tagFirst TimeThe Blizzard of 1861

The Blizzard of 1861


The language in this story will sound very old fashioned and outdated. Please bear in mind that this is a story about a man and woman in the nineteenth century. Crude language was not spoken in the presence of women back then. So for the sake of the story, I used words that will make some readers shake their heads.


The blizzard continued to roar against them as they trudged on. The snow was so heavy they could barely see ten feet in any direction.

Carl Weathers, the forty year old wagon train master led the way, leading eighteen year old Lula Mays, the only surviving member of the group of settlers towards their destination.

Lula walked close behind the weathered man, using his body to shield her small frame from the howling wind, and freezing snow.

Carl hadn't wanted to leave so late in the summer but the settlers insisted that they leave.

They managed to make it into Western Montana when an early blizzard hit.

Carl knew it could snow in October this far North, but the settlers had insisted they go anyway.

The wagon train had been taken out by an avalanche two days earlier.

Carl had managed to dig him and Lula out of the snow drift. He had gathered as many provisions as he could, and they headed out on foot.

Lula had paid Carl to travel with the wagon train, and ride in his wagon. That was the only thing that had saved her life.

Her Parents had died of small pox in January of that year. She had written her Aunt who lived in Washington State with her Husband, asking if she could come out west and live with them.

Six months later she received a letter from her Aunt saying yes, she could move in, but she'd have to pay her own way out west.

Lula took the last of her money, and bought passage with Mr. Weathers.

"Mr. Weathers, how much farther is it to the cabin?" Lula asked loudly, to be heard over the roaring wind. Her slight frame trembled against the unbearable cold.

"Well, if we are heading in the right direction, we should reach it in an hour or two."

"What if we aren't heading in the right direction?" Fear could be heard in the freckled faced redhead's tone.

"Trust me this isn't the first blizzard I've been through. The cabin is used by buffalo hunters so it should be empty this time of year."

"How will we survive without food or water?"

The rugged wagon master continued walking as he spoke. "They usually keep the place provisioned with cured buffalo meat, coffee, and vegetables, so we'll be alright. Plus the place has a well that is good and deep, so the water won't freeze. Once we reach the cabin, we should be fine."

"How will we stay warm?" Lula asked; her voice filled with doubt.

"The hunters bring in wood with them every spring for cooking. If we're lucky there will be enough to keep us warm until spring thaw."

Three hours later the snow began to let up, and the wind died down.

Carl spotted the stone cabin a half mile to his left. He was glad the snow had let up or they would have walked right past the cabin without ever seeing it. "There it is," he said, pointing the small cabin out.

Thirty minutes later, they walked up to the cabin.

Carl noticed the small wood pile next to the side of the cabin as they approached the front door, and cursed under his breath.

There wouldn't be enough wood to heat the entire cabin for the winter.

Carl estimated that there was probably two cords of wood left.

With four to five months of winter to go, he doubted that would be enough, but he'd have to figure out a way to make it last somehow.

Motioning for Lula to go inside, Carl headed for the wood pile and grabbed three sticks of the precious fuel. He then entered the cabin.

Lula was standing in the center of the room, trembling from the cold and exhaustion.

Heading to the rock fireplace, Carl started the fire, using two sticks of wood. "I'll have a fire going and we will be warmed up in no time." He hoped the snow from the blizzard hadn't stopped up the chimney.

Soon the fire was roaring to life, and the small living area began to warm up.

Carl then turned to his remaining settler, and proceeded to give her the bad news. "I've checked the stores and we have plenty of food. There is a side of cured buffalo hanging in the pantry. Plus there's coffee, potatoes, and a bushel of corn on the cob. I also found candles, and several boxes of matches. However, the wood pile is rather small, so we will have to conserve heat. We can burn two sticks of an evening for cooking. We can then burn one stick of a morning to take the chill out of the air and heat up some coffee. I'll move one of the bigger beds from a bedroom into the living room. We will have to winter it out in here. If we use our wood wisely, with any luck it should last us through the winter."

"I understand." Lula had been sleeping in the wagon with Mr. Weathers for the last two months, so she didn't have a problem sharing a bed with him.

He had been a perfect gentleman, and hadn't tried to molest her.

"Also, we only have the clothes on our backs, so we will have to make them last. That means we will have to sleep with no clothes at night. There are quilts, so we will stay warm at night, and won't need to burn wood except for cooking."

Lula's eyes grew wide, and her face turned pink. "We have to sleep together without clothes?"

"I'm sorry Miss Mays, but we have no choice. The buffalo hunters usually take their personal belongings with them, so we aren't likely to find any spare clothes."

Carl and Lula searched the three bedrooms, only to discover that his assumption was correct. There were no spare clothes. There was, however, a full sized bed, and three quilts.

With no heat at night, the quilts would give them just enough warmth to let them sleep through the night.

Unfortunately for Lula that meant she had to sleep under all three quilts, instead of sleeping with a quilt between her and Mr. Weathers.

Carl went out to the well, and fetched in a pail of water. He then began the process of moving the bed and quilts into the main room.

As Carl broke the bed down, and moved it into the main room, Lula prepared a small meal, by cooking the buffalo meat, and potatoes in a kettle that was hanging over the fire. She made a pot of coffee, and set it on the grill that sat over the burning wood.

Carl moved the table to one side of the room, and set the bed up as close to the fireplace as he could without risking setting the bed on fire. Even though they wouldn't have heat the entire night, the fireplace could warm the bed up part of the night before the wood burned up.

They ate their meal, before collapsing into the bed from exhaustion.

Lula had been shy about undressing in front of Mr. Weathers, but she gritted her teeth and disrobed, keeping her back to him.

Carl hung the clothes up so that they would finish drying, and then climbed into bed next to his young charge.

They were so tired that they fell asleep immediately. They slept all night and well into the next morning.

Lula woke late the next morning to discover that Mr. Weathers had snuggled up against her back during the night, and draped his arm around her. She could feel his flaccid member pressing against her right butt cheek.

He was snoring lightly, and mumbling in his sleep.

Lula wanted to get up, and get away from the offending flesh, but she didn't want to wake the man who was keeping her alive. She knew he needed his sleep. Lula lay there, completely aware that his private parts were touching her bare flesh.

As the morning began to approach noon time, Carl began to wake up. He immediately realized that he was curled up against Miss Mays' back. He trembled at the feel of her soft young flesh touching his weathered skin. His manhood began to stir to life. Carl knew he should get out of bed, but the feel of her tender flesh reminded the wagon train master that he hadn't had a woman in quite some time.

Lula bit her lower lip as she felt Mr. Weather's thing begin to move against her bottom. Visions of him molesting her against her will flashed through her mind.

Carl finally decided that what he was doing was wrong. He rolled over, and climbed out of bed. His half erect penis jutted before him. He quickly got dressed, and headed to the outhouse.

"Damn snow has finally stopped," he muttered as he closed the back door.

Lula took advantage of his absence, and quickly got dressed. She was relieved that Mr. Weathers hadn't tried to molest her.

She took the remains of the previous evening meal, and prepared a cold breakfast. Taking a single stick of wood, she started heating up the remaining coffee.

Mr. Weathers returned from the outhouse a few minutes later. His nostrils flared at the aroma of the coffee cooking. "That smells good," he exclaimed as he entered the cabin.

"You were right. We will have to eat our food cold," Lula replied. "It would take a second stick of wood to heat the kettle."

"As long as the coffee is hot, I can live with a cold meal."

While the coffee was heating, Lula headed out to the outhouse to relieve herself. Her thoughts were still on the incident in the bed. She didn't know how she was going to wake up next to this nude man every morning.

The fact that he seemed to like snuggling up next to her as they slept made matters worse.

As Lula finished relieving herself, she decided that extreme times required that she endure her circumstances, and act as if nothing was wrong.

They quickly settled into a daily routine. They moved as much of the wood into the cabin as they could so that the snow wouldn't make it too wet to burn.

They limited themselves to three sticks of wood per day. Two sticks would be used to cook the evening meal. And one stick would be used to heat the morning coffee, and take the morning chill out of the air.

They would stay up every night until the fire was almost completely gone, and then undress in the semi darkness and go to bed.

With each evening, Lula's shyness began to subside.

Every morning Carl would wake up curled up behind his young cabin mate, with an erection.

Lula soon became accustomed to waking to the feel of his body pressed against her back. Although she would never admit it, Lula found that she liked the feel of his erect member touching her flesh.

They soon stopped calling one another by their proper names and started using their first names.

As time passed Lula began to discover that she had powerful feelings for this forty year old man. She would spend hours talking with him, and listening to his wonderful stories. She always laughed at his jokes even if they weren't very funny.

From time to time Lula would give her cabin mate a small peck on the cheek. After a few weeks, she began giving him pecks on the mouth.

Carl also began to grow very fond of the young girl. He loved the way her long red hair hung to the small of her back. He also loved gazing at the freckles that spotted her cheeks and nose. Most of all he loved the way she would give him small kisses. He hungered to pull her into his arms and give her a proper kiss.

One evening as they prepared for bed, Lula did something that was completely out of character. She began undressing while facing Carl.

Carl stood across the bed and watched the pretty girl disrobe. His manhood began to grow in his pants.

Lula smiled lovingly at the wonderful man who had taken such good care of her. Lula knew that what she was doing was considered immoral, but she didn't care. She was ready to give herself to this man. She was ready to become his woman.

Carl could see the hunger in her eyes. He knew what she was up to, but decided to make sure. "Lula, what are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready for bed," she replied coyly.

"You usually face the other way when you undress."

Lula shrugged her small shoulders. "We've been sleeping in the nude together for over a month now. I think it's time to give up this silly pretence of modesty, don't you?"

Carl watched her slip beneath the covers. His penis was rock hard.

She gazed up at him. "Aren't you coming to bed?"

He reluctantly began removing his clothes. His penis was so hard that it pushed his pants out, forming a tent. After removing his outer clothes, Carl slipped out of his long johns. His erection waved over the bed like a flag pole.

Lula's gaze locked onto the man meat. Her heart began to flutter in fear and excitement. She was ready to give her body to this man. But still, she'd heard stories of pain, and tearing flesh caused by a man's thing.

Carl slipped beneath the quilts. He turned his gaze to the young woman lying next to him.

Lula smiled at him. Her face was filled with an unmistakable hunger. She wanted Carl to make her a woman, and he knew it.

Unable to resist any longer, Carl drew the girl who was young enough to be his Daughter into his arms. "Lula, I want you to know that I'm falling in love with you."

The pretty redhead smiled at him. "I'm in love with you as well."

He drew her tightly to his chest and kissed her passionately.

Lula moaned into his mouth, opening her lips.

Carl slid his tongue between her lips, and touched the tip of her tongue.

Lula's heart began to beat so hard she could hear it in her head.

He broke the kiss, and then caressed her cheek. "Lula if we do this there will be no turning back. I will take you as my woman."

She gave him another impish smile. "Then I guess I will be your woman, won't I?"

Carl mashed his lips to hers, kissing her roughly. Pulling her tighter to his body, his manhood pressed against her stomach. His testicles caressed the lips of her womanhood.

Lula audibly gasped against his mouth as she felt the throbbing man meat pulsating against her bare tummy.

Carl slowly rolled his lover onto her back, and eased his legs between her slim thighs, forcing her to spread her legs wide open for him. He wanted to take the time to enjoy her properly, but knew that if he tried anything exotic, it could cause her to panic. This night he would take her virginity. There would be other nights to explore her young body.

Lula stared up at the man who was lying on top of her. Her heart was pounding like a trip hammer. She was about to give her chastity to this man, and the thought both excited her and terrified her beyond belief. Giving him a pleading look, she softly said, "please Darling, be gentle."

"I promise that I will be as gentle as I can be."

Carl slid his hand between them and grasped his throbbing member. He eased the head against the entrance of her vagina, and began rubbing it up and down through her moist lips.

Lula whimpered as the thick head caressed the inner walls of her vaginal lips. She wasn't sure if she could take something this thick inside her.

Carl's penis is of average length. But the thickness of his manhood more than made up for his average size. As he rubbed the head back and forth he leaned over Lula and kissed her lips. Slipping his lips next to her left ear, he whispered. "Raise your legs, and bend your knees. It will make it easier."

Lula lifted her shaking legs and bent her knees as instructed.

Carl pressed the head of his man meat against Lula's hymen.

The eighteen year old sucked in air as the head of his manhood pressed against her virginity. She was seconds away from losing her chastity. The thought of it caused her mind to spin in a thousand directions. She wanted to change her mind. She wanted to plead with him to stop. She wanted him to hurry up and get it over with. She wanted this wonderful man to make love to her.

Carl gently pushed the head of his penis against her hymen, causing the thin barrier to stretch.

Lula moaned, as her entire body began to tremble.

"It's going to hurt for a second or two, but then the pain will go away."

She nodded her understanding.

Carl thrust his hips forward. His manhood quickly broke through Lula's hymen.

Lula squeaked in surprise and pain. A small flow of blood ran down her bottom and stained the sheet.

Carl felt the head of his penis pushing her vaginal walls aside as he sank a few inches into her body.

Lula felt like she was being stretched wide open. She chewed on her lower lip as the thick organ opened the first few inches of her womanhood up. Tears ran down her cheeks as she realized that she was no longer a girl, but rather a woman.

Carl patiently waited to give his young lover time to recover from having her maidenhead torn away. Gazing at her he asked, "Are you alright?"

She smiled up at him, her tears flowing freely. "I love you."

"I love you." Carl withdrew a couple of inches and then sank back into her.

Lula felt her insides spreading more as he sank deeper into her. She wasn't sure she could take much more of his impossibly thick meat.

Yet as Carl withdrew and once again sank into her depths for a third time, she did indeed take more of him in.

She moaned, and arched her back as he spread her vaginal walls. The action of her arching caused him to sink all the way inside her.

Carl stopped as he felt his testicles come to rest against her butt cheeks.

Lula lay there, panting, and feeling as if she had been stretched beyond endurance. The pretty redhead wondered if her stretched insides would stay stretched out. She gazed up at him with tear stained eyes and smiled. "I can't believe you're all the way inside me."

"Do you want to continue?" He asked.

Her smile broadened. "Yes Darling, I want to continue."

As he held his penis deep inside her, Carl leaned close and kissed her lips.

Lula wrapped her arms around his neck and feverishly returned her older lover's kiss. She instinctively wrapped her long legs around his thighs, and clung to him.

Carl slowly withdrew his manhood until only the head was inside her. He then sank back into her willing body until once again his testicles came to rest against her bottom.

Lula moaned with pleasure into his mouth.

Carl began withdrawing, and thrusting back into her over and over. His man meat spread her vaginal walls over and over.

Lula loved that she could take her man all the way inside. She wanted him to make love to her forever. She hungered to be filled day and night. She locked her ankles together and clung to her lover as he began thrusting harder into her depths.

It had been a long time since Carl had been with a woman. He'd almost forgotten how great a woman's body felt as he made love to her. He thrust into Lula again and again, repeatedly skewering her with his thick spear.

Lula was his first virgin. Her tight never before used love hole milked his shaft, desperate to drain him of his seed. The thought that she might not know that doing this could make her with child crossed his mind.

As he continued to thrust into her Carl gently asked, "Lula, did your Mother ever explain to you how babies are made?"

She grinned up at her lover. "Yes, she did Darling. She told me that when a man puts his thing inside her, and spills his white milky stuff inside her that she could become with child."

"So you know that doing this could make you in the Family way."

"It will be our baby my love," she cooed.

Carl thrust harder into his young lover's body. He began to pound into her depths, evoking shrill screeches of delight from her.

"Oh yes," she screeched. "Put a baby inside me Darling. Make me with child."

Her words spurred him on even more.

He pounded her mercilessly. His hard shaft kept pounding her like a piston.

Lula cried out with each inward thrust. She clamped her spread legs down on him until it was all he could do to continue making love to her.

Lula's eyes suddenly rolled into the back of her head, and an ear piercing scream left her lips. Her first ever orgasm made her feel like she was being split in two. She bucked and thrust against Carl as he continued to pound into her.

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