tagBDSMThe Bookstore Ch. 05

The Bookstore Ch. 05


By lamignonne and Zenmackie


All night? His words reverberated in Marie's mind. Did he mean he was going to let her spend the night with him? She fervently wished he would. She so badly wanted him to hold her...and maybe he'd fuck her again, for longer this time—for real, if she could manage not to come the second his cock entered her.

She was so out of control with him, so dizzyingly emotional, reduced to a sobbing wreck one minute, on top of the world the next. Like now—she had never felt so gloriously sated, her body still throbbing, her muscles hot and languid from the prolonged orgasm. But even as she reveled in the dreamy aftermath of her climax, she began to notice that her pussy, incredibly, was already wanting more. If he would just let her get off this damn bench, maybe she could manage not to be horny for a few minutes, but as long as she was tied down here with her legs spread wide and her ass in the air, it was going to be impossible to calm down for long. Her clit was still hard and swollen and needy. He hadn't touched it, apart from that brief stroke of the paddle, before he'd spanked her.

The spanking bench suddenly became unbearable. Marie was dying to stretch her tired muscles and if she could just close her legs maybe she could quiet the throbbing need between them. The water he'd thrown on her face was still dripping off of her chin, irritating her. He was busy doing something behind her; she could hear him moving around the store, then the crinkling sound of a plastic bag. She wanted to get his attention, but recalled his order not to speak out. She whimpered, pulling at the straps holding her in place.

He ignored her and she remembered his words from before she'd put on the collar: I will give you pain, pleasure or humiliation as I please, use you or ignore you as I choose...and you will thank me for all of it. She had to change her thinking, she realized. It was up to him to decide when she could get off the bench; it wasn't for her to tell him to let her up. But she still felt agitated, continuing to squirm fruitlessly in her bonds.

When he finally came back over to her, holding his bag full of new toys, Marie surprised him again. He couldn't resist giving her captive bottom one last hefty smack, making her yelp, and squeezing her tits for a couple of minutes. When he stood in front of her to work on the cuffs holding her wrists, she looked up at him, shaking the hair out of her eyes, and said clearly, "Thank you for punishing me, Sir."

He looked searchingly at her, but she seemed sincere, if a little shy. Her eyes dropped as she struggled to finish, whispering, "I'm sorry I came without permission."

He was pleased. His voice was warm and had a teasing note to it when he replied, "My poor princess. Always in trouble, aren't you?" He finished unstrapping her and helped her stand up. She collapsed gratefully into his arms and he held her for a minute, loving her little moan when he rubbed her ass, still glowing a fiery red from her paddling. He had seen the wetness again leaking from her pussy. All in all, he couldn't complain, he thought. His new slave was proving as delightful as he'd hoped. It was going to be fun torturing her hungry clit with the powerful new vibrator he'd just selected. It was about one in the morning on a Friday night. He looked forward to a long, interesting weekend.

He continued to hold her. His left hand rested lightly on the back of her head, just above her collar. He had been using his right arm to hold her close but now he lifted it and reached between her legs to grasp her leash. He pulled it slowly through her legs...and then up, watching her carefully as the chain tightened, first between her ass cheeks and then the lips of her pussy. He wrapped the end of the chain around his fist, pulling it tighter, bringing Marie up onto her toes as he had earlier. Only this time, because of the chain, he was pulling her collar tighter and tighter as well, using his hand at the back of her head to keep the pressure steady.

He watched her eyes go wide, staring into his as she began to struggle for breath. He began to slowly pull the chain back and forth, knowing it was rubbing over her clit. Then he bent down and kissed her for a long moment, his tongue probing her mouth as she gasped for breath through her nose.

When he kissed her like that, so possessively, it made Marie a little crazy. She kissed him back frantically, her body straining to get away from the bite of the chain between her legs, her hands clutching fistfuls of his shirt. The metal of the leash felt shockingly cold against her burning crotch, and her hard nipples rubbed against him. She was as horny now as she had been before the orgasm.

He broke the kiss and loosened the leash just enough to allow her to catch her breath, though she still danced on her toes from the pressure between her legs. "Do you have plans for this weekend, princess?"

She shook her head as much as she could with it still in his grip and gasped, "No, Sir—just homework."

"Good." He whipped the leash out from between her legs and pointed at the floor, saying, "Down."

The shame of being spoken to like an animal sent a renewed pulse of fire through Marie. She knelt carefully on her hands and knees and he led her, crawling, back out of the store the way they had come in.

Then they were outside again. Marie waited at his feet while he locked up. She knew there was no chance that he would let her get up and walk back to the van after coming without his permission a second time. She just hoped he would go slow enough to let her avoid anything particularly nasty or dangerous on the ground. As he turned and walked past her he patted her on the head and said, "Good doggie," before tugging gently on her leash. Marie followed as quickly as she could, her face still sticky with his come where the water had missed it--and burning with humiliation.

She had barely crawled ten feet however, when she was suddenly overcome with the need to urinate. She had been so overwhelmed by everything else that had happened that she had forgotten that it had been hours since her last visit to the toilet. She tried to suppress it but that only made it worse. She wasn't allowed to talk without permission, what was she going to do?

She did the only thing she could think of: she crawled as fast as she could until she caught up with him then, feeling like an utter idiot, seized his pant-leg in her teeth and began to whine like an anxious puppy. And when he stopped and turned to her she sat up, holding her hands out like paws, begging.

His grin when he saw her was so wide that it almost turned into laughter. "What is it, Lassie?" he said, mocking her. "You say Grandpa's trapped in the old mineshaft?" Marie didn't think she could blush any harder but she did. "Please, Sir," she said, assuming his mocking questions constituted permission to speak, "Can we go back inside for a minute? I really, really need to pee."

He just stared at her for a second then shook his head, bemused, before jerking her back onto all fours. He led her directly over to the nearest lamppost in the lot, stopped, then turned and looked at her expectantly.

Oh no. He couldn't possibly expect her to... Yes, of course he could. And he expected instant obedience; she had certainly learned that. So, holding his gaze as best she could with tears of humiliation filling her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, Marie lifted her leg and urinated against the lamppost. The sound of her pee hitting the metal seemed to ring through the entire parking lot.

The worst part, though, was having to look at him while she did it.

When she finished she barely had time to put her leg down before he jerked on her leash and set off again, with Marie scrambling to keep up, heedless now of whatever might be on the ground beneath her.

When they got to the van he opened the door on her side and simply said, "Up." And when she had scrambled into the seat he slammed the door and told her, "Put your ass out the window." Marie clumsily and hurriedly knelt on the seat with her back to the door then put her head down and her behind out the window as ordered.

She heard him pawing through the plastic bag he carried...and shuddered. A moment later she felt him separating her cheeks with the fingers of one hand, then something was shoved rudely up her ass, making her cry out. "That's one," she heard him say.

One? Oh god... Then something—and it was something much bigger this time—was forced between her legs, stretching her pussy painfully. "That's two," she heard him say. "Now, let's see..."

There was a tiny click from behind her...and suddenly her entire pussy, from the lips all the way to her womb, seemingly, were vibrating—humming like a gigantic and very angry bumblebee. Before she could catch her breath—and she wasn't sure she would ever be able to—he had climbed into the seat beside her. He threw the bag into the back seat then bent down to her.

"Don't...fucking...move. And if you come once more without my permission I will stop this van and push you out onto the sidewalk."

Then he started the van and drove off.

At first, coming was the farthest thing from Marie's mind. She just wanted this thing out of her. The vibration was so intense it tickled, and she shifted her hips frantically, torn between hope that the thing would fall out on its own and the desire to obey him. She grunted with the effort to keep still, too overwhelmed to try to stop the desperate sounds coming from her mouth.

There was one good thing about the vibrator stuffed inside her—it kept her from thinking. Otherwise she might be dwelling on the fact that the window was still open, the cool night air rushing over her exposed ass; that she had just crawled naked across a parking lot and peed on a lamppost like a dog; that there was something shoved into her ass, intruding where nothing had ever penetrated, except his fingers, briefly. What had come over her, really? A few days ago she'd been a relatively innocent, well-behaved girl, her fantasies of submission and humiliation merely well kept secrets.

Being with him was intoxicating; it was as if the cautious part of her brain was silenced, overwhelmed by the flood of powerful sensation he aroused in her. There was the heady excitement and anxiety of waiting for him, wondering what he would do to her next, and the shameful thrill of being bound by him, used by him. There was the torturous, drawn out need she suffered for him, and the blissful gratification when she came on his cock. All of it made her feel so intensely that her everyday experiences seems like just so much lukewarm water. In the back of her mind she'd already started to worry that he'd spoiled her satisfaction with her humdrum life; that she could so easily become addicted to his mastery of her.

Thank God the drive was short. Preoccupied as she was with the buzzing in her pussy, Marie almost lost her balance on the seat a couple of times when he made a turn. Just before he stopped the car, she had begun to know a new fear, as the relentless vibrator stimulated her unwilling pussy back to extreme arousal.

He said nothing as he turned off the engine and got out of the van. With her head down on her arms on the seat, Marie couldn't tell if they were in private or just on the side of the road somewhere, but she ceased to care as he opened her door and, without warning, grabbed the protruding end of the vibrator. He pulled it out a few inches, then slammed it back into her, then again, and Marie gave a strangled scream, it felt so good. God, didn't he know that she'd come if he did that, that she couldn't prevent it no matter how hard she tried?

But he must have known, because he switched off the vibrator and pulled it out of her. The butt plug he left in place, although he gave it an experimental wiggle, making her grunt, before saying brusquely, "Get out—hands behind your head."

Marie climbed shakily out of the van and posed as he'd ordered, relieved to see that they were in what appeared to be an underground garage, with no one else in sight. She cast a furtive look around then glanced back at her Master. The heat in his eyes as he looked her over startled her, and then gratified her. Even though she was standing before him naked, wearing his collar and leash, her asshole uncomfortably full of one of his toys, she felt absurdly proud. She could see the possessive lust in his gaze as he reached for her leash, and she felt all at once that she had an advantage over him.

The feeling was short-lived as he jerked her forward with the leash and she found out immediately that walking while wearing a butt plug was an uncomfortable business. The thing seemed to shift inside her with every step she took, stretching her. She made a little sound of distress, wishing he would slow down, but he walked briskly towards an elevator, looking back over his shoulder once so as not to miss the sight of his slave waddling awkwardly behind him, her young body admirably displayed as she kept her hands obediently behind her head.

Inside the elevator, he positioned her with her back to the doors, ordering her to spread her legs and grab her ankles. He punched the button for floor 5 and turned his attention to his slave, jiggling the butt plug and flicking her swollen clit with his fingers, making her whimper. "You'd better hope no one's waiting to get on at the top," he whispered, enjoying her nervous shiver. There would be no one there; his was the only unit on the top floor. But she didn't know that.

The elevator arrived and they got off into an austere corridor that Marie barely had time to register as he pulled on her leash, hustling her over to a lone door with the number 10 on it. He quickly unlocked it and pushed her ahead of him through the doorway, dropping the bag of toys to the floor as he followed her.

Marie stopped and stared. "Wow," she breathed, not even noticing she'd spoken out. This had to be one of those old buildings down at the waterfront, converted into fabulous lofts. She was a little relieved to have some idea, for once, where they were. Her eyes roamed over the modern architecture with the exposed brick and beams, the open staircase leading to a half-story above them, and the bright paintings hung everywhere. One entire wall was given over to floor-to-ceiling windows that commanded a view of the downtown skyline, while another wall was covered by enormously tall bookshelves crammed with books. There was even a sliding ladder reaching up to the top shelf.

Marie was seriously impressed. She looked curiously at her new Master, who had moved over to the kitchen, set in an alcove in one corner of the vast space. Surely he wasn't this rich just from running the bookstore? A man of secret resources.

He had filled a glass with ice water, and now he brought it over to a comfortable-looking armchair and sat down, calling to her, "Come here, princess."

She hurried, as fast as the butt plug would allow her, to kneel at his feet, remembering to keep her knees spread. She saw his gaze dart to her crotch and couldn't help smiling. He thrust the glass into her hand and said, "Drink all of it." She watched him as she gulped the water, and it seemed to her that his face, usually so enigmatic, softened somewhat as he looked her over. This, combined with the way he'd looked at her in the garage, emboldened her to speak more freely than before when he took the glass from her and asked gently, "How are you feeling now, princess?"

"Well," she said, smiling, "at first I was pretty distracted by your wonderful books." Her eyes swept over the wall of books behind him, then returned to his face. "But now... I'm just horny again."

"You're not hungry?"

"No, Sir." She was still smiling at him. He was intrigued by this new mood of hers. She looked positively impish. It was something he'd prolong if this weren't a serious moment.

"Good," he said curtly, and his tone changed abruptly. He watched her face fall in response, and then ordered, "Kiss my feet, princess." As she bent to do it he added, "I want to see your ass in the air." He leaned back and watched her for a minute or two as she dropped little kisses on his shoes, then told her to sit up.

"Hands behind your back."

She obeyed and he saw that the beautiful apprehensive look was back in her eyes. He leaned forward and took hold of each of her nipples, noticing that she immediately pushed her chest towards him in invitation. He pinched slightly—not enough to hurt, but the threat was there. "What are you, princess?"

By now familiar with this line of questioning, Marie answered immediately, "I'm your property, Sir." Her voice was a little breathless.

"That's right. And that means your body..." He trailed off meaningfully.

"It—it belongs to you?" she guessed.

"Good. And what else?" He rolled her nipples to give her a hint.

"My... my tits," she whispered, realizing she'd never said that word out loud before.

He pinched hard. "Your tits what?"

"My tits... belong to you," she said hastily, catching on.

"What else, princess?"

"My pussy belongs to you," she whispered. "And... my ass belongs to you too."

He wondered if she knew she was spreading her thighs wider as she talked, thrusting her pelvis towards him slightly. Her eyes had drifted closed as she spoke, so when he suddenly shouted at her she nearly jumped out of her skin.

"So then why—" his voice cracked like a whip "—do you think you can come whenever you want?"

Her eyes filled up. He could tell she was wringing her hands behind her back. "I don't think—I mean, it—I—I can't help it," she foundered. "I'm sorry!"

"It occurred to me," he went on, as if she hadn't spoken, "that it might be interesting to see what happens if I give you exactly what you want." He looked directly at her, challenging her. "Well, slut? Do you want me to make you come?"

Was this a trick question? Marie hesitated. She could say something clever, like "I want to please you, Sir," as she had the first night in the bookstore. Or she could tell him the truth: that she was dying to have his cock in her pussy again, that she wanted his hands on her again, delivering her to an explosive climax. "Yes, please, Sir," she whispered finally. "Make me come for you, please."

So be it, he thought, and stood up. He motioned her to stand too then pulled her leash from the back of her collar up between her legs again, watching it dig into her crotch. He pulled her along this way across the room and up the stairs.

His bedroom was as impressive as the rest of the loft. A magnificent painting dominated the wall over his enormous bed. The furniture was made of heavy, masculine mahogany. Marie absorbed these details even as she waddled hurriedly to keep up with him, trying to mitigate the pressure of the chain leash between her legs. It was also pressing against the base of her plug, making her painfully aware of the intruder. Finally he stopped, pulled the leash free, and unclipped it from her collar. "Lie down on your back," he said, and Marie climbed up onto the bed, her body already starting to tremble in anticipation.

He stood at the foot of the bed watching as she followed his orders. He had to repress a smile, first at the expression on her face as she lay back and realized she would be lying on her butt plug, then at the speed with which she remembered to spread her legs for him. The bedspread was a rich, dark green that made her eyes stand out in sharp relief from her pale features; they seemed almost to glow as they stared anxiously up at him. So sweet, so vulnerable, so desperately eager to please him—Christ, she made him hard! And she had no idea what she had just let herself in for.

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