tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Blood Pact Ch. 14

The Blood Pact Ch. 14


Throughout the night I could hear the sounds of violence and death spilling through the castle. The clash of sword on shield and the desperate cries of men locked in combat for their very lives echoed through the halls.

Nikelle had been right. Sir Ruvano was the key to everything. He wasn't even a good man as I'd suspected. I should have killed him when I had the chance. Instead, he'd killed Master Oringel, and the wizard's wand had become a prize of war.

His body still lay where it had fallen, his dead eyes staring blankly into the distance. It was a grisly scene but one which I couldn't do anything about. I hadn't so much as been able to move from that spot where Sir Ruvano had left me. I no longer knew what was going on.

What had become of Nikelle was a mystery. In all the chaos, she had plenty of opportunity to come and find me. Knowing her fear of getting caught, though, she'd probably fled at the first sign of trouble. She was likely long gone. Or dead. In either case, I was alone and utterly lost.

Twice the struggle for control of the castle raged right outside the doors to Sir Ruvano's chambers. It never lasted long before moving off again, but elsewhere, shouts and horns continued to sound until the great rose window began to glow with the first rays of the morning sun.

The quiet which came with the dawn was eerily unsettling after the violence which had preceded it. Men were marching orderly in the courtyard but I dared not go to a window to see which side it was that had claimed victory. Regardless of which way fate had swung, I could not imagine the outcome would be in my favor. If the garrison had managed to defeat the duke's forces, I would probably be thrown in with the traitors for having been in Sir Ruvano's company. But if his treachery had turned the battle in the duke's favor, Sir Ruvano would likely discard of me himself now that he knew the truth about my origins.

I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare and be done with it.

The morning had grown rather late when I first began to hear the crashes and wild hoots of laughter from the other chambers of the nobility. I gave a start when the sound of shattering porcelain and metal urns clattering off the floor came from the quarters right across the hall from Sir Ruvano's. Had the king's guard come to round up all the conspirators?

I was only roused from my frozen state when the doors on the other side of the room swung open. On hands and feet, I scurried backward into the bed chambers. Maybe I could hide from whoever they were until they moved on.

However, the man who stepped into the room caught sight of me right away. His sinister smile caused the scar which bisected his face to pucker grotesquely. It was Bakoro, Sir Ruvano's right hand man.

"Oh, Stephanie, don't think that I'd forgotten about you," he said as he set his helmet on the large table and undid his sword belt. His uniform was covered with dirt and half-dried blood. Unfortunately, none of it looked like his. Turning to the pair of men with him, he said, "Watch the door."

They nodded and stepped outside, closing the doors behind them and sealing me inside with that psychopath. As he looked at me from across the room, his smile broadened and he licked his lips.

Again I tried to back away, but my hands and feet could not seem to find any purchase. I was hyperventilating. Was Sir Ruvano dead? Was I now at this man's mercy? -- something I suspected he had none of.

As he stalked toward me, I fumbled with the hidden pocket in my bustle. My hands were shaking so badly, however, I couldn't find the opening. Oh gods, he was going have his way with me and I couldn't even manage to do anything to stop him.

"G-get away from me!" I cried, startling even myself with the shrillness of the words.

"Not today, girly." Grabbing me by the arm, he pulled me off the floor with just a simple jerk. "You've teased me with that pretty little body of yours once too often. Now it's time for you to pay up."

"What are you doing!" I struggled in his grasp like an eel in a net, but to no avail.

"Spoils of war, my dear, spoils of war." He roughly pulled the back of his sleeve across my face. "But look at you. You're one dirty little slut, aren't you? Still got the boss's cum all over your face. I'd be happy to add my own, but I think there's somewhere else I'd rather put it..."

With that, he took hold of my dress by the neckline and expanded the cut Sir Ruvano had made with his sword, ripping it in two right down to my waist. I let out a scream as by breasts spilled forth and I found myself exposed before this thug.

"That's it, bitch," he laughed. "Scream for me! With all the others in the castle this morning, no one's gonna hear yours."

Somehow in my panicked state, I was finally able to lay my hand upon the blood dagger hidden inside my dress. My fingers closed around the grip and, with a cry, I thrust it into the side of Bakoro's head.

Unfortunately, I hadn't managed to summon a blade for it.

"Ow!" he cried. With a backhanded slap he struck me across the face. The dagger hilt flew from my hand and went sliding under a sideboard on the other side of the room. I meanwhile, fell back onto the bed, my vision filled with stars.

I regained my senses soon enough but only to find Bakoro climbing on top of me, his smile gone, replaced instead with toothy snarl.

"So you like it rough!" he said. "I'll give you rough!"

I tried to throw him off, to climb out from under him, but another slap to the face left me crying and barely able to comprehend what was happening. I heard a rip and felt the lower portions of my dress torn violently away. In my addled state, I did my best to hold my legs together, but he wrenched them apart as if I wasn't doing anything. I felt the air rush in against my crotch, leaving me completely exposed and vulnerable. With one hand he grabbed my flailing wrists and held them above my head.

"Don't fight it, you dirty little slut!" he said, his warm breath and drops of spittle washing across my face as he reached between his legs to free his cock. "You know you want this."

I cried out again, but it was nothing but the most pitiful of sobbing whimpers. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I was going to be raped. Those times I'd been with Sir Ruvano were one thing -- I'd been able to convince myself they were what I wanted -- but not this! Never this!

Suddenly, Bakoro let out a cry of pain and went rolling to the floor.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Sir Ruvano cried. Standing at the foot of the bed with sword drawn and illuminated in the soft morning light from the rose window, he loomed over the fallen Bakoro like an angel of vengeance.

Frantically, I went to his side. I wasn't entirely sure why I did, but I felt so helpless, so frail, so vulnerable. And he'd saved me. As I clung to his firm body like a frightened child, tears flowing uncontrollability from my eyes and the tattered remains of my dress barely hanging from my frame, he put his free arm around me and held me close.

Bakoro climbed to his feet, a pair of red welts on the side of his head. Glaring at me, he licked his lips and I couldn't help but bury my face against Sir Ruvano's chest. Then, turning his attention to the spymaster, he said, "The castle is ours now. This one's just a commoner. She doesn't have the same protection enjoyed by the nobility. I was just taking my fair share."

"These are my quarters," Sir Ruvano said, leveling the tip of his sword at Bakoro. "Everything in them belongs to me. Everything. If you want to do some looting, there are much better places to do it. Now get out of my sight before I decide against letting you live."

Bakoro's lip curled back as he cast one final glance at me and then trudged out of the chambers.

I was only vaguely aware of orders being issued to dispose of Master Oringel's body, but for a long time I could do nothing but hold onto Sir Ruvano, blubbering like an infant. I should have felt nothing but revulsion in his embrace, but I for the first time in days, I actually felt safe. Not that I could fathom why. It wasn't as if Bakoro had actually managed to do anything to me. Curse this blasted female body and its wild emotions.

"There, there, Stephanie," he said, stroking my hair. "It's alright now. You're safe."

Trying once again to get my tears under control, I looked up to see him smiling tenderly down at me. Blast it all, nothing seemed to make sense anymore. How could this be the same man from last night -- the same one who'd just helped stage a coup?

"W-why? Why are you doing this? You heard what Master Oringel said about me, didn't you?"

"Even if what he said were true (and I have my doubts; Master Oringel was something of a prankster after all) you still look like a woman." He leaned in close and I could feel his nose brush against my hair as he breathed me in. "You smell like a woman."

Whispering in my ear, he continued. "Besides, back when I was still a solider, there weren't always enough women to go around after we razed a village so we'd occasionally have to make do with the young boys instead. However, none of them ever had a pussy as wet and willing as yours."

From behind, he reached between my legs and cradled my pussy through the tattered remains of the dress. I squirmed under his touch and whimpered. Despite the malice I should have felt toward this man; despite what I'd just been through with Bakoro; I didn't want him to stop.

Suddenly, he pulled me close, squashing my breasts against him. His finger rammed up into my pussy, drawing the fabric of my panties inside and soaking them with my already flowing juices. Something must have been wrong with me to be getting so aroused like this. I should have been plunging a dagger into his chest.

Instead, I took a step to the side and spread my legs for him. He responded by probing into me even more forcefully. I let out a moan, a low hiss through clenched teeth as I rubbed my clitoris against his thigh and breathed in his rough masculine scent. Oh how good it felt to be violated like that.

Then, with a small shove, he pushed me down onto the edge of the bed and turned to his reflection in the mirror. Panting, I looked up at him uncertainly.

"As much as I'd like to continue, my dear, there's no time for that right now," he said to my reflection in the mirror as he removed his cravat. "I have a coronation to attend. With the old king dead, the duke wants to legitimize his rule as quickly as possible."

"The...king is dead?"

"Unfortunately, yes. I advised against it, but Rosenthall is a brute and would heed none of my advice on the matter. However, no matter how much of a brute, he is a well-positioned one. If I hadn't sided with him, everyone in the castle would have died last night. My involvement in this coup ensured it was as bloodless as possible."

From the state of Bakoro and Sir Ruvano, it didn't look like the coup had been at all bloodless.

"You'll need to get ready as well," he added. "You'll be coming with me."

"Me? But I...I look a fright." My hair was indeed a tangled mess, my dress was ripped to shreds, and I still had dried cum on my face and chest. Never mind the fact I no longer wanted to be seen in public for as long as I lived. Surely word of my exploits with Sir Ruvano had traveled far and wide. How would I ever be able to live that down? "Besides, I have no right to attend a coronation. I'm only a house servant."

"Perhaps you are my dear, but among all the noble women of the court, there are none as beautiful as you. And since our new ruler has made me a Count for my part in his rise to the throne, I need to make a proper showing at the festivities. With you on my arm, I'll be sure to do just that -- especially since the duke's wife is an ugly shrew"

So I was just an accessory to him; something to make the other men jealous? I put on a stern expression. "After the things you've done, why should I do anything you say? You helped overthrow the king! You're a villain!"

Sir Ruvano turned from the mirror and gave me the most earnest expression I'd ever seen on his or anyone's face.

"What difference does it make who is king? Duke Rosenthall is the former king's nephew. The same blood he spilled last night to gain the throne flows through his veins. There is no difference between one and the other. All kings make poor choices, they fight their wars, they plot against their rivals, and they expand their rule at the expense of men and women like you and I. These things happen every day, but as a servant, working in the kitchens or washing the laundry, you've never had any reason to concern yourself with them. It is only because you have now seen them close up that you find them distasteful."

"But you killed Master Oringel in cold blood! He was my friend!"

Pursing his lips, Sir Ruvano dropped his gaze to the floor. "I never wanted to do that, Stephanie, but I had no choice. Besides, was he ever truly your friend? From what I've heard, he sounded more like your tormentor. You were nothing more than a plaything to him. The things he did to you were only so he could laugh at you behind your back."

I wanted to denounce everything he said but the words caught in my throat. Master Oringel never had been all that kind to me. He'd even accused me of stealing the wand without having an ounce of proof.

"I'm only asking one thing of you Stephanie: allow me to escort you to the coronation and the festivities which are to follow. If afterward you want to go back to that life you had before, I'll let you use Master Oringel's wand and you can turn yourself into whatever you want. But until then, just come with me this evening. You might actually find that you enjoy yourself."

I seriously doubted that. With his guard down I could probably get to the fallen Blood Dagger and finish him off right here and now. However, I'd be then trapped with Bakoro and have absolutely no chance of ever seeing the wand again. If all I had to do was attend a party in order to become my old self, that seemed like better terms than Master Oringel had ever given me.

Before I could give my answer there was a knock at the door. With a word from Sir Ruvano, a small team of servant women entered, each carrying two large buckets of steaming hot water. Greta was among them, as was that tall blonde I'd seen in the mess hall. Their eyes were down, their backs bent, and their dresses soiled. Apparently even the servants hadn't escaped the ravages of Sir Ruvano's "bloodless" coup.

"They'll get you cleaned up and respectable again," Sir Ruvano said. "Now hurry up. We still have a few hours but I know how long you women like to take to get ready."

I was ushered without further comment into the bathroom attached to Sir Ruvano's quarters; a luxury which showed just how highly placed he'd been before the coup. Would he now be receiving even grander chambers in reward for his service?

I blushed as the servant women stripped me of my clothes, but they said not a word and went about their preparations for my bath mechanically, never so much as even making eye contact with me. I could have bathed myself but I knew they would hear none of it, so I simply let them do their jobs as they'd been instructed. The copper tub was lined with towels and filled with steaming water. As I was lowered in, the water rushed between my legs and burned against my swollen pussy lips, still so sensitive from Sir Ruvano's aborted fondling.

Left to soak for a time while the women made further arrangements, I quickly grew accustomed to the heat and let my muscles relax. Floating there, my body was so much more buoyant than it had been before; my breasts especially so, bobbling gently with but the slightest movement.

When the four women all began to scrub me down at once, I felt a little like I was going to be pulled apart. I could feel in their hands a trepidation, as if they wanted to be rough with me but were held back by only the slightest measure of discretion. Under their spirited ministrations, even the perfumed soups and soft washcloths felt harsh against my skin. Something was clearly bothering them.

"How fared the others?" I said as the blonde girl scrubbed my back with barely contained fury.

All of them froze and glanced from one to another but not one of them said a word.

"Please, I've been locked in this room all night," I said. "What happened? Did...did many die?"

"No more than would be expected," Greta said, not even looking me in the eye as she lifted my leg from the water to scrub it.

It soon became clear that no amount of persuasion would get them to open up. The night's events must have been more traumatic for them than I could have guessed.

Once I'd been scrubbed clean, they extracted me from the bath and patted me dry using towels that felt like clouds against my skin. Being naked in their presence for so long, I was starting to become more comfortable with it as well. In fact, looking in the mirror, I no longer saw a complete stranger. Yes, that person in the reflection had firm breasts and a narrow waist, long golden hair and a shaved pussy, petite hands and feet, wide hips and a rounded ass, but she was me. That beautiful female body was mine. It felt...natural.

Ever efficient, the girls moved from one task to the next so quickly I seldom had a chance to relax. They applied perfumed oils to my skin and brushed out my hair. I was dressed in a cream colored gown with panels of golden embroidery that were so richly decorated the cloth underneath could no longer be seen. My face was painted with artful strokes that accentuated my natural beauty without detracting from it. Elaborate jewelry of gold and silver was next, decorated with gemstones and pearls the size of small eggs. Where Sir Ruvano had acquired such treasures, I could not fathom. Pawning just one piece would have kept me well-off for the better part of a year.

Having lost all track of time locked away in that surreal world, it came as something of a shock when Sir Ruvano rapped impatiently at the door.

"Come now, Stephanie," he said stepping into the room. "Are you not ready yet? Protocol states that the ceremony must begin at noon. We mustn't be...late."

The servant girls all lowered their heads in unison and backed dutifully away, leaving me standing on the dressing stand, revealed like a goddess in some street show opera. Sir Ruvano's jaw dropped open and his eyes grew wide. For several long moments he merely stood staring at me. Up until then I had felt confident in my appearance, but now my face burned red. I would have slunk away if it were not for the high heeled boots I was wearing and the precarious perch upon which I stood.

"My gods," Sir Ruvano said. "I would not have thought it possible if I were not seeing it with my own eyes. You're even more ravishing than I've ever seen you before. You would put even the ancient queens of legend to shame!"

Before I had a chance to try my luck at backing away in shame, he stepped forward and helped me down to the floor. Dressed as he was in a blue so dark it was almost black, Sir Ruvano was looking quite dashing himself. The two of us would indeed make quite a pair.

"Come," he said. "The coronation awaits."

My heels clicked on the stone floor as we made our way though the noble's wing. I grew accustomed to the height of the boots and the flowing fabric of my dress in no time at all, gliding along with a petite, feminine gait that seemed all the more fragile because of our surroundings.

Soldiers were everywhere, still clearing away the ravages of the siege, while servants had been employed in droves to scrub the blood from the floors. They'd apparently started in the royal chambers and were now working their way out into the less important sections of the keep. Their eyes were all hollow and lost, no doubt still in shock from the startling events of last night. Those I was familiar with, I could hardly even recognize as my old comrades.

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