tagLesbian SexThe Book Ch. 05

The Book Ch. 05


The following evening, Alice prepared for her visit to Lynda's to start the process of producing the required party dress. She had showered and shaved her naughty bits and donned self-supporting flesh coloured hose, but she could not decide what else to wear. In the end, she chose a simple sleeveless 'A' line dress in black. She retrieved her black heeled sandals and went to bid her husband goodbye. On the way to his study, she picked up her document case containing her sketches.

She poked her head round Edwin's study door. "I'm going to Lyn .... Mrs. Clark's. I'll probably be late so don't wait up." He appeared to be concentrating on some text or other, but nodded his assent. She quietly re-closed his door and set off to her new friend's home.

On arrival, she was greeted by Susan dressed in only [she supposed] a robe. She was shown into the lounge where Susan's mother, Lynda waited, stood before the fireplace. She had on a wraparound dress, also in black. Once the pleasantries were dispensed with, Alice showed them her sketches for the dress. From the front, it was full length, full bodied gown with short sleeves. The skirt was to have unconnected overlapping panels, as had her "Sunday" dress. The back was to have a oval shaped cut-out that went up to her shoulder blades and down to the top of her bottom cleavage. In the sketch, it was just visible.

Susan was ecstatic about it, her mother a little more circumspect. Perhaps, she suggested, a similar cut-out in the bodice from the high collar down to the undersides of the breasts. Alice quickly sketched in what had been suggested and Susan was beside herself.

Lynda asked Alice how she wanted to proceed. "Firstly we will get our official business out of the way, getting Susan's measurements." She paused for effect. "Then I want to have some downright fucking dirty sex with the pair of you."

"Mrs. Scott!" Lynda gasped, but with a smile on her face went on, "I don't think that you, our respected vicar's wife, should be aware of language like that." Then quietly, almost conspiratorially " I am pleased that you are, I love dirty talk and we will of course accommodate you. I love down and dirty sex and so does Susan." As she paused, Susan removed her robe to reveal her naked body. "I must confess" she continued smiling, "I do not have a clue as to where she gets it from."

Alice went about her task, well hardly efficiently. With such a fine specimen of the female form before her, each measurement took an inordinately long time. When Lynda commented about it, Alice recalled to her how her father, a carpenter, always said 'measure twice – cut once'. "I think that it is more a case of you enjoying your task too much to rush." Lynda responded laughing.

"Guilty as charged" Alice said, "but your daughter is so gorgeous. I can't resist."

"By the look on her face, I don't think she wants you to either." Susan had a glazed look in her eyes. "I think she is ready for the filth."

"I was a soon as I opened the door to her." Susan had snapped out of her reverie.

"As now am I" returned Alice rolling up her tape. As she did Susan found the zip on Alice's dress. Before Alice could return her notes and tape to her document case, she was stepping out of her dress, which she had allowed to fall to the floor. Both of her hostesses gasped at her beauty.

"Oh Mrs Scott" Susan gasped, "you are gorgeous. Just look at those boobs Mummy, the nipples, oh my God!" Her mouth descended onto Alice's left nipple, drawing a gasp from Alice. Lynda attached herself to the redundant nipple and Alice was left to marvel at another first for her.

Eventually Lynda released her nipple, "I think we should be better up stairs" and led the two younger women up to a bedroom on the first floor.

This was no ordinary bedroom. It was a room solely for the pursuit of carnal pleasure. The walls were mirrored prompting Alice to comment on what a fabulous fitting room it would make. "Then you shall have to do Susan's fitting in here" Lynda said. Alice looked up to see that the ceiling was also mirrored over the king-sized bed.

"Come here Susan" Alice commanded, "you said something about your thighs around my neck?"

"I did, didn't I?" Susan came into Alice's arms and their lips joined in a searing tongue fencing kiss. Lynda came up behind Alice and brought her arms round to cup Alice's tits drawing a groan from the trapped librarian. The two younger women continued to kiss while Lynda continued to caress Alice's body and kiss her neck and shoulders, one hand dipping down to delve into the clean-shaven vulva.

Alice drew away from the kiss and turned to face the older of her hostesses. Susan replaced her mother at her rear, her hand taking over at Alice's vulva. "You are a tad overdressed for this party Lynda" she said reaching for the sash that held the dress in place, "let me help you get out of this beautiful dress."

"Thank you my dear" Lynda responded allowing Alice to open the dress to reveal a black leather bustier and suspender belt holding up black seamed stockings.

"Oh I love leather" Alice sighed as she ran her hands over the surprisingly soft hide, "I wish I could afford it."

"It isn't that expensive darling" Lynda told her, "I have a friend who can get the material and I'm sure you can run your own things up." As Lynda spoke, Alice returned to Susan's arms. "Now I am going to enjoy being the voyeur" Lynda continued as she went to a large chaise-lounge against the wall.

If her daughter and their guest heard her, there was no indication as they were both wrapped up in each other's arms exchanging saliva as they deeply kissed. Alice eventually broke the contact and began her downward trail of kisses stopping on her way at the beautiful bosom of her partner. It was not the abundance of mammary flesh that excited her now that they were uncovered, but the size of her nipples. Alice thought hers were large when distended, but for a girl of her age Susan's were enormous and Alice wasted no time in making them familiar with her tongue.

"Mrs Scott" Susan moaned, "I need your mouth on my cunt. I have waited yonks to have you to get there. Please, don't keep me waiting any longer."

Alice needed no further encouragement and with a breathy "OH YES" went straight for her lover's clitoris, drawing it into her mouth and nibbling it between her teeth. Susan must have been on the edge because she immediately orgasmed, flooding Alice's face with a mixture of her secretions and the partial contents of her bladder. As soon as Alice realised what was happening, She doubled her efforts to contain the offering in her mouth before swallowing it all – not a drop reached the bedding.

"I am sorry that happened" Susan panted, trying to regain a modicum of composure. "It's never happened before, but then I have never come so powerfully before. You are something else Mrs. Scott."

"Never apologise to me for doing anything like that" Alice assured her. "I happen to love that sort of thing actually, although I only discovered that recently in a similar situation."

"You and me both", the voice of Lynda making Alice turn to her and move into her arms. "I am delighted that you are not averse to getting wet, I absolutely love it."

"Giving or receiving?" asked Alice quietly, nibbling at Lynda's ears.

"Oh both, but preferably the latter" she returned before drawing Alice's mouth onto her own. The ensuing kiss was pure lust and aggressive passion. Both participants driving their tongues at each other, both pumping saliva back and forth. They eventually broke their oral duel, Lynda was the first to regain her composure and speak. "How would you like me to pleasure you, my darling?"

"Oh fuck me please, with the biggest dildo you've got." Alice was still breathing hard with excitement from their necking session. Susan, who had by now recovered her senses after her orgasm, went over to a door in the mirrors opened it and disappeared beyond. She returned momentarily with a strap on double phallus and a tube of lube. "You won't need that for me" Alice told her, "my pussy is sopping!"

"It is not for your cunt, darling. It's for my arse hole" Lynda informed her as Susan illustrated the point by showing Alice the unusual twin protrusions, the larger for the wearer's cunt, the second for their anus.

"I've got to have one of those!" Alice exclaimed. "That is so erotic!"

"We will arrange that as part of your dress making fee" Lynda suggested, smiling. "Now help my darling daughter get it on to me." Susan had been lubing up the smaller anal probe and passed the contraption to Alice who turned and pointed the single probe side to Lynda. "I believe I wear it the other way round" Lynda went on, "both probes are to fit into me."

"Oh shucks" Alice complained jokingly, "I love anal play."

By now, Susan had been back to the cupboard and returned wearing a second strap-on albeit with a reasonably sized phallus. "Oh I think Suzy has designs on your back door, my dear" Lynda said impatiently taking the dildo from Alice and inserting the larger of the twin probes between her labia and on into her cunt. "Now" she went on, "you slowly push the other into my ass." Alice had been watching Susan lubing up her dildo and turned to her task. "Oh yes" murmured Lynda, "I cannot get enough of my bum being filled. The night we came to the vicarage, I had a butt plug up there and ben-wa balls in my pussy."

Alice made sure both artificial cocks were inserted as far as possible and then started to fasten the harness. "You filthy hussy" she hissed, "I love it! I've got to have some of these toys, They are brilliant!"

Lynda laid back onto the bed. "Mount up Mrs Scott, I cannot wait to get at those tits of yours."

Alice straddled Lynda and eased the phallus into her eager cunt. "Oh fuck, Lynda, this is heavenly, I'm so full" she said when she felt the harness eventually touch her clitoris.

"Not as full as your going to be!" Susan was mounting the bed behind her. "Just try and stay still a mo' while I get my cock into your arse."

"Oh God, I've never done this before." Alice felt the crown of the dildo slip past her sphincter and travel slowly into her anal depths. "Fuck, oh fuck, this is something else! Oh ladies, please fuck me! Fuck the living daylights out of me!"

Somehow, the mother and daughter managed to start and maintain a rhythm that had Alice jabbering away with all sorts of obscenities. Her two attackers matched her word for word, teaching her several she had not heard before.

It was not long before Alice was wailing out her first orgasm, but her lovers did not even break step. They kept on shagging Alice till eventually Lynda succumbed and went rigid under her. Susan ploughed on toward her own climax. "Come on Susan" Alice demanded, "fuck your Sunday school teacher till she can't walk again. Shag me you beautiful slut, shove that wonderful cock right up my ass!" she could feel her second climax building up. "Oh yes, it's coming Susan, just a little longer, please."

Susan had no intention of backing off, her own orgasm was fast approaching. "Come on teach, come with me I'm there!"

The buffeting that Alice had endured from Susan had lifted her up Lynda's dildo. Lynda waited until Alice's eyes shut in ecstasy, then drove her hips upwards savagely.


As they came down from their orgasmic highs, they fell over onto their sides, the probes remaining buried in Alice's nether orifices. After about five minutes getting their breath back Alice opened her eyes to see Lynda smiling back at her. "Now that is what I call a fucking good time" Lynda said, "I can't wait to enjoy you again."

"There are going to be an inordinate number of fittings, I believe" Alice offered.

"Oh God I hope so" came a voice from behind. "I can't wait to be two-holed."

"Susan" Alice asked, "can you pull out of me please? It's way past ten and I don't want Eddie to get too inquisitive about what I'm up to with you two. I've got to get home.

Ten minutes later mother and daughter were again swapping saliva with their guest as she stood at their front door to leave. She bid her final farewells and made her way sorely back to the vicarage.

Edwin was waiting up for her. "I was beginning to get concerned" he said, "I was just about to ring Clarks to see if you had left. Did you get done what you needed to do?"

Alice smiled at him, or rather at the memory of her tryst. "Yes, my love. I had a very full evening and maybe a glass of wine too many."

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