tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Bonding Chronicles Ch. 02

The Bonding Chronicles Ch. 02


***** Dinner and a Story *****

Arriving home Andrew showered, then changed into a videogame themed t-shirt and baggy shorts. His mother coated his arms and calves with a salve which burnt but soothed the deep pain he felt in his muscles. Andrew laid on the couch casually reading one of the more interesting chapters from his calculus book. A strong cinnamon smell hung potently in the air as the ache in Andrew's legs continued to grow.

He snuck furtive glances at the door periodically, as he drank from a large glass of water before returning to his book. His father sat on the other side of the sofa, writing in a notebook. An exceptionally noisy car could be heard coming down the gravel driveway. As the engine stopped a loud backfire rang through the living room followed by the sound of a car door closing.

Andrew attempted to swing his legs off the sofa to greet Sara. Wincing in intense pain he was forced back into a lying position. Michelle walked from the kitchen and crossed the living room, wiping her hands on a cloth. Frowning, she said to Andrew, "Relax, sweetie. You need to heal. I can welcome our guest." Effectively stopping him from trying to get off of the couch again.

As his mother vanished through the door they could hear her happily say, "Hi, you must be, Sara. I'm Michelle."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Michelle." Andrew perked up at the sound of Sara's voice.

There was a momentary pause before his mother appeared through the doorway, followed closely by Sara. "Wow, what a lovely house," She said, looking appreciatively around the room. Sara was wearing the same button-up shirt and loose-fitting pants from earlier in the day. Andrew was pleased to see that she still looked gorgeous in them.

Michelle had a large smile on her face which brightened when she saw the way her son looked at Sara. Dave stood and Sara looked at him appraisingly. Seeing his large and muscular physique she finally understood why so many woman in town found him so impressive. "You must be Andrew's father. You really live up to the rumors."

Dave stepped to her and extended his hand. "It's a pleasure, please call me Dave."

Sara shook his hand with surprising strength. "That sounds like a deal, Dave."

Sara finally looked at Andrew who beamed up at her affectionately from the couch. Andrew desperately wanted to get up, but after another failed attempt he was only successful at getting himself into a sitting position. He sighed in frustration. "Hey, Sara. Welcome to our hovel!" His voice was excited but somehow diminished by his situation.

Sara walked over and knelt in front of him, putting one hand on his knee while using the other to wipe his hair back as she winced in sympathy.

"Wow, he really did a number on you."

Dave and Michelle silently watched the young couple. Finding the casual affection between them both surprising and endearing.

Looking into Andrew's blue eyes, Sara smiled warmly. "You still need to explain how he isn't responsible for this."

Michelle, finally sensing an opportunity to get some answers, walked nonchalantly into the kitchen. She continued preparing dinner as she asked, "Yeah, Andrew. How is this not 'his' fault?"

Andrew laughed at her attempt to get him talking. "All right, all right, I give. Just let me lay back down first." He ground his palms into the tops of his legs in an attempt to ease his discomfort.

"Yay, finally, it's story time!" A huge grin spread across Sara's face as she sat beside Andrew. She helped him lift his legs onto her lap while he rested back into the couch with a relieved sigh. Sara was excited while she watched Andrew getting settled. Dave retook his seat on the sofa as she asked, "Has he told you guys what happened?"

Dave grumbled, "No."

"Not yet," Michelle said from the kitchen, anticipation dripping from her words.

Andrew savored the excitement and curiosity that was palpable in the air as he began. "In order to understand how I got like this we have to first talk about how my day started."

Dave rolled his eyes.

Michelle said with frustration, "Seriously?"

Sara simply watched Andrew with excitement. She was happy to finally be getting to know Andrew more.

With practiced patience Dave and Michelle waited for Andrew to build his narrative the way he wanted.

Andrew was distracted by Sara's strong and slender fingers as she started to massage his calves. He expected to feel extreme pain, but instead her hands felt warm and soothing. He sighed as she began working a knot out of his calf. Looking at her he said softly, "That feels nice."

During his drive home with his parents Andrew knew that he would need to change his story in a few subtle ways. His mother was too observant and he knew she would catch him in a lie if he changed the story too much. So after careful consideration Andrew decided that his version of events would start with him buying a soda from a vending machine.

Andrew described the start of Physics. How Dr Blake had referred to him as "Andy." Explaining, "Because despite appearances I am not a child, and the least he can do is treat me with enough respect to use my name." As Dave smiled proudly, Andrew reflected on his statement. Realizing just how disrespectful he had been to Karen earlier that day.

Sensing a change in his mood, Sara gently ran her hand a little further up his leg. Drawing his attention she smiled at him questioningly. Andrew smiled back warmly and continued his tale.

Andrew explained the other students reactions, and expressed frustration at not understanding why Zack seemed to enjoy his poor treatment so much. Sara seemed confused by Andrew's description of Zack's behavior and before he could ask her about it Michelle asked from the Kitchen, "Sara, how do you like your steak?"

"Rare please."

Andrew decided to ignore Sara's confusion about Zack's behavior for now. He instead talked about how he spilled his half empty diet on his pants as he prepared to leave the classroom. Explaining that the spill caused Zack to think that Andrew had pissed himself, leading to the piss themed harassment through the rest of the day.

Andrew described how he really enjoyed Karen's class, finding her entertaining and insightful.

"Yeah, she's a great teacher," Sara said proudly as she slapped his leg before starting in on the next. Andrew sighed with relief as she began working on the first knot in the new leg.

Deciding to skip over his misunderstanding with Karen, Andrew instead described the start of his PE class. As he started explaining how he knew that Mr. Spencer was ex-military his father interrupted.

"Ohh, I know where this is going."

Andrew smiled knowingly at his father. "Yeah, I was afraid I was going to have to deal with a Staff Sgt Johnson, but thankfully he turned out to be like Sgt Henry."

Dave and Michelle both sighed loudly with relief. Sara looked between them with an eager and curious expression. Looking at Sara Dave explained.

"Sgt Henry was a tough drill sergeant we had back in boot. He was tough but fair. He beat us into the ground with conditioning, but he did it to sharpen us. Staff Sgt Johnson, now he was a real SOB who came in towards the end. He was just cruel and his only purpose was to assert himself."

Satisfied, Sara thanked Dave before looking back at Andrew. She continued to work knots out of his calf.

Andrew began describing the events of "The Forty Five," as he decided to start referring to it. When Andrew got to the part where he passed out and woke up on the floor, both of his parents looked at him protectively and concerned. While Andrew found their reaction comforting, Sara was relieved to know that his parents were as protective of him as she was.

"Everyone, to the table. It's chow time," Michelle said as she set four plates around a small round dining room table just outside the kitchen. There was already a large bowl with a basic tossed salad inside.

Andrew carefully raised his legs to allow Sara up. With every movement he expected a sharp pain or dull ache which never came. Sara reached down and helped Andrew up. As he stood he didn't feel nearly as much pain as he expected he would. Outside of a manageable discomfort in his thighs and arms, his calves were feeling pretty good. He stretched out each leg comfortably before they looked at each other in surprise.

Sara came in close and whispered, "I guess this is something else we will have to figure out... I wonder what other miraculous things these hands can do to you?" Her voice was quiet and husky, hinting at many sensual possibilities. Andrew blushed as his dick jumped subtly. Sara kissed him playfully on the cheek before gracefully walking to the table.

After joining everyone, Andrew cut his entire steak into bite size pieces while describing how he finished the last three minutes of "The Forty Five." He mentioned Bruce and Zack's other friend's supportive comments.

"That must have been Steve," Sara said helpfully. "Bruce and Steve are always with Zack," she finished while pointing around the table with her fork. A small piece of rare steak was skewered on the end. Popping it in her mouth she chewed happily.

Everyone at the table could sense that Sara knew this group of boys well. Andrew could almost feel a sense of loss hidden behind her casual words. As he briefly watched Sara eat her steak he was inexplicably overcome with sorrow that forced him to fight back tears. Shaking his head the emotions quickly faded, and he found himself excited as he looked around the table at all of the people he cared so deeply about.

Andrew began again with the shocking statement. "As Mr. Spencer blew the whistle I collapsed to the floor, not even possessing the strength to slow my fall."

With that he strategically took a large bite of steak and began chewing slowly. He listened to the worried questions from his mother and protective look from his father. He was amused as he watched Sara take ineffectual stabs at her salad. Her disdain for the greenery evident with every shuffling poke.

Andrew's parents were relieved as he described Mr. Spencer's assistance once he woke up. Andrew omitted Sara's involvement in this leg of the story, instead shifting directly into the teacher's intervention with Zack in the locker room. While everyone ate Andrew continued recounting the events of his day until he reached the point where he tricked Dr. Blake into letting him stay in the classroom both before and after 4th period.

That was obviously Andrews favorite part of the tale. He animatedly reenacted each question he used to keep the teacher talking. Switching into a cartoonish voice as he repeated the same frustrated, contemptuous words that Dr. Blake had used in response to him. After the first question and response everyone at the table was smiling. A few questions later, Dave and Michelle were laughing while Sara had her hand over her mouth trying not to spit out water.

Sara was barely able to swallow before Andrew finished. "But if friction with the ground is also a factor, why does my car slow down more when it rains? I mean water has like no friction right?" Taking his cartoonish voice Andrew jumped up and yelled, "Seriously 'Andrew', if you still don't get this, it's not my fault. Now I have a class to teach. Get out!" Andrew pretended to throw his fork in the air in frustration. Bursting into laughter as he collapsed back into his chair.

Michelle was rubbing tears from her eyes. Sara was resting her head on her crossed arms at the edge of the table, her shoulders shaking with uncontrolled laughter. Dave was the most composed, but even he wiped a single tear from his eye as he struggled to control himself.

Settling down Andrew took another pre-cut bite from his steak. While chewing he realized that everyone else was finished. The only other person with food on their plate was Sara, who still had about half of her salad. Preparing to start his story again he noticed Sara idly playing with her fork and looking at his plate hungrily.

Realizing she had been spotted Sara looked at Andrew innocently, before stealing another glance at his steak. He looked down at it and then back to her. She more obviously looked between him and his steak.

He looked at her affectionately before smiling and shrugging. Her fork darted out and stole a piece of steak quickly and accurately, hiding it in her mouth. Andrew asked, "Is this, like, a thing with you?" His voice was playful but curious.

She responded between chews, "Just with you. That is, if you don't mind."

He laughed. "As long as you check first, I guess I don't mind."

Sara laughed before saying playfully, "I will try, but I make no promises."

His parents watched them carefully before looking at each other with shock. They were both amazed by how intimate and natural Andrew and Sara were with each other. The exchange reinforcing the casual ease with which the young couple seemed to interact.

Dave had noticed it earlier while he watched them on the sofa. Andrew talked while Sara listened and casually massaged his calves. The act was both caring and intimate. Despite his concerns, it never seemed sexual. Until this moment he was content in assuming that his perception of their intimacy had been wrong. Watching them through dinner, Dave and Michelle were now convinced that they were comfortable in a way unnatural for such a young relationship.

Andrew looked at his parents, preparing to start his story again, when he noticed the looks on their faces. "Is everything OK?"

His father nodded and his mother smiled. "Yeah, sweetie. We're fine. Just enjoying the story."

Andrew beamed before diving back in. He went through the events of Karen's class while he continued slowly eating. Andrew described the conversation that took place after class as Karen wondering about his previous school. A subtle lie that he hoped would pass unnoticed.

With a little help from Sara, Andrew's plate was finally clean. He took a break from his story while Michelle and Sara cleared the dinner plates and set out the dessert course.

"Dulce De Leche, don't think I've ever had this flavor before," Sara stated as she gave her bowl a tentative smell.

"It's Andrew's favorite, we figured he might need it after the day he had," Michelle explained. Sara nodded appreciatively.

Taking a small spoonful, Andrew closed his eyes. Savoring the flavor he exclaimed, "Ohhhhhh, sooo good!" The caramel and cream washed over his senses while he enjoyed the feeling of the cold settling into his stomach.

Andrew opened his eyes and could see his parents watching him with huge smiles on their faces. He was confused by the laughter they were suppressing. Looking at Sara he could see she had a large mouthful of ice cream. She was watching him with an overtly innocent expression. As he suspected, when he looked down at his bowl, he could see that a massive amount of ice cream was missing.

"Seriously?" he said to her in genuine surprise as she shrugged. "But you have a bowl of the exact same ice cream." He paused while she continued to look at him innocently. "You are literally holding it right now!"

She opened her mouth and somehow managed to say, "And?" around the huge ball of ice cream as she smiled.

His parents exploded in laughter. Despite himself Andrew failed to remain frustrated as he looked into her playful eyes. Realizing that his parents were too busy laughing to notice, Sara allowed a little bit of thick ice cream to escape her mouth. She winked as it slowly trickled down her chin.

Andrew laughed as his dick grew hard under the table. He was grateful that his parents were too distracted to have seen Sara's little display. He took the opportunity to look at her with lust burning intensely behind his eyes. He could see her arousal reflected back and realized that the trickle of ice cream was an invitation as much as it was a playful game. He winked at her before grabbing his bowl. Refilling it from the carton, he took another small spoonful.

Once everyone settled down, Andrew held his bowl protectively as he completed his story. He described the events in his free study art class. Andrew was particularly happy about his interaction with Seth who he thought might be a good friend some day.

As Andrew concluded his story they were all scraping their spoons through their empty bowls. Setting the bowls on the table, they all looked at each other with happy and satisfied smiles.

***** Intimacy *****

Sara rubbed her belly as she stood. "What a wonderful meal, Michelle. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, please relax. I'll have these cleaned up shortly."

As Andrew's mother began to clear the table he stood and stretched. Walking into the living room Andrew sat on the sofa. Sara followed and laid on her back beside him, resting her head on his lap with a casual ease that made it seem like she had done this a thousand times.

Andrew rested one hand on her upper abdomen just below her breasts and used the other to idly play with her hair. He watched his father grab a chair from the dining room table and sit down across from them.

Sara seemed to notice the patches of removed drywall for the first time. "Is this some kind of new interior design? Deconstructionism maybe?"

Michelle took another chair from the table with a small chuckle. Sitting next to her husband she responded, "There was an electrical problem when we moved in." She then whispered something into her husband's ear who looked at them and then confirmed whatever she had asked.

"Ohh geez. That sounds serious." Sara's voice had a hint of concern as she again scanned the room.

"No, not really." Michelle's voice was warm and comforting. Andrew narrowed his eyes while his mother smiled at him. They both knew where she was going with this and Andrew waited for it to play out.

"So what was the problem then?" Sara asked.

As Andrew shook his head his mother answered, "The problem was that there was no electricity. And our son, the tech savvy little wizard that he is, requires his toys."

Smiling, Sara looked up at him and asked, "Really?"

Andrew looked down and joked, "What can I say, I'm high maintenance. Better you find out now," he finished with a wink.

"Well as long as you keep giving me ice cream..." she paused for the briefest moment before finishing, "then I guess I can live with that."

He playfully tickled her side causing her to jump and squirm as they laughed together. Andrew rubbed her cheek affectionately while looking into her eyes.

They were both startled as Michelle said, "Sara, Andrew, we need to have a talk."

Sensing that the mood in the room had shifted Sara quickly sat up and they both put their hands in their laps.

Andrew and Sara looked puzzled and worried as Dave asked, "How long have you two been seeing each other?"

Andrew looked at Sara before answering, "We met about a week ago, when I went for that walk in the woods."

His parents whispered to each other for a minute before looking back at the two teenagers. Michelle asked, "Andrew, have you been sneaking out at night?"

Andrew looked confused. "No, with everything we have been doing around here I have been too tired to do anything."

His mother looked suspiciously at them as they nervously watched her, "Sara, have you been sneaking in here at night?"

Sara looked shocked as she answered, "Of course not."

Dave looked between them as he asked, "You are telling us that you two met a week ago, and haven't seen each other again until today during a brief lunch?"

Andrew and Sara found each other's presence comforting. Their nervousness faded away as they gazed into eachother's eyes. Turning to face his parents, Andrew said, "Yeah, why? Is something wrong?"

Michelle was amazed that her son did not seem to understand why they were concerned. He was normally so insightful that she was surprised to see Andrew so obviously unaware of how strange their relationship was.

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