The Blood Pact Ch. 28


Still kissing frantically, I moaned into his mouth as our hands groped each other's bodies. His roamed down my back, grabbing me by the ass and lifting me roughly. I gasped in pleasure, throwing my hands around his shoulders. He nuzzled into my breasts, sending erotic waves rippling though my flesh. I wrapped my legs around his waist, interlocking my ankles behind his back as I began to rub my crouch against his hips. Even through the fabric separating us, I could feel his excitement.

Pulling away from him, I heard him gasp. I wanted to feel his skin on mine. I tore open the front of his shirt, exposing his perfectly muscled chest. However, still hanging from him as I was, there was only so much I could do.

He must have shared my desire because he laid me down on the couch, one hand cradling the back of my head wile the other supported the small of my back. I unwrapped my legs from behind his back but left them spread as I frantically began undoing the laces of my dress. I couldn't get it off fast enough. Lord Ruvano pulled his own clothes off with ease and then helped me finish shrugging out of mine.

Not a single stitch of clothing remained between us as he climbed onto the couch atop me. Throwing my arms around him again, I pulled him close and we kissed even more roughly than before. His pubic hairs tickled the inside of my leg and his cock poked me with its blunt head. Still kissing madly, I shifted my hips so he could enter my slick pussy with ease.

Lord Ruvano did not need much more encouragement than that. Rocking forward, he dragged his cock across my burning pussy several times. The swollen head separated my lips, cutting down their length and ultimately jabbing against my erect little clitoris. Both of us moaned with each pass. I didn't know how much longer I could take this.

"Please," I gasped around our fervent kisses, "Just stick it in. I want to feel you inside me!"

He reached back then and took hold of his cock by the base, guiding it to its destination. Feeling its bulbous head press again my opening, my whole body tensed in anticipation and I let out a throaty moan. He did not make me wait any longer. With a long smooth motion, he sank his cock into me. As it went deeper and deeper, slowly parting my canal, my back went rigid and my fingers gripped his shoulders.

Finally burying himself to the hilt with a manly grunt, he ground his body into mine and we mauled each other with out lips. My pussy felt so stuffed and warm with his bulging shaft all the way inside me, nothing could have stayed me from finishing what we'd started here. Whatever else I knew about the man, he was an excellent lover.

With long steady strokes, he pumped in and out of me. Desperate to feel the most I could, I began driving my hips up to meet his, causing my pussy to tighten with each thrust. Our breathing was hard as we grunted and moaned with reckless abandon. The couch rocked violently, its legs in danger of breaking right off. Sweat glistened from our naked bodies and our muscles rippled tightly beneath our skin in perfect rhythm. My buoyant breasts shook violently against my chest and my moist hair became a tangled mess as I thrashed about under him.

"Gods!" I mewed, feeling my pleasure building to climax. "I'm so close! So close!"

Still slathering me with heated kissed, he drove into my pussy harder and faster than ever.

Ecstasy broke upon me like a tidal wave. Every muscle in my body began to convulse and my moan became a scream. At the same moment, his seed began spilling into me, hot and sticky bursts surging deep into my pussy with each pronounced thrust. Sick squishing sounds spilled out from between our bodies as his warm fluid lubricated our movements even further.

Lord Ruvano continued driving his cock into my still quivering pussy even after it began to grow soft. Then with a final spastic thrust, he collapsed beside me with a long, satisfied sigh. As his cock slipped from my pussy, I could feel the warm mixture of his seed and my juices dribbling down the inside of my thigh. He enwrapped me with his arms and I cradled my body against his. Our chests rose and fell with each deep breath we took. As my long-lingering fatigue finally overcame me, I drifted off to sleep, surrounded by his warmth and his distinct masculine scent filling my senses.

Though my plan was finally moving forward, I was still trapped in this life for the time being, but at least I had fun toys to play with while I waited for my schemes to come to fruition.

To Be Continued...

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