tagErotic HorrorThe Blood Slave Ch. 01

The Blood Slave Ch. 01


There was an undeniable chill in the air. It was dusk, as most of these dark and terrible tales seem to start off at. It was still nice, as the clouds rolled over the moon. Penny always liked clouds. Still, the way they covered up the moon, the pitch black of the night, it was off putting. Buying those jeans with the rips in them was definitely a mistake as she walked down her long driveway towards the mailbox. It was one of those wintry nights, but she had forgotten to get the mail, and chances are a bill was due. Bills were always due.

Her tank top was bunched at her stomach as she pulled it down self-consciously. Penny had an average build and regular, twenty-nine year old breasts that now spilled out of the black thing. Finding a medium as she opened the mail box, she heard a car whizzing quickly down the street. Getting out of the way, she noticed the headlights on their brightest setting. It looked like a black van with no windows. Creeps, Penny thought.

As she bundled up her mail in her very capable hands the car sped past her again and she heard the screeching of the brakes as the vehicle slid to a stop. Immediately multiple hands clasped around her waist, shoulders, and arms. The last she saw of the outside world was the mail, fluttering to the ground. A pitiful scream escaped her lips and a hand firmed itself over her mouth. She noticed the long claws of fingernails. The van was dark save for the lights coming from the speedometer and the glowing of red, hot eyes on her. Using her technique from years of meditation classes, she evened her breathing and lowered her heartbeat, no matter how scared she was.

They must've assumed she was asleep and began to speak quietly. "She's asleep." The one holding her said. He had a dark masculine voice, and she could feel him pressing against her as she lay relaxed on his chest as he sat against a wall. "I want to taste her now." He moaned. It sounded pretty hot to her, actually, but she was far too well trained to let her heartbeat rise even a little.

"All good to those who wait." A sultry voice admonished, she was a sexy female kidnapper. She seemed to sit next to him. Penny felt her sharp nail trail from her delicate cheek down to her neck, over the curve over her rising and falling breasts and stopped around her thigh and pelvic area. "Though, I can certainly see why you would be so impatient. She's quite the girl to eat."

Kidnapped. It was something women fantasized about. Not Penny. If anything, this was the exact opposite of what she wanted. They were talking about sex! She had had sex, she had had kinky sex, and she had had tied-up-fuck-me sex. And she didn't like it. Plain sex was tops for her. Everything else was for perverts and whores. She wasn't a whore. Though she hadn't made love, because that's what sex was to her, love that is, in a long time she was certainly achy for it. Touching herself was enough for now, she supposed, though it seemed like she wouldn't have to be masturbating to get sexually stimulated. They were all horny, it seemed. There were five of them. Three females, two males. One driving, one in the passenger seat, and three in the back.

Penny must've fallen asleep. When she woke, she was slung up over the same guy's shoulder that she had nuzzled up to in her sleep. "Put me down!" She wailed at him, her fists pounding against the thin sweater on his back, "Put. Me. Down." This went on for a few minutes. 'Put me down' seemed to be the only three words that came out of her mouth, with occasional swearing. Very, very colorful swearing.

"Geez, Draco, put a muzzle on her." The sultry girl was walking ahead of them.

She learned six words and growled, "You will not put a muzzle on me!"

The one they called Draco answered other kidnapper. "I could. I think I'll just spank her instead." His left hand flew to her ass and she heard a noticeable smacking sound against her jeans.

The kidnapped girl gasped, "You did not just do that."

"More where that came from if you don't keep quiet. If the wolves hear us because of you you're dead meat." A dark voice promised, who she recognized as Vladimir, his voice was a normal voice, not deep and sexy, just normal.

Scared into silence, tears began to drip down her eyes, her sobs were obvious made with her sniffles and choking on her own tears. It was cold, and she shivered involuntarily. "Cold, young one?" Draco murmured with amusement in his voice. They must've been walking for over an hour.

Penny scowled, "No shit, Sherlock." She yelped as her cheeks were slapped, which was kind of warming. "Well I'm freezing. Couldn't you have kidnapped me during the day when the sun was out?" Virginia would still have been cold in the daylight, but it would've been slightly more tolerable.

He chuckled, "I thought my wearing the sweater would help."


"You'll meet that soon enough. We're almost there, young one, be patient."

An idea flashed into her mind, despite thoughts of his member. "I can walk. I'm sure I'm heavy on your shoulder. Bad for your back."

Draco asked around sarcastically, "Do you guys think it's a good idea to let this one walk?"

"Yes." One of the girls chimed, "Of course, if she runs away we can always chase her. She's yours. Make the decision."

Suddenly Penny felt herself being placed on the ground. Feeling her feet on the ground was amazing. "Thanks." She muttered and began to walk.

"Wait." He stopped her. She turned and stifled a gasp. He was topless, and his woolen sweater was bundled up in his hands. Draco was glorious. He was fairly muscled, of course not crazy, but he did have a six-pack. His pallor was incredibly white as the moon. "Put this on." He added quickly with a smirk on his hot lips, "for the cold."

She looked down at the sweater in shock. "Thank you." Penny shrugged it over her shoulders, but the inside was cold for some reason. Still, it shielded.

"Can we get moving?" Vladimir growled, practically in her ear. "It's getting late."

They began to walk. Draco walked protectively beside her, and she couldn't help but glance at him every so often. This man was terrifying. He was plainly trying to seduce his victim whom he had kidnapped. Penny knew it was working. For the first five minutes of their walking all five or her assailants were very attentive of her. Then it went to just Draco and the woman whose name was Vicki who he conversed. Then it was just Draco, and then even he wasn't paying attention.

Taking her biggest chance, she bounded to her left into the woods. She heard Draco curse, but she didn't care. Thanking whoever was upstairs that she wore sneakers, she raced on. A voice, which sounded like him, threatened, stop now and I'll go easy on you, young one. That only drove her to push on. Already their little game had gotten inside her head. It must've been Stockholm. Nothing else seemed plausible. Heart pounding, feet pacing, the voice boomed in her head, Stop! From what it sounded, it seemed like this was her last chance. Penny felt crazy and wondered how many years of therapy it would take for her to feel okay about this.

Suddenly, she was pushed to the ground, tackled easily as if she were a rag doll. His right hand clasped her dainty wrists over her head. Huffing in shock, she looked up at Draco. "I was hoping, young one," He growled, "that you wouldn't be so irritatingly predictable. You have annoyed me considerably, and now my sweater is dirty. I hope you're content." Menacing, he bared his teeth, the pointed canines, his pointed ears and flaming red eyes, like bloody roses.

"Please—I'm sorry." Penny stammered.

Draco growled, "Bare you're neck, slave." He straddled on top of her. She could've sworn that she would be raped then and there but he was after a different sustenance.

Knowing he was the real deal, she looked up at him, quivering. "Please, don't."

"I'm getting tired of waiting, young one." He admitted, "It doesn't hurt as much when you're willing. Bare the left side of your neck, slave." Draco's eyes glowed with passion.

Uncontrollable tears cascaded down her cheeks, which he wiped away sympathetically. Situating herself comfortably on the ground, she whimpered, "Will it hurt?"

He sighed, his voice still a low growl. "Of the few occasions it has happened to me, young one, it can range from being an orgasm to being Hell."

Breathing in and out, she stretched out her neck to her right shoulder, she waited. Penny felt his cold fingers brushing her black raven hair to the side, she winced at his touch. Then felt it. It was like a draining bite, taking her blood and thoughts away. There was a thrumming in her mind, as she felt his consciousness inside of her. It was excruciatingly painful though. Draco felt a scream forming at her lips and he told her placed a finger over her lip.

Dizzy, a little faintish, she felt him draw back. He kissed the piercings of her skin on her neck, and immediately they seemed to heal. He brushed the tears off her face, by her lower eyelid. Draco stood, and extended a hand towards her. She rejected his help, and as soon as she was on her feet she stumbled and fell onto his standing figure. He was awkward, and smirked. Her kidnapper picked her up over her shoulder, and she didn't fight it. Penny was exhausted and didn't care when he began to run. She was already dozing off over his naked shoulder. Apparently he was a vampire.

She felt herself on a soft, fur covered bed. "You're awake." He murmured. Penny felt the glowing of anticipation in his mind as he spread eagled her four limbs to the four bed posts. Flailing wildly, she remembered what had happened. Draco chuckled as he held down her last free limb, her right leg down. "You slept all through the day, young one."

Her head whirled around the room. It was like a redecorated crypt. In the corner there was a lovely mahogany coffin, which was open to reveal the plush white lining. There was a fireplace that was dying out and a loveseat sofa. Floors and walls were dark grey stones that had shadows from the fire and candles around the room, as well lit as it was. The bed was a queen, covered in furs and was a canopy. It was cozy, she supposed. Everything looked ancient and medieval until she looked at the nightstand by the bed, which had a clock and a lamp. It was nine at night, and she was still a little weakened.

Noticing her shock, he got on top of her and told her plainly, "I'm a vampire, young one. You need to sleep during the day or not sleep at all. Consider yourself lucky that you get the choice, slave." Draco, of course, was fully clothed in ratty jeans and a long-sleeved mustard-colored shirt.


He cupped her breast possessively and roughly over the cloth the tank top, as he must have stripped her of the sweater and pants. It was just the spaghetti strap black thing and the purple lace panties. "Yes, you are my slave. Mine to do as I please, all of your former choices, sexual orientation, and lifestyle is no longer. I decide what you are to me, and to those I let have you." Draco was reading her mind, "Yes, other's will fuck you and suck your blood, it's not rape if I own you and let them use you. Your body is mine to have. I will decide what you can and can't do. You make no choice, you have no free will, and you are not leaving no matter how much you beg me. You are below me, slave. A mortal has no other use in this house other than to feed and entertain the vampires." He added lastly, "You are my slave first, but you will serve and obey everyone else here. Am I understood?"

Feeling the hot anger and heat within in him, she nodded, "Yes."

"Address me as Sir Draco, slave." Without knowing what he was feeling, she knew that he would love that word on his tongue. Belittling her had gotten him hard against his denim. Penny inhaled him for the first time. This one smelt like the woods, and blood. Of course. The whole bed reeked of it.

"Yes, Sir Draco," She muttered. He was so pleased, this aura in her mind glowing happily. His teeth bared, she shut her eyes in fear. "Please—I—I can't."

A whistle of the air, her left cheek stung. He had slapped her, "Address me as Sir Draco, don't make me repeat myself, and lastly, if you keep your eyes open you'll see that I'm not hungry."

Opening her eyes, she yelped as his teeth began to rip at her restrictive top. Her breasts spilled out. He tore the clothing away and tossed it impassively on the floor. Gazing down at her he murmured an incoherent compliment. He began to lightly kiss her breasts. His teeth grazed over her nipple, and she knew that he had to smell the heatedness in in her wet panties.

"Stop!" She struggled against her restraints. Penny's head thrashed back and forth. The fringe of her bangs brushing her eyebrows dramatically. Attempting to buck him off of her, he held her down and slapped the right breast. There was a noticeable red hand as she winced. "Please, I'll give you anything! Stop." She didn't sob, but instead breathed heavily.

He began to plant kisses trailing down her stomach towards her shaved pussy. Penny gasped as she stopped, staring down at him. He fished something out of his pocket. It looked like a large stapler remover but upon further inspection it looked like vampire teeth. "What are you doing?"

His threats hung in the air like smoke wafting. "Don't speak, slave." He held it up for her to see. "I'm going to put this on your neck, so you associate being bitten with pleasure. Call it conditioning." Draco's fingers brushed her right shoulder, and she bared her neck by instinct. Penny winced as she felt the fake teeth clamp down. It throbbed. He resumed the kisses, his lips brushing her unresponsive ones. She was practically frozen in her place. She took a long blink. The pain the only thing occupying her mind. He could sense it too, and she could sense his pleasure. She was beautiful.

He got up from the bed, and she whimpered at his form. The stripped of his shirt seductively. His muscles gaping. He took off his jeans, revealing his bulging member. It was roughly six inches, and fairly thick. Pain in her neck, she didn't notice that he was on top of her until it was too late. Penny practically jumped. He chuckled darkly, and his head went to her neck as he lapped up the spilling of blood coming from the neck clamp.

Suppressing a moan, she felt the pleasure and amusement in on his mind, as well as the overpowering longing. Draco was tired of waiting. "Tell me that you want to be fucked."

Looking up at him, she shook her head, biting her lip. "Please, I don't want you to."

Twisting her nipple, she yelped as tears sprung to her eyes, he growled, "What you want no longer matters, slave. Now, tell me." The pressure increased, and she could feel his total pleasure in her pain.

"I want to be fucked." She whispered, looking up at him, silently pleading with him.

Draco gritted his teeth "Again. Louder."

What? She thought angrily, I already said it, but she appeased, speaking a little bit louder, "I—I want to be fucked."

He raised an eyebrow, and with his claws he ripped her soaked panties off. Without that hesitation he put himself inside of her and began to make rough strokes. It was stretching and amazingly wonderful. The pain her neck was being ignored as he pushed and pulled inside of her. She was building up to a beautiful orgasm when he came inside of her, and pulled out. Penny whimpered with feelings of longing. She felt his explosion of pleasure, but only the fringes, barely anything. He removed the clamp, which helped some, and lapped up the red liquid.

"Please, Sir Draco." She cried, "You left me unfulfilled."

Smirking, he traced a nail around and around on her shoulder, sending spikes of pleasure down to her pussy. "Did you know, that since I sucked your blood, I can actually tell when you're about to orgasm?" He asked in a seductive voice. "You could tell when I was, but you couldn't act accordingly."

She scowled, "You're despicable." Then she felt his spike in pleasure.

"Do tell me more." He purred.

"No." She tossed. Her stomach growled. Hunger, never had she been so famished for food before.

Her kidnapper sprung up to her restraints. "I could tempt you with some food." Helping her up, Draco gestured towards the door.

"What the hell? No! I'm naked." Covering herself with one of the fur blankets was the first thing she did. It was a nice black wolf pelt, from a big wolf.

He flitted behind her and murmured, "You're beautiful, and you're mine. All of my brothers and sisters will see you. I don't want you to wear clothes." Pulling the pelt off of her and tossing it to the bed, she could feel his breath hot on her neck.

Crossing her arms, she planted her feet on the ground. "I'm not leaving without clothing."

Attempting to persuade her. "What are you ashamed of? This is who you are now."

Penny shook her head, and his anger was slowly boiling up. "No."

"Then stay here, and starve while other vampires come in here, suck your blood, and fuck you. You won't last a week."

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" Then she felt as though she had been stabbed in the heart, and realized that that was how he felt.

He scowled, and masked his sadness with anger and disgust. "I wouldn't. Mostly because you're great sex and delicious. You will eat."

"Not naked I won't." Resolved, she sat back down on the bed.

Draco sighed and gritted his teeth. "I don't want to argue, I don't want to make you, but I will. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way." The threat in his mind was clear. He smiled as she stood, "Keep your head up. Be proud."

Author's note: Thanks for reading, till next time!

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