tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Blood Pact Ch. 26

The Blood Pact Ch. 26


Following the forging of my compact with the Marquis and Delphina, we began fabricating a convoluted web of potential lies which I could deliver to Lord Ruvano one at a time. The biggest challenge was crafting them so that none of it to be perceived immediately as false, but that it would still mislead and confuse the larger picture the Spymaster was assembling from all his agents.

It was the first time the Marquis actually spoke to me with the least bit of respect, finally including me in his conversations as if I were, maybe not quite an equal, but certainly a valued ally. Much as the Marquis had said, Fildrich proved frighteningly skilled at devising these mistruths. The outline which all the rest followed was primarily the invention of his wily imagination. I was afraid to think what kinds of deception he might have orchestrated in the past to have honed such ability. Fortunately, he was on our side. One day, he would certainly make a fine ruler, since I was quickly discovering that espionage was almost more important to maintaining a kingdom than martial strength alone. It would indeed be a very lucky woman who eventually won his heart for good and convinced him to renounce his dissolute ways.

Devising these lies, however, was only the first step. I had to learn by heart, not only the lies themselves, but also the means by which they'd supposedly become known to me. Some we crafted with the understanding that Lord Ruvano would believe them to be false, like an order normally issued to a messenger in secret was instead spoken in my presence, as if it were intended to reach the Spymaster's ear. Others we devised so as to leave no doubt about their authenticity. Regardless, I committed each of these fictions to heart with such voracious intensity that even I began to believe that I really had slipped a peak inside the Marquis's filing chest or liberated the remains of a half-burned note from the fireplace while no one was looking.

We started slowly, with only one or two small tidbits, but gradually increased not only the size of the secrets but also their frequency. At first, I was certain Lord Ruvano would see right through our ploy -- after listening carefully to everything I had to say, he'd go through and point out with cool malice all the errors we'd neglected to consider. However, if he suspected something was afoot, he never gave any indication. I could only hope my fumbling delivery of these first reports was simply attributed to my lack of experience in such matters of espionage. Quickly, I became far too comfortable lying to him. I ceased fearing for my life and instead became much more concerned that I might misspeak and compromise the entire elaborate ploy we'd constructed.

I did my best to reciprocate in the passing of information back to the Marquis, but that proved somewhat more difficult since Lord Ruvano had never made me privy to any of his plans. What little I did learn came from seemingly-innocuous conversations with his men. Unlike my relationship with Lord Ruvano, however, I was slowly allowed to see how the information I provided to the Marquis fit into the larger puzzle. He and Delphina were still careful to keep their private affairs guarded, but I'd never before realized just how deep all of Lord Ruvano's plots ran. Many of his goals were still vague and uncertain at this point, but the larger picture was slowly starting to reveal itself.

There was one discovery I made quite by accident, however, which I did not share with my new-found confederates. I had been wondering seldom-used corridors in the nobles' wing when I happened to pass the main door into what had been Master Oringel's tower. Even now that the wizard was dead, almost everyone stayed well clear of it for fear possible traps might yet be poised to spring if anyone got too close. Even as a servant, I'd known enough not to go anywhere near it.

Maybe it was some lingering trace of that ingrained behavior that had kept me away for so long, but on that particular day, lost to other thoughts, I found myself stepping around a corner and coming to a an abrupt halt at the sight of that massive oaken door, etched all with golden sigils. It sat near the end of a short side passage which some past ruler had expanded into an impressive stone oriel, complete with cushioned benches and high arched windows. It would have been a sunny and relaxing place for quiet contemplation had it not been right outside the wizard's front door.

Today, I noted another reason to avoid it. Standing beside the door was one of Lord Ruvano's men while another was seated on the bench. The latter took immediate notice of my lingering presence at the end of the hallway and indicated me to his companion with a wary nod. I smiled and moved on again, their alert stares following me until I disappeared around the corner.

Why were they guarding the wizard's tower? With all the mystic wards built into it, only another wizard would ever risk trying to gain entrance without the former owner's blessing. Even the most cunning of thieves wouldn't even be able to get past the front door. King Rosenthall would have to be on the throne for at least six months before he could request a new court wizard from the Cadre. Until then, all Cadre members were supposed to stay out of the affairs of new governments lest they prove unstable.

Something about this didn't make sense. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but as my mind was busy trying to figure it out, I ended up walking right into a man standing in my path. Of course, the only one who'd have reason to be in that part of the palace at the same time as myself was Bakoro. He grabbed me by the shoulders to keep me from falling, but I knew he was slower in releasing me than he would have been with anyone else.

"Now what do you think you're up to out here?" he said.

"Why do your men have Master Oringel's tower under guard?" I said, completely forgetting to put on any airs of superiority as Delphina had been teaching me to do when dealing with a subordinate.

"It's a wizard's tower," Bakoro said, with a condescending smile and a shrug. "There's all kinds of things in there that might be dangerous in the wrong hands."

That was almost the same reason Lord Ruvano had given for stealing the Transformation Wand from Master Oringel during the coup. Come to think of it, how had he stolen it if it were locked inside the tower? That devious spymaster must have found another way in.

And if he did, what better place to hide an artifact as valuable as a Transformation Wand than inside a wizard's tower to which only he had the keys? Perhaps it was a long shot, but after having exhausted every other possibility, I was practically shaking at the prospect I might have finally found it.

"Eh...what kinds of things?" I said, trying my best to make it sound like nothing more than a causal inquiry uttered an inquisitive girl.

"Hell if I know what half of it is," Bakoro said, laughing. "Some of it looks like it could be pawned for a few coins, but most of it's just old books and pieces of junk."

"You mean, you've been inside?"

He rose up a little straighter and puffed out his chest. "It's part of my job to take inventory once a week. The boss doesn't want any of it disappearing on him, though he's a little paranoid about it if you ask me. That place is a fortress; no one's getting in there."

"Could you...show me?" Maybe it was a foolish thing to say, but I couldn't help myself. Lord Ruvano would never let me anywhere near that wand, he knew I wanted it too badly, but Bakoro? What would he care?

"I'm not supposed to let anyone in."

"Just a peak?" I said, batting my eyelashes.

His eyes roamed over my body, lingering for a long time on my cleavage. Slowly, he licked his lips. "Just a peak, huh?" He didn't even try to downplay the way he reached for his groin and readjusted himself. "I don't think so. I'm not a tour guide."

But he was temped. I knew I could get him to give in, but not just to let me see Master Oringel's trinkets. He was going to need more motivation than that. Unfortunately, I knew exactly what it would take. Stepping forward, I pressed my body against his and idly traced the molded lines of his breast plate with my forefinger. The steel was cold and hard.

"Maybe I could make it worth your while..." It was no easy task to make my voice seductive.

His back went rigid and he glanced up and down the hallway. "You know what the boss said. If I put my hands on you, he'll have my head."

"What if I just put MY hands on YOU then?" With that, I reached between his legs and took hold of his quickly stiffening cock. It wasn't quite as large as I'd imagined it, but nicely shaped nonetheless. "I actually have a confession to make. I still think about that night of the coup, when you came into Lord Ruvano's chambers and tried to force yourself on me."

"Oh yeah?" he gasped, as I continued rubbing his cock. It was standing straight up now, pressing out against his pants.

On tiptoes, I brought my lips close to his ear. "Sometimes, I wish you'd had a chance to finish. When Lord Ruvano and I...fuck," I felt his cock twitch, "I'm never quite sure if he's actually doing anything or just dry humping me. I want -- no -- I NEED a real man..."

He gulped. I could see the resolve in his eyes weakening. "But you're still his woman. These walls have eyes and ears. He'd know if we did anything before we even got started."

"You know, I was in the wizard's chambers once myself," I said whispering in his other ear. His masculine odor was sharp, pungent. He hadn't bathed in several days. I had to fight down the urge to gag. "That place is like another world all to itself. There's no way any of his eyes or ears would find out what we were up to in there..."

I felt his whole body quiver. His heart was practically beating right through his chest. "We can't go in through the front," he said, stammering. "Do you know the way to the storage rooms below here? The ones near the cells?"

"Mm-hm," I nodded. So he was going to use Master Oringel's backdoor?

"Meet me there, we can't be seen together, it's too dangerous."

Bakoro took a few steps back, looked me over again as if to convince himself that this was really happening, and then flashed a lecherous smile before dashing away down a nearby staircase. I myself could barely believe this was really happening. But it was necessary. How else could I possibly get inside the tower?

Taking a more circuitous route to the storerooms than was probably necessary, I eventually found myself sulking down that same darkened corridor that ran beside the base of Master Oringel's tower. No one ever went down there, but I couldn't stop myself from looking over my shoulder every three steps. If word of what I'd just proposed to Bakoro ever got back to Lord Ruvano, it would cost him his head for sure, but what of my fate? Lord Ruvano had so far turned a blind eye to my other sexual encounters, but Bakoro had nearly raped me the last time we'd been together. What if he became blinded by his baser instincts and got carried away? I could very well be walking to my death.

Ahead I could see the curved wall and the wooden door I'd used in the past to gain entrance to Master Oringel's tower. There was no one else in sight, just an empty hallway in near darkness and a damp, musty smell in the air.

Maybe Bakoro had come to his senses and abandoned this insanity -- because insanity it truly was. What had I been thinking to even attempt something like this -- with him of all people? Wringing my hands I looked down the length of the passageway as I stood before the door, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea after all.

I nearly jumped right out of my skin when the door opened a crack. Fortunately, I was able to quell the feminine shriek of fright before it left my lips with any more force than a sharp gasp.

"I was beginning to think you'd changed your mind," Bakoro said as he leaned out through the partially opened door and examined the hallway. "Were you followed?"

Lips pressed tightly together and hands trembling, I shook my head haltingly.

"Well, come on then!" he said in a harsh whisper, waving me inside. "Before someone sees!"

I tried to step follow his lead, but my feet didn't want to move. The door was open. If the wand was in there, as I knew it had to be, this was my one chance to find it. I just had to debase myself with this brute. A small price to pay to regain my manhood and win my freedom, wasn't it?

Swallowing my pride, I charged forward without letting my mind give it one more thought. Bakoro stepped out of the way to let me pass and checked the passageway one last time before following after me and closing the door tightly behind us.

Inside, the strange chambers I remembered from before sat drearily silent. The various braziers were all dark and unlit. A pallid light spilled in through those unnatural windows that looked down on the palace from above, leaving eerie pools of partial shadow in the corners and under every table.

Unconsciously, I clutched my hands to my stomach as I made my way into the large domed room, looking around for some sight of the Transformation Wand. Master Oringel had never been all that organized, even with his most valuable possessions, so where it had ended up after being stolen by Lord Ruvano was anyone's guess. I could spend hours searching those rooms and never find it.

Bakoro suddenly moved up behind me and put his arms around my shoulders, crushing me uncomfortably against his armor. That was likely his idea of foreplay. I twisted out of his grip and took several hasty steps back. I know I'd all but promised myself to him, but could I really go through with this?

He stormed after me and grasped me by the arm hard enough that I let out a cry. "You better not be changing your mind now, you little bitch, not after I've stuck my neck out this far!"

"N-no," I said, trying my best to smile but failing miserably. I squirmed to break free but his grip did not slacken. "Please, you're hurting me."

"I thought you said you liked it rough!" he snarled, pushing me suddenly backward with a violent shove. I fell onto Master Oringel's round bed. Standing before me, Bakoro unfastened his sword belt and set his armor aside. "Now, are you going to put out, or am I gonna have to give you a lesson in keeping your word?"

"No. No, I'm willing," I said, sitting up and shifting to the edge of the bed. Maybe I could get by with simply sucking his cock. If he'd had half as many fantasies of me as I suspected, he'd have to find anything at all better than nothing, especially after having resigned himself to never possessing me at all. "I just...you frightened me, is all."

A grim smile spread the jagged scar that bisected his face. "Good, that's the way I like it." He kicked off his boots and cast aside his shirt. His chest was wiry and firm, the muscles plainly visible beneath pale skin that didn't seem quite as thick as it should have been. Much like his face, the rest of him was also covered in all manner of puckered scars. As he undid his belt, he was careful to remove a jingling ring of keys and a large hunting knife with a bone hilt. I hoped he wasn't planning to use that in me. "Now take off your dress, before I decide it doesn't matter what you have left to wear once we're done."

I stood, trying again to smile seductively. I undid the laces at the sides of my dress while Bakoro stared on hungrily. I could do this. It wasn't any different from any of the other times -- and this one I actually had something to gain by doing so. I pulled the dress off my shoulders and down past my breasts. It fell off my hips and landed in a pile on the floor around my ankles, leaving me in only a diaphanous shift of the thinnest silk.

"Good enough," Bakoro said as he lunged at me. With one large hand, he grabbed the shift and tore it away, causing it to bite into my side as it ripped open down the front. He fell upon me, pushing me back onto the bed and ravaging my neck and lips with rough kisses. With his hands, he ruthlessly mauled my breasts as he ground his hips against mine.

"Oh, I've waited so long to do this," he gasped. "You can't imagine the torture it's been to have you so close every day, but never able to touch you!"

"Y-yes," I said. "I've...often felt the same."

He must not have noticed the insincerity in my voice because he chuckled with glee and intensified his assault. Pinning me to the bed with one hand, he ripped away the last shreds of the shift and then tore open the crotch of my panties. My pained cries only provoked him to new levels, violently mashing his hand against my exposed pussy as he again kissed me, all but crushing me beneath his writhing body.

Looking down between the valley formed by my heaving breasts, I could see him open his trousers to unleash his cock. It was not nearly as long as Lord Ruvano's, but it had a sharp bend to it. Perhaps that, at least, would provide some novelty.

He all but snarled as he took it by the base and thrust it into me with a single sharp jab. I let out a cry as well, one of pain and shock. He wasn't being gentle in the least. My pussy felt violated. The pain became more tolerable as I stretched to accommodate him, but still holding me down, me rammed himself into me over and over again, each thrust more forceful than the last, as if he were purposely trying to hurt me.

He groaned and gasped in rampant pleasure, both kissing and biting me with equal fervor. For myself, I felt little of anything from his repeated penetrations, but I moaned and cried out as if it were the most fantastic experience of my life. He seemed pleased enough by the performance because he only grew more violent with each effeminate whimper I uttered.

He didn't last long before he thrust into me one last time and let out a deep howl like that of some beastly creature. I could feel the hot stickiness of his seed pumping deep into me and, as I tensed my back and let out a passionate cry of my own, I dug my fingernails into his back in surreptitious retaliation for all the hurts he'd inflicted on me.

Thusly spent, he pulled out of me and collapsed on top of the bed sheets, gasping for breath and staring senselessly at the ceiling. I too felt rather short of breath. It took a minute or two before I was able to stop hyperventilating from the artificial wails I'd put on for his benefit. Even giving myself to him willingly, I'd suffered several welts which might yet turn into bruises and a small cut to my lip. None of it looked as though it would draw too much attention, but I now realized why it was that Lord Ruvano didn't want Bakoro to have me. Damaged goods wouldn't serve his plans nearly as well as pristine merchandise.

"That was...unlike anything I've ever experienced before." I said.

"Give me a few minutes and we can do it again."

I had actually been hoping he didn't have it in him. Still naked, I slipped off of the bed just as he was reaching for me. If I left myself to his devises, I could very well end up as his plaything all afternoon. I was here for a purpose; that was the only reason I'd ever let him do those things to me.

Using the tattered remains of my panties, I wiped away Bakoro's seed where it was dripping out between my legs. I could feel his hungry eyes on my naked back as I padded across the cold stone floor on bare feet. I wanted to cover myself, but I knew this would keep his attention from my true aim. To his eyes, it would look as if I was merely wandering around the room, absently looking at all the odd trinkets and potions.

I paused at the table where all of Master Oringel's glass battles and beakers were kept, running my fingers along the edge and finding a thick coating of dust. Almost completely hidden from view amidst all the other items was his silver tea kettle, just like the last time I'd seen it but with a slightly deeper patina of tarnish to the dragon scale pattern. Amidst the alchemical instruments there were also several small sacks, each with a deep aroma of rancid coffee and all moldering badly. A tiny porcelain pitcher contained a solid and cracked mass of discolored brown and green which at onetime might have been cream. Bakoro had obviously taken Lord Ruvano's instructions not to touch anything quite literally. Placing my hand across my mouth, I drew back in revulsion.

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