tagGroup SexThe Book of David Ch. 06

The Book of David Ch. 06



-- CHAPTER 6: Hero --



"So, some kind of party, wasn't it?"

"Hmm?" Amber looked over at me with half-dead eyes to see that I'd fallen into step with her on the way to our Art History class. Her hair was pulled into a simple ponytail and I noticed her makeup was significantly lighter than usual. Instead of her typically stylish blouses and short skirts, she was casually clad in an off-the-shoulder peasant shirt and jeans. She was still pretty, but clearly wasn't making the effort to be as gorgeous as she usually did.

"Uh, yeah..." Amber quickly looked at her feet.

My eyebrows furrowed, she was clearly embarrassed about something.

I reached out and put my arm around her shoulder. "C'mon. Let's stop for coffee. My treat. I owe you for the last fifteen or so."

"Um, sure." She was quiet the rest of way, and I knew something was off. For one thing, she usually settled into my arm contentedly. Today, she was rather stiff.

"Amber, you okay?"

"Yeah, it's just..." Her eyes wavered and I got the distinct impression our topic bothered her.

"Look, we don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." It was the first time we were seeing each other since Carmita's party, and I assumed her reticence had something to do with that.

She looked back at the floor, and I didn't press her.

Eventually we arrived at the coffee cart. After a minute or two in line, she stated her order: something-iatto, caramel-this, venti-that. Despite Amber's care, the cafeteria company barista didn't get it all on the first take. But instead of getting huffy, she calmly repeated her order and then waited patiently.

Once we both had our drinks in hand, we headed off towards the classroom. But we didn't get more than twenty feet away before Amber took a detour, found a convenient bench, and then sat down. I followed her.

We sat in silence for a few seconds as the pretty blonde was clearly trying to compose herself. It was perhaps the first time I'd ever seen her rattled, except perhaps for our surprise meeting at Carmita's house. In high school she'd been the snobbish bitch. In college she was still confident and elitist, even if she wasn't as mean. And every time I saw her she exuded self-assuredness in everything she did. To see her this unsettled went straight to my heart.

Automatically, I reached out and held her hands in mine. She trembled and gave me a nervous smile. "David, you don't... you don't think I'm a slut or anything, do you?"

"What? No. Why would you think that?"

"Isn't that what you call a girl who has sex with different people?" Amber queried.

"Well, not me, no. 'Slut' has too much of a negative connotation to it. And besides, I was at the same party. If a guy did it, he'd be called a stud. So maybe you're just a studette," I smiled. Amber's peasant shirt, while baggy, couldn't hide the swells of her full breasts nor completely conceal the hard dents of her nipples poking through.

Amber shyly looked at our hands. "You... you really don't think badly of me for doing all that?"

"No. You're just a girl having fun at college."

"You have no idea..." she gave me a sly grin. Amber held onto my hands tightly and suddenly her face was the most open and vulnerable I'd ever seen her. "David, really, I would hate it if you thought badly about me. What you think of me and how you feel about me is... very important to me. Can I actually be honest with you?"

"Fire away. I'm pretty open-minded. If you like sex, by all means, go wild. I love it, too." I squeezed her hands again and gave her a warm smile. "Now seriously, did you at least have a good time?"

Amber blushed, "Yeah... It was incredible. I didn't think those kind of orgies really existed. It was so... kinky, you know?" Amber visibly shuddered, almost like she was having an orgasm just thinking about it. "I absolutely loved it! But I wasn't sure how you'd react if you knew I was like that. It's not... normal."

"What's normal?"

"Well," Amber sighed as if she was letting out a lifelong-held secret. "My mother, for one, would not approve if she knew I'd gone to a party like that. I mean, she might have forgiven me for experimenting with E-Beth last year, but going to an orgy... OOPS!" Amber's hands yanked out of my grasp, then flew over her mouth and clamped down, as if she'd given up some secret that threatened national security.

"Hey, hey, relax..." I tried to mollify her, get her hands back into mine.

"You weren't supposed to know about me and E-Beth."

"Maybe not, but it doesn't bother me. Kind of a turn-on, actually." I smiled and squeezed her palms.

"Really?" Amber positively glowed and she got a fire in her eyes as if she wanted to jump me right now.

But that was probably just my wishful imagination. No way would a girl like Amber be interested in me. I averted my eyes and tried to change the subject. "So... Randall, huh?"

Her blushed deepened and got even redder. "I... I never thought you'd find out about that. He always wanted a threesome with me. Finally got it. He even had E-Beth, too."

I started imagining the kind of group sex going on in there, Randall, his redheaded girlfriend, Amber, E-Beth, and the others. "How was he? I mean, 'it', IT. Oh, sorry, didn't mean to ask that. Couldn't help it."

Amber cracked a fresh smile, "What? Jealous?"

I let my eyes roam up and down Amber's body. She was still as gorgeous as ever. "I'd be lying if I said no."

"Really?" she squeezed my hands and looked right into my eyes, her own swimming with deep emotion. "I mean, my head has been such a mess since that night. I never thought I could tell you how I felt. But when Randall... when he was... with me... all I could think of... I mean, who I was thinking of... was-"

"Hi sexy!" A chirpy, accented voice interrupted. I turned my head just in time to see a blonde blur jump at me. A moment later, Maria was kneeling astride me on the bench and doing her best to shove her tongue into the back of my throat.

It felt so good, I couldn't help but respond. And when I came up for air, the spot on the bench next to me was empty. I looked over and saw Amber hurrying away towards class.

But then Maria gripped my head, physically rotated it back around to her, and then planted a hot kiss on me again. All rational thoughts melted away as the white hot chemistry between us flooded my brain with an overdose of hormones.

Maria was then tugging at my hand and pulling me off the bench. "Come quickly. I found a good spot."

Thirty seconds later I was plastered against the wall of a darkened classroom. Rows of desk chairs were off to the left and a pushpin was needling into my back, probably holding up some existentialist poster. Maria quickly had my fly open and squatted before me, gobbling up my hard cock.

"Maria, there's only a keylock on this door!" A key which we didn't have.

She popped off me just long enough to say, "Then you should hurry up before we get caught!"


Five minutes late and my balls drained, I slipped into Art History class. As quietly as possible, I gave an embarrassed nod to the professor and quickly got to my seat. To my surprise, Amber wasn't there.

Where had she gone? What was she about to tell me before Maria interrupted?

Needless to say, I couldn't concentrate on class. So as soon as we were dismissed, I set off on a brisk walk towards the girls' house. The whole time my mind was racing. Why was I on edge? It couldn't be jealousy, not really.

So what if E-Beth and Amber had a good time? E-Beth and I were broken up and she was off enjoying her wild side. I wished her well.

And Amber? No way could I have feelings for Amber because there was no way she could really have feelings for me. I didn't fit her profile, i.e. rich, cultured, well-dressed. I'd seen the few guys she'd dated over the past couple of years, the few that came close to meeting her standards. And I definitely wasn't one of them.

Friends, classmates sure. But she would be forever out of my league. What did I know about country clubs and rich snobbery? Maybe if I became a millionaire... MAYBE... But that was just a pipe dream, like chasing after Cherys. It was hopeless and any pursuit would be a waste of time.

I rang the doorbell, and to my surprise, E-Beth answered the door. "David!" She leaped through the doorway and hugged me.

"Hey!" I patted her back and she kissed my cheek before backing up. Inwardly I felt mild disappointment as her wonderful boobs were removed from my chest. As time had gone on, E-Beth was only getting fitter and sexier. She'd kept her size 4 body while somehow maintaining her double-D's, and she must have been getting makeup advice from Amber as she was really learning how to beautify her face.

"So what's up? Oh, is this about that party on Friday?"

"No, no. I mean, yes, I was curious about that. But I'm here about Amber."

"Mm-HM!" E-Beth managed to giggle through her humming. "So Prince Charming has come to flirt with my roommate?"

"What? No, no, nothing like that. She just didn't show up to class and I wanted to make sure she was okay."

"Aww, too bad. She's been peppering me with questions about you for the last two days straight. But I'll go see if she's here." E-Beth turned and headed up the stairs. You'd think my ex-girlfriend wouldn't have been joking about me flirting with her roommate. But E-Beth actually seemed to relish the idea.

I wandered into the living room and greeted Phyllis and Diane, who were studying there. "Hey girls."

"Hey," Diane smiled and then went straight to her books. Phyllis made small talk with me for a few minutes before E-Beth came back down.

I could immediately see that my ex-girlfriend's cheery bubbliness was now gone. She looked at me a little funny. "Uh, she's in her room. Just give her a minute to make herself presentable," E-Beth informed me flatly, then gave me an odd look.

"So, David?" E-Beth affected a forced kind of casual air. "You seeing anybody?"

"Me? No, not exactly."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well... nothing romantic..."

"Not yet?" E-Beth could read me like a book.

I grinned and thought about the sexual chemistry between me and Maria. "Not yet..."

She sighed, "Well, good luck with that. Hope she's a nice girl. You can probably go up now." E-Beth turned and went into the kitchen.

I made my way up the stairs and knocked at the door to Amber's room. "Come in," she called.

She was in front of the mirror, putting the finishing touches on her makeup. I found this a little strange, since she'd already been perfectly made up when we got coffee this morning.

"Hey, uh, missed you in class."

"Yeah, didn't feel like going anymore. I think I'm going to drop that class." She came out and sat on the bed casually.

I paused for just a moment, looking at her intently. No amount of makeup could cover the redness in her eyes. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just been a crazy weekend, that's all."

My mind immediately went over the party and my meeting of Maria. "Yeah, it was. But we were talking about that party. You wanted to tell me something before we got interrupted. Sorry about that, by the way. Maria can be a little... overwhelming."

She waved me off and looked away. "No it's alright. I don't even know why I was making such a big deal out of it. You, of all people, would understand."

"Understand what? I'm sorry; my memory's a little hazy on exactly where we left off. But you said you'd come to a realization that night."

"I did..." Amber's voice trailed off and she looked at me with such a sadness in her eyes, it made me want to reach out and hold her. The radiant blue of her irises were as deep as the ocean, dark and liquid. But then she blinked and her entire face took on a more serious edge.

"I realized that maybe I'm lesbian, or at least, I'd rather be with girls than guys." Amber said her words shortly and she turned away. I mistook her physical signals for embarrassment. It never occurred to me that she was lying.

"Hey," I reached out and touched her arm, sending a shiver down her spine. "It's cool. You were right; I'm the perfect guy to be understanding about it. I'm not going to think badly of you or anything."

"Look, I already admitted E-Beth and I were... experimenting a bit last year. But at that party, I was with Randall, who is normally the exact kind of guy I would go after." Amber turned and looked at me intently. "I realized that I was just lying to myself. The upper-crust society matrons gave me these parameters for the ideal man, and I blindly followed them. But he's not the kind of guy I really want to be with."

"You a-," she paused and looked away. "You know what I mean?"

"I think so. Danielle went through the same thing when she was younger. She dated the jocks and the popular guys because she thought she was supposed to. But it wasn't how she felt inside." I felt so proud of myself in that moment for being the sensitive, understanding and supportive guy friend.

"Glad someone understands. My mother would kill me if she found out. So I'm okay, really. You don't have to worry about me. I'll talk to you later, alright?"



The last month of the fall quarter flew by. Amber did drop the Art History class, and with everything else going on in my life I didn't see much of her or E-Beth through to the winter break. I found it just a bit odd. Just when Amber and I were getting to the closest point in our friendship, with open honesty and understanding, all of a sudden I barely ran into her.

But I was a little too busy to find out what was going on. I spent most of the last few weeks studying like crazy for my finals. My afternoons and dinner times were spent with Kevin and Jen, hanging out with familiar friends. And about half of my evenings were spent romping with my cute Russian nymphomaniac.

Maria was like a kid turned loose in a candy store. She looked in wonder at everything having to do with sex and was eager to sample all that there was to offer. And even with her little sister monopolizing me as often as possible, Nataliya still wanted a little cock on occasion and I never turned her down either.

One Thursday evening, Maria had slipped out of my bed and was putting her clothes back on while I tried not to pass out after our latest bout of athletic shagging. She rarely stayed with me overnight. She wanted to fuck, not spoon.

I sat up against the headboard and watched the steam coming off my body. Maria was bent over at the waist, unconsciously showing me her breasts straining at her bra cups while she got her shoes back on. "I'll see you tomorrow night?" she asked.

"Yeah... You want me to take you on a romantic date? Or just crawl into bed and fuck each other's lights out?"

"You know me..." Maria teased and stuck her tongue out at me. I couldn't really complain, but I knew I wasn't going to get the romantic date I wanted. "No, tomorrow night is Carmita's party. Last one before Christmas."

About 24 hours later, I was dressed in stylish but easily removable clothing. By plan, I simply rode with Danielle and Cherys. I'd meet up with Maria and Nataliya once we got there. Nataliya and Leslie were back to 'off', but Nataliya said she didn't need to bring a date tonight.

We were listening to the radio when Maria suddenly perked up and yelled, "Turn it up. This is my FAVORITE song!"

Ten seconds later, my blonde nympho was bouncing in her seat, singing in her cute Russian accent: "I'm a Barbie Girl! In the Barbie world. Life in plastic, it's fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere..." Maria elbowed me in my ribs and flashed a flirty smile.

When we arrived at the stately mansion, Cherys took both mine and Danielle's hands in her own and hurried us upstairs. There was no need to stop off by the kitchen and get alcohol. We were all sexed up and ready to go, and the girls already had a plan.

To my surprise, Cherys led us straight to the master bedroom and popped the double doors. "We're here!"

Maria squealed and came straight to me, shoving her tongue into my mouth and dropping her hand to the bulge in my crotch. Cherys hopped across to the bed where Carmita, our foxy Latina hostess, was reclining with a smokily dark and handsome Latin man. Cherys promptly tackled Carmita, rolling them across the mattress in a whirlwind of dark hair and pink tongues.

Nataliya was standing with an exotically pretty young woman with distinctly East Asian features but with lighter brown hair and the similar height and stature to Maria. Nataliya told her something in what sounded Russian to me, and the girl slipped away to swoon in the arms of the Latin hunk on the bed.

Meanwhile, Nataliya walked up to my sister.

"New girlfriend?" Danielle asked.

"Oh, no. Aliya is just a new friend. She's been friends with Carmita and Hector for years and we met downstairs just last month. I found she speaks pretty good Russian for a Kazakh, and that's not all her skilled tongue can do."

"Why don't you show me what YOUR skilled tongue can do?" Danielle replied. At that, Nataliya and Danielle came together for their own brand of feminine loving, with tender caresses and soft lips. While Cherys and Carmita were going at it like eager beavers, Danielle and Nataliya were affectionately embracing like familiar friends.

Ordinarily, Cherys and Danielle were firm monogamists. These parties were their once a month releases to explore and play without judgment or jealousy. And I guess Nataliya had been part of that extra-relationship play for some time. Funny how I hadn't noticed at the last party. Guess I was too wrapped up in Maria at the time.

Speaking of which, Maria was just as horny as ever. Her arms wrapped around me and she spun us around and around, twirling in an erotic waltz as she tore at my clothes until we bumped against the bed. She quickly got my shirt off and tugged down at my loose khakis.

Meanwhile, Carmita soon had Cherys in her favorite position, planted naked against the headboard, legs spread, and begging for Carmita's talented tongue. While Maria sucked my cock into her mouth to prep me for tonight's marathon fucking, I held her head and turned my own to ogle Cherys' heaving tits and Carmita's Jaguar of a muscular ass as the petite hardbody crouched on all fours and began eating Cherys out.

On this night, we had a couple of extra players in the room. Carmita growled to Hector, who was busy fondling Aliya's breasts and playing tonsil hockey nearby. "Come fuck me while I eat her out."

Hector did as ordered, slipping off his robe to reveal his own muscular hardbody with a thick cock aimed in the direction of the Sapphic embrace before him. He got to his knees on the bed behind Carmita. And with dick in hand, he rubbed the spongy head around Carmita's wet tightness before pressing forward to slowly sink his way inside. Meanwhile, Aliya started stripping and went over to join Nataliya and Danielle.

Maria pulled off me with a wet slurp, satisfied that I had reached full hardness. Watching the trio on the bed set into their fucking motions no doubt helped accomplish that. And when Maria stood up and saw them, I saw a wicked gleam come into her hazel eyes.

"Danielle?" she called softly, while still looking at me.

"Hmm?" came the reply as Danielle poked her head up from the threesome of female flesh over on the plush sofa.

"I think your little brother would really love to watch me tonguing your pussy," Maria's calm tone barely masked the heat in her voice. Her hand was still on my cock, and the telltale jerk was all the confirmation she needed.

I looked over and saw Danielle momentarily lose her breath at the notion, and zombielike she was already crossing the room to join us. Maria got herself undressed the rest of the way so that finally all eight people in the room were completely naked.

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