The Book of David Ch. 07


Danielle settled onto my other side, propping her feet up onto the coffee table and wrapping my other arm around her. "Sounds great."

And the three of us settled in for a nice evening.


There wasn't much time left, but I made it a point to spend every evening with my sister and Cherys. Amber said she understood, even if on a few nights I didn't return to her place to sleep.

And then all too quickly, it was time for the graduation ceremony.

I stayed in the crowd with the various family members. Cherys' parents looked particularly happy to see me again. And during the diploma ceremony I yelled at the top of my lungs for Danielle and all of her friends that I knew: Cherys, Nataliya, Leslie, Carmita, etc.

Afterwards, the girls were mingling about, looking cute in their caps and gowns. But in the middle of one conversation, Nataliya pulled me off to the side.

"I will miss you, David. I know we haven't seen much of each other this past quarter, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten you."

"I'll miss you too, Nataliya. There's no way I could ever forget my 21st birthday."

The statuesque blonde blushed and then pulled me into a hug. "Promise me you will watch out for Cherys and your sister. I am worried about them."

I pulled back and looked into Nataliya's hazel eyes, which were wary. "Worried? Why?"

"Maybe you haven't seen it, spending so much time with your new girlfriend. But I am concerned for their relationship. Cherys, especially, is going through a very tough time with her emotions. I think she is questioning her sexuality. Danielle, too, to some degree."

"What do you mean?"

Nataliya looked thoughtful for a second, putting together her explanation. "Here is what I know. I have a few gay friends. You know how I'm certain that they are gay? Because when they see me naked, they don't feel ANYTHING. When they see a man and a woman having sex, they don't really get aroused. Same for my lesbian friends."

I nodded, everything making sense at least on an intellectual level.

Nataliya then took on her concerned face. "But your sister and Cherys? When they see you naked, they get horny. When they see you fucking, they get hotter and wetter. Sure, they turn away every guy who ever approaches them, but I don't think they are really lesbians. At the very least, they are bisexual, even if they don't practice it with men. But rather than considering this, Cherys has been very firm in asserting that she does not want a man. But it's all words, not in the way she reacts instinctively."


"You have known them longer than me." Nataliya shrugged. "Did something happen to Cherys or Danielle when they were young? Something to make them distrust men?"

"I don't know."

"Something to think about. But while Cherys had always been a firm lesbian, these past few months her words have been changing. She does not talk the same way anymore. And everyone sees that she is now hiding some of her thoughts from Danielle. That is not healthy for their relationship."

"I'll keep an eye on them. I always thought they were the strongest relationship I'd ever seen." I looked back at my sister and Cherys talking with Cherys' parents. "They clearly love one another. I just assumed they would be together forever. But if Danielle needs me, I guess I've got to be the big brother and be there to support her."

Nataliya smiled. "You really have grown up." She leaned forward and hugged me again. "Goodbye, David. I hope I will see you again." And then she turned and headed off to where Maria and Leslie were waiting.

My mind couldn't sit still. Danielle and Cherys having problems? Never in a million years. Right?



E-Beth was gone again, off to rejoin the same internship she had taken last year. With her intelligence and experience with the company, by the time she graduated, I was sure they would be offering her a nice job with a fat salary.

I warned her to stay out of trouble, but the new and improved E-Beth just gave me a wicked grin and a passionate kiss goodbye without answering me.

Danielle and Cherys had both gotten entry-level jobs that were relatively local to the school. But they had one week off before starting work and both girls proceeded to veg out and be as lazy as possible for almost the entire time. On Sunday, I would help them move into a new apartment that was centrally located between their two jobs.

Amber, of course, didn't need to work over the summer. Her family had enough money and contacts to guarantee her a good job once she graduated.

So that left me as the only schlep having to work for the next week.

As it turned out, Amber's house had a pretty nice pool (and pool house, and manicured garden, etc., etc.). So, not content to just get lay out and get a tan with her old high school friends, she also invited Danielle and Cherys to chill out at her place for the week.

Danielle took one look at our home's dinky backyard and immediately agreed.

I was already in my parents' home Thursday when the girls came strolling in, obviously looking me up and down like a piece of meat. I didn't even want to know what Amber had been saying about me all day.

The whole time I was surreptitiously observing Danielle and Cherys when they were together. Nataliya's warnings were in the back of my head, but I honestly did not detect a single difference in the way they were around each other: same affection, same casual comfortability.

And then came the Friday night party. Looking back, I guess that was when I saw the first chinks in their relationship.


"Hey, dude. You free tonight?"

"'Dude'? You never called me 'dude'," Nate's voice was honestly puzzled.

I smirked at myself. "Sorry, just a friend rubbing off on me. So are you free?"

"Well, I was going to do dinner with Monica, but we didn't have any set plans. What's up?"

"Well tomorrow my sister and Cherys are heading off to their new apartment, new jobs, new lives, yadda, yadda. So Amber decided to throw them a little barbecue tonight at her house. She told me to invite a few friends as well."

"Amber, huh? I still can't believe you're dating her. Wasn't she a stuck-up bitch?"

"Nah. She's really sweet when you get to know her. I can hardly believe you're still with Monica."

Nathan went silent for a moment. "Yeah, me, too. I'm telling you, man. I'm going to marry her someday."

"Marry her? You guys getting that serious?"

"She got me to wear a Stanford sweater when I came to campus to visit her. I'm the fucking starting quarterback for Cal, and I'm walking around the Stanford campus wearing cardinal red. I've got it bad."

"No shit. So seriously, you guys coming? I've think I'll get a couple of the old gang there as well."

"Sure thing. Let me run it by the old ball and chain, and I'll call you back."


Nate and Monica showed up. So did two others from our high school football team and three ex-cheerleaders. Danielle and Cherys had a few of their old friends come as well, and Amber had four 'Heights' classmates.

Despite there being three distinct ex-High School cliques present, everyone seemed to have grown up over the past few years. Everyone mixed and flirted and reminisced about the old days without any of the old politicking or social tensions. With six guys and fourteen girls, I really couldn't complain about the ratio or the view.

The boys manned the grill and the girls stripped down to bikinis and jumped in the pool. With plentiful alcohol around and the lack of any parents, it was turning out to be quite the shindig. We ate burgers and dogs, drank a lot of beer, and horsed around in the water until the sun came down late into the summer evening.

The highlight of the party for me was just before sundown. Cherys had been chugging beers pretty steadily, and she was bouncing up and down while giggling uncontrollably. She wasn't wearing much to begin with, just a sheer, navy blue bikini that showed off a good bit of titflesh and a brief bottom that revealed more of her asscheeks than it covered.

She noticed my eyes goggling up and down as she hopped around, and then took two slightly unsteady steps right towards me. "Wanna closer look, David?"

I glanced momentarily at Danielle and Amber, who both just smirked at my predicament. Then I looked studiously at Cherys' tits and calmly said, "Yes."

To my surprise, Cherys shrugged, reached back, and unhooked her top. I'd already known her nipples were rock hard, poking through the bikini, but now I was seeing a lot more of them as she dropped her top onto the deck.

Damn, those things were as big as E-Beth's and quite possibly firmer and rounder. I'd caught glimpses of them from time to time on more than one occasion, but this was so much more intense as she was showing off in front of the entire crowd.

Cherys took two steps forward and let me ogle her up close and personal. I was sitting on a chair, nursing my latest beer as Cherys then dropped her bikini bottoms, displaying her wet, bare-shaven pussy. And then she climbed into my lap, ground her naked crotch against the hardon in my swim trunks, and pulled my face into her cleavage.

I groaned as Cherys beat the sides of my cheeks with her breasts, and then laughing she got back up, turned, and dove into the pool.

By this point, all pairs of eyes were on her. And when she surfaced and slicked the hair out of her eyes, she called out. "New rule: nobody gets in the pool unless they're buck naked!"

"Oh, yeah!" One of our football buddies cheered, dropped his shorts, and went cannonballing after the gorgeous brunette. Two other guys and four girls quickly followed.

"Shall we?" Amber's voice sounded in my ear. I looked to the right and saw my girlfriend wearing nothing but her birthday suit and a smirk. Her red bikini was a puddle on the deck, her blonde hair was golden in the dying sunlight, and her blue eyes sparkled out from the shadows.

I was momentarily embarrassed by the hardon Cherys had given me. But hey, that girl could have gotten a dead man erect. I stood up and managed to pull my trunks over my dick. And then holding hands, Amber and I jumped into the pool.

Once in the water, there was quite a bit of grab-assing and copped feeling going around. Drunken Cherys even got me into a chicken fight, paired with her against Monica and Nate.

Unfortunately, we guys weren't very good bases. We spent too much time looking up to watch the girls' naked bodies and not enough time maintaining our balance.

Eventually, the evening started to cool and most of us relocated to the hot tub. Like everything else at Amber's family home, it was big, luxurious, and had all the bells and whistles. Various couples, both hetero and lesbian, wound up cuddling in the warm water and I swear at least two girls had muffled orgasms while we were there.

At the end of the night, everyone got dressed again and an impromptu dance floor started up on the pool deck. Things were obviously winding down and the inevitable "growing up and moving out" conversations started up. Besides Danielle and Cherys, there were three others in the total group who had graduated college and were going on to the real world.

With a bit of egging, I started up a slightly-tipsy speech to the graduates. It was mostly coherent... mostly.

At the last, we toasted everyone with raised plastic cups of beer, and then five guys bum-rushed the graduates and tossed them screaming into the water. I got the honors of tossing Danielle into the cold water, her shriek perforating my eardrum so that I don't think I had 100% hearing for the next day or so.

That seemed to cap off the festivities. Once people dried off and started sobering up, the party started breaking up. Little by little, people headed home until we were down to just the core group.

Danielle, Cherys, and I were helping Amber pick up the obvious trash and put away the grill. Amber was learning. Yes, it was her staff's job to clean up after us, but it didn't hurt to give them their basic respect on a daily basis and we wanted to at least do a little bit to help out.

Nate and Monica were the last guests left, but Monica had drunk a couple of beers too many and for the moment, she was all over Nate. Despite the cooling air, she was still wearing nothing but her bikini while straddling Nate on a lounge chair and shoving her tits into his face.

"Damn. I think she's going to start fucking him right in front of us," Danielle commented.

I looked over and saw the telltale arousal in her eyes and heard it in her voice. I was suddenly reminded of Nataliya's observations regarding the Cherys and Danielle's potential bisexuality.

"Sweetie, everyone's watching..." Nate exhaled when Monica started tugging at his shorts. His tone was strained, torn between wanting it to happen and embarrassed at the same time.

"Don't stop on our account," Cherys giggled.

"They're all friends," Monica agreed, then pulled Nate's shorts to his ankles and shoved the first four inches of his cock into the back of her throat.

"Ohhh, shit..." Nate reclined back against the lounger, his eyes wide open to the stars.

The young couple was on one of a row of lounge chairs, all lined up neatly beneath the backyard lights. Cherys flared her eyes at Danielle and took her girlfriend by the hand, leading them over to the chair immediately next to Nate and Monica. Cherys slipped her bikini bottoms to the ground, and then sat back on the chair and spread her legs.

"Come to me baby," Cherys cooed, already stirring her fingers in her own crotch.

Danielle smiled and knelt down. I couldn't see anything but the back of Danielle's dirty-blonde head as she wriggled between Cherys' legs, the gorgeous brunette planting her hands on the back of my sister's head.

"That looks like fun," Amber commented. "Let's forget the trash for now." She walked to the next empty chair besides Cherys and Danielle. Only instead of just losing her bottoms, Amber dropped all of her clothing so that she was completely naked.

I grinned and then settled into place.

At first there was a strange harmony of paired female moans with one set of male grunts. But then at a baritone bellow, both Danielle and I lifted our heads and looked to the side to see Nate's eyes bulging and his face red, his hands clamped onto Monica's head as he obviously was unloading his cum into Monica's mouth.

The next time I got distracted was when Cherys called, "Squeeze my tits baby. Oh, you know how I love it when you pinch my nipples."

I couldn't resist looking up to see that Cherys' bikini top was missing once again, Danielle's hands caressing the voluminous mounds while her head shook between her girlfriend's legs. Monica and Nate had also switched places, the air now filled with three sets of feminine moaning.

Cherys was so wired that she came rather quickly. And when the brunette started gasping for a second climax, I managed to get Amber off as well. And then came the words I had always fantasized about but never expected.

"Amber, would you mind trading with me?"

My head shot up and my dick, which had slowly softened while my attention was on Amber's clit, went rock hard in an instant.

Danielle, too, was looking back and forth between her girlfriend and mine. Cherys' eyes were swimming, liquid pools of desire as her entire face radiated absolute lust.

Amber noticed my agitated state and then looked at Danielle. She smiled and licked her lips in obvious arousal. "Sure. Sounds like fun. Go show her what your tongue can do, baby."

So with Amber nodding her head to the side, I got up and swapped places with Danielle. My sister was appreciably interested in my pretty blonde girlfriend. But to be honest, I think she was more focused on watching me with her girlfriend.

I settled down between Cherys' legs, my eyes locked in on the pretty pink pussy spread wide for me. She was still wet from her two recent climaxes and I was immediately hit by her sweet scent.

I lowered my head and took the first tentative lick from bottom all the way up, causing Cherys to tense her hips and briefly buck her hips upwards, her breath catching in a muffled gasp.

Cherys blinked and then smiled at me. "How does it feel to be the first man to ever put his tongue there?"

I didn't answer. I just did it again.

And again.

And again.

It's not like Cherys necessarily tasted any better than Amber or anything. She was muskier compared with Amber's sweetness, if anything. But the fact was that this was CHERYS. This was my dream girl. This was my eternal, untouchable fantasy girl. And I was eating her pussy.

It just about blew my mind.

So I went on autopilot, just enjoying the moment. I worked instinctively, not able to concentrate with my mind racing in disbelief at what I was doing. Apparently, my body was a better muff-diver than I was. Either that, or Cherys was extra- horny by the situation as well, because she went off like a firecracker barely a minute into my tongue bath.

She came again when I brought a finger up and curled the tip against her G-spot.

And she came again when I worked a second finger into her.

By now, my ears were informing me of everything else that was going on. I heard the lounger to my left squeaking as apparently Nate was already fucking Monica. I heard the shift of the lounger braces and then dual feminine moaning to my right. My guess was that Amber lowered the lounger flat so she and Danielle could sixty-nine.

But my eyes were all on Cherys. I saw nothing but her pretty pussy, her taut tummy, and the twin mountains of funbag flesh perched on her chest. She pulled my hands up and then my tongue went even wilder once I got both palms pressed against her breasts. My hands were on CHERYS' breasts.

I still couldn't believe it.

Just like I couldn't believe it when I heard "FUCK ME DAVID!"

My head popped up, my lower jaw absolutely drenched in Cherys' nectar. My head immediately went to the right, where Amber and Danielle were indeed sixty- nining, Amber on top with her head facing me and Danielle pointed away on the bottom.

Cherys was frantic. I'd lost count of how many times she'd climaxed, but she was trembling so hard she couldn't keep her hands still. She clawed at my arms and pulled at my back, trying to physically MOVE my torso up and into position.

"I want you David. I want your cock inside me. I want it in my cunt. I want it in my ass. I want to swallow your cum. Fuck me. Fuck me, David!"

It should have been the culmination of my longest ever fantasy. I was literally moments away from burying my hard, throbbing cock inside of CHERYS.

And yet... all I could feel was absolute panic.

Cherys had lost it. She was acting way out of character, in a manic way that was more frightening than sexy. Her eyes were wild and yet droopy. And her twitchiness unnerved me.

Cherys looked desperate. Danielle looked horrified. And Amber looked concerned. My girlfriend caught my eye, and ever so fractionally, she shook her head 'no'.

That was all I needed. I pulled back and stumbled away from the lounger, leaving a still-frantic Cherys crying for me to come and fuck her. Amber came to me while Danielle switched over to her girlfriend and enveloped her in a hug. Cherys was sobbing pitifully and trying to throw Danielle off of her while still reaching out to me.

Nate looked like he wanted to help restrain Cherys, but hesitated at her nudity until Monica told him to go hold her down.

And all the while, my dick throbbed and waved of its own accord back in Cherys' direction. My balls were swollen to the size of grapefruits after so much time close to Cherys' pussy. And the shaft was an angry purple, as thick as I'd ever seen it. My dick wanted in. And Cherys' wild gaze was locked onto it as well.

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