tagGroup SexThe Book of David Ch. 02

The Book of David Ch. 02



-- CHAPTER 2: The Last High School Hurrah --



"Hurry up, you know we haven't much time." Her voice was breathless and for a moment there were no sounds but that of a teenaged male frantically trying to get his jeans off in some way faster than humanly possible.

After falling flat on my ass, just once, I managed to extricate myself from the offending garment and kneel on my bed behind Ellie. She was totally naked, perched on all fours with her tight bubble butt aimed back at me. She had one hand on her own crotch, rubbing furiously at her clit to maintain the high of her most recent orgasm.

I paused for just a moment to admire the view and wiped the back of my hand across my mouth, pulling off at least some of the girlcum smeared across my lower jaw. And then I settled myself into place.

With a soft grip on her hips, I slowly nudged my way inside of her. And then, just the way I knew she liked it, I pushed with steady pressure as I got deeper and deeper until I was buried to the hilt.

Ellie crooned, "Oh, fuuuuuuck..."

Just as slowly, I pulled back until just the crown was still embedded in her folds. And then again I pressed my way back in.

"Oooh, I love that, you fucking stud. Oh! Slowly, slowly. Let me feel every ridge and vein as your cock thrusts inside my tight pussy. Oooh, yes..."

Ellie had always been a vocal lover. And hearing her urging me on always set my blood boiling. It was a constant internal war to give her the slow buildup she craved when all I wanted to do was pound her senseless. In this instance, it was a torture to pace myself knowing that we also had a time limit on our activities.

But hey, when you've only got one source of pussy and you want to get more, you do as the girl likes.

Gradually, I was able to pick up the pace until I was pumping in and out of her in good rhythm. Hearing the wet squish of her vaginal folds dragging against my penetrating shaft was almost as much fun as the dry slapping sound of my hips impacting against her butt cheeks.

But by far, my favorite part about having sex with Ellie was her filthy mouth. The longer we went, the dirtier she got. "Pound me, baby! Pound me! Drill that wet cunt and fill me with your spooge! Oh, gawd yes! Smack that ass! Don't you love my tight ass? Don't you love hearing that slap against my ass when you fuck me? Fuck me! Fuck me! Ream me out baby! FUUUUUCK!!!"

That last bit was the sound of Ellie cumming, her hips vibrating in my grasp while she tried to cram more of my meat inside of her. And her cry of ecstasy was all I needed to let myself go. After two seconds of rapid-fire thrusting, I slammed myself in as deep as I could go and let fly with my load.

Her hips bucked at me, adding to the pleasure as I rode her like a rodeo cowboy, my cock spitting wads of semen deep into the recesses of her pussy. I shuddered in relief as my back surrendered all its tension as each shot came out of me. And in the end, I simply fell against her back, our two bodies collapsing to the bed in a sprawled heap of sweaty limbs and leaking fluids.

Three seconds later, there came a knock at my bedroom door. Automatically I checked the clock. It was only 1:57. Dammit they were early!

"David? Is it safe to come in?"

They knew damn well it wasn't safe to come in. The knock came so soon after the completion of our lovemaking that they must have heard our orgasmic cries. "Uh, well, not exactly," I answered in a loud voice.

"Well make sure you're both at least covered up. Cherys wants to say 'hi' to her sister."

"Fine, fine," I sighed, looking at Ellie. For her part, the pretty brunette just rolled her eyes and we managed to pull a blanket over our naked bodies.

A moment later, the door swung open, and then my sister Danielle and her girlfriend Cherys waltzed through the doorway. Danielle smirked at our compromising position while Cherys simply gaped at the sight.

Clearly, both the invading ladies knew that Ellie and I were a dating couple. But this was the first time they were really seeing it with their own eyes. They'd only come home from college once since Ellie and I hooked up, back during Thanksgiving. But Ellie and I weren't yet "together" at that time.

Cherys looked down at her little sister with something of a wide-eyed wonder at the happily fucked expression on her face. Danielle looked down at her little brother (me) with a small measure of pride. Danielle flippantly commented, "I guess being damn good at sex runs in the family... both families."

"You're early," I accused Danielle.

"Hey, there was less traffic than we expected. You didn't think 2 o'clock meant exactly 2 o'clock did you?"

I waggled my head in annoyance, then leaned back against my elbows. The blanket slipped down my torso, baring my naked chest. Not that I really minded.

Ellie, on the other hand, was fully aware of her own nakedness and not totally at ease with it in front of a family member. "Look, you got your eyeful and your confirmation. Are you done making us uncomfortable yet?"

Cherys didn't respond to the question, instead asking, "Was it really good?" There was more than a hint of curiosity in her inquiry.

"What? You looking to play both sides of the fence?" Ellie's grin was wicked.

"No, no." Cherys looked mildly embarrassed and tore her eyes away from us. She started heading out the door.

Danielle turned to me, "We'll cover for mom and dad. They're already home. I don't THINK they heard anything. But you two had better get downstairs fast."

Together, Danielle and Cherys left the room.

I raised an eyebrow and turned to face my girlfriend. Ellie held my face in her hands and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. I smiled happily. And then we were racing to put our clothes back on.


Once we got downstairs, my parents made pleasant chit-chat with the girlfriends of their children. You'd think some adults might get weirded out by the whole situation, but my parents were pretty cool and took the whole thing in stride.

It was the start of Christmas break. We'd known Danielle and Cherys were driving back from college to spend two weeks at home. Ellie had come over to our house, ostensibly to pick up her big sister. I don't think anyone didn't know Ellie had arrived a little early to get in a quickie with me.

But after the brief greetings, Cherys and Ellie left to go be with their own family. I knew they'd be back on Monday as soon as all the parental units went off to work. After they left, I retreated back upstairs to my video games while Danielle had to sit down and endure the typical inquisition regarding her first quarter at school.

About an hour later, there came a knock at my bedroom door. It was a strong rapping sound to make sure it could be heard above the sound of my stereo.


The door pushed in slightly and Danielle came in. She just smiled and went to sit on my bed while I swiveled around in my desk chair. "Heya, squirt."

I rolled my eyes in mild annoyance. I really had to come up with some similarly childish nickname for her, just so I had the ammunition. "Welcome back. Hope mom and dad didn't grill you too hard."

"It was nothing. I'm used to it. They asked me about drugs and alcohol more than anything else."

"Have you?"

"Tried a little weed. Wasn't my thing. And you already know about the alcohol. Speaking of which, you got any beers stashed up here?"

"Oh, right." I leaned down underneath my bed to the mini-fridge I had parked there. My parents knew about it and I didn't go out of my way to hide it. My dad checked it every now and again and as long as there wasn't enough to throw a party or anything, they let it slide. I fished out a cold can and handed it to Danielle. I got one for myself and then settled back into my chair.

She popped the top and took a long swig. "Aaah," she sighed happily. "It's good to be home."

I looked around my situation for just a moment. Most guys I knew wouldn't be caught dead spending any personal time with their sisters. Me? I was sitting here, just chilling out to music and sharing a couple of beers with my big sis.

It was pretty cool.


When Monday rolled around, Cherys and Ellie arrived about five minutes after my parents left. I was the one who answered the door, and I was absolutely floored when I opened it to find two such beautiful creatures standing on our porch.

They were gorgeous. Black hair, straight and silky smooth held back by innocent white headbands. High cheekbones and luminous eyes, both shifting towards green in this light. Light skin so soft and unblemished. I caught myself staring back and forth between the goddess I'd lusted after since I first grew hair on my balls, and the cute younger sister who was my current girlfriend.

And they were wearing matching outfits. My jaw was still on the floor when they cruised by me and into the house. Once the winter coats came off, I saw that they both had tight baby-T polo shirts in pastel blue. The thin fabric hugged every curve and proudly showed off their nice tits. Cherys' were bigger, but Ellie's were no small handful. And both had the shortest white miniskirts you'd ever seen, so that if they bent over in the slightest you just knew you'd find out the color of their panties. White socks and white sneakers completed the youthful ensembles.

Oh, hell. I'd FINALLY gotten to the point where I looked at Ellie just as Ellie, without any fantasy visions of Cherys melding over Ellie's features. And NOW they show up in matching outfits. Just a few seconds of looking them over and I was already sporting wood.

"Hi David!" Cherys said brightly and surprisingly, she stepped right up to me and gave me a firm hug. I went rigid in her grasp and I'm certain she felt my erection pressing at her belly. "You ready to be naughty?" Her voice was a musical lilt that did nothing to quell my arousal.

"Hey! Where's my hug?" Danielle whined from down the hall. And then I lost control of my jaw once again. My sister was clad in her own matching pastel blue and white outfit, the length of her legs even outdoing Ellie's in the short white miniskirt.

I looked back and forth (and forth) between the three of them, starting and stopping so fast I threatened to give myself some form of whiplash. Cherys went over to greet her girlfriend and at last I was looking only at Ellie with a raging hunger in my eyes.

Somehow, seeing them dressed like this took the natural lust I had for my girlfriend Ellie, added my longing for Cherys, and even piled on a submerged forbidden desire for Danielle. I simply couldn't stand it any longer. Very quickly, I stepped forward and seized Ellie's hand, pulling her up the stairs in a big hurry.

Cherys laughed and called out, "I told you it would work!" And then I heard my sister join in the giggling as I pulled Ellie into my bedroom and didn't even bother to shut the door.

My girlfriend had a mirthful expression on her face as I attacked her, pinning her flat on her back across my bed while I set to stripping off her clothing. The shirt went first, taking the headband with it and followed by the bra. The sight of Ellie's perky tits bobbing in the air only fueled my lust even further, and my hands caressed the smoothness of her thighs before slipping beneath the miniskirt and yanking down her panties.

These weren't any full-size, asscheek-covering bloomers. It was a delicate thong, in the same blue color as her top, that I pulled down along her legs, over her shoes, and dropped to the floor. I briefly wondered if Cherys and Danielle also had matching blue panties. And then I couldn't wait any longer.

I didn't bother with the sneakers. And I simply pushed up on the miniskirt until it more resembled a white belt of cloth around her waist, leaving Ellie's trimmed pussy exposed to my view. I had to taste it. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating and in my sexlusted state it was impossible to resist.

When my tongue took a long swipe from the crinkled rosebud of her anus and upwards to where her clit was peeking out from its hood, Ellie's legs suddenly clamped around me as she screamed in pleasure.

For a moment, the rubber heels of her sneakers dug into my back and snagged on my shirt, but then I was pressing forwards with my head as I burrowed down with my mouth against Ellie's pussy lips. And when Ellie shrieked again, I heard an answering scream echo around me.

I knew the voice. I'd heard it many times. Cherys was in the throes of ecstasy just a few feet away from me. In all likelihood, my sister was eating out Cherys while I was eating out her sister. The parallel sent an even greater thrill down my spine. And with both bedroom doors apparently open, all sounds were loud and clear.

It soon became a competition. Our parents were at work for the day and so were most of our neighbors. We could be as loud as we wanted to be. And I had to make Ellie scream even louder than Danielle could do to Cherys. For the most part, I succeeded.

I'd learned quite a bit from Monica. It's amazing how inventive you can become when you're not allowed intercourse. In retrospect, if I'd been permitted to fuck Monica and find my own satisfaction, I would never have learned the patience to really take my time and properly eat out my woman. I'd have just been more interested in getting my own rocks off as quickly as possible.

But in the end, perhaps it's impossible for a man to truly be better at eating pussy than a woman. They just more intimately understand the erogenous zones and that increased pressure isn't necessarily better. I was pretty good for an eighteen-year-old boy, but I wasn't that great... yet.

In any case, I brought Ellie to three screaming climaxes, her vocabulary getting filthier the longer I stayed in her crotch. And she had the louder set of pipes, so I won the decibel competition. Danielle got Cherys to four (yes, I counted). And since most prior eavesdropping on their lovemaking had been at night when our parents were home, I finally got to hear, with perfect clarity, that Cherys pretty much had just as filthy a mouth as her little sister.

But by now, my cock was throbbing in pain. To be surrounded by so much ecstasy and not get any relief was really pissing the hard bugger off. There was no resistance from my girlfriend as I elevated myself up from my spot on the floor. My knees were killing me.

She just kept her crotch at the edge of my bed, pulled at her own thighs to spread her sneaker-clad legs wide for me, and actually growled as I dropped my shorts and leaned forward to sink my cock into her juicing snatch.

"That's it. Come fuck me, baby," Ellie urged through gritted teeth. And then I realized all my patience was used up. This time, I didn't slowly burrow down with steady pressure. I just gripped it and ripped it. My hands clamped onto Ellie's hips and with a single, powerful lunge, I split her open.

Ellie howled in mixed pain and surprise as I battered my way through her tight constriction, but she didn't complain as I started machine fucking her as fast as I could go. The lust had taken over control of my brain, and all I could do was pump and thrust with every ounce of energy I had.

She was soaking wet and so despite the snug fit, I was able to move in and out of her without significant restriction. The friction was incredible, and as my toes dug into the floor to give me additional traction, Ellie was just trying to hang on for the ride.

Her head tossed left and right as she shrieked almost continuously. Her voice spiked in pitch and volume with each thrust, a litany of "AAAuuuh... AAAuuuh... AAAH!"

Only adding to the sound was the lovemaking next door. Moans of "Ohhh" and "Mmmm" were floating in. From past experience, I separated the two voices of both Cherys and Danielle announcing their pleasure to one another, and maybe even to us.

"Oh, lick me, Cherys!"

"Shove that fucking hand up my cunt, Dani!"

"Ohhh, David! Drill me! Fuck me! Ream me!"

I didn't add anything coherent. Words weren't my style but there was plenty of deep male grunting in the middle of those cries of ecstasy.

I couldn't last long. There was just no way. And so a few minutes after I'd begun thrusting away into Ellie's pussy, I was growling in delight as I slammed into her and began pumping out gallons of cum into Ellie's receptive chasm.

Ellie screamed "Fill me! Fill me with your cum! More! More! I want more! I want to feel my cunt overflowing with your milk and honey!"

I did my best to comply. And even when I was done shooting, Ellie's internal muscles were still tugging at me while her hips undulated beneath our bodies. For the first few seconds, my cock was way too sensitive and I started to pull out. But Ellie's legs locked behind me, her sneakers once again digging into my shirt to hold me inside of her.

I wriggled for a few moments but then the sensitivity began to fade and my half- hard erection was starting to enjoy the feelings once again. The pleasure was coming back. Add to that how Danielle and Cherys were still going at it through the wall, and I was starting to feel up for round 2. Thank god for teenage recovery.

"Turn over, sweetie," I told Ellie. I pulled out and she rotated around until she was perched on my bed, her ass in the air with her head resting on her folded arms, her back angling down away from me. There was plenty of room for me to settle onto my knees behind her, and with a happy moan from Ellie's end, I slid my cock back home.

We were just getting into rhythm when a fresh conversation came through the wall.

"Ooh, you brought Fred, Cherys?" Fred was Cherys' dildo. I'd heard the name often enough. Only it seemed that my sister and Ellie's sister were speaking a little more loudly than usual. I imagine they were getting off on the knowledge that we could hear them.

"Uh, huh. And Fred's gonna split you open!"

"Unghh! You little bitch! I wasn't ready for that!" Danielle squealed.

"But doesn't he feel so good?"

"Unghh! Fuck yeah..."

"OHH! Damn you Dani! I wasn't expecting that!" Cherys cried loudly.

"You want me to stop?"

"No, sweetie. Fuck my ass with your finger! Fuck it!"

The vision that crept into my head sent a powerful jolt through my dick, a spasm that Ellie clearly felt. "You like that idea, don't you?" she asked me quietly.

The extra juice in my next thrust answered for me.

"Oh! David!" Ellie called out, loud enough for the others to hear. "Stick your thumb in my ass! Stretch me open! C'mon, get me ready baby. Don't you wanna fuck my ass? Don't you want to put your big, thick cock down into my shithole?"

My eyes went wild as I really began fucking Ellie. We'd never had anal sex before. And I wasn't sure if she was just talking so that her sister could hear or if she really wanted me to fuck her ass. But I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity.

I paused from my pumping just long enough to dip both thumbs inside of Ellie's juicing snatch. For a moment, she squirmed against the extra stretching of my thumbs along with my shaft inside of her. But then once I got them good and wet I pulled out and placed my thumbs at her crinkled rosebud.

I stopped my thrusting and Ellie went still, my cock still embedded in her pussy. And with gentle pressure and Ellie panting as she tried to relax, I managed to pop my right thumb inside of her.

The left thumb came soon after, and then I was tugging gently to the sides while I slowly pistoned my dick in and out of her soaked pussy.

"Ohhhh.... Ohhhh..." Ellie was whimpering. At first, her anus had clamped down around both thumbs tighter than anything. But the longer I kept screwing her pussy, the more she was able to relax her sphincter. And after a few minutes, her hole seemed to gape open just a bit on its own.

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