tagRomanceThe Blue Dress

The Blue Dress


It was finally happening, he'd only ever imagined it, never even accepting it was a possibility. She'd said yes to him taking her out. Nervously, he waited after knocking on her door, sweat coating the palm of the hand he held the flowers in.

She came to the door wearing a tight blue dress. It accentuated her every curve, and brought out the blue in her icy grey eyes. He was sure he was dreaming, an angel would have been put to shame by her beauty.

Blushing, he handed her the flowers, her smile growing with every moment. He swore his heart would erupt from his chest with how it was beating. They went for a quiet dinner, chatting and joking with each other, even the smallest movement by her seemed to be nothing but seduction.

After their meal, he took her to see a movie, he couldn't even remember it afterwards. His attention was only for her. As she sat down next to him, her dress slid up her thighs slightly, it looked like it could be no more than a long singlet now.

He put his arm over her shoulders and pulled her close, she ran a hand over her thighs, pushing her dress minutely higher. He noticed instantly. Pulling her closer, he kissed her passionately, she returned the kiss, their tongues meeting. They could have been alone in the moon now for all the attention they paid to the movie and the crowd.

He put his hand on her thigh and slowly ran it up the soft smooth skin towards the meeting between her hips. Gently he ran his fingers over her panties, they were already damp. Still kissing, he pushed a little harder against her mound, she rocked her hips forward, moaning quietly into his mouth.

Sliding her panties to the side, he first ran a finger just inside her slit. Pushing it back down and sliding it inside her, followed quickly by another. One handed, she fumbled with his belt, button and fly. He didn't care about that, he just wanted to please her.

Playing with each other as quietly as they could, they both quickly became very close to finishing. She was shocked when he took his hand from her tight pussy to pull her hand from his cock. She thought she might have done something wrong, but he kept kissing her.

Then his kisses moved, over heck neck, nibbling at her ear, and then slowly down her neck and body until he was on the floor in front of her chair. He slid his hands up the outside of her thighs, and in under her dress to grab her panties and slide them down.

He passed her panties to her and started kissing her thighs, gently pulling her hips forward. He kissed further and further up, kissing around and over her pussy. Then sliding his tongue in much the same way he had his finger.

Hearing a muffled gasp above him, he knew he was doing something she liked. Slipping his tongue over her clit and around her lips, nibbling, biting and sucking everywhere he could. He kept going for longer than he thought possible.

After a time, he felt her tense above him, hearing her breath quicken even more. He wondered if anyone else knew what he was doing. He didn't care though, as long as she liked it. Her fingers tangled his hair, her thighs squeezing tight on his head, her hands holding his head so hard against her pussy it almost hurt.

She started to shudder, her whole body writhing, fighting her attempt to control it. He kept going as he started to taste her sweet cum, this was not a date he'd forget.

Finally her body slowed, and her thighs relaxed. He started to get up, smiling and wiping his face as he rose to sit back next to her. The movie was almost finished, so he made sure his pants were done up properly. Not having any idea what she'd done with her panties.

Leaving the theatre, she couldn't believe the night was almost over, until he told her there was another place he'd like to show her. It was a short drive, although she managed to keep him distracted for it as well.

Up the hill slightly, he took her to a car park at a lookout. Seeing the lights on the ground so far down took her breath away, until she asked why he was still looking at her. The lights were dull in comparison to how she looked, was his response.

She couldn't help herself but to kiss him after saying that. A picnic table stood nearby, and they walked over to sit, arms around each other, kissing under the stars.

They started touching each other, slipping clothes away where they could.

She moved and dropped in front of him, taking him in her mouth. Starting slowly, she kissed his member, along the length and back. Before sliding her tongue along it and taking it back into her mouth. Using her mouth and hand for a while, flicking her tongue along his shaft and over his head before she put pressure on with her teeth.

He'd never felt anything like this. It did not take long at all before he was ready to finish, filling her mouth. She tried to swallow everything, but some managed to slip out of her mouth and run down the side of her chin. As she pulled back, she pushed it up into her mouth with a smile.

They lay there, still kissing, holding and touching each other for a time. Then he moved his hand down and started to play with her again. She was still wet for earlier it seemed, although he'd swear she was wetter.

They continued playing with each other for a while, before she slipped her leg over him. Using her hand to guide him inside her, she slowly slid down his shaft. Rocking gently back and forth, sliding him in and out of her at the same time.

She leant forward, her breasts pressing against his body as their mouths met again. Both moan in ecstasy, as their bodies ground together, feeling almost as if together, they were one being.

The passion they showed each other during this time could never be met by anyone else. Finally after they'd fished again, they lay together, his arms around her, her head on his chest. Stroking each other tenderly, and occasionally sharing a chaste kiss, they stay like that the rest of the night. Before they knew it, they were watching the sun rise over the back of the hill together.

He drove her home, walking her to her door and kissing first her hand, and then her lips as she opened it and prepared to enter. She made sure he knew that she wanted to see him again, maybe next time she would cook for him. He'd do anything to see her again, she was worth moving heaven and hell for.

And he'd never forget how that night had started, with her in the blue dress.

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Fond memories ....

Shopping with my lovely, curvaceous wife was never my favorite thing, but one day she found a cobalt blue dress that she wanted to try on. As she emerged from the dressing room, the saleslady said "itmore...

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