The Booth


[This version has been corrected].


About a year ago my wife and I saw part of an old skin film on cable about a married couple where the guy wanted to expose his wife to other men. I had always enjoyed exposing Susan and fantasized about exposing her more, but I was too embarrassed to mention it. She laughingly made some comment about how it would be "fun" being exposed like that. I then remembered how, when we were dating, she never really protested too strongly when I pawed at her in public places. I especially remember when we used to go to this old drive-in movie theater. I almost always ended stripping off every shred of her clothing in the car. The chance of someone looking in the car and seeing my girl completely naked was really exciting to me. She would put up a little fuss, of course, but I always managed to talk her out of all of her clothing. One by one, I would toss her clothing into the backseat until she was completely naked. Sometimes I would grab her clothes and lock them in the trunk. Then, of course, she was forced to submit to my every whim to get her clothes back. I had assumed that I was just more persuasive than other guys, but now I know that she also found it extremely exciting.

One time, just out of college, after both of us had downed quite a few beers, I intentionally pulled up next to a van-load of guys drinking beer and out for a good time. As I kissed Susan, I unbuttoned her blouse and slid it and her bra straps off her shoulders. I exposed her breasts as the guys gawked at her through their van windows. As I kissed her, I pinched and pulled at her nipples, putting on a good show. The guys piled out the van and stepped up to the window for a closer look. After several minutes of this, I reached over and rolled down the window. I grabbed Susan's face with both my hands and turned her toward me still kissing her. I literally turned my girlfriend's body over to these guys. Susan didn't seem to know what was going on. I just figured that she was too drunk to notice. While I held her head and kissed her, the young men reached in the car and attacked her exposed breasts. I remember being surprised at how easily she had let me bare her breasts. As I kissed Susan, I kept my eyes open and watched them go at her. They were getting pretty rough and I was afraid that Susan would figure it out, but she didn't try to stop them or me. As it turns out they knew her needs better than I did. They pulled her dress up and shoved their fingers under the waistband of her panties and down to her pussy. I watched as Susan opened her legs to them. I actually came in my pants as I watched my girlfriend moan and writhe as these guys squeezed her tits and finger-fucked her pussy.

Well, our lives changed after her admission. Susan has a fabulous body and we are both proud to show it off. My wife has fairly large breasts, and on her small frame, they seem even larger. She also has large thick rubbery nipples that, when erect, pull her tits into fascinating cone shapes. They are quite a sight to see. Her nipples are over an inch long when erect and they are her most erogenous zone. She loves to have them tweaked and sucked on. I like to get a little rough with them sometimes, giving them a good tweak, but as long as Susan is hot enough, she even likes it rough. I even keep a pair of clothespins in the nightstand drawer that I can clip on when she is really hot. I clip them on and then hold her wrists so she can't take them off. Then I fuck her while she moans and begs to have me take them off. I tell her that they won't come off until she cums and boy does she cum. She complains that the clothespins hurt too much, but she leaves them in the nightstand drawer. Other times, I will sit up on her hips as she lays in bed, grab her by her nipples and pull her upper body up, forcing her to arch her back. She rubs her own pussy, moaning as I hold her in that position, until she cums.

At least twice a month we make a trip downtown to an adult book store with a number of video booths in the back. There are about 50 booths back in a very dark area with lots of aisles. In the summer, Susan will wear high-heeled sandals, shorts, and a T-shirt or a tank top, and nothing else. Needless to say, she attracts a lot of attention. Nearly all of the booths have holes cut in the side connecting one booth to another. Some are small enough just to peek through, but they come in all sizes. The booths on either side of us always fill up quickly. We mostly use two booths that are her favorites. In one, the hole is low and just big enough for Susan to squeeze one of her tits through. I have my wife kneel down, then I lift up her T-shirt and push her against the hole and play with one tit, while the guy in the next booth gets the other one. She tells me what the guy is doing. She'll say things like, "He squeezing me now; he's pinching my nipple, now he's sucking on it hard."

Sometimes the guy in the next booth will get rough and Susan will begin whimpering, "Ohhh, he's hurting me Johnny," but I usually hold her there and force her to take it. It doesn't take long before I shove my cock in her mouth. Still, I can tell what the other guy is doing by her moans.

The second booth has a larger hole higher up. I stand Susan by the hole and, with her breasts pushed together, both of them can be squeezed into the next booth. The guys in this place mostly seem to come from a bar next door and they aren't known for being too gentle. But I push Susan up against the opening and hold her tightly there, with her arms behind her, offering both her breasts to the guy in the next booth.

A third booth is my favorite, although Susan doesn't like it. It has a rather large whole cut high in the wall. I can't imagine why someone cut that hole, but I've found a good use for it. Susan stands on the bench in the booth and I push her head first through the hole with her arms held tightly at her sides. She can squeeze through just far enough so her head and tits are in the next booth. The lucky guy in the next booth gets to look up at Susan's pretty face and her fantastic hanging tits while I pull down her shorts and play with her pussy and ass. The men kiss my wife, forcing their tongues into her mouth as they play with her tits and she says they smell like drunks. One guy practically pulled her head off trying to pull her down far enough to suck his cock (he couldn't make it happen). Another guy, who we call "The Slapper", turned her breasts bright red when he spent his time with her by slapping her hanging breasts back and forth. I held my poor wife in place as she begged for him to stop. I got off listening to the slaps. Susan likes to be exposed, and I think part of that is being helpless and taken advantage of, although she says she doesn't like the rough treatment. I, on the other hand, find that I like to see her get a little rough treatment. Fortunately, she is afraid of protesting too loudly for fear of causing a scene that may bring the cops, so once I have turned her over to someone else she is forced to accept as much rough treatment as I will allow. Even though Susan doesn't like the booth with the large hole, I still sometimes make her use it when she's been a "bad" girl. She gets angry sometimes if I let someone get a little too rough with her, but she knows that if she wants me to expose her again, she has to put up with the occasional rough treatment. I've also discovered that if I get her a little drunk before going, she will put up with just about anything.

Because of our fear of catching some loathsome disease, we had a rule that no one could put their cocks in her mouth, pussy, or ass. I admit that I do fantasize about seeing my wife get gang-banged, but I also understood the need to protect ourselves. But then one night, we violated the rule, although quite by accident.

About two months ago we went to the book store after hitting a few bars first. We were both pretty drunk and pretty horny by the time we got there and that made us both careless. I kept telling Susan that she was a very "bad" girl and that I was going to punish her by putting her in the booth with the large hole. My wife thought to trick me and went into another booth first by herself and locked the door behind her. I quickly slipped into the adjacent booth. There was a hole between our booths just large enough to get my arm through. I reached in and began fondling her. She laughed and pulled away to tease me, but she also allowed me to pull off her T-shirt and drag it into my booth. The other wall of her booth had a hole that was larger than mine and I could see someone leering at my wife. I wanted to get her naked for him. I told Susan that I would leave the store and leave her trapped there without her top unless she also gave me her shorts. She made me promise to give her clothes back, but I knew that she was anxious to strip for guy in the next booth. She finally pulled off her shorts and slipped them through the opening into my booth. Then she was naked except for her high heels. I was finding this new game very exciting. I made her stand facing my hole while I played with her pussy. The guys in the next booth had a nice view of her naked ass.

But then, I looked back into her booth and saw the other guy's arm reaching up through the hole to unlock the door in Susan's booth. That danger had never occurred to me. I knew that I should move, but I was too shocked, and too drunk. I kept playing with my wife's pussy, keeping her occupied while he worked on the lock. Finally, he unlocked the door and immediately it was opened. I watched as two men rushed into Susan's booth and locked the door behind them. At last, these men had captured their prize. Susan was terrified by the sudden turn of events.

"Oh God no, Johnny help me," she cried out as the men pushed into the small booth. I saw her turn to face the wall in a vain attempt to cover her nakedness, but they grabbed her and spun my wife around to get a good look at her.

"You'll be OK, honey," I told her, trying to calm her down. She was starting to get a little hysterical and my first thought was of the newspaper article in the local paper explaining how this upper middle class couple liked to expose themselves in a sleazy adult book store downtown. I imagined the police arresting everyone for questioning. I saw Susan, still naked, being handcuffed and shoved into the back of a police car. I imagined that the cops would find all kinds of excuses to "search" her while she sat frightened and handcuffed. I knew that Susan must have had the same thoughts running through her mind, because she very quietly pleaded with the two men to let her go.

"Come on guys," I tried talking to the two men, "just let her go, OK?"

"Relax buddy," one of them said, "you'll get your hot little bitch back when we're done with her."

And then Susan was shoved back against the wall so that one of the cheeks of her ass blocked the hole on my side. I could only listen as they took complete control of my poor wife's beautiful body. Susan continued to beg them to leave her alone. As I sat there listening to her sobbing and pleading with her captors to let her go, I began to get excited. As scared as I was I still wanted to see them abuse her and rape her. I thought about leaving my booth and moving to the other side, but I guessed that there was already someone in that booth watching what was happening to my wife. I heard Susan whispering, her pleas coming faster and softer and once in a while she gasped or moaned.

"Oh God no...please stop're hurting me..oh stop...please...ohhhh."

I recognized the sounds she was making. She sounded as if she were fighting her own arousal. I knew that the men must have her pinned against the wall and were playing with her breasts. I knew how Susan breathed when her nipples were being pulled and pinched to their limits. And then my wife began talking to me like she usually does when we're in the booths and we've pushed her breast through the hole.

"Ohhhh God...Johnny...they're pinching my nipples ...ohhh...please...Johnny, make them stop it." I could tell she was no longer afraid of being hurt. Now she was afraid that these men would arouse her and thus control her.

Then, finally, Susan slid on the wall and I could see light through the hole. Susan's bare ass was still pushed up against the hole, but now she was centered on the hole and I could see through her legs. Her legs suddenly spread farther apart and I could clearly see fingers pushing roughly in and out of my wife's pussy. I knew they were working my wife over good. I could see her ass shuddering back against the wall each time those fingers dove into her. I could hardly believe it, but these strangers were succeeding in making my wife hot. Susan was clearly moving back and forth against those fingers. I heard the men laugh as they watched my wife hump their fingers. I knew they were only succeeding because Susan was so drunk. My own cock was throbbing in my jeans.

"Ohhhh Johnny....please stop them...Johnny, they're going to, to rape me...Ohhhhh," she groaned. I knew that all of our rules were going to be violated tonight -- along with my wife.

I watched them lift Susan up and saw a cock nearly slip through the hole in the wall. The man grabbed his cock before it came through, however, and pointed it up, toward my wife's pussy. Then, slowly, Susan was lowered back down, beginning her impalement on that cock. He slid in easily and I knew that she was wet. I saw the steady banging against the wall as his cock thrust deeply into my wife's cunt, found its bottom, and shoved her back against the wall. Susan grunted with each thrust. It seemed like I was in a dream. My own wife was being abused and raped right in front of me. I briefly wished that there were more than just two men. I was still a little drunk, of course, and probably a little in shock, but I just sat there watching that cock pound into my helpless wife's cunt again and again. After a while, they moved Susan away from the wall and I could see more clearly. The first guy pulled his cock out of my wife's cunt and pushed her down toward the lap of the second guy who was sitting on the bench in the room. Susan was held slightly above the guy in the bench until his cock was well-aimed and then she was shoved down on his cock. Susan grunted as the second man's cock took a turn at her cunt. The man in the chair held Susan's arms behind her, using them to rapidly lift her up and down on his cock. Susan's breasts bounced lewdly before the first man who stood watching her. I could see that her inch-long nipples were fully erect. She was definitely hot.

"Please...please...please," I could hear Susan whispering over and over each time she bounced on the second man's cock. The first man was fondling her breasts.

"Please what, baby," he asked her laughing.

"Ohh, nooooo," was all Susan said, but I knew what she wanted.

Finally, I told him. "She wants you to pinch her nipples."

"Oh God, Johnny, don't tell them," she begged me, but then she gave in as soon as her tormentor grabbed her nipples.

"Yes, pinch me," she whispered, "hurt my nipples, please...please."

The man took both of her nipples between his thumbs and fingers and twisted them hard, pulling Susan's tits up and to each side as if he meant to tie her nipples in knots behind her back. Susan moaned loudly.

"Do you like to be hurt, baby," he leered at her?

"Yesssss," Susan hissed as he continued pinching and twisting her nipples, "hurt me...please...hurt me..ohhhh."

The man shoved his hips forward, bringing his cock to her face, "Suck me bitch and I'll hurt you real good."

Susan was pushed forward and immediately opened her mouth to take him down her throat. She was now taking two cocks at once. They continued like that for long minutes, Susan being rapidly bounced up an down on the cock in her cunt and bobbing her head up and down on the cock in her mouth. The guy standing up worked her nipples hard and I knew that it wouldn't be long before Susan came for them. They used her like that, taking her higher and higher, until finally she did cum for them. Susan began grunting and shuddering as she came and the men laughed at her.

"Look at our little bitch," one of them said, "she loves it."

Finally, the guy standing up couldn't take any more. He shoved his cock deep into my wife's mouth and started to cum. At the same time, he pulled hard on Susan's nipples and I saw that she was still moaning.

They finished fucking her then and left the booth and the building in a hurry. I rushed into the booth to see how Susan was. She was holding her breasts as if they were very sore, but she said she was OK.

We didn't say much to each other about the rape after that. I wondered if Susan would still want to go back to the store, and then, about three weeks later, we did go back. We had gone out to dinner and had a few drinks. On the way home, we drove by the book store. I saw Susan looking at it as we passed. I drove around the block and parked the car near the entrance. We looked at each other without saying anything and then she got out of the car. We usually went to the book store with Susan dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, but tonight she was wearing a dress and heels. We went back to the booth section and Susan voluntarily stepped into the booth with the large hole high in the wall.

"Have you been a bad girl", I asked her, but she said nothing.

She continued to stand still, not saying anything as I unzipped her dress. She was shivering as I slipped off her dress, slip, and panties and I knew it wasn't because she was cold. I left her heels, stockings, and garter on. She dresses that way to please me. I could see that she was still trembling as I gathered up her clothes. I slowly began to understand why she had selected this booth. The larger hole high on the wall could give me a great view of what she would have to endure.

"What do you want, honey," I asked her teasingly.

"Do whatever you want," she said.

"Do you want me to leave you here alone?" I teased her some more.

"Do whatever you want," she repeated. I was a little upset that she didn't tell me what she wanted.

"Well maybe I want to see you get fucked again," I said tweaking her nipples roughly, "maybe I'm going to leave you here all night and let these guys have your body."

I knew what Susan wanted, but I wanted to hear her beg for it. I grabbed her left breast and squeezed it hard.

"Ohhh, hurts."

"Tell me what you want, babe," I said, squeezing still harder.

"Ohhhh yes. I want to be...raped. I want to be gang-raped. hurts....please let go."

I chuckled at her admission. I pulled off one of her earrings and clipped it on the nipple of her left breast. Susan groaned and the pinched nipple grew harder still. I knew that there were no more rules anymore. My wife had taken strangers' cocks up her pussy and in her mouth in these booths and there were no limits now.

"Well, you're going to get your wish, baby," I told her, "you are going to be gang-raped tonight and next week and the week after that."

"Ohhhhhh," she shuddered as I told her that.

"These men can do anything they want to you, baby, and you have to take it. From now on you will be the sex slave of every man in this place." She moaned loudly at that threat.

"Is that what you want," I asked, actually a little surprised, but she didn't answer me.

I kissed the back of her neck, gently squeezed her jutting breasts and then left the booth, taking her clothes with me. As I left the booth, two young men were passing by. They were a little rough-looking, but just what my wife deserved tonight. I held the door open just long enough so they could get a good glimpse of my poor wife in the booth.

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