tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Blue Pill Pt. 05

The Blue Pill Pt. 05


I drove home early the next morning to prepare for work. Work? My world had been turned upside down, my thoughts dominated by Jonathan and my experiences as what I now saw as my alter ego, Simone.

I needed to clear my head.

I had coffee and a light breakfast after showering and donning my work suit, then commenced the journey to the office. My job was a low grade systems analyst at a growing IT company, hoping for promotion to something more equated with my skills. As the company grew I had faith this would be the case.

My workstation beckoned and I booted up my machine. Emails abounded in my in-box, along with work instructions for the coming day. They stared at me but my mind wouldn't connect. I needed to get a grip.

Another two coffees later I began to focus and pursued the tasks given to me. By mid-morning I was working as normal and started to relax.

All went well until a text from Jonathan just after lunch: 'hi Simone, hope your day is going well and you enjoyed last night. I certainly did, and hope for more. I can't begin to describe how you have made me feel. Hope to hear from your very soon, Love, Jonathan xxx'

At the mention of the name Simone I began to change once again as I felt my cock shrivel. No! Not here! I knew nobody else could see, it was all in my mind, but the distraction would be impossible to deal with. I fought hard to return my mind to my real self, Simon. After a few deep breathes I had control.

My hands still shook as I held the cellphone. I couldn't resist the urge to reply: 'Jonathan, it is lovely to hear from you. I can't get you out of my head and am finding it difficult to work. What we did yesterday and last night was amazing and I do want more. So much more. I am all yours, whenever you want me. Simone xxx'

Only a moment later he messaged me back: 'tonight?'

My heart raced. I wanted him. Our contract, what a joke; I had to pleasure him sexually 'at least twice a month' it said. Ha! I wanted to everyday was how I felt right now.

I replied: 'yes, I would love that'.

'great, see you later. Perhaps we'll try something different'

'anything you want darling'

'you're such a good girl. Now get back to work'

Back to work! My head was swimming.

"Is something wrong?"

It was my supervisor, Tony.

"No . . . no, I'm fine."

I was staring into nothing.

"You look unwell?"

"Oh it's nothing."

"Looks like you need some fresh air, take a walk for ten minutes."

"Yeah, sure, perhaps I need that."

I stepped out into the street and strolled to the nearby coffee stall. After ordering a latte I sat on a bench and watched the world go by. All I saw was lovers, men and women, guys with guys, girls with girls. What was I?

Something different, Jonathan had said. What was present in those memories? I looked at the lesbian couple. Was that in there? How adventurous had the person been whom the memories came from? Hell, I had instinctively known how to deep-throat once I accessed the memory.

Where did reality end and fantasy begin? I no longer knew. Jonathan had said he would fulfill my fantasies as well as his own. What further fantasies did I have that he could draw out of me? I had the feeling he was opening a Pandora's Box of desire in me, there was no telling where it would lead.

I bumbled through the rest of the day before returning home and preparing myself in the same way as the day before. Then I drove back to Jonathan's.

He was at his door to greet me as soon as I arrived and kissed me full on the mouth before I could go any further. I yearned for him as his tongue probed my mouth and a girlish whimper came from my throat as I melted into his arms.

"Oh, Jonathan," I sighed.

He stroked my face. "Come on in and make yourself comfortable."

We sat down after he poured our drinks, this time with him right next to me. He put an arm around my shoulder. I felt comfortable and protected.

"So, tonight," he said. "How about turning last night's fantasy into reality?"

"How do you mean?"

"You brought in another guy from your implanted memory bank. I have a friend who would love to join us." he paused before dropping the bombshell, "with his wife."

I gulped hard. He really knew me, more than myself! My head spun with the thoughts of what could happen.

"I have photos of them if you'd like to see?"

I nodded and he drew out a small wallet of pictures. "Here they are, Bill and Gina."

They were both good looking and in their thirties. He had obviously played with them before as there were a few nude pictures. Each had a well formed body, beautiful in fact, and I grew aroused at the thought of them joining us.

"What do you think?"


"Good girl, I thought you would. They know all about you and what I've turned you into, your memory patch, everything. They're very broadminded and both are bisexual. They can be here in an hour. I'll give them a call."

How was I going to play this? Jonathan helped the decision.

"Would you like to change again? I have set out some clothes for you. You can be Simone and enjoy them that way."

I felt my cheeks flush, and then my concerns came out.

"Jonathan. I'm falling in love with you, and sharing you, and myself, with others I'm not sure is right."

"Look, Simone, I'm feeling the same about you. This is just physical fun and doesn't have to affect the way we feel about each other. When we finish our fun with them tonight it will be you only who sleeps in my bed, then I will make love to you."

His gentle but commanding voice had put me at ease, I was content; and as horny as hell!

"So, go and get changed while we wait for them." He kissed me again.

I was about to expand my horizons again. As Simone it would be like two guys, two girls; what combinations of pleasure could that bring? Already my mind was entering into Simone mode, linked to the memory implant which had granted me access to a whole new world. My cock began to shrivel, in my mind, and breasts began to form. My body softened and became more curvaceous. I knew this was all in my mind, but it felt so real to me, the memories were now mine and I could make them my reality.

It was so easy and natural to slip into the beautiful basque Jonathan had set out for me, and then to slip the slinky black dress over my head. As last night, I applied a subtle touch of make-up and stepped into a pair of high heeled shoes.

I saw myself in the mirror, once again amazed at the transformation.

I walked back into the lounge, after carefully practicing my walk for several steps; the heels were higher than last night, not much, but took some getting used to.

Jonathan handed me a drink. "You look gorgeous! They will be so pleased."

I was nervous at the thought of being seen by a couple of strangers, but they knew what to expect, Jonathan had told them all about me.

"Relax, darling," he said. "You will enjoy this, they're a lovely couple, I can assure you."

"This is all so quick."

"But you want it, I can tell."

"Oh yes. But I just don't know what to do, I mean, four of us!"

"Trust your memories," he gave me a wink.

"Do you know exactly what my memories contain?"

"Most of them, yes."

"So are their memories of a foursome in there, and sex with another girl?"

"Relax, I don't want to spoil your pleasure by giving it all away. Just go with the flow, Bill and Gina will know what to do, I know your desires too."

"You do?"

"More than you realise."

Very soon, there was a chime from the door bell, my mouth suddenly went dry. Jonathan opened the door and welcomed his guests in. Bill carried a small canvas bag.

"So, this is your new friend, Jonathan," Bill said.

He walked up to me, took my hand as he gave a brief bow, and then kissed my cheek. His skin was soft and sweet smelling. What a gentleman, I thought. Then his wife approached.

"Hello Simone, lovely to meet you." She gave me a kiss too and a hug.

There was certainly no ice to break, this was a delightful couple, friendly and warm. I had no doubts now about the situation, but kept up a nervous anticipation of what would follow.

Jonathan poured drinks for Bill and Gina, and refiled our glasses. After a little small talk Gina came and sat right next to me.

"From what I've heard, Jonathan has hit the jackpot this time. You are delightful," she said. Then she gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips and stroked my thigh. "Mm," she said, "you taste good."

"Thank you," I said.

There was a twinkle in her eye as she said, "we're sure going to have some fun with you."

"Let's take our drinks through to the bedroom," Jonathan said. He led us not to his bedroom, our bedroom, but to another. The bed was huge. I stood awkwardly, clutching my drink. Then Bill approached, took the glass out of my hand, placed it on a nearby table, and then kissed me. Soon his hands were roaming all over my body.

I looked across at Jonathan for signs of approval but he was already getting to grips with Gina who was already down to her bra and panties. As she moved to her knees and undid his trousers I felt a pang of jealousy. I pulled myself up on these feelings, I trusted what Jonathan felt for me and believed his earlier words. This was just shared fun between consenting adults, with no strings attached.

I relaxed into Bill's caresses. He kissed my neck as he massaged my buttocks, it felt wonderful. I reached between his legs. My God! He was huge and so hard! I squeezed gently and he let out a moan. His breathing increased and he began to slip my dress over my head. Only two days since my first experience with Jonathan and I was soon standing before an almost complete stranger, wearing a beautiful basque and stockings, yearning for the man who was touching and licking me all over.

I undid his waist belt and his trousers fell to the floor. Next I unbuttoned his shirt and eased it over his shoulders. He was muscular, not in an over the top way, but firm and strong. I followed Gina's lead and dropped to my knees. Then I seductively slipped his boxer shorts off. I had such a feeling of feminine power it was intoxicating.

His cock sprang to life in front of my face. I kissed it, then licked it before finally drawing it into my mouth. He felt bigger than Jonathan, could I deep throat this man? He gripped the back of my head and eased me further onto his cock. I started to gag but controlled it. Surely there was no way I could do this?

But inch by inch I took him until he was in my throat. I adjusted my position slightly and eventually managed to get him all the way down. I couldn't breathe but as his hairless balls touched my chin I had a huge sense of achievement.

My actions had not passed Gina by. She moved over to us. "Fuck, I could never do that! Amazing! My turn with Simone now, you go and have fun with Jonathan."

Bill seemed slightly disappointed as he withdrew from my mouth but soon he was smiling as my mouth was replaced by Jonathan's.

Gina took my hand and led me over to the bed. "Lay down." She said.

I obeyed, she removed my panties and pushed my legs apart. She began to lick my clitoris and pussy, though again I knew the reality was that she was sucking my cock. Nevertheless, all I could feel was her tongue probing inside my pussy. It was still difficult to get my head around. I groaned and slid my fingers through her hair, it seemed different to when Jonathan did it, a different touch perhaps.

"Time for me to have some fun too." She moved around until we were in the 69 position and she lowered her shaven pussy to my face. She smelled and tasted sweet and I began to lap her for all I was worth. Her mouth and tongue worked faster on me and I came for the first time that evening.

It wasn't long before she came too, her body shuddering above me, she cried out.

"Fucking hell, that was good. Where did you learn to lick pussy like that? Hey Bill, Simone needs some cock."

"My pleasure," I heard him say.

Gina carried on licking and sucking, as did I. I stopped briefly as Bill began to push into me. I wasn't sure what was happening now, I knew in reality he was fucking my ass, but with Gina at my pussy it actually did feel like he was in my ass.

He took me gently, easing his way in as I moaned into Gina's pussy. God, it felt so good, his cock really starting to stretch me.

"Hey, Jonathan," said Gina. "What about me?"

"Of course, my dear."

Jonathan appeared above me, his cock aiming for Gina's pussy. I angled my head slightly to allow him access and concentrated on licking her clit. It was fascinating to see his cock so close and sliding into her. Soon his balls were brushing my nose. I no longer had any feelings of jealousy, just unbound pleasure, even the close up sight of him fucking Gina only turned me on even more.

As Bill began to me his entire length in and out of me, making me gasp with each stroke, I came again. It was so intense with her licking me too that my whole body trembled and I cried out in ecstasy with my hands gripping her thighs.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," said Bill.

"Me too," said Jonathan.

Bill was first as I felt him begin to tremble. He worked faster, driving me almost out of my mind. Then his cock erupted, pumping me full of his cream, sending a lovely warmth flooding through my body.

Jonathan then sped up inside Gina, he gripped her hips hard and pulled her onto him. Then he let out a moan and she got her fill too. As he continued to move inside her his cum began to trickle out of her pussy and I greedily lapped it up, letting it slide deliciously down my throat.

The boys were finished, for now. But Gina rolled off me and turned to face me. We kissed, exchanging each other's juices and the cum of the guys, it was intensely erotic.

"I want to fuck you now," she said. She climbed off the bed and reached for the bag they had brought. "I love to do this with girls."

She pulled out a large strap-on cock, very life like, big and thick. She strapped it around her waist and crotch and adjusted the straps tight. I noticed a small power pack attached to the belt.

"On your knees," she commanded.

I turned over and felt the mattress move as she inched towards me. Then she presented the plastic cock to my ass-pussy. It was so wet from her tongue and Bill's cum that she slid in easily. She started pumping in and out, which sent my head reeling. I came again, several times, and then she turned the power on.

I screamed in ecstasy as the vibrations ran through me while she continued pounding my pussy, for that's what it felt like again now. The she stopped.

"Roll over!"

I did as I was told and she entered me again. "I want to see you come, I want to see it in your eyes."

She reached for the control pack again and turned some switches, then I felt something I had never felt before, an intense tingle pulsating through my entire pelvic area, making my pussy muscles spasm rhythmically,

"Oh God!" I said. "What is that, it feels incredible?"

"Electro-sexual stimulation, darling. Do you like it?"

"Fuck yes!"

"Want some more?"

Without letting me answer, she turned the power up. I writhed under her and gripped the bed, crying out in pleasure and just a little pain. My hands moved to her back, gripping her tight and I wrapped my legs around her waist.

"Fuck me!" I called out.

I came so hard I couldn't believe it, I almost passed out. She came too, there must have been a part of the toy which stimulated her, but I barely noticed, I was so enveloped in my own passion. She withdrew and held me tight.

Meanwhile the boys had recovered and their cocks stood proud once again. I could see Bill and Jonathan whispering together. They smiled and nodded. What was going to happen now?

Jonathan came and laid down on the bed.

"Ride my cock, honey."

I didn't know whether my ass-pussy could take any more, but I obeyed and straddled his body before lowering myself onto his cock. I took it all, my lover's cock, looking into his eyes as it went o the limit. I smiled, and he did too. I rode up and down, relishing the feeling of him inside me then I felt Bill's hands on my hips.

Jonathan told me to hold still and lean forward. Then I felt Bill's cock vying for position with Jonathan's. Oh my God, they were going to double team me!

Bill started to squeeze himself in. I knew the reality was that I was taking two huge cocks in my ass. Should I get back to that reality or stay as I was, one in my pussy and one in my ass? I could feel that now and wanted to feel what the other version was like.

In my state of sexual overdrive I managed to wrest my psyche back to Simon. And there it was. My cock rock hard on Jonathan's stomach. Inside me I could now feel both their cocks n my ass, I had never felt so full, it hurt but my body was yielding.

"Fucking brilliant!" said Gina. "What a sight!"

They began to fuck me together. Some moments they moved in and out at the same time, then they would alternate like two pistons going up and down in opposite strokes. I couldn't believe what I was feeling nor what I was doing, what I was taking.

Gina moved around and made enough room between my body and Jonathan's to take my cock in her mouth. I lost all control. I felt like a rag doll being pushed and pulled by two strong pairs of hands. Gina just held her mouth there as I moved up and down on Jonathan's cock while Bill rammed me from behind. All sense of time and space disappeared. The guys were beginning to moan, their cocks twitching inside me, somehow they managed to come together which was an incredible feeling, both shooting their creamy come deep in my ass. As my whole body orgasmed. I flooded Gina's mouth with my own juices. Then, as Bill released my hips I collapsed on top of Jonathan, almost lifeless. He held me close and kissed my face.

My hands and arms were curled up on my chest as I lay on him, both his strong arms wrapped around me. I was still coming and said, "I love you. I love you for you and for all this you have given me."

He kissed my lips and I saw Gina and Bill in a similar embrace.

After an unknown time we got ourselves cleaned up and partly dressed, and then we had drinks together.

"Jonathan and Simone," said Gina. "that was a fantastic evening. If you want to do it again it would be our pleasure too."

"I think it would be safe to say it will happen again, isn't that right, Simone?"

I kissed him. "Of course, darling."

Eventually Bill and Gina left after we all kissed. "Well,." said Jonathan, "that was fun, now you're all mine. I want to make love to you, proper love, not just sex. Are you up for it.?"

"I will be soon, just give me chance to recover."

He did make love to me that night, twice. I called in as sick for work the next day, I had to have more of him.

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