tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Book of Rose: Orcs

The Book of Rose: Orcs


-=-=- Rose -- 629 D.f. -=-=-

A gentle midsummer breeze swept over the endless waves of green. Birds sang, crickets chirped, and bunnies frolicked in the weeds. It was a peaceful time, it was a tranquil time; tranquil, except for the Orcs. Their endless shouts, their terrifying roars, all carried over the hills; and these fearful noises would have been a warning to all, to all, except for Rose.

The sorceress-in-red laid on her tummy, her feet swinging freely in the air behind her; and with a quill in hand and a parchment below, she scribbled her notes on those bestial Orcs. She had traveled here, a thousand miles from home, with the specific intent of examining these creatures for the greater knowledge of all. And the Orcs were now not a quarter-mile away, and so incredibly preoccupied with their campfire that they did not notice Rose at all as she giggled and wrote. This was merely a mild convenience for her, seeing as she could disappear in an instant if she'd wanted to. Rose reviewed her work.

Cursed by the gods for their debaucherous ways, the Orcs of the eastern plains now sport green skin, husked teeth, and a brain so useless they are now incapable of creating a proper tool, let alone clothes more complicated than a loin cloth. Yet, in all their mercy, the gods saw fit to grant them a natural tool far superior to the elves they derived from; a thick, meaty, juicy...

Rose put her quill down, moaning in disgust as she finished reading the words so far put to parchment. Why did all of her reports seemingly have to saunter down this same avenue? What would her fellow sorceresses think of her, if they read of such a salacious thing? She shook her head, her plump lips curling into a gentle smirk, and decided to watch the Orcs for a time without jotting down her commentary.

She found her way to her feet, smoothing out her red silk miniskirt and pulling her black lace stockings back into place when she'd arrived. She then adjusted her unkempt hair, tucking a stray lock of blonde behind her ear, and bent over to retrieve her parchment and quill from the grass. Finding all was well, she then skipped over to a nearby tree and leaned against it, and watched over the muscular green men from atop her hill as they shouted and danced around their campfire.

But Rose soon discovered that spying on her subject matter from such a distance was boring. All the Orcs did, all the Orcs ever did, was eat, drink, and be merry. What kind of life was that? Where were their women? Why in all the gods' names were they granted with such a fat tool, if they never worked the damned things? Were they simply too massive for use? Were the Orcs truly so cursed that those girthy, intimidating fuck-sticks had to remain unutilized?

Rose glanced towards her legs, finding her free hand had involuntarily crept up her legs and under her skirt as she pondered such things. Never one to let an idle moment go unseized, she chuckled softly in self-realization, then toyed with her marble-sized clitoris through her panties for the better part of a minute. In the next moment she released her grasp on her quill and parchment, and willed them to levitate in the air before her with a simple spell. She decided to continue authoring as she pleasured herself through her clothes, the quill scribbling and waving through the air seemingly on its own volition.

... a thick, meaty, juicy COCK, one so illustrious and terrifying that I pondered if it could be tasted or ridden without splitting a girl in two. Well, dear readers, if you're perusing this treatise now then that means that they CAN, for I have decided to test this hypothesis with my own nubile body.

Rose giggled and moaned, her quill and parchment fluttering towards the ground as she disabled the spell of levitation. So what if her reputation was damaged by such salacious words? Was she not already the most well-known slut in Mschuleft? The 'Sorceress of a Thousand Mates,' as it were?

She had no time to waste. The sun was already setting over the peaks to her west, and she wanted to study her subject matter in the light; not to mention that her panties were positively soaked with lust. She lifted her skirt, pushed her silk panties down her long and luscious legs, then stepped out of them before enthusiastically skipping down the hill towards an unknown fate.

The Orcs were so incredibly enthralled by their fire pit, their roasting pig, and their dance, that they completely overlooked the blushing sorceress-in-red as she neared them. Rose dipped in behind a rock, brushing a finger against her button as she looked upon them from up close. She gave herself a moment of self-reflection before making her presence known, just in case she wanted to back out now; yet, she found the two halves of her brain arguing over which Orc to present herself to, but not if she should. This useless introspection made things easy for her, and so she stepped out from behind the rock and strut towards the band of Orcs with her hands raised skyward.

"Oh no, I am trapped. What ever will I do?" Rose unenthusiastically announced as she stepped towards them. "If only I weren't some helpless maid."

The brutish Orcs only then noticed her, and turned swiftly in her direction. Rose couldn't help but spy the movement of the nearest Orc's cock as he swung about, which slapped meatily against his thigh as he raised a hand at her and bellowed.

"Oogah! Sin fooshkin oogah!" the massive creature howled at her. Rose gave him an anxious smile, and raised her hands higher.

"Yes, indeed! I am so incredibly helpless, and certainly unable to prevent you from 'fooshkin'ing me," the sodden sorceress concurred with a grin. The nearest Orc trudged towards her, but was soon halted by the bigger one beside him.

"Nagath! Sin ish fooshkin oogah!" the bigger Orc roared with a fist against chest, shoving the first away. This one had darker skin, closer to black than green, and a tool so large it swung past his loin cloth as he trudged towards her with a predatory grin, causing Rose's womanhood to weep with delight.

"A-alright," she said with trembling voice. "I suppose you are the one that will 'fooshkin' me."

"Nagath!" the first Orc disagreed, jumping onto the black Orc's back and forcing him to the ground. Fists were raised to pound against muscular flesh, kicks were thrown and traded, and the Orcs fought one another while Rose stood there, trembling in anticipation. Soon the other three Orcs of the band joined in the fray, all clearly vying for their chance to lay with the gorgeous and innocent damsel.

Rose decided to fall to her knees to wait things out, and brought her hands to the top of her head as the Orcs quarreled and fought. Rose noted that she had every chance to flee as they seemingly ignored her, tumbling about in the dirt instead, and came to a pungent realization two minutes later; that she really had to disable her sense of smell. She did this simply, with magics and a deep inhalation.

Only three minutes after that did the brutish Orcs begin to rise from the dirt, rubbing their various injuries they'd sustained in the brawl. The black Orc rose to his feet, and turned to address his comrades.

"Oogah!" he bellowed, beating a fist against his own chest. "Ashin ish, wir fooshkin woogah," he added, waving his hand towards his fellows. His four green buddies then mumbled to themselves and to each other, nodding in agreement, and began to pat one another on the back.

"Aw!" Rose couldn't help but squeal. They'd made friends! She knew she'd have to include this in her treatise, but what had caused the sudden change of emotion?

Rose's thought was immediately answered, as each and every one of those muscular and intimidating Orcs, reminded of her presence when she squealed, turned towards her wearing predatory grins. She remained on her knees as the green Orcs crowded around her, jockeying for a position beside the hapless maid in red.

But Rose wasn't paying much attention to those Orcs. The one that had caught her interest, the one of black skin, now approached her from the fore with sure and powerful step. She felt the minor tremors in the dirt created by his footsteps, and felt a lustful mimicry of those same tremors within her own breast.

Her eyes were fixed on that Orc's tented loin cloth as he neared, dreadfully wondering just how large the creature truly was. She eventually found the will to look away from his member, to instead gaze up into his black-and-beady eyes with her own, sparkling blue and unnaturally huge.

Rose lolled out her tongue for him as she knelt there with her hands on her head, silently signaling her subservience to a creature she could otherwise not communicate with. The black Orc would be able to see her tongue-piercing then, a mundane modification she had granted herself to better serve those who decided to use her mouth. He must have approved of the look, as he then pointed at her and roared with laughter, calling her all manner of thing Rose couldn't understand. The Orcs around her laughed as well, and Rose only smiled in reply whilst her mouth remained open and her tongue remained outstretched as far as it could go.

Rose had practically melted with anticipation by the time the black Orc gripped her chin with his big, calloused hand. He tilted her head to the side as if in examination, laughed some more at her predicament, then thrust his forefinger into her salivating mouth.

Rose then realized she needed to disable her sense of taste, and did so with a gulp and a grimace.

"You're so strong..." Rose moaned around the black Orc's finger, wide-eyed and sultrily. "I sure hope you'll take me gently."

He wouldn't understand her, she knew, and Rose already had her answer regarding the beast's potential kindness in this situation. She licked the tip of the black Orc's finger as the others around her laughed at her plight, then slowly removed her hands from her head. She brought them up to the black Orc's loincloth, and slowly slipped the furs from his crotch to reveal her prize for being so very bold this day.

And was it ever a prize. Rose estimated the now-revealed cock to be around an entire foot long, and likely more than three-inches wide at it's half-way point. It was gently curved skyward, throbbed with a visible anticipation that Rose herself felt, and was mostly the same green-black color as the rest of the Orc's body; except near the tip, where it brightened up to a lighter green.

"Oh my!" Rose gasped with delight. She giggled into the confused Orc's eyes, adding, "is this all for me?"

Her hands moved quickly to grasp the giant member before her, naturally attracted to its imposing stature and to its perceived virility. She moved her right hand to snugly wrap around the base of the beastly cock, whilst her left settled under it's head; it was wide enough where it wouldn't fit in her palms, requiring her to close the distance with her dainty fingers. Rose grinned with pride as the Orc's tool pulsated lewdly in her grasp, pumping and throbbing so very powerfully.

"It's amazing," Rose whimpered, gazing into the ugly black Orc's beady eyes. She stroked him dry for only a moment or three before scooching herself closer to him, her mouth salivating with lustful anticipation.

She parted her lips to speak again as she tugged on the Orc's fuck-stick, but stopped herself from talking when the Orc wrapped his calloused, big hand through her silky blonde hair. Rose's mouth slacked wider as he pulled her in, yet she decided on just a bit of role-play; even if he wouldn't understand.

"But mister Orc, there's no way that'll fit in my mouth!" Rose mewled up at him. "I'm just an innocent maid, with no knowledge or experience of such things!"

The black Orc only pulled her hair in reply, grunting, "fooshko!"

And Rose hastily complied. She held the base of Orc's heavy cock upward and brought her mouth to the head, wrapping her rose-red lips around a green crown two-sizes too large. She swirled her tongue under the glans, and sucked in another two inches of girth before she began to bob up and down on the black Orc's shaft, moaning on his manhood to provide him the additional sensation.

The black Orc's grip on Rose's hair slackened as she diligently worked under him, and Rose felt safe enough at the moment to let her eyes flutter shut. She strained to take more and more of his meaty cock into her mouth, wanting to take the entire foot-long beast, but was eventually impeded by the back of her throat.

She recoiled from the Orc after one last gagging attempt at completion, gasping and sputtering for air. Rose had the experience to know what she had to do in this situation.

She spun around on her ass before the black Orc could comprehend her intentions, and leaned her head back to look at him upside-down, causing her long blonde hair to drape against the dirt. She then sluttily slacked her mouth open, and pulled the Orc's strong hand towards her. Then he understood.

Leaning back in this manner caused Rose's short red skirt to ride up her trim legs, so it settled at the precipice of revealing her soaked pussy to the remainder of the Orcs. This was intentional, as were the moans she uttered as the big Orc crouched before her, guiding his thick cock to her red lips. She took his length with an experienced elan, thinking more, more, as he plunged into her hungry throat with nary a whimper or complaint from the sorceress.

The ignored Orcs around her quieted as they took in the show themselves. Rose would have saw them tugging on their own impressive cocks if she wasn't jammed betwixt the big Orc's legs at the moment; but, seeing as she was, she decided on blindly pleasuring her magically-enlarged clit instead, in hopes of enthralling them further as she was taken to the core by the big black Orc.

Rose struggled for air as she took the full length into her throat. But instead of gagging, complaining, or otherwise begging the Orc to stop, she brought her free hand to her neck to conjure a set of magical gills to help her continue on unabated. Good thing, too, as the final two inches were soon jammed past her lips, which forced her nose to press against the Orc's massive, swinging orbs under his black-and-green cock.

The Orc soon began fucking Rose's throat at a slow rate, ensuring the slutty sorceress wasn't in pain before hastening his pace. And if Rose were thinking clearly at this point, she would have been flattered by the thought; a wild beast of a creature, looking out for her safety as she was filled by his massive manhood! What a bizarre idea!

But Rose was too preoccupied to ponder on such ideas for now. Her finger swirled over her marble-sized button faster, and she moaned whorishly against the full length of the gigantic cock inside her as it entered and reentered her gullet at a quickening rate.

"Nagath!" the black Orc suddenly shouted. Rose opened her eyes in surprise, only to be met by the upside-down sight of the Orc's nuts; she stopped pleasuring her pearl.

" ... oogah?" one of the other Orcs, stationed somewhere beside Rose's legs, perplexedly replied to him.

"Ashen ISH!" the black Orc roared over Rose's body, stunning all to silence for one still moment. He then pulled his manhood out of Rose's throat, and released her shoulders. Rose hadn't realized or noticed how reliant she was on his strength to help keep her up, and she thumped hard against the dirt as her Orcish lover stepped away from her, leaving her panting on her back.

She craned her neck up in confusion, scanning the fivesome of Orcs around her. All were now naked, their cocks hard as stone, and their gazes traded time between devouring her body and glancing in fear at the angry black Orc. He bellowed commands, beat fist against chest, and declared his superiority to his comrades once more. Probably.

Rose shrugged, then willed her magical gills away with the wave of a hand. The distraction at least gave her enough time to unlace her black bodice and remove her red shirt, leaving her in only her underbust corset, her stockings, and her tiny red skirt, which wasn't concealing much of anything at this point except for a hint of her hips. She remained on her back in lustful anticipation, once more bringing a hand to her sodden cunt whilst she waited.

Her Orcish lover was seemingly reminded of her once again when she moaned, and stomped towards her lower half. Rose arched her knees skyward, giving him a clear view of her shaved-and-puffy mound. His prize for merely being him.

"Come on, honey. Don't keep me waiting," Rose whimpered to him, squirming and moaning on the ground like a slut in heat. Rose bit her lip as the black Orc grunted and knelt between her legs, gripping her thighs tightly as if she would flee at any moment. She offered no resistance when the muscular creature spread her legs further, and she shuttered her lids when the tusked man leaned in over her and breathed onto her face. She tilted her head to the dirt, showing the big Orc the submission he likely wanted out of her; even if she could eviscerate him and his comrades in the blink of an eye.

Rose felt a gust of wind on her cheek, let out by the Orc when he snorted with laughter. She felt the crown of his massive tool pressing against her drenched pussy a moment later, and couldn't help but moan when he finally entered her.

His foot-long and girthy cock felt all the more gargantuan inside her. Rose felt her pussy stretch obscenely to accommodate it, reforming from a dainty-yet-drenched passage to instead become a perfect sheathe for the Orc's giant manhood. It humored her for a moment that he was pushing into her slowly at first, as if respectful of her delicateness. As if he could injure the slutty sorceress. She couldn't take it any longer.

"Take me, you revolting Orc!" Rose whorishly cried out with eyes clenched shut.

He slammed the next several inches into her, forcing her to scream when he smashed against her cervix seven inches deep.

"Yes! Fuck me! 'Fooshkin' me!" she pleaded and begged.

The black Orc gripped her by her shoulders, dominating her puny form in his muscular grip, and decided their wants were identical. He retreated from her soaking pussy until only the tip remained, then drove straight back into her, finally uncaring of her plight as he filled her fully. Rose yelped under him on every thrust as he slammed against her cervix, and moaned as the pleasure within cascaded through her like a tidal wave of debauchery.

"F-f-ffuck, m-m-meee!" Rose mumbled out as the bestial man overwhelmed her with thrust after hammering thrust. He pounded her into the dirt as the other Orcs watched on, stroking their own cocks as they awaited their turn with the buxom maid. Those impressive tools, cocks which would put all men to shame, but nothing compared to the one-

"Ahh!" Rose cried as her first climax of many came on, her diminutive body spasming and convulsing under him, her cunt squeezing around his shaft, her-

"Fuck!" she exclaimed again. This was no climax at all! Climaxes had a beginning, they had an end, but all Rose felt inside her was a plateau as she was taken by the dusky beast! The black Orc roughly fucked her for another two minutes or ten as she rode the never-ending high, until he finally pinned her down into the dirt, pushing into her as far as he could as Rose's legs and ass were pushed with him.

Rose clenched herself around his throbbing cock, then moaned with satisfaction when she soon felt him erupt deep within her, shooting rope after viscous rope of hot cum into her pussy. She slacked onto the ground and panted for air when the Orc was finished defiling her ten pulses later. He then released her, and removed his twitching cock from her sodden gash.

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