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The Block Party


The end of summer block party was on for tonight!!! Gawd, I was ready. I had looked so forward to it. I had shaved my netherland and cleaned up real nice!! I purchased a new black lacy, low cut Demi-bra where my lily white womanly globes poured out from what cover there was. The matching black lacy thong clung to my ass under my denim shorts as I anticipated the evening.

I had secretly gotten a note earlier that week. It was a mystery note signed by someone who was going to be in attendance. He told me to shave, buy new undies, and be on time. So, like the good girl I am, I did what I was told, as I felt naked beneath my clothes, and my soft BBW DDD melons pushed against my t-shirt knit.

Arriving there, all of us buddying up against the other; the hamburgers were grilling, the hotdogs burning, and the drinks were in abundance. I loved these events. I loved the frothy, ice chilled and delicious foo-foo drinks that, when made correctly, got me giggly and to act the wanton wannabee. The crowd was rather adult in nature and many seemed to dress appropriately. Children were not in attendance at these "particular" block parties. This was a good thing; you never knew what would happen or who it would happen to.

As I was handed my hamburger, I felt something attached to the bottom of my paper plate. Some of the couples were in the pool, and Jello shots were making the rounds. Some of the spouses could not make it, so the crowd was a little lopsided as far as couples were concerned. Many were single tonight. Under the plate, when I removed the note, I found directions.

Come into the hosts' house.

Find the master bedroom.

The note ended after it mentioned that I was to be there in 15 minutes after I'd had my fill of food and had visited with who I wanted to see. I saw a couple of sexy men who lived in the Cul-de-sac glancing my way. We had briefly visited earlier while they were serving drinks. I knew that most of these men were turned on by curves and it made me all that much more provocative. I loved attention and I loved them watching me.

With a few favorite drinks under my belt, my mood light and lively; I climbed the stairs in search of whatever was waiting for me. On the banister was the next note. The house seemed quiet and I figured the note was for me. I read it as I smiled at was beginning to take place and in turn, I felt a sweet wetness between to nest between my legs as I read.

Take off your T-shirt; we want to see that lacy bra.

Undo your denim shorts, that thong has our names on it.

Enter the room then look for the blindfold that is located on the bed.

Bend over.

Do not speak or ask questions.

I did what it told me to do. I undid my button on my short shorts and pulled them down over my big ass. My thong strap was definitely visible. My shirt off, my nipples hard pushing through the lace of my bra, my round, huge and delectable melons poured over the top of it.

I continued on. I sighed, deeply, the arousal was palpable and it was not my nature to hide what I was feeling. Feeling tipsy, having been in a similar situation like this before, I was eager for action. I was ready for what "they" had in store for me. Secret, wanton, risque' images fill my mind as my thoughts were beginning to run rampant. Unfortunately, nudity was not requested, so I continued to follow their commands.

I entered, put on the blindfold, and bent over. My tits felt like they were nearly falling out of my bra and the blindfold prevented me from seeing. Gently and suddenly, I felt hands on my ass. I heard the door shut but not before I heard a few husky masculine voices. Someone's hands eased over my ass-cheeks while another joined his; both beginning to massage my big girl ass. I felt the vixen. I knew my ass was sticking up into the air and their hands displayed their eagerness to explore more. I was inviting them to let their imaginations run wild.

Still no sound. My thong remained in place.

More hands began to roam freely over my body. I felt hands moving to my breasts as one melon was roughly removed from my bra and the other soon followed. They dangled there, the underwire and lace disappeared below my boobs pushing my breasts tighter together as they hung there taunting the masses.

I felt more hands touching my molten flesh.

It was not long after my breasts were released that I felt my first cock. It teased lightly against the knit into my little starfish. The dick was clearly poking, rubbing and prodding but it did not enter me. The hard joy stick began to roam, desiring it's own path over my nether regions. Searching for my pussy, I now felt hands pulling my thong down around my thighs, to my feet and off. My big beautiful ass was now fully exposed.

My sweet and damp clad pussy lips felt fingers touching them as they spread my hole wider. I began writhing. My ass was swaying with the rhythm of my arousal, mounting that pinnacle that was sweeping over me when I felt a thick, fat hard cock began to enter my spread exposed cunt. It pushed hard and went all the way into my sloppy canal and began to massage the sides of my deep dark abyss. Noisily my pussy grasped as it sucked the harden piece of man-meat deeper as it stiffened even more. A deep, guttural moan escaped my lips; a quiet whisper "fuck me, please" followed. I felt my womanly globes pushed to and fro swaying my body in it's own rhythm and that of my partner at that point in time.

Still no words....but I gasped. It was me, as I soon became louder. I wanted to touch my swollen clitty and as I reached to help me to the molten lava that oozed from where cock met cunt; my hand was pushed a way. Someone else's finger took my place and began to stroke my little jewel. It was then that I breathed feeling such ecstasy and a familiar cologne caught my attention. I was sure it was someone I knew. Then the fat piece of cock meat fucked me hard, thrusting and pulsing, fucking me deeply. All the way to the root, banging his balls; he FUCKED me to the MAX. His guttural sounds equaled mine. Hands roamed as ecstasy filled the room. Then he came; emptying himself deeply within me. My hole was filled full.

He withdrew and another set of hands grabbed my curvaceous hips and spanked my exposed flesh. My ass was reddened with his hard slap leaving quite the red welt. Another pair of palms and another continued to spank me as if saying what a naughty girl I had been. With each spanking came another hard penis, hot, rod of a shaft that raped my gaping pussy. My body rocked on the bed, my arms bracing me as the power they exerted kept pushing me into the side of the bed. They knew the holes, the right places to rub and I came and came hard; down my leg, my girlie-goo dripped down my inner thigh and onto the carpet below. I reared my head back as my climax was explosive and ejaculant coated not only his cock, but hands that smeared it around my inner thighs. Who ever was within me, throbbed, moaned and spilled his man seed deep within me. Their jiism tipped over the edge as it leaked and escaped between the V of my thighs. He moaned and I thought I recognized his voice accompanied by yet another cologne. But still no words were spoken. I groaned and moaned and my pussy was oozing with block party's cum-cocktail.

Then it was over. The door closed and I was alone. My pussy ached, but it was fanfuckintastic ache. It had been used well. It had been fucked by mystery fuckers. I was a mess. I removed the blindfold and walked into the bathroom to clean up. There on the mirror was another note. As my fingers clasped the wet washcloth and I went to reach between my bare but cum covered thighs and cunt, I read:

You're a great fuck Dani.

But we knew that.

It's been a great block party.

See you next week at Men's Poker Night...we expect you to continue to follow the notes left for you. Do not disappoint you big girl slut...we expect your pussy to be ready for us.

As I looked for my thongs and shorts, I noticed my thongs were no where to be found. Hmmmmm...I thought, as I put the shorts on, and put my t-shirt back on. My nipples were hard against my tight tee as you could see the imprint of the aftermath. I was wobbly even and I paused to get my balance and breath.

Walking down the steps, I saw no one. I went out and mingled some more and had a few more drinks. Several were still in the pool as I searched around for who could have possibly been at the upstairs party.

Uncertain and as the party ended, I thanked the hosts and already felt a tingle in my box where my thong had once been. I could not help think about next week's Poker Night. It was then that I quickened my steps to the solitude of my bedroom; I knew then how I would see this particular evening end.

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