tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Blind Date Ch. 01

The Blind Date Ch. 01


We were having a beer after one of our tennis matches when my friend, Dave, suggested that I should take a friend of his wife on a blind date. I did not like blind dates, so I was not very enthusiastic. Dave said I should give this girl a try.

Dave and I were going to law school together. We were great friends and I really liked his wife, Nancy. I was in my early 20s straight out of undergraduate school. Dave was an active duty marine in his upper 30s. I never really understood why the Marines paid Dave to go to school, but it seemed like a great deal for Dave. Dave took advantage of the opportunity by studying hard and making great grades.

Dave's wife Nancy was a thirty something, cute, slim blonde who was smart and funny. She was a school teacher at a high school in a nearby small town. It was Nancy's friend who taught school at the same high school who Dave was suggesting as a date for me.

I had been on blind dates and mostly they had been okay, but I wasn't really looking for anyone to date. I was extremely busy with school. Besides, a bad blind date could be miserable.

I asked Dave if this girl, whose name was Beverly, was good-looking. Dave said that she looked pretty good, but she was not a real babe. I could tell that Dave was trying very hard to tell me the absolute truth about this girl. I assumed that this was probably Nancy's idea and Dave did not want me to be mad at him if I did not like this girl.

He described her as young, never married and fun. He was not doing much to sell me on this girl and I was quickly concluding that she must be what we used to call a "bridge troll." However, he kept saying I should give her a try. I knew there must be a reason, but Dave was not really explaining it. He did tell me at one point that Beverly had a nice body and big boobs. We moved on to other subjects without really deciding anything about the blind date.

After Dave and I had several more beers, Nancy came home from work and joined us. Nancy really liked me and I was fond of both Nancy and Dave. Nancy was always trying to take care of me one way or another.

After she had had her limit of two beers, Nancy asked us about the date with her friend. Dave started making many excuses for me and tried to convince Nancy that he had tried hard to get me to agree to take out her friend.

Nancy turned to me and said, "Luke, why won't you take out Beverly? You need to do something besides studying, playing tennis and drinking!"

I smiled and said, "I don't know. That is working pretty well for me!"

Nancy replied, "What about fucking? You need that too!"

Dave started laughing at his little school teacher wife who never used profanity and said, "That's it! You are officially cut off for the evening!"

Nancy laughed and said, "I think everybody should be interested in sex at least some of the time."

I told Nancy that I knew some girls who would come over to help me out in the sex department, but Nancy clearly did not think that I had given her friend proper consideration. She said, "Did my husband tell you about Beverly?"

"Yes," I said.

Holding her hands in front of her chest, Nancy said, "Did he tell you about her big, giant tits?"

I laughed and wondered how drunk my normally wholesome, married friend was. I answered, "Sort of."

"You have never seen anything like her chest. It is amazing!"

I told her that she was a lot more descriptive than Dave had been. I had never heard a nice married woman talk about big tits on another woman like this. It made me think they must be awesome.

She looked at Dave and said, "I thought guys liked to talk about big tits and fucking and stuff. Why didn't you tell our friend about her best features?"

Dave claimed he tried to tell me, but her description was better.

I asked again if she was good-looking.

Nancy, like Dave before her, said, "I don't know if you would describe her as good-looking or beautiful, but she has that chest and I am pretty sure she is not a virgin."

Dave started teasing Nancy and saying that she sounded like a pimp. But Nancy defended herself by saying that every man at her school drooled over Beverly's body.

I took Nancy's out of character comments to mean that her friend had really spectacular tits and liked to fuck. Those are some of my favorite attributes to look for in a woman. I also liked the idea that other men were drooling over her body.

I had heard enough and told her that I would take her friend out. Nancy had already arranged with Beverly that if I consented we would go to their high school's football game and then to a party one of their co-workers was throwing.

I said fine. I was anxious to see those tits that Nancy had described with such enthusiasm.

On Friday night, I went to Dave and Nancy's house to meet my date and go out for the evening. I came to the door and Dave brought me into the living room where Nancy and Beverly were having a drink. I met my date. My first reaction was not good.

Beverly was tall, maybe 5'10" or so. She had a very plain face with little or no make-up and straight, short, rather plain, tinted or bleached blonde hair. She was not hideously ugly, but was not attractive either. She looked a little like one of the big lesbian women on a college basketball team.

The biggest problem was the way she was dressed. She had on a pair of overalls with several layers of some sort of big, baggy clothes underneath. These overalls were not some sort of cute feminine outfit made like overalls. These were honest to God, farmer's overalls with the thin blue stripes and the loop for a hammer. She looked like a big round farmer. I could not believe that a girl would think that was a good look for a first date(or any date). My first thought was that I cannot drink enough for this. My second thought was that I hoped to God that I would not see anybody I knew.

I should quickly say that I am not some Hollywood actor sort of handsome guy. I am a regular looking guy, not ugly, not handsome, something in between. However, with an athletic body, a good brain and a pretty good ability to bullshit with women I find attractive, I always dated pretty, sexy girls. I had never been on a date with a big, round girl who was dressed as a farmer.

Dave seemed nervous about my reaction to my date. I did not say anything, but he noticed that I was tossing down drinks as fast as a person possibly can.

We went to the football game. I managed to talk to Dave most of the time as Nancy and Beverly ran around visiting with people they knew in the stands. Beverly seemed nice when I did talk to her. I assumed she would be since she was a friend of Nancy.

She was a little bit shy or reserved. She was articulate and sometimes funny. However, she seemed to lack self-confidence in this dating situation. Therefore, she seemed like she was nervous. I did notice that she had a nice shy smile.

The more I looked at Beverly's outfit, the more I wondered if this was some sort of cruel prank. I could not believe my friends would think I would be attracted to my date who looked like a big round "old McDonald."

As we talked at the football game, I tried to see if I could tell whether Beverly had big tits, but there was no way to tell with the baggy clothes and the overalls. She could be flat and weigh 300 pounds as far as I could tell by looking and I wasn't touching her.

Sometimes I would see something that looked like it could be a sign of big tits, but it was really hard to tell anything through the baggy clothes. All I could figure is that she was afraid it was going to be really cold at the game and she wore a lot of layers. It was not a good look.

They did not serve alcohol at the game, but Dave brought a flask and kept the drinks flowing. Intoxication was not helping me appreciate my date.

We then drove back to the college town where we lived and went to the party. I was praying that I would not know anybody at the party. However, several bad things happened soon after we walked in. One, Beverly took off her coat revealing her unattractive outfit to everyone at the party and we ran into two of our classmates including one guy who lived in my apartment complex. I tried to avoid it, but had to introduce them to my date. I got some strange looks from Dennis, the guy who lived in my apartment complex.

I tried to drink away my blues, but it did not seem possible as long as I was conscious. Luckily for me, Dave and Nancy did not want to stay too late. I made some excuses and tried to make a quick exit at Dave's house, but Beverly needed a ride home. I guess Dave or Nancy had picked up Beverly at the beginning of the evening. I took Beverly home.

At her apartment, Beverly invited me up. I felt bad since I was pretty sure that Beverly did not have a great time on the date with me, so I went up to have a drink in an effort to be nice to Nancy's friend. Besides, nobody would see me with her inside the apartment.

Up at her apartment, she said we needed to be quiet because her roommate was asleep. We had a beer and talked. She was sweet and a little shy. I actually remember thinking that I could like her if she did not look like the rural version of the Pillsbury doughboy.

Being very drunk and a little curious, I leaned over and kissed her. It was nice. I wondered if under all of those clothes were those amazing tits that Nancy had described. I truly doubted it, but after enduring this date, I decided that I had to know.

On our next kiss, I tried to touch her breasts. She did not try to stop me. It was hard to tell if she had breasts under the overalls, baggy sweatshirts and other tops she was wearing. However, I was feeling something and it felt big. I kept trying to get around all of her clothes. Every time I felt her breast, Beverly would moan and kiss me more passionately. This was the first fun I had had all night.

I finally managed to get my hand inside her overalls and inside the several sweatshirts and tops she was wearing. I felt like I had passed some kind of test as I felt her rather large breast inside a rather large, heavy duty, full -sized bra. Beverly became more and more passionate.

Finally, she stopped me and said, "I will wake up my roommate if we keep going. Can I come over to your house?"

I did not understand why we were going to wake up her roommate, but I was now interested enough to want to see more. So, I told her she was welcome to come over.

I drove home wondering if I was wasting my time meeting her at my place. I also wanted to be careful not to be mean to Nancy's friend. I now thought she might have big tits and I was pretty sure she was horny. Otherwise, I still did not know what to think about my date.

Beverly came to my apartment a few minutes after I arrived. She brought beer with her. We opened a beer and I said, "Beverly, would you mind taking off some of those clothes?"

She said, "Not at all!"

I was thinking about some of the sweatshirts or something. I looked up a minute later and Beverly had her overalls and all of her numerous tops off. She was wearing just her matching white bra and panties.

I was shocked by what I saw. Standing before me was an Amazon woman wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Her breasts were round, giant and they stuck straight out from her chest. Her legs were long. Her butt was small. She was very slender and fit. She was tall and muscular.

My cock was suddenly and unexpectedly hard as a rock. Either shock or excitement made it hard for me to breathe.

She did not appear to be at all modest and said, "Luke, do you want me to take everything off?"

I was nearly speechless, but I managed to say, "Sure,"

She quickly unhooked her bra and I saw something I have never seen with any other girl before or since. When the bra was unhooked, her tits appeared to explode from the bra. The bra flew to the ground in front of her. Her tits were everywhere. They were bouncing and moving all over the place. They did not droop. They bounced up and down and swayed from side to side. Her tits were beautiful and magnificent. She seemed only a little bit embarrassed.

Her tits looked too big for her body and they appeared to stick out straight from her chest. I was thinking that they had to be implants because I had never seen real breasts stick straight out like that.

Beverly stood in front of me completely naked with a strange sort of goofy smile on her face. I later learned that she smiles like that when she is very horny.

I stood up, took her in my arms and kissed her. As I did, I touched one of her naked boobs. It was soft. It was real. I could not believe it. Her tits were defying gravity. I had seen small tits stick straight out like hers, but not big, round tits.

Her kisses were extremely hot and she was about as horny as any woman I have ever seen. I quickly directed her toward my bedroom where I quickly removed my clothes.

She said, "Nancy told me you have a great body and she was right!"

I laughed, "Nancy told me the same thing about you. Your body is incredible!"

"Thank you," she said. "I normally work out more than I have been able to do lately. I hope I don't look fat."

"Don't worry. You look unbelievably hot. I love your breasts!"

I noticed that as soon as I took off my clothes, Beverly stared at my hard cock like a hungry dog looking at a piece of raw meat.

We kissed. I played with her tits. I could not get over how firm they were. I also could not figure out why she dressed like she did. With that body, she could look good in almost anything except layers of baggy clothes covered by overalls. It was like Heidi Klum wearing a neck to toe potato sack.

She was so passionate, it was clear she wanted to fuck. I spread her legs and started gently licking her clit. Beverly loved it and made it known through her squeals and moans.

After a very short time, she pulled me up and top of her and said, "Take me, Luke!" She had a way of holding me while we fucked that felt like she was enveloping my entire body. It felt so comfortable and good.

I kissed her and slipped the head of my hard cock into her wet pussy. The second my cock began to penetrate her, she let out a howl like I had never heard before. This was not a passionate moan or groan. This was a full volume howl. It was like the sound Custer must have heard from the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at Little Big Horn.

She was loud! She was totally uninhibited. She screamed and she did not stop screaming until both of us had cum. It was incredible. The fact that I loved it made her scream even more. The more she screamed the harder I fucked her. The harder I fucked her, the more she screamed. You get the idea.

I was shocked. I had been with women who were passionate. I had been with women who were known as screamers. I had been with women who loved to fuck and let it be known. However, I had never been with anyone like Beverly.

As I was fucking her, I can remember thinking that it was like body surfing a big wave in the Pacific. Her big sexy body was like a force of nature. I was just along for the ride. She was strong and powerful as she fucked me. It was so very good.

The sound is something you have to hear to completely appreciate. Sometimes it was a loud, uninhibited howl. Sometimes it was screaming profanities at decibel levels that could be heard a block or two away. Sometimes it was screaming my name or screaming, "Fuck Me!" or "Fuck Me, Luke!" at incredible volume. It was so hot!

She would take my cock and to the hilt and then scream in ecstasy. It was like having a roaring audience. She screamed, "It feels so good!" or "Yes! More!" or "You make me feel so good!" Her cheering and howling made me feel like Superman. I had never experienced anything like it.

I was numb enough from the alcohol to be uninhibited too. I fucked her for a relatively long time holding on for dear life the entire time. Finally, she came. She made even more noise as she came.

Just hearing it caused me to fill her pussy with cum.

We cuddled for a little while. I usually do not cuddle too much and from her positive reaction to it, I don't think many people had cuddled with Beverly. As we cuddled, I admired her perfect huge tits. They were big and round with relatively small areolas and big, often hard nipples.

After we had sex, Beverly asked me a lot of questions about whether I enjoyed it and what she could do for me to make it better. I kept telling her it was wonderful, but she did not seem capable of believing it. I rubbed her big soft tits as we talked and cuddled.

Then, much to my surprise, my cock was hard again. I fucked her again and she was just as loud as the first time.

This time, I discovered that she loved to have my fingers jammed up her ass as we fucked. I love to do that when the girl likes it. When my fingers were in her ass she was bucking like a bronco and screaming at the top of her lungs. It was amazing to me that this reserved young school teacher could possibly be so hot and so horny.

Normally, my favorite sex act is a blowjob, but I just wanted to fuck Beverly all night long. We fucked three times before the night was through. I have never felt anything like it.

During some of the time between the wild fucking sessions, I asked Beverly about her favorite sexual fantasy. I knew she would have some sexual fantasies . Without hesitation, she said, "Sex in public." I loved it, but I was trying to figure out how she could have sex in public when she made so much noise. I decided I wanted to help her fulfill her fantasy.

The thrill of fucking a woman who is screaming at the top of her lungs and humping you as hard as she can cannot be beat. At least, I loved it. The screaming might turn some guys off, but I thought it was great. After wanting to run away from her all evening, I could not wait to see Beverly again.

Most of the time when you think of exhibitionist or voyeur experiences, you think of something that can be seen or can be shown off. Maybe it is just me, but I believe that sex that can be heard can be just as hot as anything that can be seen. Sometimes it is dirty talk, or suggestive statements, or a nice girl saying nasty things, but sometimes it is a big titted, sexy woman screaming like a banshee.

There is more to tell about my plain blind date in other episodes, but I need to tell you about a couple of interesting conversations that I had shortly after the blind date. I saw my classmate, Dennis, at school the next week. He came up to me and said, "What was the name of that girl you were with Friday night?"

I said, "Beverly."

"Were you with her late Friday?"


"That is what I thought. I heard her in my apartment starting around midnight for most of the night. She woke me up. I walked outside to see who was making all of the noise and I figured out it was coming from your apartment. That was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. Several of our neighbors have mentioned it too. It was awesome to hear."

"Dennis, I am so sorry we disturbed you. Isn't your apartment upstairs and down at the end of the complex?" I asked.

"Yes, I was about as far away as anybody in the entire complex and I heard it like I was in the room," he said. "If you ever get tired of her, let me know."

The other conversation was with Nancy. When I first saw her after the blind date, she said, "What did you do to my friend, Beverly?"

I panicked thinking I had offended Beverly or something. It crossed my mind that getting drunk and fucking her all night after a first date might have been too much. I quickly said, "Gee, I don't think I did anything to her."

"You must have done something," she said . "She slept all day on Saturday, is on cloud nine and thinks you are pretty great."

"We did have some fun after I gave her a ride home," I said.

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