The Booth


As the door of the building shut behind them with a loud thud, it was clear by the dim lights and lack of any sound that the club was empty.

"Hello." She shouted into the vastness of the empty space.

Her husband at her side, waited a moment for no response before replying to her himself. "Well they are obviously closed huh."

They looked around and noticed chairs inverted on all the tables, a clear sign that the operation was closed for regular business and ready for the floors to be mopped. It looked as though the last of the patrons wasn't too long gone before them, the place was still a mess from an obviously busy weekend night. Drink glasses still lined portions of the bar, cocktail napkins and cigarette butts littered the floor, and portions of the floor were sticky from spilled beverages. No single person, employee or otherwise could be seen or heard however.

The couple moved further into the room and noticed a smaller cocktail table separate from the other mass of tables and chairs, yet directly in the walking path where anyone would notice right away. On it laid a single manila envelope, with the married couples last name spelled out with a black sharpie in bold letters.

Slightly curious as to why no greeting, and an envelope instead, she motioned for her husband to take notice of the single item on the table. She was overly inquisitive as to the possibilities of its contents. "Open it!" Her voice cracked with a tone of excitement.

He reached out to inspect the envelope, saw only the writing on the outside, and unsealed the top of the package. He then withdrew a single sheet of paper with a short typed message on it.

Reading aloud for his wife, he began reciting its words directly. "Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our parties. We are very excited to entertain you this late evening, after your e-mail and pictures we are extremely excited to meet the two of you, especially the Mrs. She is lovely. Please join us in the back room around the bar."

As he turned to look at her face for a reaction, she was the first to speak. "Interesting, they must be preparing some fun in the back." She looked at the far corner of the room at the end of the bar and noticed what seemed to be the only door at the back of the bar area.

Her husband took her hand and made their way over towards the corner. Nervousness and butterflies overtook both of them as they imagined what waited for them on the other side of the door, but they smiled at each other as if they were both totally at ease and excited just the same.

The door opened and they stepped into a short hall way that led into a large store room. The ceiling was taller than the club, and large metal shelving extended high up to the top containing all sorts of items a club, or bar might need. A large open area right in the middle of the concrete floor was devoid of any shelving, it only contained a few folding chairs, a strange looking table, and what appeared to be a photo booth of sorts.

It was obvious right away though there was still no one around however, it seemed even quieter than the main room in the club except the sound of her heels clicking against the hard concrete floor as they made their way inside.

This time it was him that was looking for a response as he yelled out. "Anybody here?"

His wife continued to the center of the warehouse as he looked about for any sign of life in the building. As she drew closer, she noticed the table sitting next to the strange booth, looked almost like a medical table of sorts. Padded on the top, it looked to be adjustable in height, and contained what looked as if they were stirrups on the end. It reminded her of something at her gynecologists office, other than it seemed attached at the head of the table to the booth next to it. On the black vinyl padding, another large envelope stood out.

As she removed the page inside, she assumed it contained more instructions on how to proceed without a host around. The top of the new letter read "For Hubby" in large bold lettering. She called out to him before she read on. "Sweetie, come here, this letter is for you it seems."

After giving up on inspecting their surroundings for another person, he made his way to her and immediately noticed that the table was far more than it looked when they first walked in. Shocked at the thought of possibilities for its purpose he responded. "Whoa, what do they have planned here?"

The sight made him forget about being impatient and apprehensive as to the lack of finding a human being. Though he was visibly perplexed while focusing on the padded bench in front of him, She waved the second letter in front of him to draw his attention. Hoping for an explanation as to what was necessary to continue, He read it out loud.

"For hubby, please strip your wife of all her clothing and place her clothes on the chairs by you." He looked at his wife for a reaction, she giggled in anticipation as to what else was in store. He continued, "When she is fully nude, instruct her to lie face up on the table before you. Her head will need to rest inside the hole at the top of the bench on the side of the box, so that her head is inside the attached booth. Then secure her neck into place with the panel above the opening that will slide down in place around her neck and lock into place." She was already starting to unbutton her blouse as he finished the instructions. "Once she is in place, you need to step inside the booth yourself and close the door behind you. Then our evening will begin"

His wife was in a hurried frenzy as she rushed to remove her top. "Pretty simple, lets do this." The tone in her voice revealed her eager anticipation to continue. Once she was free of her blouse, she began removing her bra in the same rapid fashion.

He observed his wife's enthusiasm as she moved on to undoing her skirt. Not surprising to him, as it came down that was the last of her clothing, wearing panties was not on the agenda for the evening. Her heels were the final item on her body, and she removed them one by one while resting against the end of the bench. They each dropped to the concrete floor quickly, and she hopped up on the bench and scooted back to allow her head to lie inside the restrictive hole.

He took a long gaze at his wife resting naked on the device, she was blushing with nervous expectancy as she lie ready for him to seal her neck in place. Her body looked delicious and inviting, her skin radiated a glow, and she emitted a sex appeal like he had never seen before from his own wife. Unfortunately he wouldn't be experiencing any of her pleasures himself tonight.

"You look absolutely fantastic." He said in a soothing sexy voice before sliding down The locking panel that confined her head into the booth, while the rest of her body lie waiting on the bench. It snapped and locked into place while fitting perfectly around her neck.

He took a few steps around to the side of the booth and peered into its doorway. His wife's face greeted him again, and he took note of the wooden chair cramped into the space as well. A small singular light bulb fixture gave some brightness to what would otherwise have been a small, tightly sealed, dark space. He stepped inside and had to duck in the low ceiling, while allowing the heavy door to close behind him. Expecting it to lock in place as it latched with a loud thud, his suspicions were confirmed when it wouldn't give way to reopening behind him.

His wife recognized his attempt to verify the door was in fact sealed, and a slightly nervous look on his face. "Well, why don't you sit down and relax."

He took a seat in the chair with her head resting directly in front of him, almost in his lap. When he let out a sigh and took in his surroundings, he observed some writing on the wall in front of him, just above the opening for his wife's neck. He again read it out loud for both of their benefit.

"This booth is a symbol of tonight's events, how your woman's mind and head belong to you, but how her body is OURS to use!"

Seeing it being very to the point of what they were doing here in the first place, he was excited to see, or in his case HEAR, everything begin. Shortly after finishing getting comfortable, he detected the sound of footsteps against the concrete in the room outside. His wife obviously heard them too as she began blushing at the thought of people seeing her naked body in the predicament that it was.

Mere seconds later the deep thud of bass from a stereo system began somewhere outside. From the confined space, it sounded like rap music due to is excessively low and repetitive rattle and hum. Knowing from previous discussion with this group of gentleman, they were all black, so the preference of rap music came at no surprise.

"Doesn't sound like we are alone in here anymore." She said it to her husband while feeling a bit jittery all of a sudden.

When the footsteps had reached just outside of the booth, muffled tones of hoots and hollers between the group of men were heard by both husband and wife. Hubby felt pleased that they obviously approved and were quite excited by his wife's naked body lying outside waiting for them. He silently was overjoyed at the fact that the events he planed for his wife had come into place and was happening before him, he just didn't imagine it would be witnessed inside this particular booth, observing only his wife's face.

"Ohhhh..." She gasped quickly and her eyes shot wide open. "Someone just grabbed both of my wrists, it scared me for a second."

"You OK honey?" His face changed to a look of concern.

"Yeah, they just pulled my arms to my side, and it feels like they are handcuffing me to the side of the bench." With no way to fight off a man or even signal to them what felt good and what didn't to her, she felt slightly panicked. "Now there touching my arms!"

"Are they being rough?" He wondered if he himself should panic, start pounding on the sides of the booth for them to stop. He wondered, If he did, would they even stop.

A deep sigh came from his wife as she quickly looked more relaxed. "No, not rough at all. Feels like a few people are just massaging my arms, and now my shoulders. Feels really nice actually."

The image of black men's hands all over his wife's creamy white body gave way to the beginning of an erection for him. He liked the look on her face of her enjoying herself and even relaxing deeply at their touch.

"I'm getting a whole body massage here, this is nice." A smile beamed from her face. "They are just gently rubbing my legs too. They just put my ankles up into the stirrups too."

After a few minutes went by, it baffled him that they hadn't attacked or even paid any physical attention to her tits or pussy yet. They were really working her up to it though. Watching her, as her eyes were closed, and a small smile on her face. He knew his wife was really getting in the mood by relaxing and trusting the men outside with her body, even though neither of them had ever laid eyes on any of the gentlemen.

Her eyes opened to look at her husband, and her smile grew. "I'm guessing one of them has a foot fetish."

"Why are your feet being massaged too?"

"More like licked, feels like my toes are being sucked on too, really hard."

Hubby wondered if the sex about to ensue outside was going to be kinkier than he imagined. He didn't anticipate anything other than vaginal and just perhaps anal intercourse for the evening. But the reality hit him that perhaps this group of men had other sexual fetishes in mind, and they were about to live some of them out at the expense of his wife.

"Now my other foot is being licked and sucked on, feels like he could give me a hicky on my foot he is so into it."

Thinking he himself had never really had given her feet any attention like that, he became curious. "Do you enjoy having your toes sucked like that?"

She smirked. "It feels kind of nasty, sort of a dirty thing to do, but I like it." Seconds later she felt another man's hands gently rub and squeeze each of her breasts. "Now my boobs are getting pawed at."

Simultaneously, the feeling of fingers probing at the folds of her vagina could be felt, and not just from one finger, but many more, possibly by different men even. They were attempting to fully expose her by spreading open her labia as far as possible, she felt over stimulated by the feeling of one set of hands opening her up for another set of hands to further poke at and feel around her delicate and wet slit.

Then she felt the stirrups separate to their widest capacity, and her legs felt as wide open as they had ever been, to the point that it was almost borderline uncomfortable. She would never have been able to keep her legs open as wide as they were on her own, the muscles in her thighs would give out after a few seconds. The resistance of her ankles in the stirrups however, kept her spread wide open, easily exposing her vagina for access to anyone or anything.

She had been quiet for a minute or two, and hubby needed her vocal to give him a play by play of what was happening to her body. "Talk to me honey, what are they doing now?"

She closed her eyes again before she spoke. "Oh god, they have my legs spread wide open and they are fingering my pussy."

The feeling of one finger coming in to push firmly on her clit and rub back and forth with some force started her light moaning. The pace of her breathing quickened when she sensed a set of two fingers plunge swiftly into her hole as deep as the digits would allow. When the fingers reached maximum depth, the other knuckles on that hand slammed hard against her taint sending a ripple of electricity through her body. As the process repeated, she let out some light groans with every thrust.

The hands caressing her breasts increased pace and pressure as well. As different sets of hands changed out turns on fondling her tits, the act of groping her breasts was becoming more aggressive. The attention directly to her nipples was becoming more violent as squeezes on them turned into almost pinches. At one point one of the men took hold of an erect nipple and shook her entire breast around forcefully by the firm grip he had on her nipple. She wanted badly to reach up to grab her own breasts, but her restraints prevented her from doing so.

Her husband took note of her playful moaning and increased breathing. "Feel good sweetie?"

"Oh yes, VERY good." Her eyes remained closed as she replied.

He began brushing her hair down the sides of her head and around her ears. He was trying to sooth her as he pressed for more information. "Are they playing with your pussy?"

Almost immediately after her husbands question, she felt a tongue and lips kiss their way down from her thigh to her side of her slit. Her left labia was sucked into a waiting mouth and its owners tongue was lashing combatively against her own flesh. When the oral grip was released, the same tongue began soothing lashes against her already swollen clit.

"They are licking my pussy." Again, her eyes remained closed. She felt slightly awkward looking at her husband in the eyes while she described the sexual events unfolding.

He sensed and knew she felt awkward, even embarrassed to vocally describe to him what she was undergoing. He needed to hear it though, he felt as though he might explode from the not knowing of the events outside. "Tell me honey, open your eyes and tell me what those black men are doing to you."

Her eyes shot open and looked at her husband with a wanton desire he had never seen on her. She mustered up the courage, and fought past her aversion to talking nasty about sex. As she thought about what to say to her husband, she felt like a porn star imagining the words coming out of her mouth.

"They are tonguing my clit baby, sucking on my pussy and fingering my cunt hole." She tried to pick words she knew would excite her husband, she succeeded.

His cock was at it's fullest erection upon hearing his wife talk about being violated like she was. He pushed her further. "You like feeling like a slut and letting them USE your white pussy, don't you?"

Oh yes I do, I cant wait to feel these black cocks abuse my body as they please." She was quite pleased at the way she felt, and even sounded like such a slut. After all that's what they were doing here in the first place, pushing her sexual envelope, and she felt comfortable in the skin of such a whorish woman.

Her husband smiled a wicked grin at the sight of his wife becoming such a tramp as she was as perverse as she had ever been. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you want them to dominate and violate your body."

Though he looked at her upside down, her expression was as sexy as he had ever seen. "I want to be used and abused like the white trash wife I am."

The sensation of a mouth attempting to engulf as much of her tit as possible overcame her. A man outside was sucking fiercely on nearly her entire breast, with such a force it became slightly painful to withstand. When the process repeated on her other tit, she cried out loudly into the inside of the booth.

"Ohhh my fucking god."

As rough as they were being with her body now, it was clear the gentle massage of her body was over. They were undoubtedly using her body for their own amusement.

Listening to her moans, they were like nothing he had ever heard from her before. Inside the tone of her groans, wails, and sighs he detected some fear inside the obvious sign of her extreme pleasure. Every so often a new sensation occurred to her body as she lie strapped down, as every new hand, mouth or other body part made first contact she seemed to cry out in panic at the surprise. Though the gasps of initial shock quickly turned into passionate moans and sobs, the volume and length of which had never come from her during their love making as a married couple.

"Do you like lying there, defenseless, as those men literally 'use' your body?" It became clear in watching her at how the vulnerability of her present situation turned her on, obviously she wouldn't be able to resist now if she wanted to, but she certainly seemed to enjoy being so powerless and exposed to the gang of aggressive men using her body.

She felt the sensation of something larger than fingers entering her pussy now, as a black cock slid into her quickly without regards for taking it easy on first penetration. She yelped as it made its way to the full depth of her pussy, tickling her cervix and filling every square inch of her insides.

He watched only her face as the veins in his wife's neck strained and she blushed a bright red. Her lovers cock began ramming her immediately, the booth rattled with sounds of banging as her shoulders slammed into it's side. It delighted him that this is where they were, that this was where his wife was, finally being pounded by a strange group of black men. The thought of a massive cock stretching out her pussy brought a huge smile to his face. His only regret was not being able to observe the perverse scene with his own eyes, his imagination was driving him insane with lust.

All he could do was watch her face and read her expressions as she was relentlessly fucked.

"Fuuuuuccccccckkkk." She breathed in and out through tightly clenched teeth.

"Relax sweetie, let that cock inside you and make you cum. I know you want to cream all over it." The tension in her face seemed to ease as she accepted the length and girth of this strange cock.

She relished the way it completely 'filled' her in a way like nothing ever had before. If she could speak to this anonymous lover she might ask him to slow down though, the fact that she could not request it intensified the feeling of each thunderous and violent thrust into her insides. The pace of her breathing quickened to match the rhythm of his cock plunging into her ever widening hole.

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