The Black Tutor Ch. 03


Mr. Watts said he would ask Evie whether she wanted to take more tutoring and he agreed to join me at the party. I picked him up and the party started off slow but finally got into the swing of things. Mr. Watts was impressed at the quality and quantity of the women there and once the party started to get outta hand then he revealed his true colors. He enjoyed being dominated by the same dominatrix that dominated Missy before and he enjoyed licking the cum out of strange women's. He was a kid in a candy store during the party and a few of the girls gave him a couple of pity fucks and laughed when they said that they didn't feel anything as Mr. Watts entered them. I think I was bigger than him when I was born and realized that's why his whore wife needed a real cock in her so often.

One of the guys was a lot more open minded than the rest and when the dominatrix brought Mr. Watts over to him, he sucked the guy off until he came and then licked his cock clean. Now I have never seen a guy go down on another guy but that really freaked me out. I got my share of pussy at the party but none as good or as tight as Evie's.

As I drove home, I played off like I didn't see anything and listened to him boost about the chicks that he hooked up with during the night and I played along with the charade. After school the next day, one of my best students wanted to talk with me about something and he commented that he wasn't confident around women and needed some help. So I gave him as much advice as I could. He said that he has had a crush on Evie since they went to 1st grade together, so I told him to just be confident, ask her out and the worst it can be is she says no.

So when she came over for her additional tutoring sessions with me which she happily agreed to. I fucked her silly over and over then as she lay in bed caressing my cock in her hands, kissing it softly on the head. I told her that Mike would be asking her out tomorrow and that he has a crush on her and if she wanted to make me happy and get my cock again that she would say yes. I also ordered her to let him fuck her and told her the reasons for the request. One was to get any suspicion that their was anything between us and 2 would be that she would stop the rumors about her being frigid and a lesbian since she wouldn't go out with guys since spring break. She protested, so I fucked her good and hard one more time then as she lay there exhausted in the thralls of ecstasy that if she didn't then that feeling and my cock would be no more. So she agreed to my request.

I found out from Mike that she agreed and he was freaking out about how hard that was at first but how great it felt after she said yes. He told me that they were going out for dinner tomorrow night then to a movie. I gave him some additional tips and he left school smiling from ear to ear. Evie came over then told me about the event and I told her I was proud of her then gave her my cock as a reward. I fucked her good and hard that night then gave her a nice going away present by cumming in her mouth. Since she went on the pill she told me often how much she loved me cumming in her and how much she loves her pussy full of my cum then fingers herself when she gets home to get a few last tastes of my cum. She enjoyed the warm rush inside her pussy and in her ass as I fill her up with what she needs. As she walked out the door, I let her know that id she wanted more than a minute of sex then she can come over and Ill fuck her like she needs to be fucked.

Evie came over after the date then informed me that she tried to get him to fuck her but he was scared and when she made a harmless move he came in his pants as soon as her hand accidentally touched his dick thru his pants. We both got a good laugh out of it. She then said that the whole thing was awkward and they have nothing in common but he begged her not to tell anyone about the incident and that they agreed that he did get into her panties and she will tell the girls that he is big boy which he was really since they both agreed to get naked in front of one another and when he saw her naked, he was hard and she went to touch it again and came with a one finger touch. We got another big round of laughs then I took her upstairs and let her ride a real cock for an hour or so. I enjoyed watching her 36D breasts bounce up and down then watching her cup them as she rode me harder and faster.

She came hard and fast and ever since I started to fuck her bareback I was cumming a lot faster. So we came at the same time then she collapsed onto my chest as my cock got limp and plopped out of her wet pussy. I felt some of my cum seep out of her pussy onto my stomach as she lay on me recovering from the moment. She whispered in my ear how much she loved what I did to her and how much she loved my big black cock in her.

"You are my little white slut, aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm your little white slut; I love that black cock of yours." She cooed.

"I'm all yours, my pussy is yours, my ass is yours, my body is yours, I'm all yours, mind body and soul." She professed.

She asked if she could come over early on Saturday and Sunday then spend the whole day studying. I told her I was busy and needed to clean and stuff. She agreed to do it and just didn't want to be at home since her dad was out of town and she didn't know what her step mom was up too. So I agreed as I watched her get dressed then give my limp cock a kiss night, joked about another surprise for me or that she would call Becca up to come over since I liked fucking her too and walked outta my place to go home.

She left my place around midnight and was shocked to see her there at 9am when I was getting ready to go for my run. She came over in a pair of short shorts and a tank top. I watched her walk over to where I was stretching and commented that she was early. She said she couldn't sleep and needed her chocolate fix all day. I smiled and told her that while I was running she better have my place cleaned from top to bottom or the only chocolate she will be getting was a candy bar today. I left her to go on my run and let her clean my place.

When I came back she was finishing up the kitchen and as I was covered in sweat. I walked up behind her spun her around then push her onto her knees as I pulled down my shorts revealing Evie's favorite meal.

"Now lick my sweaty, salty balls then make me cum all over that innocent, white face of yours." I ordered her.

I pushed the back of her head into my crotch.

"Take a big whiff and enjoy my scent." I said.

She breathed in as her hand began to play with my sweaty balls. I released her head and she started to stroke my cock slowly as her tongue began to lick my nuts. She was savoring the taste of my salty balls telling me how much she loves my cock and everything about it. She engulfed my cock into her mouth and began to work my cock in and out of her mouth slowly looking up at me for approval. She began to speed up her pace and began bobbing back and forth faster and faster trying to suck my ball dry of cum. She loved my black seed and would bathe in it if she could. She licked up and down the shaft of my cock then placed my balls into her mouth and hummed softly on the left one then the right one.

A few more minutes of intense cock sucking by Evie and I was about to explode. I grabbed onto her ponytail then pulled her head back as I was about to cum and shot my whole load all over her face. My cum slowly dripped down her face and off her chin as her tongue slowly began to lick around her lips taking in as much cum as she could then she used her fingers to scoop up any more that she could.

"Good little slut, now, you will wash me then make me lunch and if you do well then I will give you what you need." I ordered next.

She followed up to my shower then started the shower off as I got undressed. She was already in the shower waiting for me. I stepped in then she began to lather up my whole body paying particular attention of course to my cock. She looked great all wet and her breasts all shiny covered in water. She washed the back of me then moved to the front of me and seeing this firm young body in front of me made my cock semi hard.

"Bend over slut." I ordered

She bent over and pressed her hands against the shower wall. I had a clear shot at the sweet pussy of hers and took full advantage of it. I stroked my cock a few times to make it hard as she wiggled her ass in front of me wanting my black cock deep in one of her holes. I slapped my hard cock on her firm round ass a few times then teased her pussy with the tip of my cock then teased her asshole with my cock.

"Take either hole, they are both yours, I need your black cock in me so bad, you are making me so horny." She pleaded.

I decided on taking her pussy since it was my favorite hole of hers and even more fun since I didn't have to use a condom any more. I teased her pussy with the tip of my cock once again and as she moaned in delight trying to push back on me to push my cock inside her. I buried my cock deep into her pussy. I have spent plenty of time and effort making that pussy mine and a perfect fit for my black cock ruining her for any guy that she will hook up with from now on.

"Tear your white slut's pussy up." She moaned.

I grabbed onto her hips then feverishly pounded her pussy listening to her moan and scream in sheer delight as her muscle contracted and tightened up around my throbbing cock over and over until I blew my load deep inside her. I pulled out and rested my limp cock over her ass crack as she told me how fucking hot and horny I make her and how much she loves being my white slut and plaything. I stepped out of the shower and she dried me off and as I was getting dressed, she made me lunch then I feed her my cock all day long taking a few breaks to rest my cock and for her to recover from the intense orgasms she has been having all day long.

"Why do you call me your white slut and Becca a white whore?" She asked as she stroked my cock after I got done pounding her ass.

"Well, in my eyes, you are my white slut and fuck me whenever I want you and you belong to me mind, body and soul, while with Becca, she still fucks other guys and girls and is just a bonus fuck to me." I replied.

"Since you fuck me and only me, then you are my white slut and my property." I added.

"What about Mike, you wanted me to fuck him, wouldn't that make me a whore then?" She asked.

"No, you were doing what I asked you to do, so it would be you obeying your black master." I replied.

As she listened to my explanation, her strokes on my cock got faster and faster until I was hard then she straddled me and took my whole cock into her pussy, grinded her hips on me and rode me while her ample breasts bounced up and down. I cupped her breasts then played her nipples until I came deep in her and she had her orgasm.

We studied for a couple of hours and spent the rest of the time fucking until she left around 8pm to get ready to go out with her girls. She tried to call Becca to see if she would come up and have some fun with her and me but she was busy. She offered to bring someone new into our situation but I declined.

Out if a coincidence I happened to run into Evie and her friends out at a local restaurant just north of us. I found out that they were going to a party that one of the students were having and they jokingly invited me to the party. Evie was locked into me and I knew if I wanted to I could have told her to drop to her knees and blow me until I came then fucked her in front of most of the town but her friends did more flirting with me than she does. Over the months, all the girls tried to pry insider information out of her about me. They wanted to know if I was a player, if I was hung or what kind of women I like. But she just laughed and said she just studied with me and kept it professional.

She did look as she walked past me and out the door giggling. She was wearing a tight skirt and a backless top. I wished she would wear that stuff around me when she came to study. By the time of the party, the rumor around the school was in full force, Evie actually had sex and was no longer a virgin and back in play for all the guys and Mike was more than meets the eye and actually invited to parties now.

The next day, Evie came around my place with lunch. I just got rid of the woman that I picked up the night before a few minutes before she showed up. I'm sure that they passed one another but that wasn't my concern but was ready for another round since the woman from the night before wanted to talk and take the next step while I just wanted a piece of pussy. She served me lunch then serviced me all day long.

"Why don't you share me with your friends like you do Becca?" She asked.

"Because you are my property and the only black cock I want in you is mine." I replied.

She smiled then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then talked about her night between sucking on my cock and taking my cock in all her holes over and over. She was insatiable this weekend as was I my cock was hard 24-7 and all I wanted to do is fuck. Evie on the other hand knew that her time of the month was coming, so she wanted my cock as much as she could because it drives her wild without getting her pussy fucked but I had no problem with her blowing me and taking her ass plus I had Becca on the side if I wanted some pussy.

The semester was coming to an end and all the seniors were excited about prom weekend and Evie had her date lined up but after prom, her date got too drunk to perform, so she snuck out and joined Becca and I and she had her best prom weekend according to her since she had free reign to do what she wanted and she spent the whole weekend at my place fucking me, watching me fuck Becca and her fucking Becca. Not many people noticed that she wasn't around some of the activities but people said they saw her around, so nothing ever came of it.

Evie graduated and went off to college down state with Becca and I got to see them every other weekend. I would get a hotel or would stay at their place and just fuck one another's brains out until I had to leave to go back home. I would hear rumors around town that Eve went wild in college, a new boyfriend every night, was a lesbian now, and a wide range of other things.

My investments began to take off and I got a new job offer. I decided that it was time for me to get outta Texas and move up to Chicago. I found a nice place over looking the lake close to downtown and Evie cried when she saw me off to the airport and wanted to blow me in front of everyone in the airport but I told her that whenever she wanted to visit she could. She came up the next weekend and whenever she could and she was insatiable during those visits.

However things began to change over the next few weeks, I got a few emails from Becca and she told me that Evie met a new black guy and was hooking up with him. I was disappointed in her and felt betrayed that the little white slut of mine was fucking some guy behind my back.

But that was the first of many that she would hook up with during her freshman year from what I heard from Becca and a couple of students that kept in touch with whom needed advice on a wide range of things. When she would call to come up, I was always busy and as much as I enjoyed fucking her before now the thought of fucking her after she been with other guys turned me off on her, so eventually I put an end to it. She begged me to reconsider then flew up to Chicago to convince me otherwise. I told her that she lied to me that her pussy, ass and mouth were mine and she was fucking other guys on campus now.

She told me that she couldn't control herself around them and had to get fucked since she was so horny and Becca wasn't doing it for her. I let her know that I felt betrayed and that she needed to reap the consequences of her actions, which meant after this weekend, no more of my black cock. I let her know that she was a big girl and responsible for her own actions and her life is her choice now and she can do whatever she wants to do with it but after this weekend were done. She dropped to her knees and showed off her new tongue ring and it was a nice new twist but made me realize that she wasn't my property anymore and that she was her own woman.

I got a couple of parting fucks with her and the hot girls that she would pick up out at the clubs but before I dropped her off at the airport. I told her that we were done due to the fact that she was fucking myriad black men on campus now. She was crushed as she left Chicago going back to Texas thinking that the fact that I was fucking her this weekend that things would go back to normal. I got the numbers of a couple of the girls that we brought home during the weekend and enjoyed how easy it was to fuck white college chicks nowadays especially after you fuck them good once.

I got a few emails and rambling phone calls from Evie during the next few weeks telling me that this was all my fault and that I made her that way but she would go from being pissed to begging me to take her back. After a couple of those messages, I just deleted everything from her even before I heard or read it. I knew some of the emails she sent had risqué pictures of her and some of her new female friends trying to lure me back into her pussy.

Eventually the thoughts of Evie and her great ass left my mind and I didn't really think about her until I got an email from her dad. Her dad told me that towards the end of the school year that she quit school, moved in with some older black guys around Houston and that she was pregnant now.

I didn't go back down to Texas for about a year, I went back down for one of my old friends wedding and it was a good time. Nat and I went on a road trip and he told me that he had something to show me. So we left Dallas and were driving towards the town that I taught in and then past it until I saw that we were on our way to Houston. When we got to town, we went into some trailer park and that is when I saw Evie for the first time since I kicked her to the curb.

She looked like hell, she was pregnant again and was caring for 2 black babies at the moment and her body went to crap, ass was just fat and wide and her breasts sagging. I watched her from a distance and felt sorry for her until I saw her new men. Her man or some guy she knew arrived with some of his friends and another woman. The other woman took the two babies in the car with her and left Evie and the guys together where she just dropped to her knees and started to suck off the guys around her on the furniture on the outside of the trailer then Becca came out also pregnant and dropped to her knees also. I told Nat to lets get going and we drove off.

"Aint you gonna do something about that?" He asked.

"Why, she is an adult and made her choices, there isn't anything I can do." I replied.

"Fuck, if I knew that she was gonna turn out that way, I would have kept in touch with her and put her on the streets to make me some money like I did her step mom." Nat joked.

"The bitch got what she deserved." I added as we drove back to Dallas and began my search for a new conquest.

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