tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Blood Pact Ch. 06

The Blood Pact Ch. 06


A thin ray of morning light shone in through the small window slit and bird song could be heard outside. As I stretched, my hands reached well past the top of my bulk and my feet hung over the bottom. It was only when I heard the deep masculine yawn escape from my mouth that I remembered I still needed to be careful in case Master Oringel's spell hadn't quite finished with me yet.

With his back turned to me, Ramzi was snoring soundly in his bed and there was still no sign of Griffith. He was probably passed out in a gutter somewhere. Now wide awake and confident I might have a moment of privacy, I sat up quickly and looked myself over. Finally, I was back to normal -- the same body, the same hands, the same face I'd been born with, and most importantly of all, my cock, stiff and hard with a raging case of morning wood. Even my clothes were the same I'd been wearing before.

Well, all except for Sir Ruvano's silk scarf. That was still draped across my shoulders and smelling vaguely of his cologne. In fact, the lingering scent had even worked its way into my clothes and the bed sheets. How could he have given me a token of his love after the things he'd done to me? Just thinking about how helpless I'd been in his arms and the way he'd touched me sent a shiver of revulsion through my body. With a vehement jerk I pulled the scarf off and shoved it out of sight under my pillow. It wouldn't do to have anyone asking me where I'd gotten something like that. Maybe I'd take it down to the village and see if I could get a few coins for it.

Outside, the rest of the keep was more quiet than it usually was on such a pleasant morning. With half the servants and all of the nobles suffering from severe hangovers, the day after a festival was always slow to get started. I could have stayed in bed a little longer myself but the smells drifting in from the kitchens wouldn't let me. In fact, I couldn't remember ever having felt as hungry as I did then. What little I'd eaten the day before might have been enough to keep Stephanie going but I must have weighed nearly twice as much as her.

Before getting any food, however, I first needed to clean myself up. My skin was still just as sticky from the sweat and the grease as if I'd been the one working in the kitchens all day instead of Stephanie. What could Sir Ruvano have ever seen in a woman who'd let herself get that filthy?

At the water troughs in the courtyard, I set my shirt aside without thought, but then paused. My chest had always been well-defined, but had it always looked that...pronounced? It was defiantly a man's chest, firm and muscled, but a part of me couldn't help thinking how much it still looked like a pair of breasts. I'd never been one to worry about shaving every day either, but my face also seemed smoother than usual. And was my hair just a little bit longer as well? Maybe it was a lingering effect of Master Oringel's curse. Or maybe it was just my imagination. In either case, it looked as if it was going to take some time to put everything behind me entirely. I washed as quickly as I could, keeping my back to the courtyard the whole time. After escaping without anyone finding out about me, I wouldn't want to raise their suspicions now.

Setting foot in the kitchens again took more nerve than I would have thought. Compared to how busy everything had been in preparation for the festivities, they were now almost empty, but there were still a few servants hurrying about. Apparently not everyone was incapacitated this morning. I stood frozen in the doorway for a moment as the flood of memories that place stirred up swept over me.

"Oh Mathis, you're up early!" I heard a voice call out from across the room. Mistress Holainah was looking just as chipper as ever, brandishing her spoon as she danced through the room to keep the handful of cooks on task. Thank the gods I'd never have to be on the receiving end of that ever again. "Oh, no time to make any of you boys breakfast this morning! I've got a whole castle full of nobles with hangovers right now. There are some boiled eggs and bread over there. You can help yourself."

"That will be just fine, mistress."

"Oh, I like that," she said, laughing like a little girl. "I wish all the stable hands would call me 'mistress'."

In order to hide my embarrassment from that little slip, I hunched my shoulders and trudged off. It felt so good to be able to do that without having to risk a swat from that woman's spoon. It didn't seem possible that in a single day I'd been conditioned to behave in all kinds of strange ways. I'd have to be extra careful or the next thing I knew, I'd start waiting for men to open doors for me. As I busied myself serving up a steaming hot plate of eggs and hash, Holainah came bounding over. The last thing I wanted right then was to deal with her again. I tried my best to hurry up and move on before she got to me but I wasn't fast enough.

"Mathis, have you seen that new girl today? Stephanie."

"What? No, of course not!" I nearly dropped the entire plate along with everything on it. "Why would I have seen her? Why are you even asking me?"

"Well, I saw her leave the party last night with Master Oringel but he's not the type to let a girl stay the night. Since she never showed up in the women's quarters I thought she might have ended up in the men's...if you know what I mean"

She smirked and winked at me. They really did think Stephanie was nothing but a complete slut. I was so glad that little adventure was behind me for good.

"No, I didn't see her at all, especially not in the men's barracks -- but I didn't really look, so I don't really know -- I mean, I'm not even sure I remember what she looked like."

"Gods Mathis, a little nervous aren't you? She didn't spend the night in your bed did she?"

"What!? Of course not! Why would you even say..." I trailed off. Holainah was right, I was acting awfully nervous. As far as everyone else knew, I had no reason to be. I just had to act like the same old Mathis they all knew. "I mean, I wish she had. From what I heard, she was quite the looker -- but I barely even saw her YESTERDAY."

"That reminds me, I didn't see YOU at all, even during the party. The Chamberlain was looking for you though. Were you hiding out in some dark hole?"

"I-I was busy with...with...things." I said. It had never been so much trouble before just to act like myself. Putting on a bit of swagger, I added, "Why? Did you miss me?"

"Oh come now, Mathis." Holainah slapped me playfully on the shoulder. "You know how much I like seeing all you strapping young stable hands walking around the keep with your bare chests."

"Um, ah..." Why did the thought of baring my chest suddenly make me feel like I'd be exposing myself? "Why do you want to see Stephanie anyway? Are you going to let her go? Maybe she had enough and saved you the trouble by running away." Servants had occasionally run off in the past so it wouldn't be that unusual if the ditzy new girl had done the same when she realized she couldn't put up with all the pressures of working in a royal household.

"Gods, I hope not. She was one of the best girls I've had in a long time." Holainah said.

"But...I heard she hadn't done very well at all..."

"Oh, I say that to all the new girls to keep them on their toes. Truth to tell, she worked harder than most of the others all day long and didn't complain about anything. And just having her around helped to keep the men's spirits up, that's for certain. If nothing else, it was fun to make her blush -- she'd turn bright red at the drop of a hat -- I'd never seen anyone blush as much as she did!"

I was starting to feel that same heat building inside me now, but this time it wasn't from embarrassment. As Stephanie, I'd worked so hard just to keep above the work Holainah kept piling on my shoulders. How could she have let me think that I was only making a mess of everything? I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth to keep from doing anything rash.

"Excuse me, I've really got to get going." I picked up my plate and mug and headed for the door.

Rather than eat in the dinning hall with the other servants who were up at that hour, I made my way into the storage tower above the stables. It was usually quiet up there, especially at this time of day. I often went there if I needed a moment to myself -- like right now. A barrel pushed up against a support pillar made a fine seat and the open cargo door high above the courtyard gave me a better view of the green countryside sparkling in the morning light than the king himself could have found in even his best chamber.

I wanted more than anything to forget about yesterday, just put it out of my mind and move on with my life. But like a particularly vivid dream -- or nightmare -- I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Everything I did and felt as Stephanie just kept rolling through my memories again and again. Most disturbing of all was the way my brain kept wanting to retread the way it felt to have my pussy stroked by Sir Ruvano. A shiver raced down my spine each time I thought about the way it had grown wet and slippery at his touch. Several times before I could catch myself and think better of it, I even found myself regretting that I no longer had the necessary anatomy to experience that incredible sensation again. Nonetheless, my memories of it were just as visceral as if there was still a pussy between my legs instead of a cock -- a cock that was actually growing hard just thinking about it.

It had actually become so engorged it was starting to press out against the front of my pants. I hadn't had something like that happen to me in public since I was a kid. Fortunately, there was no one around to see me adjust it to a more comfortable position.

This was ridiculous. I was a man who liked women. How could I miss having a pussy? That spell must have effected me in some profound way I couldn't even fathom. Would things ever go back the way they were before, or was I going to be forever cursed with these alien thoughts in my brain?

Absently, I found myself stroking my cock through my pants as I thought back to the scene that had played out in the latrine last night. The thought of fondling a woman had always turned me on, but this time it was the thought of being the woman fondled that was doing it. And I no longer cared. It was well past time for some relief. I didn't find it quite yet, however.

"Oh Mathis!" a woman shrieked excitedly from right behind me. A moment later two thin, yet powerful arms wrapped around my shoulders. "I really could have used that last night!"

"Nikelle?" I stammered. I hastily pretended like I hadn't been stroking myself but there was little doubt she'd already seen me. As she stepped around in front, I could see she looked as radiant as ever, even after the night's festivities. She had a knack for that sort of thing. It was one of the reasons I liked her. However, after seeing another side of her yesterday, I found myself sitting stiffly as she dropped her tight little body into my lap.

"So where were you?" she said, touching the side of my face with that impossibly soft skin of hers. Meanwhile, her thigh pressed pleasantly against my groin. "I was looking everywhere for you!"

"Um, I was busy all day," I said. It didn't seem possible that this alluring woman and that icy bitch were one and the same. "Master Oringel, um, sent me to do some things for him."

"Oh, running errands for the wizard now? That's quite a responsibility."

"It was just a one time thing," I replied hastily, anxious to put that topic aside as quickly as possible. However, with a bit of impish spite, I couldn't help adding, "But you had an interesting day, as well. I heard you and the new girl didn't get on very well at all."

"That Stephanie girl?" Nikelle shot me a pointed glance. Surely she couldn't have read anything into that simple question. "She wasn't that bad. I just work better alone, that's all. Where did you even hear about that?"

"Well, um, from your friends down in the kitchens."

"Come now, Mathis," she said, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "You know I don't have any friends."

I couldn't quite tell if she was joking or deadly serious. That ever-present glint of danger in her eyes had flared to life with new intensity and for a moment it seemed as if I had inadvertently stumbled onto a sensitive topic. Leave it to Nikelle to turn an innocent question into an interrogation. It was probably best to simply change the subject.

"Well if you don't have any friends, what does that make me?" I said, doing my best to pretend I hadn't noticed her sudden fierceness.

She smiled wickedly and poked me in the chest. "You're my toy."

"Your toy? I'm not sure I like the sound of that." Especially after I'd just spent the better part of yesterday feeling like Master Oringel's.

"Oh, don't give me that look. You know I mean it in the best possible way. In fact, I was rather hoping I might be able to play with you now."

"Now?" My cock twitched as her body squirmed seductively against mine. The door to the stairway was hanging open wide but there were still no sounds of activity anywhere nearby. Something about the fact we could be found out at any moment actually made my cock stiffen even further. Nikelle must have approved because she giggled and slid down between my legs. Looking up at me with a mischevious smile, she began rubbing my cock through my pant leg.

"Since we didn't get to celebrate last night, there's no better time than the present."

"In that case, let's not put it off any longer," I said.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to her feet. She giggled excitedly as I lifted he onto a barrel and stepped between her legs. Roughly kissing her, I mashing our lips together and forced my tongue into her mouth. Her breasts I wrenched free of her dress. Continuing our fervent kiss, I squeezed the warm, pliant flesh, grinding it beneath my hands and forcefully pinching her hard little nipples until I tasted the satisfaction of her signs in my mouth.

I'd done this with Nikelle often enough to know she liked it a little rough, but today I was more brutal than usual. This I wasn't just me getting off; I was reclaiming my manhood. Little Stephanie might have found pleasure in giving herself over to the manipulations of her partner, feeling sheltered in their strength, but this time I was the one in control. I wasn't just possessing Nikelle, I was dominating her.

I broke free of her lips long enough to lift the long folds of her dress over her knees, but she came at me like a snarling beast, fanged bared. As I fumbled to free my cock, she grabbed either side of my face and pulled me into another embrace, this time biting my lip in the process. With a grunt I pushed her back against the wall and held her there with a hand around her petite neck. She smiled back at me and her hands worked their way down my body, pulling open my shirt and dragging her pointed nails across my skin. Finally reaching into my pants, she pulled out my engorged cock. It sprang free and stood straight up like a piece of steel.

Leaning in close enough I could feel her quickened breath on my face, I attempted to kiss her but had to draw back lest I wanted to be bit again. A second time I moved on her but this time, the grinning snap of her teeth was only halfhearted. I held her to the wall with that next kiss, the both of us madly trying to reduce the distance between us to nothing.

With one hand I returned to ravaging her breasts while the other worked its way through the folds of her dress, guiding the way for my eager prick. Sliding along the cinnamon brown skin of her inner thigh, I found her mound fully exposed; blazing hot and dripping wet. As my finger brushed against the puckered folds, her whole body shuttered and a tiny moan escaped her lips.

A final shove finished clearing her dress out of the way and then I stepped forward, placing the head of my cock against her pussy. Groaning in frustration, she bucked her hips forward, but that merely dragged her slippery lips down the underside of my cock. Gripping my shaft, I drew my hips back and thrust forward.

She tossed back her head and let out a protracted moan as I sank into her warm, wet folds. Her whole body tensed as I buried my cock in her with a single thrust. I held it there for a moment, savoring the burning heat. As I slowly began to back out of her, I could feel her tight walls gripping the entire length of my cock, desperate to prevent its escape. Planting savage kisses across her neck and bare shoulders, I drew back out of her until only the head was still inside.

In a flailing of limbs, she threw her arms around me and pulled us close. Laying her head on my shoulder, she might have told me not to stop, but it sounded more like an animal growl than actual words.

I needed no encouragement, however.

With a single violent thrust that rocked her entire body and caused her to cry out, I rammed the entire length of my cock back into her. Slowly at first, but quickly building to a rapid pace, I pounded into her.

I reveled in that familiar feeling of euphoria that spread from my cock through the whole of my body. Her tight little body quivered and undulated in perfect rhythm to my jabs as she gasped for breath between clenched teeth. Her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands entwined behind my neck so that when she leaned back and hung from my body, she was all but impaled on my cock.

Her breath quickened, culminating in a long, low moan that was sure to be heard elsewhere in the keep. I didn't care. Her pussy began contracting rhythmically and that was all I needed to push me over the edge as well. I let out a moan of my own as I felt my cock erupt and flood her with my seed.

As my cock continued spasming, Nikelle leaned forward and kissed me again, desperately this time, urgent, almost panicked. I did my best to return the gesture, somehow trying to reassure her with my kiss. When we finally parted, we rested our sweating foreheads together.

"I've always liked these moments we shared together, Mathis," she said, still short of breath.

Looking into her eyes I could see the same fierceness from before hadn't been dulled by the throes of passion. However, mixed with that and the ecstasy, there was also a hint of what could almost have been sadness.

"Are you okay?" I said. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, I'm fine." Nikelle stood and my cock tickled uncomfortably as it slide out of her. With her back turned, she hastily put her dress in order. "Never better in fact."

"Um, okay. I just thought you looked... I mean, we've never done that before in a place like this."

"It WAS fun, wasn't it? Besides, I couldn't afford to put it off any longer. It's something of ritual I like to do before a big job."

"Okay..." I chuckled and shook my head. In honesty, I had no idea what she was talking about. "Glad I could help."

"You were wonderful." Standing on tiptoes, she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then hurried out of the room.

"I'll see you around," I called after her. "We really should do this again soon."

However, she was already gone. That had been strange, even for her. But then, the logic of women seldom made much sense to me, even when I'd been one of them. Still, whatever her reason for doing it, that had been just what I needed. The cobwebs were gone from my brain and I felt like myself again. Stephanie could now rest in peace for all eternity as far as I was concerned.

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