tagGroup SexThe Blonde and the Brunette Pt. 03

The Blonde and the Brunette Pt. 03


Note: This story took a while to come out with, but I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of this chapter as the last two. I must say that I'm proud of this one and wanted to take my time with it, hence the length of time between this story and my last. Please let me know your thoughts! I always appreciate them!



After my fun time with Amy, she too decided to shower again. I felt really lucky that I had two absolutely beautiful girls willing to make every fantasy come true. One blonde, and one brunette, both dedicated to making me happy.

In return I wanted to make sure that I kept them completely satisfied as well. In order to do that, I was going to have to convince Eliza to get freaky with Amy, per Amy's request. Amy had predicted that we wouldn't be able to get Eliza to submit to the idea for a few days, but I was going to see if I could get her to do it tonight.

Additionally I was also expected to perform for a few more rounds. If I was going to do so, I needed my energy, so while Amy and Eliza showered, I began to eat up. I also figured I could cook some food for Amy and Eliza if they happened to want anything. I ran over to the bathroom and asked each of them if they wanted food. Both of them gave me their orders and I prepared them.

Eliza got French toast with scrambled egg whites. Amy wanted an omelet with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. The time was only just after noon. It was crazy, I had had sex with two girls today and that was before it was even half over. I wondered what was going to happen later today.

Once I was done cooking I let them both know their meals were done. They told me to just leave them on the table and I said okay. I also let them know that I was going to watch a movie. They told me to do so, but with no clothes on and that I'd be grateful for it later. So I did as instructed.


As her best friend hopped out of the shower so that she could get in, Amy observed the Middle Eastern beauty before her. She had been with several women and loved it, but she had always wanted to have sex with Eliza. She just found her so beautiful, and the fact that they were friends and she always got to see that beauty drove her wild.

There weren't any romantic feelings for Eliza on Amy's part, mostly because she knew that Eliza could never love her. However, she did know that if she were ever to marry a girl, she'd want to marry Eliza. Contradicting, yes, but it made sense to Amy.

Amy was mostly into guys, but she was bisexual. So the idea of being with a woman was erotic, but she looked at marriage differently. Often she separated sex and romance. To her, they just weren't the same. You could have sex with someone, but not love them, and you could love someone, but not be sexually attracted to them.

For practicality purposes, Amy always saw herself marrying a man, mostly just so she would have the chance to have biological children. She loved the idea of adopting, but being an artist, she also loved creating and creating a child of her own flesh and blood meant the world to her, so she wanted to marry a man.

To be honest, part of her wondered that if Zack never found anyone else if he would marry her. She knew she could satisfy any and all of his sexual desires. She definitely wouldn't mind doing a threesome with him and another girl even if they were married. She just wanted a man that could give her a great family, and Zack was definitely a guy that could do that.

But getting back to Eliza, if she ever did marry a girl, she'd want it to be Eliza just because of all they'd been through. And at the same time, she knew Zack would be happy to be a surrogate father for her. They'd be happy together. And if Eliza ever needed dick, Amy would just call over Zack and they'd have a threesome just like they were going to tonight.

Amy really hoped, though that her several year fantasy of sleeping with her best friend would finally happen tonight. She couldn't help but wait to get into the shower until Eliza had wrapped a towel around her naked body, wanting to stare at it for a while. She was sure that Eliza hadn't caught her staring, mostly because the mirrors were fogged up from the steam of the shower. Once Eliza grabbed a towel, which took a little longer than she expected it to, she hopped in the shower.


Eliza knew that Amy wanted to sleep with her. She also knew that Zack wanted to see some action between the two girls. She'd been trying to warm herself up to the idea, and honestly it was a lot easier than she expected.

A vast majority of people aren't completely gay or completely straight. A better way to look at it is like on a scale of 1-10, 1 being gay and 10 being straight. Anyone who is gay is probably more around a 2 or 3, and anyone who is straight might actually be around a 7 or 8. It's a lot easier to think about it as simply black or white, with grey only being bisexual, but some people can't think of being with the sex they're not sexually attracted to, unless the right situation happens. And no I do not mean being drunk.

Sex, regardless of whether you do it out of love or not, does depend on trust. Yes you can have sex with someone you don't trust, like a stranger, but that's a really risky move. But sometimes people find themselves having sex with someone they never thought they would because they trust them enough, or feel close enough to them to do so. So while yes, it's easier and probably better to think that people are either straight, gay, or bisexual just to keep things simple, it's never truly that simple. There's always exceptions (drunk exceptions don't count. Nothing wrong with being drunk, but let's be honest, drunk decisions aren't always your best decisions, though they do make for some damn good stories).

For Eliza, Amy was her exception. She always found Amy attractive, that wasn't the issue. For her it was trust. She was a romantic. She believed that sex should be done with only the people you love, but recently her philosophies had been changing. Yes she loved Zack, but she had been deciding that maybe she shouldn't have sex with someone only because she loved them. As long as she trusted the person, she figured it was okay to have sex with them.

She trusted Amy and Zack with her life. If she was able to have sex with Zack just on that regard, why couldn't she do so with Amy? Besides, she knew how badly Amy wanted it. She had caught Amy staring at her and checking her out when she wasn't looking. And even though she couldn't see because the mirror was foggy, she knew Amy was checking her out before she got in the shower. Eliza even took a little while to grab her towel so that Amy could check her out for a bit.

This whole thing with Zack was eye opening for her. Not the sex part, but how his girlfriend cheated on him. Some people you trust so much only to discover they're not who you thought they were. The sad thing is that you do still know them, you were just wrong about a couple of things. It made Eliza realize that it's very hard to find people you can completely trust, but when you do you should appreciate it, and in doing so take some risks with them.

That's what led Eliza to suggest this night to Amy in the first place, a night where the three of them could fool around and with any luck, it would be more than just one night. So far it was two, but she really wanted things to last. She wanted to explore the world, and with the two people she trusted most on her side.

"So I'm thinking of spicing things up a little bit from the plan," Eliza said. "That okay with you?"

From inside the shower, Amy responded, "Yeah! What'd you have in mind?"

"I'd rather leave it as a surprise, for both you and Zack," Eliza responded. "That okay?"

"Sure! Now I'm excited!"

"I hope Zack is just as excited."

"I'm sure whatever you have planned, he will be."

Eliza appreciated her friend's encouraging words as she continued to dry and straighten her hair.

-- Zack --

I knew it would probably be a while before either of the girls were out given that this night would have a lot to do with their hair and that had to dry first. I didn't know exactly how long they'd be, but I knew it'd be a bit, so it was no surprise when I heard commotion half way through the movie I was watched.

As instructed, I was naked. Suddenly there were hands that were covering my eyes. "Keep them closed," I heard Amy say. I did so and then she removed her hands and assumedly got down near my legs. I could sense that both her and Amy were down there.

"So we're going to play a little game," Amy continued. "You're to guess whose hair is on your cock."

"Sounds fun," I responded. "I have a 50/50 chance of being right. I'll take those odds, especially if it means having one of your sexy manes on my cock."

"Good. And of course, my hair has been straightened just like Amy's," Eliza added. "So you won't be able to guarantee whose it is just by straightness."

"Okay," I replied. "And what do I get if I win and guess right?"

"Whosever hair it is will then suck your cock until you cum and then swallow it in their mouth," Eliza said. It surprised me that she was the one to make that offer.

"Deal," I said, really hoping that it'd be her hair I felt.

Then I felt the wonderful sensation of silk being brushed over my cock. It felt so wonderful! It was slowly dragged over my shaft and the brushed against my balls. God damn it was absolute bliss! However, I started to realize that it felt a little odd. The hair brushing me was incredibly thick, not to mention it felt a little bit like two different textures.

"So whose hair is it?" Amy asked.

Going with my gut, I answered, "Both."

With my eyes still closed, I then felt two mouths descend upon my cock. One took the shaft in their mouth while the other began licking my balls. I opened up my eyes to see Eliza had me stuffed in her mouth while Amy was down below, both of them naked. I reached out a hand to both their heads of silky hair and began to grab and pull at their manes. Thank god for my gut!

They stayed in their positions for a bit, but then Amy brought her lips up to my shaft. Eliza slid me out only enough so that she could start running her lips and her tongue along the side of my cock. The two of them together went up and down each side, pleasing me with their hot little mouths. Seeing their faces - especially their lips - really had me going. I needed to figure out a way to get Eliza to be sexy with Amy.

Eliza then grabbed her hair and began to brush my balls with it as she continued to lick my shaft with Amy, who upon seeing this copied her strategy. Both blonde and brunette had their hair brushing my balls with their silk and it made me feel like I was going to explode! However, they had one more trick for me before they were ready for me to cum.

They let go of their hair which made me a little sad, but I swore I saw Eliza wink. She must have because then both girls grabbed each other's hair and resumed pleasing me with their manes. Holy fuck did that get me going! The idea of them using each other's hair was just so damn hot and sexy to me. I couldn't help it, I was going to cum.

It occurred to me a second or two before I ejaculated that since Eliza had said both of them would swallow my cum, this load would have to be shared. After all, I had already had fun experiences with both of them earlier in the day and I didn't have enough energy for too many more. What more loads I had I wanted to go into their hair; one full load each. So this one that was about to happen was going to have to be split somehow.

I was going to attempt to tell them this, but far too soon I felt myself about to explode. Eliza seemed to know that I was going to and instantly devoured my cock. I held tightly to her head as I began to release myself into her mouth. I figured when I felt half way, I could let go and have Amy take over. However, when I let go and put my hand on Amy's head, Eliza refused to let go, taking all of my cum this load.

As I finished, Amy seemed a little confused too. "So how are we meant to both swallow it if you have it all?" she asked, clearly on the same page as me.

Both of us should have been on Eliza's page, though, because god damn that girl is hot. She looked at both of us with a wicked smile, and it occurred to me that she had saved as much of my cum in her mouth as she could. She then turned to Amy and slid her hand into that blonde mass. She pulled her friend close and to everyone's delight pressed their lips together.

I watched in absolute arousal as Eliza began making out with Amy, pushing some of my cum into Amy's mouth. The two shared my cum for a few seconds before pulling away and opening their mouths to me, showing that they both had a decent amount of my cum to swallow. They then closed and gulped it all down, opening their mouths once again to prove that it had all gone down.

"That's how we're meant to both swallow it," said Eliza with a devious grin. "Did you like that, Zack?"

"You bet your ass I did!" I exclaimed.

"Good, because there's more to come." She then grabbed Amy again and resumed making out with her. Amy squealed in delight and began to rough up Eliza's incredible hair. Eliza pulled away for a second to say, "Gentle. He still has to be able to fuck it while it's nice and perfect." She then went back to making out with her best friend, this kiss getting more and more passionate every second.

Their hands began to wander over each other's body, playing with their tits and rubbing each other's pussies. I brought my own hand to my cock and rubbed it as the two girls played with each other.

Amy getting really hot from finally being able to sexually play with her best friend pushed Eliza onto her back and got on top. Her lips went to Eliza's breasts and Eliza moaned in bliss as she ran her fingers through Amy's blonde mane. I'm sure Amy really wanted to lick Eliza's sex but wasn't sure where the line had been drawn yet.

She stopped for a moment to ask, "So where is the line?"

Eliza smiled and had Amy get off her for a moment. She then stood up and held out her hand for Amy to join her. She looked at me and said, "Enjoy the show." Eliza then led Amy near the wall and suddenly pushed her against it.

Pressing her body against Amy's, Eliza slowly began to kiss Amy's neck. She then whispered something into Amy's ear which caused her to bite her lip in sexual anticipation. Eliza resumed kissing Amy's neck as her hands began to slowly knead Amy's breasts. Amy attempted to run her hands over Eliza's body, but Eliza pinned Amy's hands to the wall, now using her mouth to please the blonde's lovely tits.

Amy was dying in heaven and frustration of not being able to react to what Eliza was doing to her body. To both our surprise, Eliza began kissing down Amy's body, down her stomach and getting on knees to do so. The brunette then began kissing along the blonde's hips. Amy again attempted to move her hands that were recently released and placed them on the back of Eliza's sexy dark mane, but Eliza once again grabbed Amy's hands and kept them at her sides.

Amy and my anticipation increased as Eliza went lower and lower, only to divert and go to her thighs. My cock was so hard and I really wanted to see Eliza eat out Amy. God her mouth was so close! Course, as frustrated as I was that Eliza had then switched thighs and still not gone for Amy's cunt, I was sure that Amy was twice as frustrated if not more.

Then it happened. She looked up at Amy and said, "I hope you'll return the favor," and then dove her face into Amy's pussy. Amy screamed in absolute bliss as Eliza ate her out. Her hands finally free, Amy clawed at her brunette silk, pushing her deeper into her soaked sex.

"Fuck yeah you little tease!" Amy shouted. "God I've wanted your tongue so long! I fucking love you being down there! I want you to drink me up! Make me cum, Eliza! Make me fucking cum!!"

This was absolutely hot! Eliza was just devouring Amy and seeming really into it. My god was it sexy as hell to watch! Especially as she would shake her tongue on Amy's clit, forcing her hair to shake as well. Then I realized, I could enjoy that shaking hair as Amy enjoyed her tongue. After all, I was still included in this night.

I got up and walked over to them, pressing my very hard cock into Eliza's silky soft hair. Immediately Amy used one hand to wrap the dark tresses around my shaft and the other to pull me into a frenzied kiss. Our tongues dueled in heated passion as Amy fucked my cock with Eliza's mane.

My god, Amy was fucking me with Eliza's hair as Eliza ate her out. Never in a million years did I think this would happen within our friendship, but damn was I glad that it was!

Amy kept up the work on my cock as I moved my lips to her neck, giving her the ability to talk dirty again.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck yes Eliza! I'm gonna fucking cum! Your naughty little tongue is gonna make me squirt all over your face as Zack soaks your hair! I bet it feels so silky and wonderful on his dick. I wonder if it would feel just as good on my clit! Maybe the both of us should cum in your hair! OH FUCK YES IT DOES FEEL GOOD!"

I looked down to see Eliza shaking the top of her head against Amy's pussy. That pushed me over the edge. As I ejaculated into Eliza's dark mane, I tried to help encourage Amy to cum as well, my hands working over her wonderful breasts and my lips sucking hard on her neck.

"Oh fuck!" Amy screamed. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming into your hair with Zack! Oh fuck yes baby it feels so good!"

Both Amy and I came, soaking Eliza's silky dark hair. Holy fuck I couldn't believe that BOTH Amy and I were cumming in her hair. That just made me cum all the harder; that gorgeous exotic mane taking both her juices and my seed. I made out with Amy and played with her soft still perfect blonde tresses as we both slowly came down from our orgasms.

I felt Eliza's mouth engulf my cock, starting to get me hard again. I just pressed my lips to Amy's and softly made out with her as we relaxed. Her tongue slowly entered my mouth and we played together soft but passionately. I had Amy's tongue with my upper head and Eliza's with my lower.

Once I was hard, Eliza actually took me out of her mouth and slid me into Amy's wet cunt. Slowly I started thrusting myself inside her. I took her gently, passionately making out with her as we fucked. My hands roamed about her body, pulling at her as a lover. Every now and then my hand brushed over Eliza's, her also feeling up Amy's body. The experience was so sensual.

My thrusts became a little deeper and slightly rougher, but I didn't want to be wild. Not this time. Not yet. I just wanted to feel this calm and erotic connection with Amy; a connection I knew I had with Eliza already. My desire was to share this bond between the three of us, as I'm sure the other two felt the same. If that was to work, then I'd have to be able to connect deeply with Amy so she wouldn't feel left out. Eliza and Amy had always had that deep connection, and Eliza and I had had it. Amy and I were close, but we both knew our bond hadn't reached a level like this yet. This was special.

Moans emitted from Amy as she suddenly clung tighter to me. Her pussy contracted around mine, and I assumed she was experiencing another orgasm. I maintained the rhythm that I had as her climax slowly came down.

"Oh fuck yes," she whimpered. "You're such a good fuck Zack. Now take me, take me nice and rough and cum in my fucking hair. And you," she said, turning to Eliza. "I'm going to devour you." And the look that she had on her face matched. Amy grabbed Eliza's hand and led her to my bedroom. Excitedly I followed suit. When we got there, Eliza was pushed onto the bed as Amy told me, "Fuck her."

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