tagRomanceThe Blues Club

The Blues Club


Fran was hurrying to get ready. She had a dinner date with her man and didn’t want to miss a moment. It seemed like an age since they had been out for the night. He was so busy with his work lately. When they did finally get together, it was usually at her place or his and time for a quick roll in the sack and then he would be gone again.

“I am starting to wonder would I appeal more to him if I turned into a computer program. Maybe then he would show more interest” she said to herself sighing.

“Well tonight is his last chance” she thought.

She hopped into her shower. The water was warm and felt so good after a long day at work. She stood there for a while just letting the stream wash over her. The water glistened on her pert breasts. She looked down at herself and noticed a few droplets of water on her nipple and flicked them off with her finger. Her nipple sprang to attention from the interest. She gave a slight moan and poured some bath wash into her hands. Starting to rub it into her shoulders and arms forming a lather on her milky skin. She moved to her breasts and was really enjoying the sensation. She took her nipples between her finger and thumb, rolling and tweaking them. Another moan escaped from her as she felt herself getting excited. Her hands moved slowly over her stomach, around to the small of her back and then her buttocks. “Oooooooh” she moaned out loudly. Her hands moved around to her loin. She moved with slow firm strokes further down to her hot pussy that was throbbing for some consideration. It felt so good, so smooth from the shave she had just had. She lathered up her snail trail, wanting to make it soft and clean just in case they had time tonight for some serious love making.

“Certainly not the wham bam thank you ma’am I have been getting of late” she told herself. “If that’s all he wants then he can take himself in hand. I want time, I am sick of being rushed” she reflected.

Her hand had reached her clit and she started to rub it, a little harder as she was getting so excited. Her finger moved down to her entrance, just poking a little in before moving back to her bottom and swirling around that hole. Another moan escaped her. She bought her finger back to her pussy and she opened her legs a little wider. Her finger delved in to the first knuckle. Then the second. Her juices were flowing over it. Her other hand had returned to her nipples and she was soon working away at both.

Her finger moved into overdrive as she felt an orgasm coming on her.

“Oh god I wish Barry would show me this attention” she told herself.

Soon she had reached the pinnacle and was flooding her finger with her sweet creamy cum.

After she had collected herself she continued to wash herself all over. She then hopped out to dry herself and dress. First her cream gstring and bra. Then the matching camisole. Stockings. And finally her favourite burgundy dress. She loved the way it highlighted her strawberry blonde hair. And the feel of the silk clinging to her body was luxurious.

Then she applied a little makeup. Just some blush, mascara and finally her lipstick. That done she brushed her hair until it shone and went into her room to retrieve her black stilettos and handbag. Taking one last look in the mirror, she smiled approvingly and ran out the door to the waiting taxi.

Once she reached the restaurant, she quickly entered and scanned the crowd looking for Barry. Not seeing him she told the maitre d that there had been a table booked and gave him Barry’s name. He advised her that her companion had not arrived yet and asked if she would like to sit at the table or at the bar.

“At the table will be fine and I would like a Black Russian and the menu while I wait for my friend please” she answered.

Seated and with drink in hand, she perused the menu half heartedly.

“Damn him” she said to herself. “I am late so he should have been here thirty minutes ago.”

She looked up at the entrance, willing him to walk through it, but to no avail. Just then her attention was caught by the sound of a man laughing. She looked around to see who it was that sounded so happy. Her eyes fell on a handsome distinguished looking gentleman talking to another man at his table.

“Damn, he is probably gay” she thought. Just then the man looked up and seeing her watching him, raised his glass to her and smiled. She quickly averted her eyes as she blushed furiously. She peeked up again only to see him grinning at her embarrassment and showing more than a passing interest.

“Mmmm” she thought , “perhaps I was wrong in that judgement”. She returned her look to the menu and drummed her fingers on the table with impatience. Deciding her boyfriend would not likely show up now, she called the waiter over.

“Looks like my friend is a no show. I may as well order” she tells him.

“Certainly ma’am. What can I get you?” he replies.

“I think I will have the grilled coral trout with a garden salad. A little French dressing and a glass of riesling, thank you.” Fran orders.

“Would you like the wine now?” he asks.

Fran tells the waiter that she would and sits back finishing her drink. She looks across the room and notices the handsome stranger glancing at her as he talks to his dining companion. She gives him a coy smile and holds her drink up in salute, amazing herself with her brazenness.

“Well why not,” she tells herself. “Barry is now a closed chapter. I have had enough of his inattentiveness, time to move on.”

Her wine arrives and she sits sipping it and surveying the room. But her look always returns to the stranger. Just as her meal arrives, she notices that his companion is getting up to leave and he is staying seated at the table. She watches the other man walking out of the restaurant and returns her look to the handsome man. As she looks back to him, she sees he is getting up and walking towards her.

He reaches her table and asks her with a deep sexy timbre to his voice, “Hello, I hope you don’t mind but I hate to see such a lovely lady dining alone. Would you mind if I joined you?”

Fran nods her head in agreement, not quite trusting herself to speak. He holds out his hand and introduces himself.

“My name is William” he says.

“I am Fran,” she tells him, “please sit down.”

He sits and asks her if she would like another glass of wine. She agrees so he calls the waiter over to order a bottle. Turning back to her, they make small talk. He tells her that he is an architect up here on business and that he is divorced and has two children. She tells him about her business and her children. He asks her if there is a man in her life. She confesses to him that there is but not for long, explaining how she was fed up with him not turning up.

They continue chatting over the wine as Fran finishes her meal. He then asks her if there are any good blues clubs in town. Delighted that she has found someone who shares her interest in music she tells him where her favourite blues bar is. William then asks her if she would care to accompany him there for an after dinner drink and some music. She quickly agrees. The restaurant settled, they grab a taxi and head towards the city.

As the taxi pulls up, the sound of a piano being played wafts across the curb to them.

“Sounds good,” he tells her as they enter the bar. Finding themselves a corner table, he orders them a cognac. They sit back sipping their drinks, occasionally talking but mostly letting the music fill their senses. A slow tune begins and William asks her to dance. Leading her across the floor, he takes her in his arms and they begin to sway to the music. Their bodies seem to fit so well together. He bends his head to hers, breathing in her unique sexy scent. They continue to slow dance till the song finishes and are both reluctant to stop and go back to their table.

Later in the night after more drinking and dancing, Fran tells him reluctantly that she must leave for home. He takes her hand as they leave the bar. Hailing a taxi, he insists that he see her home safely before he returns to his hotel room. They hold hands and she lets her head rest on his shoulder on the trip to her home. He is intoxicated by her perfume and feels a stirring in his groin. As they near her home, she asks if he would come in for coffee.

“We can call another cab or I can drive you later,” Fran says, not wanting the night to end.

Feeling the same, he quickly agrees. Once inside, she tells him to get comfortable while she makes the coffee.

“Where are your children?” he asks.

“It is their weekend with their dad.” she tells him.

William finds her CD player and asks if she minds. When she agrees, he puts on an Ottis Redding CD.

“That’s my favourite.” she says.

“Mine too,” he answers her, though Muddy Waters runs a close second.”

She smiles as she thinks how much they have in common. Bringing in the coffee, she places the tray on the coffee table and sits on the lounge next to him. She leans back into his arm and his hand comes round to rest on her shoulder. They sit, letting the music wash over them, both comfortable with their silence.

After a while he turns to her and says “Fran I normally don’t like to rush these things but I am only here a few days. Would you think me a cad if I kissed you?”

Fran answers by lifting her head to his. He finds her lips for a gentle kiss, his hand coming behind her head to hold her there. His tongue gently enters her lips, running along her teeth then finding her tongue. She moans with delight as she kisses him back. Her hand rests on his manly chest. He moves to her ears and nibbles on her ear lobe, making her heart race and stirring the passion in her loins. Down to her neck his kisses sending shivers through her body. Her hand goes around to his back and she pulls him closer. Her nipples harden, stretching the bodice of her dress and sticking into his chest.

They are both feeling the bent up passion when his hand lightly crosses her breast over her nipple which hardens even more.

Huskily she suggests that they go to her bedroom. He doesn’t answer, just stands and takes her hand. She leads him up the hallway to her bedroom. Turning on the bedside light, she turns to him.

“I am not normally so forward,” she says “but.....”

He doesn’t let her add more just takes her into his arms again. Reaching behind her, he finds the buttons down the back of her dress and starts to undo them. She, meanwhile, is unbuttoning his shirt (he has already removed his jacket and tie when they first arrived). He finally undoes the last button and lets her dress drop to the floor. He removes her camisole.

“Amazing,” he says as he lays his eyes on her near naked form.

She answers by removing his shirt and undoing his belt buckle. He pulls her close to him and reaching behind her unclasps and removes her bra. He moans as he sees her breast free from constraint and bends to take one nipple in his mouth. Her moaning joins his as he does. Undoing his trousers, they are discarded. All that is left is his boxers and her gstring, which they quickly remove.

He pulls her onto the bed and they lay there, exploring each others bodies. His hand traces the outline of her arm, her hip, to come back up her front and run lazy circles around her nipple. She moans and brings her leg up over his hip, pushing herself closer until she felt his hard cock pressing on her pubic bones. He bends his head to take her nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue before gently biting it.

“Mmmmmm, that feels sooo good” she tells him. He starts to kiss and lick his way down her body, across her stomach past her pubic area, to her inner thigh. Then kissing down to her knee and back up again. she pushes him back and turns around to a 69 position and starts to lick his hard cock. She feels it throbbing beneath her tongue. Meanwhile William is running his tongue across her clit to her folds, past them and all the way back to her arsehole which quivers with the attention. He goes back to her clit, breathing in the sweet smell of her hot wet pussy. His tongue flickers over her clit making her juices run even more.

Fran has gone from licking his cock to sucking on his balls. One at a time she takes them into her mouth licking and sucking them until they are tight with longing. William’s tongue has gone to the entrance of her pussy, stopping there to lick around the hole and the lips of it. She groans and pushes her body onto his face while going back up his shaft with her tongue to suck in the tip of this hard cock. She licks and sucks on his knob as his tongue enters her pussy to lick at her juices. His tongue goes into her pussy as she starts to suck his cock with enough firmness to have him straining for her to take it all in. He tongue fucks her as the finger of one hand rubs her clit till it is so hard and the other hand moves to her arse running around the hole then poking in a little. She takes his cue and does the same to him as she sucks faster and harder on his cock. He soon feels her shudder as she reaches a climax, licking up the juices as they pour from her.

Pushing her back and removing himself from her mouth, he climbs on top of her. His hard cock , wet from her mouth, rests at the entrance of her pussy as he rubs the tip up her clit and back around to her arse before coming back to her entrance. She wraps her legs around him as her body builds up for a second orgasm.

“Please fuck me” she whispers to him. “Fuck me hard.”

He enters her, ramming his cock right into her so it is pushing on her uterus wall and his balls slap against her arse. He keeps plunging in and out of her as she matches his movements. They fuck hard and as he feels her reaching her second orgasm. He lets go of his restraint and climaxes with her, spurting his hot wet cum into her as she orgasms around his cock. Their combined juices flowing out of her.

He lays back putting his arm around her. She snuggles in, feeling more satisfied than she has for a long time.

“Can you stay the night?” she asks him dreamily.

He smiles at her and tells her that wild horses couldn’t drag him from this bed. After some time to recover, they start again, trying different positions and discovering things they both liked until they finally fall back into each others arms to fall asleep.

Next morning he wakes to an empty bed. But smells the appetising smell of Eggs Benedict wafting though the house. He puts on his boxers and finds his way through the house to the kitchen. Entering, he smiles to see her standing at the stove with egg slice in her hand and nothing on except an apron.

“Do you like orange juice?” she asks “and do you come to Brisbane often?”

He smiles again and tells her that it will be much more often now.

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