tagErotic HorrorThe Blood Slave Ch. 02

The Blood Slave Ch. 02


"I told you to keep your head up." He growled at her. Draco flicked her ass as he walked behind her. She was walking too slowly again.

Penny tilted her head up. Her hair was in her face, and she didn't bother. This girl didn't want to be seen like this. The way the robe happily flapped open at her brisk walk. Her sex exposed and her nipples hard against the chiffon thing that was this terrible robe, a blush on her face. Humiliating was a total understatement, but she didn't have a thesaurus at hand, so that word would do.

"Don't cross your arms."

"Sorry." She mumbled incoherently. The girl was drained of all life. And her neck hurt, and she was completely denied of pleasure. What kind of sicko did that? Oh right, Draco, her apparent master, did. Her hands fell numbly to her side as they walked down the corridor. She could still feel him in his mind, and wasn't sure if that was to her advantage or not. Draco, no, Sir Draco seemed mostly annoyed and irritated, a little playful, and kind of horny.

"Don't mumble."

Thinking to herself, does everything bother him? His grumpiness shouldn't be pushed on her. Penny didn't even know what was bothering him. Which was ridiculous, she didn't do anything, anyway. All she did was lie there and cry while he raped her and sucked her blood. If anything, he should be in a good mood. Shouldn't he? Or was he remorseful. The thoughts went through her head.

"I heard that!" He snapped. Draco stopped, and sighed, "If you insist on knowing, you're bad mood is directly affecting me, which directly affects you."

Penny shook her head, disagreeing. "Forgive me, Sir. You kidnapped me." And didn't let me orgasm, and also sucked my blood, but you know.

His arm went around her waist as he turned her to face him. Fear struck through her. "One more peep out of you, young one, slave, I will take that robe from you, and spank you in front of everyone."

I can't control my thoughts! She thought defensively. "Yes, Sir Draco."

Sir Draco scowled at her, "You've been warned, slave."

They continued walking until they stopped at an archway. There was a soft harp playing, while the five vampires chatted quietly. Vicki was a cat-like dark blonde, brown-eyed vampire with sharp features. Vlad looked like her twin, he was also lean. There was a redhead whose name was Phoenix, who had a slightly above average build. Lastly there was Marcus. He looked to be a sulky leader.

Vicki murmured, meanwhile staring at her, as she stood frozen next to the doorway. "The lovely dish of the hour."

"Oh stop!" Phoenix laughed at her, "You're making her wince."

"Come, slave." He told her. "Kneel." Draco indicated to a spot on the floor in between his legs and Vicki's legs. It was a stone floor. She sat up straight, her ass resting on her ankles. Penny looked down. The robe didn't conceal anything, and it didn't shield her from the cold. Her nipples were even harder. There was a blazing fire, but she was nowhere close to it, as Draco sat furthest from it. The shadows danced off her skin.

"So, I have to ask how she tastes." Marcus murmured, a slight German inflection in his voice, though it was still mainly American. "Anyone can smell fantastic and taste mediocre."

Sir Draco was mentally glowing with glee. They really liked her. "Oh, she's wonderful, Marcus."

She felt fingers brushing back her hair forcefully, her eyes widened with fear. "You really shouldn't let her keep her hair this way. How else will you get your teeth on her neck?" Swiftly, her hair was tied tightly in a floppy bun, and her bangs fell to her face. The two hands left her head and she repressed a sigh of relief. Then they went to her right boob, cupping it, the fingers twirling around her nipple. A gasp this time escaped her lips. "She's so much fun to scare, you know." Vicki pinched her pink tip in the least bit gentle way. Then she let go and went on as though nothing had happened.

Vlad sat across from where he was on the couch, and stared at her. "I must know when we all get our turn with her."

"Oh?" Draco hid his anxiety well. "I suppose Vicki has staked her claim for tonight?" He chuckled at his slave. She was visibly terrified at the prospect. "Slave!" He barked at her. She screamed in fright and fell over, onto Vicki's legs. The four of them laughed, but Draco. Growling, he told her, "Stand. Up." She knew he was only acting this way because he was nervous, but it was no excuse!

Frantic to get up, she placed her hands behind her back and tried to look submissive. "Yes, Sir Draco?" She blurted.

"Go back to your room and wait for your Mistress."

"But I—" She held up a finger. This slave didn't even know where her room was.

He furrowed his eyebrows. "You didn't just attempt to contradict me, did you?"

"No!" Penny stammered, "I just don't—"

The vampire held up a hand, and she fell silent, "Come here, slave." Draco patted his knee. "Over my knee," he explained.

"Please, I—"

"No." She could feel the threat in his mind as she knelt over his knee. "Count."

A hand whizzed and she felt a sharp sting on her left cheek. "One." The breath taken out of her.

"You disobeyed me."

Tears formed, dripping down her eyelashes and onto her face as she was over him. Her breast jiggled slightly every time. This was painful, and annoying. "Two."

"I told you to go to you room."

She cried out. "Three."

"And you didn't."

"Four." Penny breathed. I don't know where the damn bed room is! She mentally screamed at him.

The rest of the spanking was silent. She counted to ten and without another peep as she sobbed. The slave went to her room with a sandwich and a cola soda. Draco gave her directions mentally, and she wondered how long it would take before Vicki would be there. The sandwich had chicken salad on it, and it was the best freaking sandwich she had ever had. Penny didn't know just how ravished she was for food. The sugar in the soda really helped with the whole loss of blood thing.

Vicki, the minx, entered her room fully clothed. She had played with girls before, and liked it, it was just odd. A vampire! She watched as Penny slowly sipped the last of her soda. "You're not done eating?"

"Sorry, Mistress." Setting down her soda, she watched as this seemingly young girl sauntered over to her, her hips swaying beautifully. Frozen in her chair as she stood behind her. Her hands placed on her stomach as her nails glided up to where her breasts were. She cupped them roughly, and Penny let a tortured moan stay from her quivering lips.

"Afraid, pet?"

Nodding, slowly, she whispered, "Terrified."

Her teeth clamped on her neck and she screamed out as Vicki sucked her blood. She didn't take much, and the vampire drew away, licking the wounds and laughed, "Good. I like it when you're on your toes." She waltzed over to a few draws. "I also liked the pink on your gorgeous ass, and thought I'd repeat the measure."

Penny was standing, and whimpered. "Please, Mistress."

Shaking her head, she told the young girl as though she were a toddler. "Come now, slave, more complaints and I'll punish you further." Vicki escorted her to one of the bed posts. "Hands above your head." She revealed two pieces of rope. One around her ankles and one around her wrists.

Shaking, she shut her eyes. There were no more pleases on her lips. No cry for mercy. It was very clever of Draco and Vicki to suck her blood before having sex, or kinky times. Mainly because she was too exhausted from the ordeal to fight it off. It was a light whipping, which led to a lot of tears and such from Penny's end.

Her Mistress stripped in front of her. She started with her shirt, pulling it off slowly to reveal a lacy black bra. Then she seductively took her tight jeans off, revealing a red thong that left nothing to her imagination. It was soaked. Vicki led her defeated body to the floor and she her legs for Penny, in her face. "Pleasure me, slave."

She had to use her teeth to take off the panties as Vicki took off the bra, which proved difficult, and made her wild with lust. Her breasts were lovely, her nipples a light pink, only slightly darker than the areola. Tentatively bring her lips to this vampire's glistening clitoris, she kissed her, then began to lick furiously. This mistress tasted so delicious. Her tongue entered and exited her as Vicki held her head to her moist sex as she tasted her fruit. Penny sucked obediently on her clit, stimulating it and driving her wild. She blew lightly into her as the Mistress went through an orgasm.

Recovering, she told the slave to get on the bed. "Spread your legs."

Giddy with finally getting much needed release, she hopped onto the bed eagerly and spread her legs. "Thank you, Mistress!" She cried out happily.

Vicki tied Penny up quickly, quickly enough for her to barely notice until she was attaching a large strap on onto the young slave and straddling it. "If you come without my permission, slave, I will punish you." She also had a remote in her hand. Pressing a button, it began to vibrate, buzzing against the top of her vagina. The vampire began to moan in ecstasy. A hand flew to Penny's breast and cried out in pleasure. As she bounced up and down the slave looked at her breasts as they jumped up and down at her thrusts, the nipples hardened, glorious.

She didn't find release though, the strap-on dick's vibrations and the fucking wasn't close enough to her clit, and it only left her hanging. But Vicki did for a second time, then a third, and to Penny's green envy a fourth. When the vampire had enough, she stopped impaling herself on the now glistening dick. Standing on her knees on the bed, she unattached the dick and turned off the vibrations.

The faux phallus at Penny's lips, the Mistress told her to clean it off. She knew she would have to suck it as Vicki thrust the thing in and out of her mouth, until the whole thing was in there. The vampire turned on a low vibration setting as she licked and blew that cock clean. When it was clean, and all the toys were put away, Vicki gathered her clothing, and dressed. She left without another word. Penny was still tied up, very aroused, and lonely.

Draco came in what felt like an hour later, and she could feel his happiness from the look on his face and in his mind. He untied her and she sat on the bed, looking at him. "I'm curious about something, Sir."

"Ask away, young one." He smoothed her hair lightly.

She asked him quietly. "Why can't I feel Ms. Vicki in my mind like I do with you?"

There was some amusement, "Because I'm the first person to suck your blood, and therefore, have staked my claim to owning you. Until I give up that claim, you will always feel me, as I you."

"Oh." A claim. She was a slave. Draco sucking her blood had sealed that deal. It wouldn't surprise her if he had let her run off for the sole purpose.

"Yes, I think you would go insane if you heard every vampire in our little nest." He laughed. Like someone who owned a pet, he kissed her forehead and told her it was time for bed. Not bothering to tie her up, he looked the door and went to sleep in his coffin as the sun rose.

Penny didn't intend to sleep. Other things were in mind.


Author's note: Thanks for the awesome feedback and comments. Keep them coming!

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