tagIncest/TabooThe Bonds of Sisterhood

The Bonds of Sisterhood


She woke with sharp gasp, as her chest heaved heavily with each breath.

"Mmmmm? What? Ariel you okay? What's wrong?"

Ariel looked to her right coming face to face with her twin sister Brianna. The distance between their faces was miniscule as Ariel calmed her breathing down as Brianna placed a reassuring hand against her sister's face. Ariel nodded in response as she touched her sister's hand.

"Yeah, just a bad dream."

"What was it about?"

Ariel shook her head, "Honestly, I forgot it as soon as I woke up. Glad it's over though."

Brianna smiled at her sister lightly bumping her forehead against Ariel's reassuringly. "Then everything will be okay then."

She looked at their night stand at the digital clock there and saw that it was 7:00 am. "We better get up. It's about time to get ready for work anyway."

Ariel groaned in frustration, "damn, would have preferred snuggling in bed all day."

"Snuggling won't pay the bills. Come on, all together now, let's get up."

In one motion the sisters rose up with their blanket falling away as they did so, revealing that they were not normal sisters. Brianna and Ariel were conjoined twins. They shared a single body with 34DD cup breasts, and a slightly chunky yet still athletic body. Both girls had short curly brunette hair with brown eyes, and pale skin. Between their shoulders, both sisters' heads rested with Brianna on the right side and Ariel on the left. They had grown up being somewhat in the spotlight due to their unique condition. When they were younger they had quite the media attention, which had gotten old really quickly. Since then the girls lived on their own in a small town in Maryland. They were the assistant managers of a local Walmart, where after a large legal battle both sisters received a salary for both of them instead of just one salary, bumping their 34k a year to 68k per year.

Considering they were two women with the physical needs of one body, it worked out pretty well for them. They lived in a small apartment still for the time being saving their money for the eventual house they planned to buy.

They walked to the shower their shared body swaying back and forth as they did so, absolutely not wanting to go to work.

"This shift is gonna suck," Ariel said as they went into the bathroom and stripped down before getting into the shower.

"Well maybe things won't be too bad," a hopeful Brianna said as she turned on the water.

"We're getting two freight trucks tonight, and all our associates are uneducated morons." Ariel shot back.

"Positive thoughts Ariel," Brianna said as the warm water from the shower cascaded down their naked body, "Just think positive thoughts."

Brianna was wrong unfortunately. As soon as they had gotten in to the store things were a mess. The trucks had come late, and the girls were forced to pull associates from the floor to compensate and unload the two freight shipments. Then came the trouble of getting the goods onto the floor, stocking the shelves, having employees available to assist customers, and on top of that is was the beginning of the month, which meant disability and social security checks had come in meaning Walmart was flooded with some of the most bizarre, fowl smelling, and rude people one could ever imagine. At least three separate times with three separate customers, the sisters had to deal with irate individuals with questionable hygiene who were not even fazed by the fact that they were screaming at siamese twins.

Eventually things started to wrap up as their twelve our shift came to a close. The sisters were about to clock out as their body felt sore to the point of collapse, when an associate interrupted them.

"Hey, Bri, Ari!" A large Caucasian male asked stopping the sisters in their tracks.

"Larry," Brianna said with a sigh of exhaustion. "can it wait for the other shift manager?"

"Sorry, but I think you both should see this. There's some kind of green mold Joe and I found in the back."

"We should check it out then. Don't want this biting us in the ass." Ariel said as Brianna groaned in frustration.

The sisters followed Larry to the back of the store in the back rooms where they found Joe on a ladder with a brush. He was scrubbing away at a green glowing mold in the upper corner of the room which was coming away in small flakes.

"What the hell?" Ariel asked as she looked at the mold.

"How long has that been there?" Brianna asked.

"Just found it tonight," Joe said as he continued to scrub.

"Never seen glowing mold before. Think you need to tell the regional manager about it."

"Nah, Joe just scrub it really good for us, and that should be enough," Ariel started to say when a few flakes of mold fell from the corner and landed on the sisters in a spray of dust.

The sisters coughed as they inhaled the mold that immediately started to flow into their bloodstream. They started coughing hysterically as Larry checked to see if they were alright.

"Woah, easy ladies, easy. You both okay?"

"We'll be fine," Ariel said between coughs. "But please get this cleaned up okay?"

Joe and Larry said they would as the sisters left them to it. They had inhaled plenty of mold into their lunges.

"Ah, that was disgusting," Ariel said as they left the Walmart.

"I know," Brianna said with a cough as they got into their car, "still don't understand how that got there."

"Well the guys'll have it cleaned up by the time we're back I'm sure."

"Yeah, let's go home. I'm tired of being in these clothes," Brianna replied as she started up the car and they drove off into the night on their way home.

The mold however had different plans, as it started to shift and twist the insides of the sister's bodies. As they drove home they started to feel a bit hot and bothered, most notably by their pussy. Now it's fair to note that Ariel couldn't feel their pussy. That was connected to Brianna alone, so Ariel would never know what it was like to have an orgasm. There was some residual effect that was passed on to the parts of their body that Ariel controlled, but she had never felt fully aroused before. At the moment however Ariel started to feel it. It was an odd sensation, a feeling of the meaty walls of their labia brushing together ever slightly. As they pulled into the parking lot for their apartment, she began to feel moistness there. It felt really nice. They both started to breathe a little heavier as they drove into the night. Ariel started to enjoy the feeling of her pussy getting wet. As she did so, a thought lingered in her mind. She glanced briefly to the right at her sister who was still paying attention to the road. Ariel studied her sister's face, every poor and minor blemish. As she looked at her sister, she felt their pussy get wetter and wetter. Was the mere sight of Brianna turning her on? She tried to shake the feeling, but it wouldn't go away. Eventually they reached the parking lot for their apartment as Brianna found a spot and turned off the car. The girls stretched their body back, and Ariel noticed how wonderful it felt to do so. She also lingered on how hot her sister looked, and all the things she wanted to do to Brianna.

"Mmmmm, Sis I don't know what's coming over me, but I'm feeling really turned on right now." Brianna said aroused.

"Um, Bri, I can feel it to," Ariel said embarrassed.

"What? You mean like your sweating or something right?" Brianna asked with a slight tremble in her voice.

Ariel noticed her sister's face was flush red, and that tremble in her voice, it sounded nervous. Ariel began to wonder if her sister was feeling the same way she was at the moment.

"I mean, I can feel this," gently she laid her hand on their crotch.

Their shared body shifted slightly at the touch. They could suddenly feel one another's sensations as a strange erotic loop was shared between their brains.

Both sisters started to breath heavily at the touch. They froze up unsure what to do as they simply stared at one another with worried expressions on their faces. Their mouths were slightly agape, as their hot breath mingled with one another, as they tried to control their breathing.

"Um, stop that," a flustered Brianna said as she took control of their body and started grabbing their things.

"What stop what?" Ariel asked as she did her best to stop her sister.

Their body struggled back and forth as the two sisters tried to do different things, with Brianna trying to leave the car, and Ariel trying to keep their body still. The sisters groaned in frustration at one another as they got nowhere.

"God damn it Ariel," Brianna finally shouted.

"What? I don't know what you're mad about!"

"Oh really? That look you just gave me! You wanna fuck don't you?"

"What!" Ariel shouted in disbelief though she felt their shared heart pulse faster at the thought.

"No seriously, you were about to kiss me! Don't lie to me I can tell!"

"So were you!"

"No I wasn't!"

"Oh, bullshit Bri! Talking about how I have a look, you had the same damn look!"

"Oh fuck off pervert! I'm not fucking my own sister!" Brianna said as she looked away from Ariel.

"I'm not a pervert bitch!" Ariel shot back as she did likewise looking away from Brianna out the car window.

They sat there in silence unsure what the hell had come over them. Neither sister was sure why they had suddenly become aroused. Truth was both of them had the same thought. They wanted to kiss their sister, and they wanted to do it bad. This of course was not normal, as the mold was changing them from the inside out, and pushing their sex drives into overdrive. Even as they sat their pouting, their minds started to feel the growing pulse of pleasure building up in them. Still looking away from one another, both sisters started panting heavier. They did their best to hide it from one another, but this was pointless as they felt the same arousal. Inquisitively, Brianna, still looking away from her sister, took her right hand and slowly reached for the button of their jeans. For a moment she fumbled with it frustratingly as she tried to undo their pants, as their pussy started to quiver and moisten. She felt Ariel's left hand touch hers, and help with their pants. Brianna glanced to her left slightly but only saw her sister still stubbornly looking away from her sister so she continued to do likewise. Despite their fight, their hands still worked in concert with each other. They slowly undid he button to their pants, and pulled down the zipper.

"Recline the seat," Brianna whispered, her voice still angry.


"The seat dummy! I don't want anyone to see us."

Ariel was about to be snarky, but decided not to. She or rather the both of them were about to masturbate, and it would be the first time Ariel got to feel it. She wasn't passing this up. She reclined the seat as far back as it would go. They were essentially lying back in the seat out of view of anyone that might be watching. Now laying back, the sisters awkwardly pushed their pants down to their knees. They wore tan panties that were nothing to write home about, as they pulled that down as well. Vaginal mucus dripped slowly from their pussy, as their vagina quivered with a splurt of juices. The sudden spasm caused both sisters to moan in pleasure. The shared sensation caused them to roll their heads inwards towards one another. They wrested their foreheads against one another as they started to pant harder now as a slight sheen of sweat started to congregate on their foreheads. Ariel took her hand and ran it over their unshaven pussy as she traced her fingers over their labia. Brianna's hand gently grabbed hers by the wrist, stopping Ariel from inserting a finger inside.

"Let me," she whispered all anger in her voice replaced with lustful longing. "Im the one who usually masturbates anyway. I know what feels good."

"Okay," Ariel said in acceptance.

The mold had built up the arousal as their previous argument faded away. Brianna gently traced the lips of their labia. Then she used two fingers to slide their labia apart. Both sisters gasped at the sensation. Brianna then traced a finger around their vagina, sliding inquisitively around the entrance. Ariel squeaked and moaned in anticipation as her sister teased their pussy. Then Brianna inserted two fingers inside, and Ariel went wild. It felt better than anything she had felt before as she bit her lip at the sensation. She turned towards Brianna and the two sisters stared into one another's eyes as Brianna fingerd them. Ariel gently ran her fingers through her sister's hair as the breathed heavily against one another. Their lips were so close as they breathed painting as quietly as they could. They wanted to kiss, but resisted the urge, though in so doing, the mere act of teasing was enough to drive them further. Ariel then reached under their shirt as she fondled one of their breasts to the point of bruising. Then she undid the buttons on their shirt, as Brianna pulled her fingers out of their pussy and helped her sister un button their shirt. They fumbled with the buttons, still not committing to kissing one another. Then they simply tore their shirt off as the dress shirt tore apart. They pulled their bra away fully revealing their breasts which bounce and swayed as they ground their hips upwards. Their hands were now pawing at the opposite sister's face, as they couldn't get enough of each other.

"A-Ariel," Brianna moaned.

"Yeah," Ariel moaned back.

"I lied. I really want you to kiss me!"

"I want you to kiss me too!" Ariel shot back as their lips got closer and closer.

"Yeah?" Brianna asked.

"Yeah." Ariel responded.

"Yeah?" Brianna asked again their lips separated by centimeters.


Their next words were muffled as the sisters came together in a kiss. They squealed at the contact savoring their first shared kiss with one another. Never had either girl kissed a man before. Too many complications involved with dating someone while attached to our sister. Here there was no such problem. Their teeth grinded against one another as Ariel and Brianna made out. Brianna's tongue slipped in and out of her sister's mouth, as their lips collided with one another. Ariel tweaked and twisted their now exposed nipples causing both sisters to moan in pleasure from the shared sensation. Their minds were slowly overloaded with sensations as every inch of their body was interconnected with one another. Areas they previously could not feel or control were suddenly theirs to use as their girls nervous system rewired. Then there came a split. The sisters cried in pleasure as they felt their pussy begin to split in two. Brianna's fingers shot out of their pussy in surprise. Both sisters looked at the crotch still gasping and moaning in extreme pleasure. They could see their pussy stretching sideways causing them to moan as the split felt highly pleasurable. With a slight slurping noise they saw that they now had two pubis bones from which sprouted two labias each with its own secreting vagina.

For a moment, they paused in their love making though both sisters were still "in heat". Ariel grabbed their phone to use the selfie camera to get a better look. As a panting Ariel aimed their phone at their crotch taking a picture, an impatient Brianna kissed and sucked at her sister's cheek. Ariel brought the phone back up to their faces and the two sisters looked at the picture through lust hazed eyes. Sure enough it was an image of two glistening vaginas with the camera flash shining off their vaginal mucus excreting from them.

Almost not caring Ariel discarded their phone letting it fall between the seats as she turned on her sister to suck her face again. Their hands reached between their twitching legs as both sisters fingered both of their vaginas. They slid in easily as they had self lubricated themselves with their bodily fluids. Their fingers stretched their vaginal orifices open as the reached in and out. Their finger tips rubbed the meaty walls inside their pussies as they rubbed every inch of themselves deep inside their two pussies.

As they continued to pleasure themselves, further orgasmic mutations coursed through their body. Their hips started to widen and the space between their pussies expanded until a fleshy growth sprouted outwards. The flesh grew quickly with each new cell of tissue or fibers of new bone causing Ariel and Brianna to moan and gasp in pleasure. The sisters pulled their hands out of their pussies as they held one another in a tight self hug as they pressed their cheeks together with mouths opened wide moaning loudly.

The flesh quickly formed and twisted until it impacted with the window of their car with a thud. Their pressed against the glass was a newly formed foot with two toes on the left and right side of it with three small toes in between. The sisters held one another tightly while their original legs, still with their pants and panties hanging around their ankles, kicked and squirmed.

As they held one another the sisters felt pleasurable growths on their chest as their hugging arms were pressed against. They let go of themselves and saw that they were growing extra breasts. They panted in harsh screaming breaths, as they saw their tit flesh expand and grow. They tore their top off as quickly as they could before awkwardly tossing aside their now useless bra as they watched their shared chest change. Their original DD breasts expanded to an H cup with a third equally sized breast growing between them. They then felt two H cup breasts growing underneath the top three giving them a total of five breasts. They ran their fingers over their new assets and the sensitivity was amazing. Their hands traced about their five nipples inquisitively before groping the flesh almost causing the sweating sisters to cum right there. There pussies squirted out juices all the same as their body aches for attention. Unfortunately they only had their two arms, but that quickly changed.

They gasped again as they felt growths coming out their sides and were quickly greeted to the sight of two pairs of newly grown arms. In total they had six arms now with three to each side sprouting out just below the originals. Control came naturally for the sisters, and instead of responding in shock, their lust overloaded minds simply took over.

Their upper and middle arms groped and held their body tightly. Breasts were squeezed and nipples twisted as their large breasts started to lactate breast milk from their ministrations. Their lower arms went to their two squirting pussies again inserting their fingers inside and bringing themselves closer to an orgasm.

As they continued to pleasure themselves, the sisters turned their heads towards one another. Their twin faces were mirrored as they gasped and moaned in pleasure. They leaned in to kiss one another as their two shared pussies were about to orgasm, but the stopped just short. Their whole body went stiff as the sisters gasped aloud. They laid back heads facing upwards with their eyes shut. The moaned and gasped as their body spasmed. They felt a splitting sensation starting at the back of their heads that pulled to the side spreading slowly to their faces.

To the outside observer, both sisters heads started to split in two in a mitosis fashion. The backs of their heads split outwards growing and separating until there were two distinct backs of their heads. Then the split rapidly traveled to their faces until both sisters had two faces connected by their tongues, which were facing the head they split from in a pseudo kiss. Four voices moaned from each mouth as four separate (separate except for the tongues which were shared between the two pairs of split heads) heads formed. Then with a moist snipping noise the tongues separated and the multi headed sisters collapsed back onto their reclined car seat.

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