The Black Tutor Ch. 03


I was exhausted from Friday night and the afternoon since I met this Asian chick at a club in Dallas, got a piece of that in the club and she came back to my place and fucked my brains out all morning. She wasn't anything like Evie, she was more aggressive and dominant and whenever I tried to take control of the moment she would counter, so I just decided to let her fuck me and then keep her on the side. I got a phone call from Evie and she sounded in a panic and couldn't decipher what she was saying at times but asked if I would come pick her up since her dad was out of town and I was the only one she could trust. As I drove down, I thought that she better be sucking the shit out of my cock on the way home to travel all the way down for her.

I finally arrived at the address that Evie gave me then knocked on the door. A stringy red-haired tall woman wearing a long t-shirt answered the door and asked if I was Mr. Anderson. I said I was and she told me that Evie was in her room. I asked if anything was wrong and the woman just said she has been in the bedroom all day then asked for you. I knocked on the door and Evie told me to come in.

When I entered the room, I saw Evie laying on the bed in a just a pair of boyshorts sitting on the edge of the bed.

"What the hell is going on here?" I bellowed.

"Well. We are out of batteries and needed some real cock." Evie said seductively as she shook a vibrator.

I heard the door close behind me and out of the corner of my eye, I caught a red blur and it was Becca walking past me naked then sat down next to Evie. Evie leaned back, reached under the pillow and pulled out a box of condoms which happened to be my brand as Becca ran her hand up and down her inner thigh. I smiled and took off my coat.

"Why don't you two get started and Ill give you all the black cock you two will need." I commented.

As I started to get undressed, Becca moved closer to Evie and began to kiss. I watched those two make out on the bed. Becca wasn't exactly in Evie's league when it came to beauty. She was tall, thin and a cute girl. She had nice perky 32c breasts and long legs.

Becca cupped Evie's breasts teasing the nipple with the tip of her tongue and Evie moaned softly. I was standing there naked hard as a rock watching both girls make out on the bed.

"Oh my god he is so huge." Becca said.

"Trust me you will love it." Evie said

She moved back in and they began to French kiss one another. I was feeling left out, so I moved closer to the bed in between them. They parted from the kiss and Evie looked up at me smiling while Becca stared at my cock amazed at how big it was.

"You go first Becca." Evie said.

Evie moved onto her knees as I moved in front of Becca. She then wrapped her hand around it and slowly began to stroke it. Becca looked in amazement at how small Evie's hand looked on my cock. She finally leaned in and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock pressing her tongue ring against the head of my cock. Evie began to play with my balls with her tongue and teased the shaft of my cock with her tongue. It looked so hot seeing two women working my cock. Becca bobbed up and down on my cock while Evie watched. Then Evie moved in, grabbed onto the shaft then pulled it out of Becca's mouth and put it in hers. She bobbed up and down then teased the tip of my cock with her tongue then pulled my cock out of her mouth, kissed Becca passionately while stroking my cock then placed it in her mouth and guided Becca's hand around my hard cock.

Evie moved to playing with Becca's breasts, teasing her nipples. It felt so good feeling Becca moan into my cock as Evie played with her nipples and then moved down to her shaved pussy and began to lick and tease her clit. Becca was going wild to Evie's action and she started to get into the blow job more. She gagged a few times as she got overzealous and went too deep. Evie moved back up Becca and began to use her tongue on the shaft of my cock. She met Becca at the head of my cock and they both smiled and teased the head of my cock with both of their tongues. I almost blew my load feeling two tongues on my cock. But kept thinking about something other than blowing my load.

The girls switched roles and now Evie worked my cock as Becca played with Evie's ample chest then went down to lick that sweet white pussy of hers. Evie went wild as Becca licked her pussy; she moaned and squirmed while working my cock deep into her mouth. Listening to Evie moan in sheer delight and Becca going down on her pushed me over the edge. I commented I was about to cum and Evie tapped Becca on the head then pulled my cock out of her mouth as Becca moved up next to them. I started to stroke my cock as both of them opened their mouths wide then proceeded to spray cum all over Evie's mouth and then on Becca's mouth. They smiled as my hard cock went limp and my cum dripped down their chins as they started to make out once again.

"Fuck that was hot" I said. "Why don't you two play so my cock can get hard and Ill give you both the privilege of being fucked by my big black cock." I added with a smile.

Both girls moved onto the bed, began to kiss and explore one another's body. Evie was on the bottom while Becca was on top when they were 69ing on another. They were both moaning and writhing in sexual bliss. Evie handed me a condom as I was hard again and spread Becca's lips apart wanting me to fuck her first. I moved behind Becca and Evie moved her head up and teased my balls with her tongue. I lined up my cock against her swollen lips, grabbed onto her hips then plunged the head of my cock into Becca's wet pussy.

"Fuck, it feels so big in me, it's been so long since I had a real cock in me" Becca moaned out.

Evie began to tease Becca's clit as I moved my black cock in and out of Becca's pussy slowly. Hearing Evie moan and scream in delight as Becca licked her pussy and teased her clit with her tongue ring was a beautiful sound to hear to my ears.

"Fuck me harder with that big fucking black cock." Becca screamed out.

I grabbed tighter onto her hips then started to ram my cock in and out of her wanton pussy feeling her pussy muscles contract and tighten around my cock over and over.

"Fuck, I'm cumming so hard Evie!" She shouts out.

She collapsed on top of Evie as Evie played with her clit and ran her hands over her long legs. Evie then moved onto her hands and knees as Becca recovered from the pounding her pussy just took. Becca moved under Evie and began to suck and play with Evie's erect nipples as I moved behind Evie getting ready to pound her pussy into submission like I always do. I wasted no time and just started to pound her pussy like never before. Becca's hand played with my balls as they swayed back and forth as my cock moved in and out of Evie's pussy. She rubbed her clit hard and fast and it drove Evie wild with lust.

"Oh god, you two are driving me crazy and making me so horny." She screamed out.

It didn't take long for me to cum after that. I grunted and groaned as Evie's pussy tightened around my cock and my balls slapped against her clit and Becca's forehead. I informed both girls that I was about to cum, pulled out of Evie, pulled off the rubber and shot my cum all over Evie's perfect ass and onto her back.

Becca came up from under Evie and ran her hand over Evie's firm ass and squeezed her cheeks as she licked my cum off Evie's ass. I knew I was in for a long night with both these girls.

"You both love my big black cock, don't you?" I asked as they probed one another body with their hands.

"Mmm..that was great" Becca said.

"I love your black cock." Evie added.

I needed time to recover so I ordered both girls to make one another cum and when they are done then I will give them round 2 with my cock and if they are lucky then I will fuck both of their asses. I moved over to the chair in the room and watched Evie and Becca go at it. Becca was the dominant one of the two and she worked her oral magic on Evie and she loved it.

When Becca was sitting on Evie's face getting her pussy licked. I was hard again and moved back onto the bed and grabbed both of Evie's legs and had Becca hold them as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy until she came and made Becca cum.

"Fuck that slutty pussy with that big black dick." Becca barked out.

"Pound her like the slut that she is. " She added.

I soon blew my load listening and watching these two chicks please one another. I pulled out of Evie's pussy and blew my load all over her stomach then watched Becca lick up some of the cum off her. Then we moved to Becca riding me hard and fast while Evie was playing with my balls and fondling Becca's breasts and making out with her while she rode me until she came. I then had Becca get on top of Evie on her hands and knees then proceeded to take turns ramming my black cock in both of their pussies and then took turns on their asses.

"You should be called, Mr. Multiple." Becca commented as she rolled off my cock onto the bed.

We all went at it until late into the night and when we drained the energy out of one another and all intertwined in one another arms enjoying the moment, I thought it was too good to be true and that was lots of fun then the thought that Evie and my sister were hooking out kind of freaked me out. I got out of bed, began to get dressed and the girls asked where I was going. I told them that there wasn't much room for 3 there and that I was going to go. Becca jumped out of bed then out of her room and I watched Evie lay there naked and completely satisfied as she told me how much she loved my black cock. Becca came back into the room, handed me her number and told me if I was ever down this way again to give her a call. I took the number, walked out then drove home.

I figured that it would be the last time that I would see Becca but I was wrong, the next week when Evie came over for her tutoring session, Becca was with her being back from college. We all went at it for some time then got down to studying. I couldn't get rid of Becca, she would come over every night telling me she was hooked on my big black dick and brought one of her friends along on occasion. She had a dirty mouth and at times I couldn't believe some of the things that would come out of her mouth. I was being worn out by these two chicks and thought of bring in some extra meat for Becca and her friends but didn't. Evie told me that Becca and her have been friends since she was a little girls, they met at cheerleading camp and they clicked. She was the wild one and a freak since she was a freshman in high school. But her parents moved from the town over to down state Texas and they kept in contact.

Later that week, Evie went out of town with her dad and she wasn't too thrilled about it because she would be missing my black cock but will enjoy the return on Tuesday. I really didn't know what is going to happen between me and her but I'm gonna enjoy the ride as much as she does several times a week. I wasn't too keen about Becca being involved with us now, I didn't know her that well and didn't know if I could trust her. I started to plan my escape route if things started to go wrong if Becca let the rumor know that I was screwing Evie to the town.

My buddy Nat came down for the weekend just to get away and relax around my place and figured that since Evie was gone then I didn't have to be concerned about the situation and maybe bring some new pussy down to my place and have some fun. It was late on Friday night and my buddy Nat was in the shower. I heard a car pull up behind Nat's ride and when I looked out it was Becca.

She was wearing a short black tube dress and her long red hair was back in a ponytail. She smiled when she saw me and when she started to speak; I could tell that she was a little drunk. She said was passing thru on her way up to Dallas to see some friends and stopped off to get a bit to eat and guys were buying her shots at the place trying to get into her panties.

She looked pretty hot with her long silky smooth legs crossed looking at me like I was a piece of meat. I knew her story was full of shit and that she only came up to get a piece of my big black dick, so I would give her what she came up here for.

"Seeing some friends in Dallas huh, I just figured you wanted some of my big black cock and to feel like a whore while you are sucking on it, so why don't you come on down to your knees in front of me and do what white girls like you do best." I commented.

She seemed offended by the comment but once I pulled my cock out of my pants she did what I told her to do. I stood up and let my pants and boxers fall to my ankles then she moved in front of me then took hold of my semi hard cock and began to stroke it in her white hands watching it grow. She started to work my cock in and out of her mouth. She gave wet, sloppy blowjobs but that tongue ring of hers was out of this world and tried to talk Evie into getting one but her dad would flip out if she got one. As Becca was working my cock like the whore that she was, my buddy Nat came down in a towel to see what was happening. I motioned for him to come on over.

"Damn, you suck black cock well, why don't you show my buddy Nat what a whore like you can." I said.

Nat moved to the side of her and when she saw him she was initially shocked but as soon as she saw his cock she worked her magic on him. She continued to stroke my cock as she worked Nat's cock in and out of her mouth pressing her tongue ring against the shaft of his cock. She then started to move back and forth between Nat and me. She looked like she was in heaven.

"You wanna get fucked by two big black cocks tonight you white whore." I bellowed out.

"Fuck yea; fuck me like a white whore." She exclaimed.

"Fuck your black cock slut." She added.

Nat smiled then grabbed the back of her head then pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. He could hear her choking a bit then released the grip and she worked his cock even faster in and out of her mouth until he came. She swallowed as much cum as she could and the rest dripped down onto her dress.

"Stand up, get your slutty ass naked." I ordered.

"Now finish me off while Nat decides which one of his holes that he wants to fuck." I commented as I sat down on the couch with my cock waiting for her.

She moved onto the couch and looked up at me seductively before she wrapped her thin lips around my cock then pressed her tongue ring against my throbbing shaft. Nat moved behind her grabbed onto her hips then plunged his cock into her wet pussy. She groaned and grunted on my cock as Nat pounded her pussy. I placed my hand on top of her hair and pushed her deeper and deeper onto my cock. Nat smiled as he increased his pace and began to feverishly pound her pussy. She was moaning wildly onto my cock and it didn't take me long to blow my load. She gobbled up my cum like it was the last meal on earth and I watched the pain and pleasure of Becca getting pounded. She came several times and begged for more.

"Fuck me with that fat black cock." She screamed out.

After Nat was finished fucking her pussy, we switched off, I took her ass this time. I had no problem fitting my big black cock deep in her ass and she loved every second of it there. As, I violently pounded her ass, she screamed onto Nat's cock as her body trembled with sheer enjoyment.

"Fuck your white slut's ass." Becca moaned out.

I smacked her ass as I plunged my cock in and out of her ass with one hand and pulled on her long red hair with my other hand. She rocked back and forth taking my cock as deep as she could in her ass. By the time I came deep in her ass, both her cheeks were bright red then pulled out and watching the gaping hole that I created leak cum out of it. Becca was covered in sweat and wanted more.

Nat busted his load in her mouth then she straddled me and then went for a long ride with me. Her small chest bounced a little as she rode me. She worked my cock in and out of her pussy. Nat moved behind her and buried his cock into her ass.

"I fucking love being filled with black cock." She groaned out.

"Fuck me hard and fast, use me, fuck me like the slut I am." She screamed out.

We worked our cocks in and out of her holes and she was going wild, moaning, grunting, screaming and panting like a dog in heat as we tore her holes apart. I felt her muscles contract and release as she came over and over. She begged us to stop but we kept on pounding her until she passed out from the intensity of the orgasm and the monster fuck of her life.

We cleaned up, went out and Nat ended up taking some girl home with him and we went back to my place where Becca was still on the couch with a satisfied, fuck me more look on her face. Nat took his girl upstairs and I fucked Becca some more then Nat joined us after I heard a car pull away. We took turns with all her holes, double teamed her and fucked her until the sun came up. She left that morning with a nice belly and ass full of black cum. I knew she would be back for more but as much as I enjoyed last night with my buddy Nat, I wished it was Evie instead. Becca helps brings out the submissive side of Evie even more.

When Evie came over on Tuesday she was ready to get fucked and didn't waste anytime getting what she wanted. She walked in the door, pushed me onto the couch, pulled my cock out and rode me until she came and I came deep inside her womb then serviced me for the rest of her time there. She told me later that her and her dad had a long talk and he let her go on the pill. Over the next few weeks, I fucked her and Becca over and over. I had both of them submitting to my every desire and over the last few weeks, Evie was more submissive and more obedient to me. I could do whatever I wanted to her and she would beg me to use her. I enjoyed fucking Becca in front of Evie and just have Evie watching and listening to Becca scream in enjoyment and ecstasy. Then when I would give her the privilege of my cock she started to emulate Becca sexually.

Towards the end of the school year, I ran into Evie's step mom once again and she was actually nice to me but she never looked me in the eyes. I know she wanted another shot at my big black cock but wouldn't give her the pleasure. She left a cryptic comment towards me and then tossed a computer or DVD disc to me. When I got home, I saw that it was a sex tape with Evie's parents to start off then it turned into an all black gangbang with 4 well built black guys using Missy while Mr. Watts watched and cleaned up her pussy and ass once they came in it. He even took a few shots in his mouth for the cause.

Now things were becoming clearer for me with their relationship and now wondered if it was his plan to take his daughter to the dark side and let her go black also. I then started to wonder how he would react if Evie was a black baby factory and what the town would say once this sweet innocent looking girl gave birth to a black baby. Whether I wanted it to be mine was up in the air.

So I called up Mr. Watts to see what he was up too and push the envelope with him even more. I asked if he had any plans for the night and wondered if he wanted to go to a party with me in Dallas. Nat was having another party, so it would be fun. I then got to taking about how important finals would be for Evie, even though her last 2 quarter grades were better that a final grade would put her in a better choice for her future and threw out the idea of tutoring her 5 days a week instead of 3, I knew that she wouldn't be as horny as she would be but the problem I was having with fucking Becca and Evie was that I was constantly horny now and needed to cum more often. The idea of taking Evie in the locker room or my classroom was becoming overpowering or the thought of walking into the girls locker room then whip out my cock and let all the girls taste my cum. So I needed more or a release and since I owned Evie I wanted her as often as I could and Becca joined her I had 2 white girls to dominate.

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