

"They said they would have me, and today they cornered me in one of the girl's bathrooms in the school but Mrs Gordan showed up and they were sent away." She sighed.

I was dumbstruck, they had even went as far as to corner her in the toilets. What would they have done had no one came and intervened?

"Alexandra you need to tell the head teacher, or this could go further and you know I won't let it." I said more sternly as a threat to the boys.

She nodded, and we went to tell the head teacher in her office. She agreed to keep an eye on the boys and make sure the teachers knew about them.

Soon after we walked back to my car, with me ahead and Alexandra speaking with her friends behind me. Soon I heard hushed giggling as they kept watching me.

"What are you lot plotting over there?" I smiled.

Alex smiled gently biting her lip gently as she watched me.

"We can't say." Her friend Sarah, the same blonde smiling. I knew it was about me.

I grinned as we walked.

"So Someone's got a crush huh?"

They all giggled.

"Maybe." Another friend of Alex's named Rachel, a black beauty who was more skinnier body than Alexandra.

"Oh I see, so who has this crush I wonder." I smiled as we stopped at the car.

They burst out laughing as they all looked at me and then Alexa, as she hadn't spoken a single word yet.

Alexandra was gently biting her bottom lip looking up and down at the ground.

"Well if you can't figure it out then you really are blind." They all laughed, except Alex.

"Alex?" I asked.

She grinned and looked up and down at me.

"I couldn't think of a better way of telling you, this way at least I don't look like a total fool on my own."

I was shocked and stunned, I stood there as Alexandra without taking her eyes off of me said her goodbyes to her friends who left us alone.

"... wow." Was all I could say.

She slowly moved towards me.

"I was shy and afraid, of how you would react had I told you alone. With my friends at least I wouldn't look like such an idiot." She smiled.

I looked around and then took a deep breath.

"Does your mom know?" I asked.

She giggled and gently put down her bag.

"Of course she does, she isn't happy about it I mean you are like an uncle to me but also more than that or more than that is what I want. Besides she wants you as well."

I gasped in utter shock.

"Don't seem so shocked, come on as I grew up you knew I was seeing you in a different way. No longer the little girl and grown man routine anymore, I dressed more provocatively and of course I was choosing to come over to yours more." She smiled as she gently pressed up against me. I'm in love with you James, always have been. When no one else wanted to help me and my mother you did, even when the neighborhood turned on you for it you stood by us. I love you." She beamed.

"No, no we can't do this... I need to get you home." I said unsure of what to do after hearing this, I just wanted to get out of here and alone to think about all of this.

"My mom's not in remember, I go to your place." She innocently posed.

I took a deep breath and sighed.

I didn't know what to say or do and stood there, as she gently twirled on her heels almost acting like an innocent angel in all this.

"Alright in the car Alex." I said giving in, slowly she smiled and stepped into the passenger seat.

She beamed like she had won a battle with me, and I don't know why but it felt like a relationship argument between us.

As the engine started up Alexandra leaned over and turned on the CD player, as she leaned over her tits pushed tight together letting me see the valley in her tight top held in by the front zip. God I was a pervert as I stared at her cleavage, she pulled out a CD case from her bag and put the disk into the player.

"Its a compilation Rachel and Sarah made for me, the latest Urban and stuff on the charts right now." She grinned as she pressed the skip button, until she came to British talent Alexandra Burke with her new single Broken Heels.

Alexandra smiled biting her lip.

"Same name huh, coincidence. Mom hates me listening to this sort of music, says it has bad influences on me." She giggled.

As the song built up a tempo Alexandra began to moan gently as she moved her body to the beat of the song.

She thrust her chest in and out, her big breasts pushing in and out held in by the thin shirt.

"I can see why." I said turning back to the driving.

She giggled.

"Don't be worried, I only do this for one man." She grinned as she began to sing to the lyrics.

"Oh yeah and who's that." I said not really expecting an answer.

She smiled and leaned in close breathing on my earlobe.

"Who do you think, I just told you back at school."

I went quiet again as I drove, but I decided I had to clear up this mess as best as I could.

"Alex honey, not that I am not flattered but nothing can happen between us. Your mother's and your own trust is too strong, for me to destroy it by taking advantage of you and so nothing can happen."

Alexandra pouted gently and sat quiet in her seat, I thought she understood me when she turned back to me.

"Why can't we be together, don't you find me attractive or want me?"

I stopped the car at some traffic lights.

"Yes you are attractive, Christ you are beautiful that is not why. You've just turned 18, it would be wrong."

Alexandra swung her head left and right.

"No I refuse to believe that, I am legal and have been for a while and there is nothing wrong with me wanting to be with you."

I sighed and started to drive again when the lights changed.

"Its not right, I would be taking advantage of you. You are still young, I am 32 years old it would be wrong." I said as I drove trying to avoid talking about this.

"I am in love with you James, I have been since I was six and as I grew up I wanted you as my man, my lover, all of it." She gently placed her hand on my hand as I drove.

"No we can't, end of discussion." I said sternly.

Although I couldn't see her face, I knew she was upset. I knew I was breaking her heart, she removed her hand and sat back in her chair.

"Alex I am sorry I..." Before I could finish she cut me off.

"Just take me to your place! I will wait for my mom." Was all she said as she stared out the car.

I breathed hard and took her to my apartment, across from her own.

We went inside, the moment I opened the front door she sped past me without a word and went inside.

"Fine." I said to myself as I followed her in. She threw herself on the sofa in front of my television on her stomach. The tight jock pants on her pushed out her ass , making her hips look so fucking womanly and leading down her sexy thighs. Going up I saw her bare lower back, her sexy ebony skin shone leading up to the top tightly holding in her massive breasts for her age.

"I know you are angry with me." I said as I stood watching her.

"Is it cause I am black?" She asked cocking her head.

I burst out laughing.

"Look at me, I am Irish. You were also there when your mother brought you here as you were a child here. Of course its not cause you are black!"

She pouted.

"There's a difference always; between being friends and lovers. Not wanting a black lover."

"Jesus Mary and Joseph give me strength please!" Now my Irish accent was breaking out.

She was quite shocked, she had only heard my accent clearly when I was angry which wasn't a lot around her.

"Is it cause of my lips, I mean are they too full. Do they make me weird or look too much like a stereotype?" She felt conscientious as she gently rubbed her full lips.

"No your lips are fine, Christ later in life any man will want you and those lips will be a benefit for you like the rest of your hot--i mean attractive body." I said now getting worked up.

She smiled and sat up grinning, as she gently touched her upper lip.

"Why would my lips benefit later on in my life with relationships?"

I knew what she was doing.

"Don't Alex, don't even try to entrap me."

She smiled.

"Are they good to kiss a man with, or maybe lick them... or suck on something." She mused.

"Don't!" I shouted.

She went quiet and as we sat watching TV.

I had her for three hours until her mom showed up to take her, maybe even four if she was late! Christ it was gonna be a long night.

As She Slept

It was a long night, Burke didn't want to speak to me so I took her movements and interactions as signs she was hungry or something.

We put on a film, and it was a romantic comedy I knew she wanted to see so I put it on. Soon she began to yawn and act like she was tired.

"Are you tired?" I asked sitting at her feet, on the end of the sofa.

"What do you care?" She asked as she lifted her feet trying to get more comfortable, she had on soccer shoes and socks. She was angry with me but she was trying to not hit me with her feet at the expense of her own comfort.

"Here." I said lifting them up and putting them in my lap.

She turned to look at me.

"Turn onto your back, you can sleep." I said.

She said nothing as she turned around so she was on her back, her head resting on the couch arm as she was perched looking at me.

"Is your feet sore?" I asked.

She nodded.

I said nothing as I began to untie them, they were pink shoes.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"If your feet hurt, its better we get the shoes off your feet." I said slowly taking the first one off, she moaned gently as I eased it off dropping it on the floor then the next one. Finally with both off, I saw her cute little feet in her pink ankle socks.

"Cute socks." I smiled, she said nothing but I could see a smile on her lips.

"You have nice feet." I said as I began to massage her feet.

She giggled.

"They are just feet, why do you care so much about them."

She moaned gently as I massaged her feet.

"Its not the only thing, you were right Alexandra. You are a big girl now." I said.

She smiled gently, her eyes were slowly closing.

"Sleep honey, your mom will be here soon." I said gently letting her feet rest in my lap.

She moaned and gently laid back, I finally noticed her hair was a simple Bowl cut but with the back and sides laid out but not reaching her shoulders. It also stopped just above her eyes, I guess it was a style.

I watched the movie for as long as I could, when I noticed Alexandra was sleeping. I was thinking if I should move her to my bed to sleep, but I knew I would wake up if I tried.

So I was stuck, I tried to lift her legs up but as I did I was pushing them up to her shoulders; knees to them. I was then treated to the shape of her ass in the pants tightening around her bottom including the crotch of the pants pulled up against her vulva.

"Shit, I do not need to see this." I thought to myself, but no matter how much I thought it my hands didn't move to bring her legs back down as I held them there, her toes curled downwards in her socks.

I pushed her legs up more almost not even thinking about it, closer to her shoulders and the crotch of her pants tightened even more. Now her bottom was barely on the couch, just the part before her waist.

I looked at the tight jock pants on her legs, they stopped tightly around her calves, before the ankles and I looked at my hands on both her legs holding them up. The contrast of my own skin against her silky Ebony skin felt so erotic.

"God." I whispered as I began to push her legs up and down gently back and forth, dropping her bottom and pushing it up off again in a fucking motion. Had April walked in she would have seen her daughter moving up and down like she was fucking some guy as she slept.

The sight was amazing as I watched her body move up and down as her legs hung in my grasp. I slowly pushed her legs together, then gently opened them as wide as I could without causing her pain at the spreading.

Her mound was now sticking out like a half moon with her pants, they were so tight on her.

I didn't know what was coming over me, but I couldn't stop myself as I took a pillow from behind me and gently pulled her by her legs towards me, just as her head was about to drop from the couch arm, I pushed the pillow under her head as it fell on it. She didn't move or wake.

She was now so close to me, I began to slowly move my hands up and down her legs over the jock pants as I rubbed.

I slowly moved up her legs to the strings tightly woven holding the pants together at the crotch, I ran my palm over it from her crotch up over it.

She moaned gently, I thought she had woken up but she went quiet again.

Slowly I moved my hand over and over it again, feeling her pulsing womanhood under the tight jock pants.

I don't know what I was doing, this was a girl I had known since she was 6 years old and watched grow up and here I was doing perverted things to her as she slept.

I leaned down and sniffed her mound, I could smell her womanly scent and perfume that came down from her neck and upper body.

I pushed my nose against the pant material and sniffed deeper, wanting to smell her sex through them.

My cock began to harden in my pants as I pushed my nose against her mound.

I couldn't stop my hand as it began to untie the strings holding her pants shut, I was in a trance.

Slowly as I pulled open the sides of the opening with the strings undone I saw the waistband of her silk golden underwear.

"Christ she loves to match huh." I thought to myself.

The knickers were so smooth, being silk as I ran my fingers over them.

She moaned hard as I turned my eyes up to her chest, and saw the hanging zip head that opened the front of her top.

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