tagIllustratedThe Black Bra

The Black Bra


"How about this one?" Erin looked up and laughed. Her boyfriend was holding up a very large green and orange satin bra. It was obviously not her size and it was definitely not a color she looked good in.

"Um. No. Are you even looking at the sizes?" Erin didn't wait for a response. Her boyfriend knew her size, a 42DD. He was completely obsessed with her breasts and was teasing her.

Erin found four bras in her size. It was a miracle. Bra shopping when you were not the ideal 36C, or whatever the average size of a woman's breasts is, is beyond annoying. Erin was beyond stressed out. She needed a black bra for a wedding she was going to in a few weeks. All her bras were white or pink and she was wearing a black evening gown.

"I'm going to go try these on. Go drool over the thongs or something." Erin called out to her boyfriend and then made her way to the back of the store. It was the middle of the day and there was only one sales clerk working. She knew her by name since this was the only store in town that carried cute, sexy bras in larger sizes.

Erin removed her t-shirt and bra. She wasn't sexy, but she was definitely cute. She had strawberry blonde hair that was curly and wavy. She had put it up in a ponytail today. Her skin was still tanned from the summer and she could see the tan lines across her chest. Her breasts were enormous with large pink areolas. The nipples weren't hard now, but when they got hard, they darkened to an almost cherry color.

Erin grabbed the first bra that was in the pile. They all looked the same really except they were from different companies. It drove her crazy that not only was it hard to find her size, but depending on the company, she was a different size. Erin looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. It fit perfectly.

"Sexy". Erin gasped and spun around. Zach had sneaked into the dressing room and had entered the cubicle. He stepped forward and reached around to fondle her breasts. As he did, his mouth found her earlobe.

"The sales clerk is very nice you know. Very social. She thinks we make a cute couple." Zach was pinching and pulling on her nipples. Erin could only lean back and whimper. Each time he pulled her nipples, she cried out. Her pussy was burning with desire and she could feel her wetness soak into her cotton panties.

"You shouldn't be in here." Erin was trying to sound convincing, but it was impossible. She wanted him here. She wanted him to bend her over the chair and fuck her senseless. She was desperate to hear the zipper of his jeans and feel his hot member slide between her pussy lips.

"Yeah, I shouldn't. It's very naughty." Zach grinned and nipped at her neck. He used one hand to push down on her shoulder blades, hinting at her to bend at the waist. As she did that, he unzipped his jeans. Erin whimpered.

"I know you too well baby. You look so sexy in that bra. You better watch it at the wedding or the maid of honor will be spending the day having her brains fucked out of her head." Zach lifted her skirt and nudged her pink panties to the side. He sank into her pussy in one thrust.

"I'm not that sexy." Erin cringed as she said those words. She could see herself in the mirror and it was a sexy sight. She was leaning over the chair with her breasts swaying in the bra. Zach was crouched a bit with his hands gripping her wide hips. They were both fully clothed except for her lack of a shirt.

"Pinch your nipples for me. Do whatever you need to cum all over my cock." Zach was so aroused it was crazy. He was daring in the bedroom with Erin and his past girlfriends, but had never done something this wild. He hoped the sales clerk had believed him when he told her how Erin had difficulty doing up her bras. He had stood outside the door for a few seconds, gaining enough courage to do what others only dream of doing. Now, he was fucking his girlfriend in a lingerie store as she wore the sexiest black bra in the world.

Erin pinched her nipples. Her legs began to shake and she grabbed the chair for balance. He had tilted his hips and was now rubbing her g-spot with the tip of his cock. She couldn't take anymore. She bit down on the meaty part of her thumb and began to cum. She cried out as she felt her panties soaked with her wetness. She was gushing.

"Oh god baby." Zach watched as his girlfriend lost complete control. She was shaking and moaning loudly, even though her cries were muffled. He felt her gush and had to stop thrusting. Zach held her tight and waited for her to come down from her high. She took a deep breath. Zach knew she was ready again.

"You are so sexy. Turn around and ride me." Zach sat down on the chair and watched as Erin climbed into his lap. He guided his cock back inside her and grabbed her breasts with his large hands.

"This is so bad Zach. We could get caught." Erin was worried, but wasn't going to stop until he came. She loved the look he was giving her. It was the look of pure lust. They loved each other very much, but at this moment, it was raw animalistic desire that was driving them. Zach guided her up and down on his cock, using her pussy to get himself off. Erin knew that it was all about Zach and she was going to do whatever he needed to get his release.

"Cumming!" Zach cried out those words and then gasped. He hoped no one in the store had heard him. He was about to cover his mouth, but Erin did it first, covering his mouth with her lips, kissing him so hard as his cock erupted and shot after shot of cum coated her pussy walls.

They lay like that for a few minutes, trying to calm themselves. Erin climbed off his lap and adjusted her skirt and panties. Her panties were soaking wet and she knew the next place she sat down she would leave a wet spot. She quickly removed the black bra and put her own on. She waited for Zach to leave first and then after a minute, she exited as well.

"Did you find a bra you like?" The sales clerk was trying hard not to stare at the couple. She looked a little ditzy, but knew exactly what they had done in the change room. She was happy when Erin handed over her purchase, a black satin bra that would give her a good enough commission to make today worth her while.

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