tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Blue Pill Pt. 03

The Blue Pill Pt. 03


I swallowed the pill. This time there was no tingling sensation nor a change in perception. Would it work the way he said it would? I imagined being a woman, within a moment my cock started to shrivel and my chest expanded forming breasts.

"Can you see any change?" I asked him.

"No, any changes are in your head, but are real to you."

I imagined another guy in the room and the one from my previous session materialised. I wasn't ready for that yet, so with a brief thought he was gone. I could see what Jonathan had warned me about now, where did fantasy end and reality begin? Right now I had no idea. I had control over a fantasy world which was no different to reality. This could get scary.

My concerns melted away as Jonathan leaned over and kissed me. I felt a buzz in my pussy, I was his girl and had signed over my body for him to use. His tongue probed my mouth and then he was kissing my neck. He stood up and eased me up by my arms before leading me to the bedroom.

Reality was twisted with fantasy. I had a pussy, wet now, ready for him, I could feel it. But in his world he had only my ass to use, yet just by thinking about it I could choose to feel him in my pussy. It was both bizarre yet fantastic.

We stood next to the bed and he unzipped my dress before lifting my arms up and sliding it over them. He kissed me again and then eased me over onto the bed. His tongue began to roam over my body, eventually reaching my pussy which caused a surge of desire to flow through me. So, was he now sucking my cock as I imagined him eating my pussy? I didn't care any more, I just lay there enjoying the feelings.

He stopped and moved around until his cock was next to my face. I wanted it and took it in my mouth, I heard him moan as he continued sucking and licking my pussy and clitoris. His fingers then began to move inside me, first my pussy then my ass. If this is what I signed up for I was going to be a happy girl.

I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, but he wasn't ready yet so he pulled away.

I was fully aware of Jonathan in the real world yet fully in touch with Simone in mine, it was crazy wonderful.

He got me on all fours, my favourite position, and gently eased his cock into my pussy, that's where it felt like to me but he must have been in my ass.

He began to slide in and out as I began to resolve the confusions and anomalies. Now I was ready to try something else. I conjured up the other man and brought him to my head, his cock hard in front of my mouth. He moved until I could take as much of him as I could in my mouth. I would have to learn to deep throat. But maybe Simone already knew?

I brought him closer and relaxed my throat, I gagged for a moment, then his cock slipped down my throat until his balls were resting on my chin.

By the noises I was making, Jonathan guessed what I was doing.

"Suck him baby, take that big cock down your throat."

The two guys, one real, one not, began to thrust in time, Jonathan into my pussy-ass and this pretend guy into my mouth and throat. I was being well and truly spit roasted and loving it.

My first orgasm hit, my scream stifled by the cock in my mouth, my whole body shook. Another followed in quick succession. So this was multiple orgasms, and they kept coming. The guy in my mouth eased up, his cock twitched and I swallowed his precum. Then he pulled out.

I knew what I wanted next.

The fantasy guy moved beneath me until his face was next to mine and we kissed, He then moved his hand down to his cock and guided it into my pussy.

The feeling of being double penetrated was incredible as he began to thrust up into me while Jonathan pounded my ass.

More orgasms ripped through me and then I desperately wanted their cum inside me.

"Come inside me, please, fill me up," I moaned.

The face of the guy beneath me began to crease up.

"Yes baby, do it, come in my pussy. Please give me your cum."

He let out a moan and I felt his hot cum flooding into my pussy. Jonathan pounded harder and then stopped.

"I want to fuck your mouth," he said.

He moved around and then fed his cock into my mouth. I sucked lovingly on it until he began to fuck my head. He forced it down my throat, now capable of taking his huge length and girth, and pumped in and out. I could hear him moaning, louder and louder, his cock was twitching.

I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and wanted to taste his cum but I couldn't.

Then it happened, his hot seed pumped endlessly into my mouth and down my throat. It tasted so good and brought another orgasm crashing through me. Some of his cum trickled down the corners of my mouth as the guy in my pussy went soft and his come trickled down my legs. I was in heaven, fucked by two guys and full of their cum.

What did I have to do, imagine I was a guy to get out of this? But I didn't want to.

I let the fantasy guy go leaving just Jonathan and myself. I swallowed down the last of his cum as I sucked him dry before he pulled out.

I collapsed on the bed and Jonathan lay beside me. He put his arm around me and held me close, I felt safe, protected, and very, very satisfied.

My fingers rested on his chest and played gently with the sparse golden hairs.

He kissed me, seeming to relish his own taste in my mouth. "How was that, Simone?"

A small tear trickled down my cheek.

"Better than anything I have ever done. . . Jonathan?"


"I'm falling in love with you."

He stroked my hair. "That's good darling. I really want you. Are you still Simone, or have you gone back to guy mode?"

"I'm staying as Simone for the time being."

"I'm glad to hear it, because I want some more fun with her later."

We fell asleep in each other's arms.

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Being fucked in his home

What a wonderful pill full of sexy possibilities and realities what I wouldn't give to be dressed in beautiful lingerie after having slipped myself into it, and stepping into a very sexy bear of come fuckmore...

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