The Boss


I watched him as he sat working, his short brown hair looked sexy messy, like he had just got out of bed. His blue eyes behind his glasses stared intently at the screen of his laptop on his desk a half smile playing on those delicious soft looking lips, that make you want to kiss them. One hand was resting, supporting that beautiful angular jaw, whilst the other hand lightly tapped a pencil on the edge of the desk. He looked like a god silhouetted against the light from the sunny day streaming through the windows of the office. We all worked on the 4th floor in a big open plan office.

I could feel myself start to blush as the naughty thoughts raced through my head about the things I would like to do to this man, these were made all the more arousing by the fact that he was my boss. I let myself wander off into a daydream of what this toned torso looked like under the very well fitting white shirt, his broad shoulders and the muscles of his back filling it out to perfection.

I jumped with a start as the alarm of my colleague sounded indicating she needed to leave to pick up her children, I looked up to see those blue eyes now looking at me, blushing again, I dropped my head down and concentrated on the screen of my computer......damn he was so distracting.

I worked hard for the next hour before the noise level rose in the office as everybody prepared to leave. It was a Friday so everybody would be heading off to the pub down by the side of the river. Tonight I couldn't go, tonight was special, I was going to do something I had never done before but had always secretly wanted to do. I waved my colleagues off as I stayed behind in the office.

I locked the door behind them and closed the blinds on the front windows to the design studio and walked over to the window, stretching the kinks out of my body from being sat at the desk. I took in the sight of the city I lived in and felt the warmth of the sun on me through the window. I had a great job that I loved and good friends. I had been single for a while, and I was starting to miss the companionship of a partner, someone to share secrets, dream, desires. I was definitely missing the intimate touch of a lover!

I headed back to my desk and took my rucksack from underneath it and plonked it on my desk. It contained my 'uniform' for tonight's events. I pulled out the dark green satin corset trimmed with delicate black lace. The 6 ribbon suspender straps hung from underneath it ready to be clipped onto the wide lace band of the sheer stocking that went with it. There was a matching black lace thong that didn't cover a great deal, and a one inch wide velvet choker with a small diamond on it.

I started to undress there in the office, I knew I wouldn't be seen or disturbed as I brazenly stripped completely. I grinned as the naughty thought of sitting naked on my boss's desk ran through my mind, I bounded to his desk and sat on the edge where his hands had been resting no more than 2 hrs ago! It made me giggle as I stood up knowing that my naked bottom print wouldn't show on the white glass topped desk!

I started to redress, pulling on the tiniest thong I had ever seen, followed by each stocking, they felt divine as I rolled them up each leg over my soft smooth skin. Next came the corset, luckily my friend Gracie had made me practice putting these on the moment I agreed to this crazy idea of hers. I quickly did up the hook and eye fastening and then cupped each breast, one at a time, and lifted them so they sat perfectly in the cup of the corset. I loved the way it made my figure look. I could see my reflection in the mirrored wall at the end of the office, and I stopped to take a breath and admire my shape. I fixed the choker around my throat and pulled my sundress back on over the top of the outfit. My phone buzzed on the desk, it was Gracie to tell me she was outside.

Gracie had been my friend for 10 years, she was a wild one! People always wondered how we got along so well given my potential to shyness and her boldness, but we worked together really well! She would always share the most wildest of stories as we giggled into our cocktails. Her latest escapade had seen her working as a hostess at a swingers party. She excitedly told me all about, how everyone apart from the hostesses had been naked, and there were rooms for people to play in, my eyes widened as she told me the sights she had seen. She had been paid very well for the work and agreed to work again tonight, that's when she told me how I should give it a go. She told me how the hostesses weren't expected to take part in the activities, and needed to be discrete, this was followed by a long pep talk, on how I should get out of my comfort zone, so after a few cocktails it seemed like a really good idea!

I grabbed my stuff, and shoved it in my rucksack and left the office, locking the doors behind me. I walked nervously towards my friend waiting in the taxi! She greeted me with her customary bear hug and we got in the taxi. She chatted to me as we drove along the city streets, she knew I was feeling, awkward, and nervous, and I tried my best not to show it.

45 minutes later we pulled up to a big mansion house on the outskirts of the city, the gates opened and the taxi made its way down the long gravelled drive to the house itself, hidden away behind a high wall and more grounds than I could see. I gasped as I saw the house, the sheer size of it overwhelming me! Gracie grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the taxi as we came to a stop around the side of the house. A gentleman in a butler outfit appeared from nowhere and paid the far to the driver. He greeted Gracie like an old friend, and introduced himself to me, as we followed him into the house. There he took us to a room. There were 8 other girls in the room, all dressed in the corset uniform. We placed out bags on the floor with the other bags, and I followed suit as Gracie took off her dress and placed it over the back of a chair.

We all gathered around the butler, who proceeded to give us our tasks for the evening and to go over the rules. We were to pass around champagne and make sure that people were looked after. We could speak to the guests when spoken to but otherwise were to remain quiet and discrete in the background. The house we were told was open to everybody at the party, there was one wing which was designated as a quiet space where people could go to get away from it all, the wing had small rooms and people could arrange with the butler to book a room for some time to just relax, unwind away from the main house and have a smaller quieter party of their own.

Steve (as I found out was his name) the butler, took us out to the lounge, where there were two bars with two members of staff dressed in white shirts and black trousers behind each bar. We were told there were various bars dotted around the house and we would be stationed close to a bar and that would be our area for the night. We would collect drinks for guests from there. After the explanation of duties, Steve had each of us grab a tray and we were positioned around the various different areas of the house to await the arrival of the guests...and arrive they did.

From being empty the house quickly started to fill up. I was stationed, a little further away from the main entrance in one of the smaller lounges close to the quiet wing. The two guys at the bar I was attached too were called Josh and Simon, and they seemed very sweet, friendly and welcoming and assured me as it was my first time they would watch my back and make sure I knew what to do. Feeling nervous and reassured, I took my position with my tray of champagne and waited for people to work their way through the house in my direction.

I could hear the laughter and chatter of happy excited people from the main areas and wondered how long it would take for them to reach me. I started to wonder if I was doing the right thing, I mentally psyched myself up not to be shocked by anything that I saw (Gracie had been VERY Graphic in her descriptions), I wondered if my face would betray my shock considering I had lead a very sheltered life when it comes to sex!

I could hear the voices coming closer and nerves started to kick in, I looked back at Josh and Simon and they both gave me wide grins and thumbs up signs to tell me all was ok. Then they appeared....the guests.

A group of 4 people, 2 women, 2 men, walked into the lounge. I tried to plastered my biggest smile on and walked towards them with my tray, trying to ignore the fact they were all completely naked. The served the two women first they said hello and chatted to me as I offered the champagne, they seemed very friendly, another couple of woman followed through the door and joined the group, who all quickly relaxed in each other's company. I turned to go and refill my tray and through the arch into the next room thought I saw a familiar face, but it was gone in an instance.

My room quickly started to fill up and I busied myself with my tasks around the couples/strangers chatting laughing, touching each other, two women were kissing deeply and fondling each other's breasts as some gentleman looked on. I couldn't quite understand why I should be shocked but wasn't. I was starting to feel at home, and almost a little envious of these people enjoying each other.

I returned again to the bar, and as I waited for the tray to be refilled I turned to watch the people. There was now a woman bent over a couch with a man behind her burying his girthy cock into her welcoming pussy, the man's wife who he had arrived with earlier was kneeling on the couch with the woman's breast in her mouth.

I scanned the other way in the room to two women eagerly servicing the engorged cock of a man with their mouths. There were multiple other scenes taking place and I realised I was starting to enjoy watching. I could feel a wetness in my own pussy at the scenes. I turned back to grab the tray supplied by Josh and started to head off into the room. That's when I saw him.

There he was stood across the room in a quiet corner, a girl was chatting to him but he was oblivious as he stared straight at me. I caught my breath and the tray, which almost slipped from my hands. What was he doing here? I turned away and took a second to collect myself, before heading off to the right to start my circle, negotiating writhing bodies and trying not to interrupt if I wasn't wanted. I had no choice but to end up standing before him. There he was in all his naked glory.

That familiar face that I stared at every day in the office, those mischievous blue eyes now staring at me intently and that mouth, that beautiful mouth that I want so badly to kiss, formed into a wide smile. My eyes travelled down across the lean torso, now exposed for me to see instead of having to allow my imagination to conjure it. I pulled back my shoulders, smiled widely and pasted a look of bravado on my face as I offered my tray of drinks, he took champagne nodded and I moved on trying hard to walk properly knowing he was probably still watching me.

I headed back to the bar, my face flushed and heart pounding, Simon asked if I was ok and I told him my boss was here! He threw back his head and roared with laughter! I glanced over my shoulder to see if Andy, my boss, was still there, he had gone. I sighed with relief.

Simon's walkie talkie that connected him with Steve the butler crackled into life, Simon spoke back and then told me I had been requested to deliver 2 glasses of champagne to one of the quiet rooms and I was then to take my half hour break.

I picked up the tray with the glasses and made my way to room 6, the quiet room at the farthest end of the wing. I knocked on the door and it opened, so I walked in. I looked around the room but couldn't see anybody, as I heard the door close behind me. I turned back to look straight into the eyes of my boss. He smiled at me and took the tray and set it on the sideboard.

I started to stammer and he just put one finger to my lips to silence me. He suddenly wrapped an arm around me and pulled me towards him his lips pressing down hard on mine. It took me a second to realise what was happening before my only lips responded to his and we locked ourselves into a ferocious kiss. He pushed me back so I was pressed between him and the door. He grabbed my legs and pulled them so they sat on hips and I wrapped them tightly around him, I could feel the heat from his body through the fabric of my uniform.

He moved, carrying me still wrapped to him and pushed my back up against a column that was in the centre of the room, he pressed his body against me holding me there as he pushed my arms above my head and held my wrists in place with one hand. I felt something cold against my wrist and looked up to see him handcuffing my wrists above my head into a bar which had a restraint at either end. I looked back at him slightly panicked and he just smiled that hot smiled and kissed me passionately.

With my hands now bound above me I was unable to move, my legs wrapped around his hips the other thing stopping me from hanging by the wrists. He took something from his pocket and bought it up to my face, it was a satin blindfold which he slipped over my eyes, blocking him from my sight. My heart started to pound as I wondered what was happening, should I feel fear? Should I be afraid of his plans? My mind raced as I tried to anticipate what was coming next.

I felt his fingers start to trace lines down the side of my face from the blindfold, down my neck and across my chest. They traced a line across the top of the corset and I felt his fingers dip inside to caress my erect nipples. He stroked his fingers over them and then moved his hand down to cup each breast. I felt him left my breasts out of the corset cups and rest them over the top. O felt one hand start to kneed at my breast and roll the nipple between his fingers and I felt the hot warmth of his mouth over my other nipple. I gasped and started to writhe under his touch. I don't think I have ever been as aroused as I was at that moment.

I could feel the wetness between my legs, the thin small amount of fabric of the thong no match for the desire rising in me. I felt his hand leave my breast and travel firmly down my side, gliding of the corset and feeling the curve of my waist and over my hip.

I felt his hand firmly travelling over my thigh as he took a slight step back away from me. He doesn't move completely and my legs still rested on his hips, he just created a gap between my pussy and his body so his fingers could travel there. I felt them press at the wet fabric as he murmured against me. They started to stroke at my pussy lips through the fabric and his thumb found my clit. He circled my enlarged, sensitive clit with his thumb. I moaned at his touch, wanting him, needing him to go further. I felt his fingers slip between the now wet fabric and the smoothness of my shaved pussy, he pressed a finger up into me as I gripped him harder with my legs, he started to push in and out harder and faster as I bucked my hips to meet him. He pulled his finger from me and I felt him move the material to one side.

I could feel the head of his hard cock as he rubbed it over my wet lips, I felt his lips on my neck and throat kissing and nibbling me, I felt him lower slightly as he started to align the head of his cock against my waiting and ready cunt. He flexed his knees and pushed up driving the length of his shaft straight inside in one go, I felt like I was on fire, the pleasure and pain hitting me in one go and throwing my senses in every direction. I cried out as I felt him bury himself in me, I gripped him tight to me with my legs and pulled at the wrist restraints which just drove me wilder. He started to fuck me hard, my back pressed against the column, my legs wrapped around him,

I could feel my breasts bouncing against my chest as he ploughed deeper and deeper into me, I was being driven wild with pleasure, I felt him moaning against me as I knew it wouldn't be long before we both exploded from the experience. I felt him grab my hips as my climax started to take hold, I could feel my cunt spasming around his hard cock, my muscles milking him to orgasm, he cried out Francesca as he came hard, I could feel his hot cum coating the side of me pussy as I lost myself to the sensations ripping though me.

As our climax started to subside I felt him reach up and free my wrists, he carried me as we were, his now slightly softer cock still inside me, over to the bed. He placed me gently on the bed and grabbed my ankles and opened my legs as he slowly slipped his cock from my body. I could feel cum dribbling out of me. He reached up and removed my blindfold and I blinked rapidly to adjust my eyes to the low light in the room. He looked down at me with the biggest grin on his face and I looked back with an equally wide smile. He looked at my pussy ravished by his fucking and the grin got wider.

He slowly lowered my legs to the floor and I lay on the bed panting at what just happened. He came back with a glass champagne and set it on the bedside table. He bent down and kissed me and replaced my thong back into position, allowing his fingers to gently graze the lips of my intimate areas. He stood up and smiled at me again. I closed my eyes for a second and heard the soft click of the door as it closed behind him and he was gone.

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