tagInterracial LoveThe Black Angel Pt. 04

The Black Angel Pt. 04


A few days had gone by since the attack on Alexandra, and James disappeared.

April feared the worst, had he run away when the going got tough?

What about him swearing revenge for Alexandra on the bastards who assaulted her?

Since the attack, Alexandra hadn't gone to school and spend most of her time in bed, not wanting to talk to anyone, except James who was gone.

April was washing the dishes at the sink in the house, it was late afternoon and sadly Alexandra hadn't come out of her bed all day when the phone rang next to the sink.

April sighed, and dried her hands picking up the phone and answering.

"Yes." She said simply, in a flat tone.

"It's me." A male voice said simply.

April looked around, wondering if she should run into Alex's room and tell her James was on the phone but she stopped herself.

"Where have you been? You abandoned Alexandra you bastard! You said you would never do that to her!" April snapped at James.

James sighed on the other end of the call.

"I didn't abandon her, I've spent the last few days finding them." James replied.

April was lost, who had he found?

"Found who? What you talking about?" She asked.

Since the attack, James had gone in personally with April, and Alexandra to press charges against her attackers but they had gone on the run hours before knowing what would happen after they'd finished with her.

Police tried to locate them, but unsuccessfully.

It wasn't a surprise, Eric the ringleader of the attack was a known drug dealer with links from one of the country to the other, through contacts.

"I found them." James simply repeated.

"Where are they? Which one?" April asked, feeling her heart flutter.

"All of them, I've found them all. I'm going to hand them over to the police... once I'm done with them." James said simply, his tone was deadly.

"James don't do anything bloody stupid!" April ordered.

James was quiet, and spoke again.

"I'm not going to kill them, but they'll wish they were once I'm through with them. I'll give the addresses of where they are, to the police once I'm done." James reiterated.

"Wait James...!" April began, but the call ended abruptly as James killed the connection.

April looked at the phone, and saw the number was unknown and withheld.

At least James knew what he was doing, April thought putting the phone down again.

That was last thing James said, until three days later returning back to his apartment and to see Alexandra.

The local news reported that four men wanted in connection with a sexual assault had been arrested, and were in prison on remand waiting for trial.

The news reported all four men had been found beaten, unconscious and all violated in numerous ways that held resemblance to what they had each done to Alexandra.

They were so afraid of repercussions inside prison, they had begged to be put into segregation fearing James knew people inside who would get to them.

James did know people, but they weren't the prisoners.

They were the guards themselves, who were either former soldiers he had served with or worked with.

James entered Alex's room, and gently sat down on her bed.

The lights were all out, the curtains were drawn and it was pitch black inside.

He simply whispered to her as she slept.

"I got them, all of the bastards baby."

Alexandra stirred, and sat up embracing her fiance and lover, she was weeping in happiness as she whispered back to him.

"Thank you, my love."

They kissed, and Alexandra came out of her bedroom for the first time and things began to go back to normal.

The trial was long however, Alexandra agreed to give evidence in the witness box in front of her attackers, some made threats and tried to intimidate her.

That was until they saw James in the public viewing area of the court, smiling at them and when possible acted out what he had done to them.

Only the Police, and James knew what happened to the four men before they were apprehended.

The threats against Alexandra ended the first day of the trial, James had made them pay for what they had done.

All four of the men, particularly Eric couldn't sit properly and winched every time they moved in their seats.

That brought a smile to Alex's face as she gave her evidence, and seeing James and April there supporting her helped her through the ordeal.

It would be weeks, even months before she could let James touch her due to what had happened to her, but she was comfortable letting him hold her but nothing else for the moment.

James understood, and did his best but it was clear sexually he needed release of his own.

He never asked, nor demanded it from Alexandra and he went without, out of love for her.

A Week Later, Friday Afternoon, 2:35PM

A week had passed since the trial came to a close, and Alexandra's attackers were charged with her assault.

A few days after the last day of the trial, I decided to get Alexandra out of the house and out and about.

I needed to take her mind off of what happened, and allow her to return to normality, at least partly.

I decided we could go out shopping, and then a meal after to end the night.

It would allow me and Alex to be alone, since the trial.

I wanted her to open up about the attack, about us, and perhaps we could move from it back to how we were before all of this happened.

I decided to take April to the mall, and allow her to buy a nice dress for the evening.

Today Alex wore a simple dress, purple in color with black tights and flat-sole shoes.

Since the attack, Alex dressed down, as if dressing provocatively would incur another attack.

I was wearing simple jeans, and a t-shirt as I parked up the car outside the mall.

I turned off the engine, and helped Alexandra out of the car.

She was quiet, and said nothing as we approached the main doors to the mall.

"Hey, you alright sweetie?" I asked her gently, taking her hand into my own.

She was scared, she winced as our hands touched but looked up at my lovingly.

"I'm fine babe, just going to take a while to get used to this again." Alex said, forcing a smile.

I nodded, understanding completely as we began to walk through the mall.

Alex's powerful emotions, her fun personality was gone now, as we passed her favorite stores she showed no interest.

She simply kept her eyes on the marble floor, and her feet.

"There's that store, where you liked those boots we saw a few weeks ago. We could go and see if they've still got them in stock." I said, trying to sound positive.

Alex said nothing, her eyes on the floor as she held my hand.

I scanned the mall, trying to find something to raise her spirits.

"What about that store, you wanted those pretty Polly tights last time we were here. We could get you them, and those boots." I said.

"I'm fine baby, lets just walk." Alex said, her voice low and emotionless.

I nodded, backing off as we rode an escalator to the next floor up of the mall.

I finally got Alex to concede to going and getting a beverage from a stand, and I bought us two bottles of Pepsi.

She gave me a short smile, before returning to her quiet self.

We walked around the mall some more, and then she changed.

Alexandra stopped outside of one of her usual stores, she used to love visiting and she was looking at a dress on a mannequin in the window of the store.

It was dark purple, even darker shade of the dress she was wearing now.

It was silk, with exotic patterns around the tummy and waist, and finished off with a thin black belt.

It was beautiful, but not slutty.

It was long, stopped just above her ankles, and even covered her arms as it had sleeves but there was an air of sexuality to it.

Nothing overly sexual, more of simply showing a woman's figure under it, not showing anymore.

She would look an angel in this dress, what she truly was.

It brought a smile to my face, as I could see Alex wearing this dress on our wedding day.

"You like it?" I asked her gently.

Alexandra never took her eyes off the dress, before she simply nodded.

I could see from the reflection of the glass, she was smiling and then it disappeared.

"But its far too expensive." She said simply, taking my hand again and she was about to turn.

I looked through the glass, squinting at the price tag of £155.

I smiled and gently steered Alex to the door of the store.

"But baby, its too expensive." Alex tried to counter, but I simply smiled and she gave in as we entered the store.

Immediately a young redhead girl approached us smiling, and when she saw we were a couple her face showed signs of surprise.

It was most likely because of us being an interracial couple, but I simply smiled.

Alex wasn't looking at the girl, and she was staring down at her feet again quietly.

"The purple dress in the window, I would like you to dress my girlfriend in it and make sure it fits perfectly. Whatever else she wants to add to the outfit, put it on the bill please." I smiled.

Alexandra looked up at me, a weak smile on her lips as the young redhead asked her to follow her to a changing room.

Alex gently let go of my arm, but her eyes were on me all the way to the back of the store.

I smiled, and sat down in an empty seat for customers waiting.

A few moments went by, as I leafed through a woman's magazine I found on the chair.

The redhead saleswoman returned to speak to me, smiling.

"She is just trying on the dress, sir." She said.

I smiled.

"That's great." I said in appreciation for her help.

The young redhead went quiet, still a smile on her face before speaking.

"If I can say sir, I am pleased to see a couple in love, no matter their skin color or race." She said, and I felt uncomfortable with that comment.

It was as if she was concentrating on that one detail over the fact that we were a couple in love, the most physically obvious factor.

I forced a smile, although I felt like an animal being praised for jumping through a hoop of fire.

"Thank you." I said, as she turned and left to go and help Alexandra again.

As she left I let out an anguished sigh, throwing the magazine aside.

Five more minutes passed, before the sale assistant came out followed by Alexandra dressed in her normal clothes again.

"She is pleased with the dress sir, and she liked a pair of high heels I showed her and I've added it to the final bill." The redhead related to me, stepping behind the counter again as I stood and pulled out my wallet.

Alexandra gently slid into my side, taking my hand as I pulled my bank card out handing it to the woman.

This moment, perhaps dressing in an elegant way had made Alex happy, she was smiling gently at me.

Her beautiful black dreadlocks swayed as she buried her head in my arm.

I smiled back, and placed a gentle kiss on her head rubbing her arm.

The redhead woman took the card, and put through the transaction.

Being in the Army, meant I never spent more money than I needed to, and so I had amassed savings that would see me through the next few years with ease.

The transaction went through quickly, and as I was handed the card and the bag with the dress and shoes inside we made our excuses to leave.

I didn't want to hear the redhead woman comment on our relationship any further, as if it was a miracle it existing.

As we left the store, our arms entwined I felt that most of the people in the mall were watching us; white couples and ethnic couples as if we were the parading attraction at a zoo.

We made our way to the food court, as we made our way out of the mall to our car.

Alexandra was happier, but still quiet as we held hands making our way over to the car.

We got into the car, and then I remembered how close we were to the place of the first attack, in this same car park. Only a few spaces away, near to the mall's Eastern side.

I tried to forget about it, hoping Alex wouldn't remember where it had happened.

As Alex sat in the car, waiting for me I clenched my fists on top of the car roof as I remembered had we just reported the first attempted attack on Alex with me there, the bastards would have been arrested and at least discouraged to attempt it again.

Had I just fucking called the police immediately once we got home, the fuckers would have been in a cell perhaps.

I must have clenched my fists too hard, as my nail dug into my palm and a drop of blood trickled onto the car roof.

I wiped the blood off on my t-shirt, and felt anger flaring up inside me again at the thought of what had happened to Alex.

I took a few deep breaths, and got into the car with Alex starting up the engine and wanting to get her out of here before she remembered anything.

We went home immediately, and April remarked how happier Alexandra seemed as she went into her bedroom to change for the meal.

She remarked it would take at least an hour for her to dress and get ready, and I laughed gently as she smiled back.

April had to go to work, and asked me to look after Alexandra.

She seemed to be happy, but also sad about something.

"Protect her James, she loves you dearly." She smiled, leaving for her cleaning job.

I switched channels until I found an American sitcom to watch, waiting for Alex.

I think more than an hour passed, and I heard it.

Crying, weeping coming from Alexandra's bedroom.

I stood gently, and walked down the corridor to her door.

The crying became louder, and I gently eased open the door.

The room was dark, and on the floor near the bed Alex was on her knees crying deeply, she turned to look at me.

"Baby." I said gently, easing down onto my knees next to her.

"Look at me, how can you love me... I'm soiled goods." Alex wept.

I gently took Alexandra's hands holding them, looking into her teary eyes.

"You are not, you are my girlfriend. You are my fiance." I said sternly, but in a gentle tone.

"You can't love a soiled woman, I'm not the pure woman I was before because of them." She continued to weep.

"I don't care, you are my loving woman. I've loved you since you were old enough to understand love, I always wanted you and now I have you. I don't care what anyone will think about this, I fucking love you Alex." I said slowly, moving my face closer to hers.

Alex went quiet, kissing me on my lips.

She was shaking, quivering as I slowly wrapped my arms lovingly around her.

"The bastards won't be walking out of prison, I can assure you of that." I said against her ear.

Alexandra shivered more, kissing me again.

"They're fucking dead men walking." I said simply.

"I love you James, please never leave me, I want to be your wife." Alexandra wept more, and pressed her face against my shoulder.

I gently pulled back so we were looking into each others eyes, I wiped her tears away before planting a kiss on her moist cheek.

"I'm not going anywhere, you're stuck with me angel." I said.

Alexandra suddenly laughed gently, and kissed me again and again all over my face and head.

We embraced each other gently, nursing each other as I wanted her to let out all her emotions.

Evening, 7:01PM

I had allowed Alexandra to dress in her bedroom, after I comforted her in her bedroom. I had dressed into a nice blue shirt, and smart black trousers I had left in Alex's bedroom.

I waited for her, and at approximately 7pm Alex's bedroom door opened and she stepped out into the corridor.

She was beautiful, elegant and shone like an angel.

The dark purple dress we had bought earlier hung on her shoulders and hips perfectly.

The sleeves of the dress that stopped at Alex's elbows were beautiful, tight but comfortable.

Down further, the dress clung to every curve Alex possessed, around her breasts, and hips, and bottom.

It was beautiful cascading down to her ankles almost.

The light above Alex on the ceiling, illuminated the silk dress and the black belt hung gently around her mid-drift.

I smiled, and slowly Alex walked towards me entering the lounge.

"How do I look?" She asked me shyly, twirling like a girl on her first date would showing the dress swing, and shine in the light.

I was dumbstruck for words, my eyes were wide and my mouth agape.

"Beautiful angel, my angel." I whispered, but it was loud enough for her to hear.

Alexandra went bright red, and shyly walked towards me.

"Is my fiance ready to take me out, for a lovely meal?" She asked me, grinning.

I smiled and leaned in kissing her gently on the lips, she moaned but slowly withdraw.

I knew we were getting closer to how we once were, but it would take more time before would we there.

I gently took her hand, and we went downstairs to the car.

I helped her slowly into the car, and got in myself starting the engine.

I drove us for about 45 minutes to a lovely restaurant on the outskirts of the city, I didn't want to go somewhere Alex would feel uncomfortable.

We parked up the car, on the side of the street of the restaurant was.

I had booked a quiet, table for us in the corner of the restaurant in advance a week ago.

The restaurant was a lovely, Greek restaurant and quite a romantic spot to dine at.

I slowly took Alex's hand, as we entered the restaurant.

As if on cue, the white and ethnic staff and customers immediately look at us in surprise.

The young waiter asked for our name, and details and directed us to our table hidden away in the corner of the restaurant.

It was a lovely table, hidden away in a small personal booth with two candles alight on the table, affording the only light we needed.

We slid into the quiet table, thanking the waiter who said he would be back in a few minutes to take our orders of drinks.

I gently looked at Alexandra, and smiled smile back.

Alexandra's smile waned, and she spoke.

"I know I am asking you to wait, a while for us to become how were were before... sexually." She said, as if the words were painful to speak.

I nodded, unsure what to say.

It was an issue between us, but I understood her situation and how it would take a while to go back to how we were before the attack.

"I understand baby, I can..." I began to say, before Alex stopped me with her hands gently in the air.

"I understand that you have needs baby, and slowly we will return to how we were. Just let's start slowly." She offered, taking my hand and rubbing it on the table.

I nodded smiling, as the waiter soon arrived and we ordered a bottle of red wine.

It was soon delivered to the table, and the waiter poured us two glasses of the dark, red wine.

I sipped mine, I was never a fan of wine but I knew it added to making a romantic evening.

"You want to talk about anything, you can angel." I said gently, sipping my wine.

Alexandra moved about in her chair, and looked at me.

"About the attack?" She asked simply.

I nodded.

Alexandra breathed hard.

"They grabbed me, and raped me. There's no more to it, James." She said quickly.

I nodded, sipping my wine emptying the glass.

I poured myself another glass of the wine.

"They won't hurt you again, that I promise you angel." I said gulping down the glass of wine, finishing it.

Alexandra looked at me, as if she was curious.

"Why won't they? They'll get out of prison soon enough." She said, looking at the flickering flame of the candle.

I looked at her, still holding her hands.

"Because the moment they step out of prison, they'll end on slab in the morgue. I cannot tell you any more than that, angel." I said squeezing her hand.

Alexandra looked up at me, and nodded with a slight smile.

Soon enough the waiter arrived, and took our orders for the meal.

We ordered Kebab, and Houmous with warm bread and we took our time to eat it once it arrived.

We talked for more than two hours, simply eating our cold food and drinking more wine talking about Alex's studies, plans and our own plans.

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