tagInterracial LoveThe Black Angel Pt. 02

The Black Angel Pt. 02


I awoke to my door being hammered on, I woke up in a vest and shorts I went to answer the door.

As I went to the door I saw it was 9:00am on the alarm clock.

"Damn it Alex." I said as I opened the door.

Again Alexandra was wearing the same golden cheer leading costume, although it looked like a different pair.

"How many of these pants and tops do you have?" I asked.

She grinned.

"I bought two golden pairs, and a light purple one too." She smiled.

I nodded, when I saw her look down at my shorts.

"Wow nice package." She grinned.

I looked down seeing a morning hard on.

"Damn it, look give me five minutes. Sit on the sofa and wait for me." I said embarrassed as I went back inside my room.

"Why are you going red faced James, nothing to be ashamed of." She said sitting down, as I went to change.

"Yeah well you are like a niece to me, I don't want you seeing that." I said as I pulled on jeans.

"Well I don't mind seeing it." She giggled as I looked out of my room to see her sitting on the sofa with her legs extended in her golden cheerleader outfit.

"Very funny." I said pulling on a top.

She grinned as I watched her chest push in and out, again held into the tight top.

I dressed and came out to meet her.

"Well you ready then?" I asked.

She smiled and stood speaking.


We smiled and took my hand as we left the house, the journey to the shopping mall only took twenty minutes and as I parked up the car I stepped out of it. As I did Alexandra got out, and bent over into the car to get her bag, with her ass directly facing me.

I looked behind me and three big guys were watching her, a black guy and two white guys in hooded tops and jeans.

"Nice." One of them said.

"Back off fellas." I said to them.

"What did you say bitch!" The big black one said to me advancing on me.

I opened the car door and pulled out a tire wrench.

"Three guys against a single guy, big men ain't you. Makes me feel no guilt about kicking your fucking heads in." I said holding the tire wrench.

They backed off and just continued to stare at her ass, even with the commotion she hadn't stood up to see.

She stood up.

"What was going on?" She asked.

"You know what the fuck was going on. Your ass show was getting them going." I said locking the car and pulling her by her hand with me.

Inside the shopping mall, Alexandra got all the male stares as we went into the first shop, a lingerie store.

"You want me to wait outside?" I asked.

She grinned.

"I asked you to come along to give me advice, not to act just a bodyguard. Now come in." She said pulling me in.

As I was pulled in the woman behind the counter smiled seeing us, Alexandra pulled me down a aisle of sexy frilly bras and knickers.

"So what should I get? I am thinking about matching underwear and bra for the golden cheer leading outfits." She said looking at the clothing on the racks.

"I thought you already had matching knickers for the golden ones." I said not paying attention to what I said.

She looked up at me in shock.

"How do you know I already have a matching pair for one of the outfits?"

I was so screwed.

"Well... because I saw them drying in the bathroom when I was last at your place, on the towel rack."

She looked me up and down.

"Well alright, yeah I already have a pair but I need one more golden one and a green pair." She said as she shopped, I knew that this was the same shop she got the first golden pair from.

"You wearing that pair now?" I asked.

She looked at me again shocked.

"Maybe I am, why do you care. I thought nothing could happen between us."

I slowly moved up against her, inches from her.

"I want to know if you are wearing them, so I know what to do when a guy gets hands on with you." I said.

She smiled.

"So you don't want me, but you don't want anyone else to have me either then." She surmised.

I stepped back.

"Its not like that Alexandra." I said.

"Well you aren't my father, and considering the man I love doesn't want me then I think I have free right to let whoever wants to touch me James."

I put my hand on hers.

"So you are wearing then?" I said.

She looked up at me.

"Why does it turn you on." She said to me, almost in a trance.

"My ass and pussy, so tight inside those small golden panties of mine." She added moaning.

"Don't Alex." I said unable to deny my cock was rock hard in my pants.

"I may let those three boys outside fuck me, take my cherry seeing you don't want it."

I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me, her back to my chest as she was looking ahead of us.

"Uh!" She gasped with both my hands on her hips as I ground my hard on into her.

"So you are wearing them?" I said in a groan.

She moaned.

"Look for yourself." She gasped as I pulled down the jock pants down at the back exposing the top half of her ass to me, and there they were. Her tight golden silk panties pulled up her ass crack.

I pushed my hand down the back of them, my hand between her ass cheeks.

"Uh, you are a pervert James but I love you." She moaned.

She was grinding her ass against my hand and crotch.

I felt her pussy through the panties, and I rubbed it.

Her body felt like a shock ran through it as she stood to the hilt.

"We'll talk about this later." I said removing my hand out of the blue, and I pretended to shop.

She was in shock, but she tried to redress herself as we continued to shop looking for the same pairs of golden knickers she was wearing.

I walked around the store with a hard on sticking out, as Alex knew I was losing the battle to control myself with her.

We were quick and got what she wanted from that store, and moved on to the next one. Another lingerie store that specialized in costumes.

"So what are we getting in here?" I asked.

She smiled.

"I am getting a one piece cheer leading suit, its even tighter than this one with a zip at the front. I had it ordered." She grinned entering the store ahead of me.

"Its gold in color too." She added.

Inside the guy behind the counter, a rocker obviously with all his chains and wild hair he smiled and was gobsmacked seeing Alex's body and the outfit she wore.

"Hi Alexandra... I guess you are here for the one piece you ordered." He beamed, oblivious that I was there.

She leaned on the counter, and showed off her cleavage as she spoke pouting with her full juicy lips.

"Yeah Mike that's what I am here for."

He ran to retrieve it, and it was wrapped as he handed it to her.

"Do you need someone to... help you try it on." He grinned like an idiot.

She smiled playfully.

"Oh it's alright Mike, listen Sarah asked me to tell you she is free this Saturday night... you know if you want to take her out."

Mike's smile disappeared.

"Come on Mike she really likes you."

Mike looked like a dream had been crushed.

"I was kinda hoping... you and me could have gone out this Saturday night." He said looking down.

She smiled gently, like she really liked him but didn't want to break his heart.

"Mike you are a great guy, and believe me when I say you are. Even Sarah sees that, which is why she wants to go out with you. Go on treat her, show her you are a great guy and just be happy."

"If I do is there a chance... we could go out on a date, please." Mike asked.

She smiled gently lifting his head up to face her by his chin.

"You are a great guy Mike, maybe I can come on a date with you and Sarah. Just as support, and I guess it would sort of be a date but you and Sarah need to get together first and start dating. Deal?" She smiled at him.

He smiled.

"OK I guess so. We'll go on a date soon then."

"Yes we will, you and Sarah with me." She smiled widely as she took the one piece.

"Thanks Mike, see you soon. I will tell Sarah."

He smiled happy as we left, we walked around the mall.

"So Mike really really seems to like you." I said wanting to get her to talk.

She smiled weakly.

"Hes a nice guy, he has always liked me. But I am not into him that way." She said.

"Yeah I saw, you let him down quite gently." I said as I carried her bag of lingerie.

She stopped walking.

"So what you thought I was a bitch when it came to men or guys, make them think they had a shot with me just to get what I wanted out of them. I'm not like that James, I thought of all people I trusted you would know that." She scolded me.

"No, I didn't mean it that way." I said angry at myself.

"Then what did you mean, James." She spat back at me, in a tone that said she was angry as hell with me.

I didn't know what to say, I was dumbstruck.

"I have wanted you for years, so I haven't fucked about or gave anyone the impression I would. Mike is a nice guy, he isn't the first guy who has liked me for a while but like him I have made it clear I do not want that with them. I set them up with my friends so they can move on, although it doesn't always work." She sighed.

"I know... I'm sorry." I said as we stood together.

"Look lets go get something to eat, you must be just as hungry as I am now." She said.

I nodded and we went to a nearby diner, as we ate Alex got stares from every man in it.

Inside we ordered fries and burgers, with two Pepsi's.

"So what do we do now then?" Alexandra asked taking a bite of her burger.

"What do you mean?" I asked with a mouthful of burger meat.

"Us, you had your hand quick enough down in my panties." She grinned as she ate.

"So that means there is something there, don't men usually shove their hands down girl's knickers for ulterior motives." I said cockily.

She looked at me angry.

"Fuck you." She said turning away, I could see tears growing.

"Alex I didn't mean anything by that." I said worried I was losing her.

"If you want me as just a fuck toy I was very wrong about you all these years." She said turning away.

"Of course I don't!" I said loudly taking her hand, pulling her back to me trying to win her over to me.

"You want to hear it fine, then you are going to. I have wanted you for years, and I knew it was wrong but then you grew up and now... well look at you. Both physically and emotionally, you are a beautiful woman." I said trying so hard to win her over.

She kept her face sideways so she didn't have to look me in the eyes.

"Fine lets see if this gets your attention." I said as I unzipped my pants and pushed her hand under the table into my pants.

Her face was a mix of shock and disgust, but her hand never left my shaft as it was rock hard.

"See you think I don't want you, well whats that then." I explained.

"Its a big cock and balls, that's obvious ain't it." Alexandra tried to pull her hand free, but it moved her hand onto my ball sack.

"I want you." I said.

She smiled gently as she squeezed my ball sack gently.

"Oh fuck." I moaned.

"Are you saying... this is mine now." She mused as she spoke adding more pressure to my ball sack.

My eyes clenched shut moaning deeply.


"No other whore gets it, just me." She mused squeezing more.

"God yes, of course it's yours." I moaned.

She smiled and pushed it back into my pants, zipping me back up.

"That's all I have ever wanted to hear from you." She leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

I smiled and ate thinking about her, as we talked about things like her mother and such.

We finished up, and I paid the bill as we went home.

As we made our way to the car, we talked.

"Finally I have what I want." She smiled, and out of nowhere I felt a fist hit the back of my head.

I fell to the floor, as I felt a kick to my chest.

"Fuck it!" I gasped as I fell onto my back. I looked back and saw it was the three guys from before when we first came to the shops, the big black guy was hitting me as the other two white guys held Alexandra with one of their hands on her mouth and the others holding her in place.

"You thought you could stop us having her, did you!" He kicked me again.

Alexandra bit the man's hand over her mouth.

"Leave him alone!" She screamed.

She felt a slap across her face from one of the guys.

"Bastard!" I shouted spitting out blood onto the concrete below me.

The big guy towering over me smiled and grabbed the neck of my shirt pulling me up.

"Watch as I show you who she belongs to." He said letting me go and walking over to Alexandra.

"You leave her alone!" I shouted.

But he wasn't listening, Alexandra was breathing hard her breasts heaving in and out, his eyes were on them as he was inches from her now.

"I love him, what ever you fuckers do to me with your small cocks... I will always love him, never you!" She wept.

He grinned grabbing the zip of her top, and began to slowly pull it down. The only noise now was of the zip going down, and the goading words of the other two men. I watched as Alexandra was forced to stare into this bastard's eyes as he did this to her.

As he pulled it down, her big globes began to pour out from the confines of the top, before finally the top was fully undone hanging open her big tits were hanging in all their glory. The Ebony breasts, with dark black aureoles and her nipples hard from the wind.

"Fuck! Look at those puppies!" The guys holding her jeered.

The big black guy leaned down wrapping his lips around her left breast on her nipple as he began to vigorously suck on it.

"Fuck you! You bastards!" She gasped.

His hands were on the strings holding her pants closed, and he began to undo them.

The other two guys involved helped him yank down her underwear, until she was now almost naked except for the matching golden knickers.

"Fuckers!" She gasped her eyes clenched closed.

I knew no matter how much she loved me, her body was betraying her. No matter how much she wanted to be with just me, her body had went years without a man's touch and now she had it.

His hand went inside her underwear and I watched as he pawed her pussy hard, and certainly not in a loving manner.

"NO!" I jumped to my feet, my training came to mind as I grabbed his head then the raw animal came out as I headbutted the back of his head so hard he gasped out in pain.

"Fucker!" I screamed as the other two guys were shocked.

They looked at me like I was crazy, Alex's eyes were open and I looked down to see her soaked wet panties. Her body had betrayed her as she gasped looking up at me hazily.

"You want to end up like your friend, if not let her go." I threatened and they ran off leaving their friend on the ground.

"You alright?" I asked.

She nodded still out of breath as I grabbed the sides of her jock pants and pulled them up around her hips again and tied them shut.

"I know I shouldn't have... but my body wanted him, any man but I wanted you. My body betrayed me." She gasped.

"You wanted him to fuck you didn't you?" I asked as I slowly zipped up her top.

She began to cry.

"Yes. I hate myself." She wept.

I pulled her close.

"We stopped it before it got out of hand, its alright honey." I said holding her.

"Come on lets get home." I said as I began to steer her towards the car, then home to her mom.

After The Incident

April nearly killed me when I told her about what happened, I left out the tit sucking and fingering Alexandra took cause she would have went to the Police to report the incident. I simply told her they grabbed her and were going to do more before I stopped them.

Alexandra was happy about my discretion, she didn't want her mom to know such details.

As April went to her next job, night shift at the Hospital as a nurse, I sat down with Alexandra. In silence she simply stared at the floor.

"Hey, your mom doesn't know what really happened angel. I won't tell her." I whispered.

She nodded.

"Thank you." She said taking my hand and holding it close to her chest, more to her heart.

"They didn't get that far, luckily. You did nothing wrong." I said to her as she nodded knowingly.

She looked into my eyes, and looked for her mom.

"I want to do this right, with the man I love." She said pushing against me kissing me on the lips as she pushed me on my back on the sofa.

I didn't complain as I felt her mouth on mine, I felt her hand wrap around my rod in my pants as she stroked.

"I've wanted this for too long to lose the chance." She moaned as she unzipped me.

We grounded against each other, kissing before she sat up gasping hard and hot. She moaned heavily.

"Untie me." She gasped as I grabbed at the strings of her jock pants and undid them as fast as I could as she unzipped her top throwing it aside, as her beautiful breasts swung as she turned to me.

"Make love to me James, give me what I have dreamed about all these years."

I pushed my face into her breasts, taking both nipples into my mouth suckling on them.

"Yes, James." she gasped as I sucked for dear life, licking the nipple gently.

She grounded against me as I felt her hand around my bare shaft, stroking me I pulled down her pants and she kicked them off now in only her socks and underwear.

I gently laid her on her back on the sofa, and sucked on her breasts as she undressed me pulling down my jeans and throwing them aside with my boxers.

She began to unbutton my shirt awkwardly, I pulled back and pulled it off putting it aside. She now saw me naked as I saw her too, my chest scar covered from the army and battles I saw. In silence she gently rubbed them before kissing one.

I loved this woman more than anyone else I could ever want to be with.

I was without a doubt, in love with her.

She stroked me off so deeply, I felt like she was gonna break it in two.

I moaned as she stepped back and stood in front of me on the sofa.

"Are you ready?" She asked about to pull down her panties, I stopped her and kneeling in front of her slowly rolled them down taking in the sight.

Her mound was covered in a bush, healthy and sexy it was obvious she hadn't planned on cutting it and I wasn't going to ask it was her body and she was still young.

"Do you like?" She asked shyly.

I was lost for words.

"I love it." I smiled shoving my face deep into her bush taking in her scent as I licked her slit.

"You sneaky devil." She giggled.

I smiled as I suckled on her womanhood, I was in bliss as I grabbed her big pert booty cheeks.

I gently eased her cheeks open around my finger.

"No baby I am not ready for that." She moaned.

"I will be gentle." I said as I eased my finger into her ass.

"Uh fuck James!" She gasped throwing her head back.

I slowly eased my finger in and out of her bum, as I ate her out.

She moaned like an animal, before I took her into my arms I laid her out on the rug.

Spreading her legs open, I rubbed my cock head against her mound.

"Please go slow James, I want this to somehow go as I planned it. Gentle and slow." She pleaded her hand on my chest.

I nodded and gently pushed against her, she moaned hard and I had to ease bit by bit into her as I knew I would have to go through her Hymen, which would really hurt her.

I got about quarter of my shaft into her through minimal resistance, when I hit her Hymen.

"Fuck I knew it was coming... I just didn't know when." She gasped looking down at my cock.

"I have to push hard Alex, it will hurt." I said not sure if I could stop myself if she asked me.

She nodded.

"Do it."

I began to push hard against the thin Hymen, she screamed out as I pushed.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She gasped out loud.

I pulled back and slammed in, almost breaking through but still not there yet.

I pulled back and slammed back in, and tore it as I slid all the way inside her she screamed so loud I thought the windows of the apartment would shatter.

She looked up at me teary eyed, and kissed me gently.

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