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The Booth


We had talked about it before, usually jokingly but she knew I'd been fantasizing of sucking off a man for years. We'd often teased one another with whispered little scenarios which involved me with another guy and it always seemed to add a spark to our lovemaking. I'd often hinted playfully about the two of us visiting a glory hole so that she could watch first hand as I played out our little fantasy. She would always cringe and say that the idea of a glory hole was gross and that those places were filthy. All the more decadent, the more lustful as far as I was concerned. Raunchiness definitely has it's place in a healthy sexual diet but I couldn't argue with her point either and so I had resigned myself to the fact that it'd never happen. For this reason, I never imagined that I'd be telling this story about my darling wife and I sitting in a dimly lit yet surprisingly clean video booth at our local adult video store. Still, despite her words to the contrary, I had known all along that somewhere behind her façade' she was secretly intrigued. You see, she was just as turned on by the idea of seeing her husband suck cock as I was by the thought of doing it while she watched me.

It was a Saturday night in June. The air was dry and warm. I was waiting in the driveway with the engine running. We were on our way out for dinner and drinks at a restaurant which had recently opened nearby. She let me know that she was feeling sexy when she appeared on the doorstep. I did a double-take and then just soaked in the vision of my beautiful, sultry wife as she sauntered her way to the car. My eyes devoured her form from the ground up. She was wearing a pair of black vinyl pumps which rose up to mid calf. From there, her shapely, naked legs were exposed ever so briefly until a mid thigh length, black skirt clung tightly to her irresistibly feminine hips. Up top she was wearing a black, sport jacket which was open in the front revealing a white dress shirt which was unbuttoned one button too many and it became quite evident that she was braless when her jacket would move away just enough as she walked . Her hardened nipples were tracing little circles behind her blouse with every step. They were agonizingly obvious as they pressed against the shear fabric. Her makeup was a little different too. A little more bold. A little more sluttish. I didn't know what got her in this daring mood but I was loving it! When she leaned down to get into the car, her shirt hung open and I caught a quick glimpse of her naked breasts. I was able to confirm that her beautiful nipples were as hard as diamonds and I was growing hard myself behind the wheel as we headed off to the restaurant.

I kept stealing glances at her and playing out in my mind how If things went right I'd have those delicious lips wrapped around my cock later that evening once I got her home.

Suddenly, she broke the silence. " You're thinking about me blowing you aren't you?" she accused. "I can tell by the way you keep looking at my lips. "

That's amazing!" I said. " That's exactly what I was thinking about!"

She laughed and said " It's not really all that amazing....I mean, you're always thinking about me blowing you. "

When I stopped laughing I told her, " Whatever it is that you think you're doing, you're doing it right! You're turning me on like there's no tomorrow. I'm loving you behaving like this!"

She giggled and said " You just wait till I get you home." and with that she reached across the car and gave my cock a squeeze through my jeans.

"Wow!" She said smiling even more. " I guess you are loving this."

Dinner was great. It was a quiet restaurant with soft, romantic music, candles and absolutely gorgeous wait staff. The waiters and waitresses all looked beautiful. Our waiter was no exception and more than once, over the course of the evening, I'd caught my lady starring as he waited the next table.

" He's gorgeous isn't he?" I asked . "

"I'll say! I was just thinking about your lips on his cock." she whispered with a devilish grin as she took another sip from her wine.

Hearing my wife say things like this always turns me on. We often point out attractive strangers to one-another when we're out or when we're watching TV and tease about what it would be like to share our bed together with them.

" You're making my cock throb in my pants." I told her.

She giggled, then she turned away and resumed staring at our waiter, all the while letting her eyes wander all over him. She was drinking in every inch of his body and face. Lingering occasionally on his ass and his crotch whenever his posture provided her the opportunity.

She looked back in my direction and remarked " Hell, I wouldn't mind playing with him myself."

Talk about a tease! She knew I would get a charge out of her remark. One of my many fantasies has always been to share my wife with another man.

"You're killing me." I said. "Let's take him home with us." Playfully testing the waters. Would she be receptive? . "Please! Please! Can we bring him home?" I continued.

She giggled again.

She began to playfully tease him over dinner and when she noticed him begin to take notice of her she became a little more daring. Whenever he'd approach she'd cast me a devilish smirk and sneakily tug her blouse open exposing her beautiful tits for him. At first I was shocked and so was he. He almost dropped the tray that he was carrying. She'd never gone this far before. She was attempting to conceal her enjoyment but the subtle smirk on her face combined with the lustful look in her eyes betrayed her and I realized that she was quite pleased with herself. I found her behavior to be incredibly hot. My cock felt like it was tearing it's way through my clothes. I wanted her in the worst way and she knew it.

As dinner went on she became even more daring. When she had his attention, she'd lick her fork seductively or lean forward on her elbows and press her tits together displaying an inviting sample of her irresistible cleavage. I pointed out that he was obviously in a state of arousal and she softly squealed with delight and squirmed in her seat. She was enjoying herself alright and that made three of us.

"I can't wait to get you home" she said with a loving smile.

"Likewise" I replied. "You're in for it now." I warned.

" Let's go before I do something really nuts."

I was pretty sure that I knew what she was implying but I wasn't familiar with this side of my wife of twenty years. I decided that I'd let her spell it out for me. Just to play it safe.

I paid the check, left a generous tip and thanked our hot waiter for providing us with such a "memorable feast". She giggled yet again at this and he looked at her with a "Is that all I'm gonna' get?" expression. She winked at him and said,

" Everything was wonderful. We'll be back and we'll ask for you. What's your name again? "

"Um," he paused as if he couldn't remember his own name. " Taylor." he finally said. His voice strained and shaking.

She lovingly placed her hand on his and whispered, "Thank you Taylor. We'd very much like you to serve us again. There are so many things on your menu that we'd love to sample."

With that she grabbed my arm and ushered me out the door leaving Taylor standing in the dining room no doubt staring at her delightful ass as we exited into the sultry evening air.

"Get me home so I can fuck my husband" she demanded.

Well, if that's not spelled out I don't know what is. Good thing I played it safe I thought to myself. I really thought we were going to invite our waiter home for desert. Although I was just a little disappointed I was still eager to ravage my darling wife. Perhaps she'd whisper lustful scenarios about what we'd have done had Taylor come home with us while we made love. That would be almost as good as the real thing. Damn! Was I in a state of extreme arousal thanks to my wife's teasing and decadent behavior.

I opened the door of the car and as she slid into her seat I noticed for the first time that she was exposed under that skirt, no panties. I noticed as well that she appeared to be shimmering with a familiar moistness. I closed her door and got in behind the wheel. I reached over to touch that beautiful pussy confirming that she was indeed dripping wet.

"Wow!" I said " I guess you really did think he was hot.

" I'd fuck both of you right now if I had half a chance." She said. "Get me home before I explode!"

After sucking her juices from my fingers I returned my hand to her sopping pussy and began to trace around her clit with my fingers. She opened her legs and moaned her approval as I drove along eager to get her home.

We were sitting at a red light when I noticed the adult video store across the street. We'd gone in there before together but it was years ago. I love porn just like any other male and so I blurted out a suggestion...

"Hey you wanna' go in and pick up a hot movie to watch.? Maybe something bi so we can see some boy / boy action?"

She usually isn't interested in porn but she likes to watch young, twink type gay action flicks every once in a while.

"Yeah, why not? That sounds like fun."

Jeeze! I thought to myself she's in rare form tonight. I was loving this sexy, confident woman who'd been keeping my cock as hard as steel all night long.

We were browsing our way up and down the isles picking up the different movies and checking out the action on the covers when we paused to look at the bisexual selections rack. I picked up one with a photo of a hot, middle aged woman surrounded by a dozen guys. She was lying on her back on top of a very muscular, younger dude and his thick cock penetrated her ass. In her pussy was an enormous cock which belonged to a hard bodied, attractive black man. In each of her hands she had another swollen shaft. One belonging to a very young blond, beach boy type with six pack abs and model quality good looks. The other was wielded by a slim Asian boy. The cover said "All models are over the age of eighteen." so I know that he was, but he could've passed for fourteen. Streaks of their cum covered her hands, breasts and chin. They were standing on either side of the woman while leaning across her and engaged in a full mouth kiss with each other. She appeared to be very turned on by this judging from the lustful expression on her face as she gazed up at them. The rest of the guys were all crammed around her jerking each other off while aiming their cocks all at her naked body.

"That looks hot" she said.

She was right. It was hot and I was stoked!

It was at that exact moment when she moved in to me and whispered in my ear...

" That guy over there is staring at me." she said.

I followed her gaze and met the site of a rather attractive, thirty something guy who was standing just to the side of the darkened hallway which leads to the video booths in back. He had lush brown hair and broad shoulders. His face was very masculine and his features were angular, powerful. He was definitely looking her way until he noticed me and turned his gaze to mine. Instead of dropping his gaze he smiled a very soft and friendly smile. She whispered to me again...

" I think he's touching himself."

Looking down toward his crotch I noticed a large bulge and there was subtle movement coming from his right hand which was thrust deep into his pants pocket. He glanced back at me still stroking himself and motioned us with a nod of his head to follow him down the darkened hallway.

"I think he wants us to follow him" I said.

It was at that point that I heard the words that I never would've ever imagined could've come from my adoring wife's sensuous lips...

"Here's your chance baby. He obviously needs some help with that thing in his pants. Lets follow him and see what happens."

I thought that my legs were going to give out from underneath me. She'd never, ever made a move like this before.

We entered the hallway and we were both trembling with anticipation, He was holding a door to one of the booths open and he smiled warmly and motioned for us to enter. As we walked dangerously close by him he spoke softly...

" Watch movie number fourteen" he said as he slowly closed the door behind my wife and I. As the door closed I noticed that he never took his eyes off her breasts which were exposed almost to the nipples by her unbuttoned blouse. I also noticed that he had quite an erection in his jeans.

She immediately took a seat on the bench at the rear of the booth. I fumbled in my pocket for my wallet and as I slipped a dollar into the player we both heard the door to the adjacent room open and then close again. Looking toward the wall which separated the two rooms we simultaneously noticed the 4 or 5 inch wide hole in the wall complete with padded sides of vinyl, The hole was at face level if one were to be seated on the bench at the rear of the room or if you'd prefer, it was at crotch height should you be standing in front of it.

" Is that what I think it is?" she asked with honest innocence and a refreshing ring of interest instead of the disgust that I'd normally expect to see in a place like this.

"Yup. I'd say that's exactly what you think it is." I replied.

Suddenly the screen lit up and prompted for a selection number.

"Fourteen right?" I asked .

"That's what he said. Fourteen." she said back smiling now and surprisingly at ease.

I punched in the numbers.

"It's allot cleaner in here than I ever imagined it would be.I mean, you guys are such pigs ." she said "but someone does a very good job of keeping this place nice. I was expecting my feet to stick to the floor."

A husky laugh came from the other side of the wall. At the sound of his laughter she looked up at me with a grin and shuddered in glee like a little girl who just learned that she's going to Disney Land. Through the hole we could see only darkness but our side was lit because of the viewing screen's illumination. I was sure that he was watching us and I imagined him looking at my sexy wife and stroking himself. I was extremely exited at the thought.

The movie title appeared on the screen as I sat down beside her with the ominous glory hole just off to my left.

"Bi - Bi - Love" the screen read. "Staring...."

The credits were short and while they played a few still shots from the film flicked past in an erotic slideshow in the background. One of them flashed on the screen that caused us to both look at each with shocked revelation it was a scene of a glory hole in a video booth with a white man on his knees sucking on a beautiful, black cock though the hole. A sexy white brunette knelt beside him and appeared to be mesmerized by the action. Again my lovely bride squirmed in her seat uncontrollably. Could this scene be why our stranger had suggested movie number fourteen I wondered to myself. I felt certain that it was.

The movie began and lo and behold the first scene to appear on the screen was the glory hole scene. It opened with a couple laughing and giggling in an apparent drunken state as they entered a video booth of their own and immediately they begin groping each other. Kissing hungrily and pulling at each others clothes, soon they were naked and as he sat down on the bench she deftly swung a leg over him and sunk to the hilt onto his upward aiming cock.

My wife reached over and stroked my cock through my pants.

"That looks like fun." she cooed. In a very sexy voice.

It occurred to me that she spoke loud enough for our friend in the next booth to hear. She turned toward me and placed both of her hands on my crotch. She kissed me deeply and began unzipping my pants. Glancing up toward the screen I noted that there was now a large and very black cock jutting through the hole in the wall and our boy in the foreground is slurping up and down it's length with the oral skills of a pro. His lady has him by the back of his head and feigns that she's forcefully making him suck his new big , black friend's cock.

"Oh my god. Look at that!!!" She panted.

"Yeah." I said. " That's fucking hot."

"Not the movie baby! ....That!!!" She exclaimed.

She was pointing past me toward our own glory hole. I turned to look and there standing fully erect and gloriously huge was a perfectly shaped penis. It was bouncing to the pulse of it's owner and it was literally inches from my face. A drop of pre-cum glistened at its' tip. Before I knew what I was doing I had hold of this magnificent cock and I was stroking it to an incredibly bigger, harder state.

"Oh my god" She panted again from directly beside my right ear. "That's so fucking hot honey! He's fucking huge!" she continued.

She had her arm wrapped around my waist and was pumping my cock rhythmically to the soundtrack of the movie. From the other side of the wall I heard a moan of pleasure as I ran my tongue up from the base of his shaft all the way to its' tip. His body convulsed in a spasm and I paused to smile at my lovely wife. She had her other hand under her skirt I could hear her pussy making lip smacking sounds as she stroked herself in a frenzy. She smiled back sexily and said in a loud enough voice for our friend to hear...

"Suck that big cock baby! Suck it good!!!"

Her other hand was still pumping my cock as I returned to my new friends' shaft. I pushed my mouth as far down his cock as it could go and slowly slid him back out and repeated this slowly and methodically trying to prolong all of our pleasure. I would pause now and then to lick the length of his monstrous cock and to suck his balls into my mouth, fondling them with my tongue. He was smooth shaved and clean smelling. He had on just the right amount of a very intoxicating cologne. It filled my nostrils and made my cock throb in my wife's well trained hand. His balls were large and firm. As I caressed them in my hand I pumped his incredible length with my other while I sucked and sucked for all I was worth. I wanted to feel him explode in my mouth. I needed to taste his seed, to suck him to completion. Suddenly, his balls pulled tightly up into his groin indicating his impending release. It wouldn't be long before my reward would spill from this beautiful hunk of rock hard flesh that I was worshiping.

" I think he's gonna' cum baby." she said loudly again and with this his body stiffened.

I increased my tempo of pumping his cock with my hand and bobbing my eager face on him until I felt him buck hard into my mouth as he grunted and the first of many streams of hot, delicious sperm sprayed into my mouth. I slid my hand tightly to the base of his cock and sucked the head as hard as I could. This triggered his second blast which was more powerful than his first and he grunted loudly as it fired into my already half filled mouth. I quickly swallowed and resumed applying extreme suction to the head of this amazing shaft. His body was shaking and he grunted again as yet another shot of his creamy load fired into my hungry mouth. This time I didn't swallow but instead I turned, open mouthed to show my now panting wife my creamy reward. Her eyes told the whole story as she immediately began to have her own orgasm. She cried out as each wave of pleasure shook through her gorgeous body. Her eyes were glued to my cum filled mouth as I turned back For my next blast of semen. This time I timed it a little wrong and he shot a stream onto my lips and it spilled downward onto my wife's hand as she stroked my cock. With a gasp of wanton lust she quickly took advantage of the added lubrication and massaged his piping hot cum onto my shaft. Meanwhile my boy toy had fired three more blasts which I savored on my tongue. He was beginning to slow down with his convulsions and each subsequent spurt of his cum became smaller. I swallowed another savory mouthful, licked him clean as he bucked his hips a few more times and gave up the last precious drops of his seed to me. My wife was on her third orgasm and I had been neglecting her. I stood and turned to face her as my new friend's cock softened. My cock, still wet with his cum was in front of her face. "Lick his cum of my cock baby." I said and before the words had left my lips she was sucking my cum covered dick like a shameless slut. I could feel my own blood begin to boil as my orgasm approached. I stopped her before I lost control but not before she was able to lick up the last trace of his juice .

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