tagGroup SexThe Blind Fold

The Blind Fold

byDr. Bull©

It was just a stupid bet, but Karen was excited about the possibilities, she never thought the Saints could pull it off. Now they had won the Super Bowl and Mitch had won the bet. Tease Me - Please Me, were their favorite stakes, a backward twist, whom ever loses, wins!

It had started with some light teasing then progressed to a blind fold, then Karen escalated things when she was joined by one of her co-workers, Carmella is a hot blooded Italian New Yorker with a Brooklyn attitude, whom Karen home to help. Mitch was amazed at how much stimulation two tongues can provide. Being blindfolded and not knowing who had joined Karen, made the whole experience more erotic. Today Karen was in the hot seat. A week after the humiliation of losing a very public bet, now Karen was waiting for her final pay off to Mitch. A Baltimore fan she was rubbing in that they had beaten Mitch's Jets. He offered the "Tease Me - Please Me" bet and she jumped at the chance, "I love watching you squirm." Karen purred in his ear and Carmella wants to come back."

The Super Bowl Party was just getting started as Carmella and Karen were knocking back tequila shots before game time arguing over who was going to win. Mitch had invited a number of friends over for food and football, figuring on them bringing their wives. That morning, Carmella showed up early "to help," which amounted to the two women doing a couple shots then throwing chips in a bowl and getting dressed in their colors. Karen is 5'7" with long blonde hair, 38 D-27-40 came bouncing out of the back bedroom wearing her Colts jersey her pink bra peaked through the air holes in the blue shirt, denim shorts and running shoes finished her outfit. She was joined by Carmella wearing a nearly see through white Saints jersey with tight white terry cloth short shorts, at 5'2" her 32E bust over shadowed the rest of her incredible body and fine tight ass. Both women came into the kitchen where Mitch was working on the real food, outside the smoker was getting close to finished with the ribs that had been slow cooking all day. It was going to be quite a feed.

First on to show up was Mike, disabled since birth, Mike either had to use a wheel chair or his "sticks" to get around, a great mind trapped in a bad body. His legs hardly moved and his body would go wild when he gets a bit excited. Mike and Mitch had worked together for a while, even though he was younger than Mitch was, they had a mutual respect for each other. Karen had been Mike's babysitter when she was a teenager; she and Carmella bounced out in their best cheerleader forms to see if he needed help. "Nice outfits girls," Mike admired, "can you grab the beer in the truck?"

Karen gave Mike a sisterly peck on the cheek and introduced him to Carmella. "You two need to do some cheers or something to welcome your guests." Mike Suggested.

"We can do that." remarked Carmella, then did a quick cartwheel, her shirt fell downward exposing her leopard print bra about half of one cup. "GO SAINTS!" she stood to the excited applause from Mike.

Karen was up for the challenge, she handed the beer she grabbed from Mike's truck to Carmella. "The Colts are a better team with better cheers." Karen's college job was a birthday clown, her favorite trick... walking on her hands. Upon her hands, she started up the sidewalk as her jersey gathered first at her waist, but the farther she went it slipped over exposing her pink bra to Mike's delight. When she reached the stairs she stopped, then bounced on her hands in place "GO COLTS!" The small bra tried to contain her bosom but gravity overcame it, first bounce her areolas edged out, then her nipples came into view. Mike's eyes nearly popped out of his head, as she turned away from him arched over to her feet where Karen's shirt came down on top of her breasts that were sticking out over the top of her bra. "Go Colts! Oops!" Suddenly she realized just how exposed she was; Karen's face was turning red as she pulled her shirt down then tucked her breasts back into her bra.

"Wow!" Mike stood trying to keep his palsy under control, "the Colts have support af-after a cheer like that."

"What!" Carmella exclaimed, "You turn your back on the Saints for a little titty?" She carried the beer inside as Karen went to greet the truck that had just pulled in.

Ray and John pulled in just as Karen was pulling her jersey into place, Ray was among Mitch's oldest friends and John was new to the crowd. "So... Are you flashing everyone today? Or is he special?" Ray asked as they stepped out to greet their hostess.

Blushing just a bit, Karen replied, "Just playing cheerleader."

"Cool, so where is our cheer?" John asked.

Not taking the exposure risk Karen bounced a, "Go Colts!" followed by a backward arch on to her hands and over to her feet, it gave the guy's a quick view of her bra-covered breasts.

From out of the house, Carmella charged toward them. "No fair!" she cried as she went into three cart wheels in a row, "Go Saints!" her jersey flying gave them a good look at the leopard print she was wearing.

"I'm afraid the Saints had the best cheerleader," John laughed.

"It was close," Ray, commented, "I'll stay neutral at this point." They grabbed some more beer and munchies from the truck.

Karen introduced Carmella to the boys, "The lines are being drawn, better pick a team soon."

Ed showed up getting his own round of cheers. They all were watching the pre-game show as the debate between the two women kept getting louder, the more tequila they drank. Mitch started to say something when he got a wink from Karen, whatever they were up to; it was not a real fight. It was getting close to game time when Mike had heard enough, "Why don't you two put up or shut up about who is going to win!"

"A bet on the football game? I'm willing bet, what are the stakes?" Karen snidely remarked, "The Colts can't lose!"

"I'm thinking... Strip football." Carmella threw back at her, and the room got quiet. "Are you chicken?"

"What are the rules?"

"Every time my team scores, you lose an article of clothing, if you team does then I lose one."

Karen thought for a moment as the men held their breath, "Additional points or field goals?"

"Extra point is part of the touch down, otherwise, score is a score, every time a team scores in any form, and one of us loses." Carmella glared at her. Mike, who was sitting between them leaned forward and poured them both a shot.

Both women picked up their drinks and down them. "You're on!" Karen spoke flatly and the room cheered, for the first time Karen had some doubt about her team. Filling her glass, she downed another shot. "With one caveat, Mike is the ref; these other pervs will cheat us both."


As the game began the girls sat on either side of Mike, the rest found chairs with views of the girls and the big screen.

Baltimore came out and picked up a field goal 3 point and ref Mike called for Carmella to lose an article. Standing in front of the big screen, she shimmied and pulled her jersey off and threw it to Mike, she shook her leopard skin covered breasts at the crowd, and then plopped back down next to Mike.

The game went on then Addai made the 26 yard run in for a TD; Karen was on her feet, "STRIP! STRIP! STRIP! Colts are gonna Win!" She was bouncing with excitement and the guys were too.

Funny thing was Carmella was up and bouncing herself, the tequila was working overtime, hardly slowing down as she unsnapped her bra letting the girls fly. Moreover, they did unrestrained E-cups are a thing of beauty. Olive skin tones, with dollar size areolas and rock hard nipples bouncing left and right and up and down.

Commercial over and the game back on the women sat back down. Mike's eyes did not return to the game for a while they were glued to Carmella's chest, in fact Karen was feeling a bit slighted. Since the cheering display Mikey, (Karen had called him that when he was a kid and still did today) had been eyeing her chest.

The Saints first field goal in the second quarter cost Karen her jersey, the second brought Carmella to her feet, chanting back at her. Karen stood, all eyes were on her as she reached back to undo her bra. She hesitated, "Bwack, bawk, bawk!" Carmella was doing a chicken dance, "SKIN! SKIN! SKIN!" the chant was taken up by the crowd, Mike was sitting up ready to see his childhood fantasy of his babysitter unfold before his eyes. "SKIN! SKIN! SKIN!"

"QUIET!" Karen's voice stopped the chanting, "This is for Mikey." She unsnapped the clasp, the little pink bra nearly shot off her tits into Mike's face. Karen dropped it in his lap, and then she leaned forward giving him a face full of breasts, to the cheers of the crowd and the delight of Mike.

Hardly able to keep himself in control of his own muscles, Mike had a big grin, his back arched and the tent in his pants obvious to both of the ladies in front of him. "Now This Is Football!" he laughed.

The half time show was hardly noticed for anything but background noise, with two drunk, topless women, wandering around hugging the guys and doing their best cheerleader movements wiggling titties at everyone no one watched the TV. Everyone refilled their drinks and the girls tapped a second bottle, but now Mikey was helping them taking his own share of the tequila. The score Colts 10 -- New Orleans 6 and both women were tied having lost their shirts and bras.

The third quarter stared off filled with excitement for both games, the saints doing much better than Karen or most anyone predicted and the guys getting to see more of Karen & Carmella than they ever expected. When the Saints marched down their first touchdown, Karen stood and dropped her shorts catching them with her foot she kicked them over to Mitch. Her pale pink panties matched the pink bra she had been wearing; SWEET EATS was printed just above the hairline clearly visible through the sheer fabric. She sat back next to Mikey, whose hand rubbed against her leg working its way over to her inner thigh. Leaning forward as the game progressed, Karen covered Mike's movements with her arm and breast covering his hand from view as it rubbed the soft fabric covering her very excited and wet vagina.

Suddenly it seemed that Indianapolis returned with a touch down bringing Carmella to her feet as she danced and dropped her own shorts to the floor, exposing her thong. Then purely showing off she faced away from the crowd and bent over looking between her legs. From this angle, she was the only one in the room who could see Mike's fingers caressing Karen's pussy through her panties. Carmella's own fingers played across her clit shortly, to the cheering of the crowd. Sitting back down, Carmella could not wait for the next score; she wanted to be naked in front of all these men. She grabbed Mike's other hand and placed in her lap.

Mike was going nuts he was not even sure what team was in the lead. Since the moment Karen's bra landed in his lap he never gave the game another thought. TITs were all he could think about, he had "accidentally" brushed his hand along the side of Carmella's breast and she had not moved away so he lightly continued brushing his fingers along the side. Mike's luck with Carmella encouraged him, so as Karen sat down wearing only her panties, he started touching her leg rubbing further up then over toward her inner thigh. He thought he was in trouble when she moved, but as her breast covered his arm, she guided his hand back to her inner thigh. Encouraged Mike's fingers moved on down her thigh, Karen's legs parted slightly then more, letting his fingers play downward across her pussy.

Karen was about to cum with Mike's fingers working magic on her. Then it seemed very suddenly "Field Goal! Saints!" announced the TV, and all eyes turned toward her, Mike's hand slipped out from between her thighs. As she stood on shaking legs and moved forward, her eyes glazed, she was in her own world. Karen's hips gyrated as she pulled her panties up into her vagina, her lips overlapping the cloth. She slid them back and forth soaking them and then taking them off, as her focus returned she could hear the TV and saw the eyes of her audience, staring back at her. "Gee guy's, there's nothing left, now what?"

Moving back to her seat, Karen bent at the waist to pour more shots, her wet pussy and swollen lips glistening at those standing behind her. Mike's face was only inches from her, the scent - the sight tantalized his senses. As she sat, Mike leaned towards her, his hand brushing across her nipple then fell into her lap, "You may have lost, but I am a big winner."

"Aw Mikey, that's so sweet." Karen moved over to kiss his cheek; the movement pushed his hand and fingers deep between her legs where it was warm and wet. As she moved back, her leg muscles held his fingers in place, his little finger easily slipped through the folds of skin to rub on her clitoris. Karen shivered as her orgasm crashed against his fingers getting then wetter.

As the forth quarter began with the games neck and necked, the Colts on top 17 to the Saints 18, the strip off had Karen naked and Carmella down to her panties. New Orleans made a touch down followed by a conversion brought the crowd to their feet cheering the TV then it suddenly got quiet in the living room as all eyes turned to Karen. "What do you want boys? I'm already naked."

Before they could speak, Carmella stepped up, "In the spirit of good sportsmanship... I will pay for her!" she stripped off her panties and slingshot them over Mitch's head, then danced with Karen for the guys.

"Wait!" the word came as they readied to take their seats, "that was a 2 point conversion, not an extra point. Karen is still a score behind." Mike reminded them.

It was quiet, very quiet, Karen stood smiled, breaking the tension. She leaned over him, her tits swaying in front of his face. "What did you have in mind?" Karen spoke in a throaty 'fuck me' voice.

"I... I was thinking you could kiss Carmella's tits." Mike sheepishly replied.

The others agreed "Kiss em make them hard." came a voice that Karen was sure was Mitch. She stuck her tongue out at them and looked at Carmella, who stood up with her. "Why stop now?" her nipples already hard with anticipation. Carmella held her breasts up for Karen, who came to her started at the bottom edge of her areola, circled the nipple then pulled it into her mouth as Carmella moaned. Then Karen did the same to her other nipple and as she finished she kissed Carmella on the lips and rubbed her tits on Carmella's.

The show had very much excited the guys, so when New Orleans scored a touch down just moments later they were ready for anything, "Well Mikey? What does this one cost?"

"I think ... You need... To 69 each other."

"I get top!" Carmella called.

"Ooh baby!" was Karen's reply, as she lies on the floor in front of the TV. Carmella came over, sat on Karen's face, and quivered as Karen's tongue went to work on her. After a moment, Carmella leaned forward and proceeded to eat Karen's pussy. The two women drifted away from where they were, forgetting the game and their audience. First one then the other climaxed across the others face.

Both women exhausted themselves as the game finished, the announcers talked about the Saints winning for their city, state and country. However, no one cared their eyes were glued to the two women lying next to each other. Slowly they sat up and looked at the men, who were clapping for the performance. The girls gathered their jerseys and slipped them on leaving their other clothing where it lay; the two went down the hall together.

"Well boys it looks like the show is over," Mike remarked, "and I'm fucking drunk and horny." He tried to stand and fell back into the couch. "I think I'll wait here."

The others finishing their drinks and starting out the door, Ray and John had made it to the porch and were offering to help pack Mike home. "Thanks, but he can crash here for a while, then I'll get him home." Mitch answered.

Karen joined them on the porch, still wearing only her jersey that almost covered her privates. She gave Ray a hug as she did the jersey rode up exposing her ass and her pussy. "Thanks for coming guys." she hugged John too. "I hope you enjoyed our little super bowl party."

"I'm ready for next year or anything." commented John.

Karen and Mitch said goodbye to each of their guests, with the exception of Mike and Carmella. They stood together as they all pulled away, Mitch slipped a hand up under her jersey cupping Karen's breast. "Your too sexy for your shirt," he mimicked the song, as it rose up accommodating his arm.

Karen kissed him, removed her shirt and threw it at him, "You are so right," back into the house they went.

Inside Mitch and Karen found Carmella knelt down by the couch, her hand pulling on Mike's cock, he was stretched out enjoying the attention. Karen stood at his feet as he opened his eyes seeing her nude body. Karen moved next to Carmella as Carmella started licking his shaft, Karen sucked on his balls. Mitch dropped his pants and slid in behind Karen, sliding his dick in doggy style; his hand slid over Carmella's ass and slipped a finger into her wet cunt. As the women worked their magic on Mike's swollen cock, Mitch pulled out of Karen and slid between Carmella's legs, sliding in to her tight wet pussy.

Karen felt Mitch pull out of her and move to Carmella, she stood and positioned herself facing Carmella as she sat sidesaddle on to Mike's waiting shaft. Carmella suddenly found herself with Mitch's hard cock working her from behind, while her face was between Karen's legs. Carmella's tongue started licking at the base of Mike's cock moving up and onto Karen's snatch. The combination soon brought Mike and Karen crashing into an orgasm. Cum flowed down his cock onto Carmella waiting tongue. Mitch started slamming harder and harder, Carmella sunk back into Mitch the walls of her vagina crushed against Mitch's penis as she came, causing Mitch's own ejaculation moments later.

But that was last weekend, as Karen lie upon a massage table naked, blind folded, with muffled voices around her, her juices flowing, her nipples hard with anticipation. Karen was excited to find out how she would now pay her debt to Mitch.

(To be continued)

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