tagNonHumanThe Blood of Sarai

The Blood of Sarai


“I guess depression brought me here.” Colin spoke under his breath while secluded in a corner of a loud nightclub. All his friends were buried in the cigarette smoke somewhere where life seemed to be living, far from where he was.

“So where are your friends?” A woman’s voice screamed into Colin’s ear. He turned in shock and fear for he hadn’t seen anyone approach him.

Seeing her though, he responded to her, “I’m not sure I need any friends if I have you.”

She relentlessly pressed herself on him, and the feel of her breasts against him made him feel restrained. Her appearance was short in stature with long, light red hair. Her pale skin didn’t appear right, and her light red eyebrows contrasted her dark eyeliner. Her appearance and attitude though was striking to Colin, and it was quickly luring him in.

She smiled and wrapped her arm around his waist, “So, what makes you think you have me?” She watched him think about it for a bit and then she put him at ease saying, “What if I have you?”

He gave out a short laugh and responded. “I think you do have me.” He put the drink he'd been holding, down on a nearby ledge, and wrapped his arm snug around her. “I’m Colin, what’s your name?”

“It’s Sarai. Do you want me to stop your pain?”


“I said, do you want to come home with me?”

He looked at her a little confused, and then shrugged off the earlier comment. “Sure, but I had come with my friends so I don’t have my own car to get home from your place.”

Almost too quickly she stated, “Perfect. I can take care of that.”

When they made it to the door leaving the club, he noticed her hand covered her eyes for a brief moment as the bright lights of the building shown on her. During the walk to her car, Colin couldn’t help but look at her crimson dress that brought out her unusually pale legs in the black fishnet stockings. That vision mixed with the reality of his usual dull life, was all it took for Colin to be distracted from the fact he didn’t know her, nor what could come of going where she was taking him.

From the moment they got in the car the radio was blasting, and their lack of communication made Colin a little unsettled. He had no idea what she was thinking, nor did he know what she expected from him.

She drove to a house in an old neighborhood that Colin wasn’t familiar with. It had lit lampposts at the front of the windy bricked driveway. When they got out of the car he saw the house had large pillars that reached beyond the second story and the sidewalk had been colored by mildew. He could hear the sound of her heels, clicking through the surrounding wooded lots as they made it into her home.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” Before he could see the inside of the dark house she kissed him, and candles throughout the house lit, illuminating the path to her room. He needed that kiss, and followed her.

As they entered the candle lit bedroom she eagerly started to undress him. He, not wanting to press his luck, followed her lead the best he could and remained silent. Once he was naked she pushed his fit, tall body down onto the bed. She slipped off her dress, but she wouldn’t remove her heels, bra or undergarments, which were all a shiny darker shade of crimson than the dress, and that color made her flesh glow ghost white amongst the candles.

She crawled on top of him and her body was very cold to Colin. She stopped when she made it to his lips. Her French kissing suddenly turned into sucking on his lips, which then turned into gentle biting. That stopped with a moan deep from inside her, which echoed through the house.

“I know about your thoughts to do away with yourself. Why would you want to waste such a handsome body?”

“Huh… What are you talking about?”

“I know why you were standing away from everyone. I’ve been watching you for a while now. I know you’ve been dreaming of a moment like this. I know I have.” Sarai started to breath on the side of his neck.

With a little fear in his voice Colin let out a “yes. I guess I have been wanting.”

“But do you know what this is?” Sarai added.

He started to caress her chilly body, as she started sucking on his neck. He felt the veins and vessels being pulled into her mouth, but not breaking his skin. She moaned and grinded her body against him, and then she ceased.

He spoke with a dreamy voice, “I want to spend an eternity with you.”

“Hmm, do you know what you’re saying?” She tapped on his lips and continued, “Do you know what I can do about that?”

“I want to be with you Sarai.”

She then moved down to his groin and started to suck on what she saw as a long and thick vascular organ. Her mouth moved in circles around it, as her canine teeth began to grow in length, and the other teeth became sharp.

Just as he went to voice his discomfort she bit down and gouged into his flesh, as he screamed in agony. She, with a super human strength, pulled his hands down from her head to the bed. Her legs were spread and lying over his legs, pinned his legs down like she weighed a thousand pounds.

Her body turned hot from gulping down his blood. Her flesh blushed as her checks and belly puffed out, now giving her the appearance of a young fertile woman in heat. Colin though was near death. Sarai sensed this and immediately stopped sucking his blood.

She moved to his ear with his blood dripping down the sides of her mouth, and she began whispering. “Your breathing has become very weak. Your barely conscience. But I think you will enjoy the way I’m going to offer my blood to you. I definitely will.” Colin was too weak to talk. He tried to look at her, but he could only see the ceiling.

Sarai, with her power, moved his body away from the headboard, so there would be room around his head for her knees, when she mounted him. She removed her panties and placed her pussy just over his mouth and said, “My love, drink the blood from my body and become my consort. Become my mate to go through all eternity. You won’t be alone anymore.”

Blood began to drip from her pussy onto his lips, and it made it’s way down his throat. Slowly he started to regain his strength, and once he had enough strength to suck on her, she lowered herself on his mouth. His weak arms reached up and held onto her hot and sweaty body.

With a growing fury he drank her, and soon she shuddered and came in his mouth. “Mmm my love, that is all you need.” She gently pushed his head and rose from him, as his body started to transform into a vampire.

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