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The Boba Fett Trilogy


The Boba Fett Trilogy Part 1

A Taste of Death

Boba opened his eyes from behind his mandalorian helmet groggily. He had been curled up in a corner Jabba's palace, dozing. The various denizens of the gangster's court all slumbered in various states of exhaustion. Boba sat up and quickly oriented himself to his surroundings. He could hardly believe he had fallen asleep in the main audience chamber. He had rarely been so careless in his life. His father had taught him one thing above all else in his youth on Kamino: never let your guard down. Boba had lived by that philosophy always. He had even been given private quarters here in Jabba's palace as a kind of bonus for bringing Solo to the hutt. And yet somehow he had fallen asleep here, allowing himself to become vulnerable to the myriad of criminals and aliens that surrounded him.

Boba stood from the dark corner where he had been lying in shadows and silently appraised the room around him. Despite having somehow lost his focus temporarily, he quickly realized he was not in any apparent danger. The room around him was filled with the snoring and assorted respiration of aliens from a thousand worlds, now all dozing in the company of the giant slug at the middle of the court. Jabba himself was asleep, the only movement from the vile gangster his massive tail, as it twitched and slithered in salacious dreams.

Another movement caught Boba's eyes as he looked to the center of the room. The rebel, Leia Organa, was awake and moving silently along the floor. Boba watched the attractive young woman as she quietly removed the chain around her neck with some kind of lock pick she had concealed. Looking up to see that Jabba was still asleep, the beautiful brunette began silently crawling along the floor on her hands and knees, her perfect body looking exquisite to Boba in the revealing metal bikini the crime lord had forced her to wear.

Leia had been brave to attempt the lone rescue of Solo and Boba had respected her for that. More than that, her thermal detonator bluff as a disguised bounty hunter had impressed Boba immensely. Obviously it had been a ruse, but part of Boba realized that the beautiful Rebel would have made a very competent bounty hunter had her life lead her down a similar path as his.

Now, as she silently tried to escape, Boba considered his options. He could call out right now, ending her escape attempt instantly. Boba could easily imagine the fate that would await Leia if he alerted Jabba and his guards. As the scantily clad brunette continued to silently slink across the dirty floor of the palace, coming ever closer to Boba, the bounty hunter made up his mind to remain silent. If she escaped, if she was caught, either way there was no profit in it for him. And Boba was hardly interested in seeing another attractive slave girl fed to the ravenous Rancor beneath his feet.

Boba's head turned slightly as he watched the Leia continue her quiet escape. His visor's movement caught a glint of light and Leia's gaze instantly fixed on the deadly bounty hunter. As Leia's eyes opened wide with fear at being caught, she froze, realizing that her escape attempt had failed.

Boba took a step towards her, silently approaching the half-naked Rebel. Leia raised a finger to her lips, gesturing him to remain silent. Boba nodded, ever so slowly, realizing that he was now putting his own life at risk, defying Jabba in his own audience chamber. Leia pointed at the staircase, clearly indicating that she was going to continue that way. Boba paused for a moment to ponder her. She had not indicated the exit staircase, rather the stairs that led to the living quarters for the few permanent denizens of the palace. Boba watched as she continued to slink across the floor, and then crawl up the stairs towards the living quarters. Careful not to make any noise, he followed her.

As Boba reached the top of the stairs, he found Leia standing in the hallway. Off to her left, the frog-like alien Bubo slept, slumped on his side lazily. As Leia looked to Boba questioningly, he gestured to the third door on the right and Leia nodded in understanding. Boba walked to the door and entered his access code, unlocking the small room which had once served the B'omarr monks as living quarters, but was now converted to act as his private room, while he stayed as a guest of Jabba the Hutt.

Leia silently entered his room and Boba stepped in, closing the automatic door behind him.

"Why?" Leia said as she turned to face the armor-clad bounty hunter. "Why didn't you wake Jabba?"

Boba said nothing, simply appraising the fiery passion and beauty of the metal-bikini clad princess. She had fantastic tits, there was no denying it. No wonder Jabba had chosen her as his personal slave girl.

"Why!" Leia again demanded. "You could have stopped me...or turned me in."

"There was no profit in it." Boba answered in his usual monotone. In truth, he wasn't exactly sure why he hadn't stopped her from trying to escape. Was it some grudging respect for the strong woman that had held him in check? Was he getting soft? Maybe he was just enamored with her beauty. Fett had to admit to himself, as a man he was as susceptible to the charms of a beautiful woman as anyone else. But no, it was more than that...something inside of him had wanted her to escape.

"And last night?" Leia placed her hands on her hips in a defiant pose as her gaze bore into the bounty hunter. "He offered me to you. I know he did. And you refused."

"I didn't want you like that." Boba answered honestly. "I've never taken a woman by force in my life."

Leia silently appraised the cold metallic helmet of the bounty hunter. Boba began to realize just how attractive he found her. Her strength, her determination, her beauty. It all made for an intoxicating combination.

"Take off your helmet." Leia demanded. "I want to see your face Boba Fett. I want to see the face of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy."

Boba didn't care for her tone. No one gave him orders. It was part of the code he lived by. And yet, he found himself reaching up to remove his mandalorian helmet. Some part of him wanted Leia to see his face, to know the real person behind the mask. As he pulled off his helmet and looked at Leia face to face, he realized for the first time that he found her presence incredibly soothing.

"Thank you." Leia said simply as she stepped close to him.

Boba said nothing as he watched Leia slowly raise her hands and slide them up his armored chestplate.

"I hated you once." Leia whispered, looking at the battle scarred armor that covered the hardened bounty hunter. "You took Han from me."

Boba nodded slowly, feeling himself beginning to get aroused by his proximity to the beautiful brunette.

"And for days now you've watched me get fucked in here." Leia continued. "I saw you watching yesterday when he made me blow that kowakian monkey-lizard in front of the entire court."

Boba said nothing as Leia's right hand moved down to his crotch, massaging his building erection through his pants. She looked up into his eyes as Boba struggled to control his breathing against the gentle ministrations of the Rebel slave girl.

"Did you like watching Boba?" Leia whispered as she continued to deftly massage his semi-hard erection through his pants. "Did you like watching me fuck and suck like that?"

"If you think you can bribe me with your body into letting you escape, you're dead wrong."

Leia only smiled, finding the zipper to his pants and slowly pulling it down. As her small hand snaked into his jumpsuit and wrapped around his dick, she smiled devilishly as she pulled out his erect cock and began to gently massage it.

"Who says I want to escape?" Leia breathed as she moved up and kissed Boba tenderly. Boba kept his eyes fixed on her as she pulled back. He looked for any hint of deception in her eyes, but found none. "I'm exactly where I want to be. With you."

Boba reached up and unclasped the top of her golden metal bikini, letting Leia's perfect breasts free. The bounty hunter pulled his gloves off one by one and then reached forward with his bare hands to take hold of Leia's ample tits.

"Oh yes..." Leia purred, looking down at his hands on her chest. "You DO like me don't you..."

Boba leaned down and kissed Leia forcefully. Part of him still suspected her motives. She couldn't really have given herself to him so fully without a hidden agenda. Surely she intended escape. Or to gain his sympathy at the least. But as her tongue slid into his mouth to return his kiss passionately, Boba realized it didn't matter. At this moment, she wanted him, he could feel the need within her.

Pulling back from the kiss, Leia looked at him intensely. "I want you to fuck me while wearing your armor." She demanded, her voice husky with need. As she unclasped her bikini bottoms, she stepped out of the outfit to turn her perfect ass towards him for inspection. "I want you to fuck me from behind in your armor."

Boba smirked as he approached the brunette from behind. Leia placed her hands flat against the wall and lowered her head submissively and she prepared for his entry. Boba stepped close to her and took hold of his erect cock, pressing it up into her waiting wetness from behind.

Leia jumped at the contact as he found her steaming wet pussy with his cock and slowly began to enter her body.

"Yesssss..." Leia hissed as half Boba's cock pressed up into her wet pussy. Boba grabbed onto her hips for leverage and pressed himself into her fully. "Ohhhh yessss...." Leia moaned.

Boba stopped for a moment, savoring the warm feeling surrounding him as he was now fully embedded in the beautiful princess. This was worth it he realized. Worth risking Jabba's wrath, worth risking death. Fucking Leia was going to be worth it all. Besides, he had always lived his life on the edge.

Taking hold of her braided pony tail with his left hand, and reaching around between her legs with his right, the bounty hunter began to fuck in and out of Leia forcefully. Leia gripped the wall as best she could, bracing herself against the assault. Boba put his leg muscles into it, fucking in and out of her as hard as he could, getting a satisfying gasp from Leia.

"Haaahh!" Leia exclaimed as she was pinned to the wall by Fett's large cock. "Ohhhh Gods..." she moaned in wanton pleasure.

Boba grunted as he continued his powerful assault on the sexy brunette. It all felt like something out of a dream...Leia was so perfect. The way she felt around his cock, the way she pressed back against him, welcoming his rough fucking of her. Leia was flawless...completely perfect. Her breasts shook back and forth with every thrust and Boba reached his right hand up to grab one as he intensified his thrusting.

"Oh my gods, Boba..." Leia moaned, "I'm gonna cum all over you....I gonna cum all over you..." She chanted obscenely as her pussy began to spasm and contract around his dick.

The sensation along with her sleazy words was too much for the bounty hunter, he felt himself begin to explode into Leia's pussy. His cock was spewing cum up inside of her. And her pussy felt alive, as if it were a hungry mouth, devouring his cum with each spurt. The sensation was indescribable as Boba shook with pleasure and Leia's hungry snatch devoured his cum with each spurt.

"HAAAAaaaaaaa!" Leia let out a high-pitched squeal as her body continued to shake with multiple orgasms. Boba couldn't believe the intensity of their mutual orgasms. It felt like the most intense fuck of his entire life.

Boba slid his cock out of her, his leg muscles totally exhausted. He slumped back onto the small bed at the side of the room and leaned back against the headboard, totally exhausted. Leia was still facing the wall, trembling uncontrollably. Her legs were shaking as she stood there, clinging to the wall for support. She let out little gasps every few seconds as she struggled to compose herself.

Boba smiled with pride as he enjoyed seeing what his manhood had done to the her. He had seen her raped by Gamorreans days ago. He had seen Jabba himself fuck her with his massive hutt-tail. But never had he seen Leia shaking with such undeniable pleasure as he had just given her. It filled the bounty hunter with the same kind of pride his deadly reputation gave him.

Leia turned her head sheepishly to look at Boba adoringly.

"That was absolutely..." she began.

"Amazing." Boba finished. He realized now he needed more of this beautiful woman. He would need her again and again.

Leia nodded silently and walked unsteadily to rest on the bed with him. Curling up against his cold armor, she held onto Fett as if afraid to let him go.

"Boba..." Leia whispered. "Jabba is going to die."

"There have been many plots to kill him over the decades. But somehow he always manages to come out on top."

"Not this time." Leia stated grimly. "This time he will taste death."

"Why?" Boba said, turning his scarred face down to look at the small woman curling up next to him. "Because your Rebel friends are going to stop him?"

"No." Leia answered with certainty. "Because Rystáll has poisoned his food."

"Hutts can digest just about anything." Boba scoffed, thinking back on the many plots he'd heard to poison Jabba over the years. "At most she'll give him a stomach ache."

"This poison is special. It was specifically created to slay Hutts. Lyn Me brought it into the palace two days ago. He's already eaten enough of it to kill him."

Boba considered her words. What would become of this palace without Jabba? What would become of his vast criminal enterprise if he truly died? It would be chaos--that much was certain.

"Why?" Boba asked. "Why would Rystáll and Lyn Me want Jabba dead?"

Leia turned and looked up to Boba's face with amusement.

"You really don't know?" She said coyly. "They're both in love with you, Boba."

He looked into Leia's eyes intently. He had known about Lyn Me's infatuation with him. The young Twi'lek had all but offered herself to him on numerous occasions. And Rystáll...Boba had definitely felt the attraction between the sexy dancer and himself. But both of them in LOVE with him? And so much that they would try to KILL Jabba the Hutt? It hardly seemed plausible.

"I don't believe you." Boba said simply, his bounty hunter outlook on the world far too simple to accept such a story.

"Believe it, Boba Fett." Leia said as she raised herself up to straddle his body. As she lowered her face to his and kissed him tenderly he found his heart beginning to race. "Believe it because it's true."

Boba said nothing, looking up at the beautiful Rebel fighter as she took his face in her hands.

"And believe this as well." She continued. "You just gave me the monster fuck of my entire life."

Boba let himself relax as Leia moved in and kissed him passionately.


"Uuudaaa! Aaaahhh!" Jabba roared furiously as he clutched at his fat body in agony. His tail was writhing furiously as he thrashed around violently on his throne. Salacious Crumb screamed out in terror as the pain-ridden hutt lashed his tail out and accidentally whacked the monkey-lizard so hard it went flying from the throne onto the floor.

Bib Fortuna attempted to calm his master while the entire court erupted with shouts and chaos as the assembled slime of Jabba's inner sanctum all stepped close to see what was wrong with the gigantic slug.

"UUUUDAAA!" Jabba bellowed as his eyes began to roll back into his head and his mouth foamed over, drooling all over himself.

Boba watched silently from the dark corner as the vile gangster thrashed in his death throws. It had happened just as Leia said it would. As Jabba let forth one last disgusting gurgle, he suddenly slumped forward, the life drained out of his eyes.

Coming around slowly and rubbing his head, Salacious Crumb looked up from the ground just in time to scream in terror as Jabba's lifeless body slumped down on top of him, flattening the court jester under tons of dead weight.

The assembled gangsters and criminals all stood there dumbfounded at the sudden turn of events. No one dared to speak in the room as the realization that Jabba the Hutt was dead dawned on the crowd.

Leia suddenly stepped into the center of the room and walked up onto the former throne of the hutt, her perfect body drawing all eyes as she raised her hands to address the court.

"Jabba is gone!" She announced forcefully, taking control of the room with her voice alone. "His era of slaves and torture is at an end!"

There were a number of grumbles from the crowd as the criminal slime of the audience chamber voiced their obvious distaste at her announcement.

"But hear me now!" Leia continued. "There is one man strong enough to lead Jabba's organization! One man with the guile and intelligence to take his place!"

More assorted grumbling sounded through the chamber. Bib Fortuna edged slowly towards Leia, clearly making his move to seize power.

"And that man is BOBA FETT!" Leia screamed out as the bounty hunter stepped into the light for the first time. "The greatest bounty hunter in the GALAXY!"

One look from Boba sent Bib scurrying back from the throne. As he turned to face the crowd, his blaster and flame-thrower ready, Boba prepared for the fight of his life. Instead he found himself greeted by cheers and applause from the palace denizens. All around him the bizarre aliens Jabba had collected cheered and hollered his name.

"Fett! Fett! Fett! Fett!" the crowed chanted as Boba, dumbfounded, stepped up onto the throne platform next to Leia.

"Fett! Fett!" Rystáll chanted as she stepped onto the throne next to the bounty hunter, clapping her hands with the crowd. Boba reached out and slid his gloved fingers down her lavender face, caressing her beauty.

Smiling at Boba, Rystáll took her place standing next to him, just as Leia stood at his opposite side. Boba looked again to the cheering crowd as Lyn Me walked forward, deftly stepping over Jabba's lifeless tail as she walked to the throne. The twi'lek gracefully strode onto the platform and traced her hands over the throne's control panel. Her lekku draped lazily over her shoulders as she beamed at Boba, and activated the trap door with her pale hand.

Instantly the floor opened in front of the throne and Jabba's bloated corpse fell along with the squashed body of Salacious Crumb into the Rancor pit. The crowed cheered louder than ever as all advanced to watch the gruesome spectacle below.

Boba felt his helmet being gently removed by Leia and Rystáll. He tensed for a moment at being unmasked in public. Leia's whisper at his side calmed him.

"There's no need for secrecy now..." She explained as the women raised the battle-damaged helmet from the bounty hunter. "You are a bounty hunter no longer. You are now master of all that is before you."

Boba looked to the crowd and noticed that they were far too engrossed in the macabre scene of Jabba's slug-like body being bitten in half by the Rancor to care about his face being revealed. Leia was right, he was the master now. Master of the galaxy's most vast criminal empire. As he looked to his left, he saw Bib Fortuna bow his head with respect, in a sign of subservience to his new master.

Lyn Me moved gracefully up to Boba, her beautiful face reflecting nothing but adoration for him as she leaned in and kissed him slowly. Pulling back gently the twi'lek smiled mischievously and slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of Boba. She unzipped his pants and reached in, pulling his cock out as he looked down at her in surprise. He had seen Jabba engage in sex acts with his slave girls in public, but then hutt humility was almost a contradiction in terms. Boba had always been a secretive and private man.

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