tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boss and His PA

The Boss and His PA


Part 1.
David Barclay

When checking and clearing old files from my PC I came across this story I'd written at the time when the events described here were happening. I've no great pretensions as an author, but since I read stories here at literotica I decided to submit part 1. It's in several parts so let's see how part1 is received. The events are broadly true with a little embellishment in later episodes but I've enjoyed rereading events from a very enjoyable past employment. It would be nice to think that readers here enjoy it too.

I didn't realise on the day that Anne started as my PA that things would turn out the way they have. I am a director of a large international company, and my previous PA had left to take up a new post. Anne had been working in another department just down the corridor, and when I interviewed her for the PA role I felt she was ready for promotion, and more responsibility. She seemed willing, lively, enthusiastic, and keen to please.

At the time I didn't realise the significance of that judgement, but things have turned out to be very interesting indeed. She proved to be a very able PA, and quickly became a key partner in handling my office requirements. Perhaps at this point I should describe both Anne and me (David).

I am 45, slim, average looks, and what most people would describe as a successful businessman. In my current role I have responsibility for a major part of our corporation here in the UK and like most successful business people I guess I must have a dominant personality. I don't suffer fools gladly, but I am careful to look after the interests of my people.

Anne is 35, but could easily pass for 25 with a very "English" look - blond, blue eyes, slim, with a very pale complexion, a size 8, and very attractive. A personality that is lively, considerate, keen to learn, and keen to please. I cannot deny that her looks and personality influenced my decision at the interviews.

As I stated earlier our relationship was easy from the start, we got on well, she was good at her job, and she obviously enjoyed looking after me - she would bring me coffee as soon as I arrived in the office, update me on messages, actions, meetings, and so on. The relationship gradually became mildly flirtatious in the way that many office relationships do - I would comment on her outfit, compliment her on her new hairdo and so on. I also loved looking at her legs - I am a "leg man"! but my only disappointment was that perhaps 50% of the time she would wear trouser suits.

The turning point in the relationship came over Christmas when I had taken her out for the traditional celebration lunch. It was really the first time we had spent several hours in each other's company alone. We got on really well, and somehow the conversation got round to relationships and sex.

I found out that her husband liked her to be dominant, to wear rubber and to whip him, but that she felt really uncomfortable with this. It became very clear to me that she had latent submissive tendencies and we discussed my thoughts on the subject.

Although she was reluctant to confirm this (never having tried it) it was clear that she did harbour such thoughts. I decided that it would be worthwhile putting my theories to the test. This was the turning point in our relationship. What now follows is a true description of how things have progressed since that lunch.

Given that I am a confirmed leg man I started by telling her that fact, and that she was therefore disappointing me when she wore trousers. I also explained that I really prefer my PA to wear skirts, and that stockings and suspender wearing would be my orders if it wasn't for PC policies.

Of course this then led to an agreed secret rule that she would give it a try - I did notice a slight flush as she said this. I must say that I wasn't disappointed because the very next day she was wearing a brown suede effect skirt noticeably shorter than any previous and to my trained eye it was clear that stockings were the order of the day.

Around 11.00 a.m. I had occasion to call her into my office to go through some arrangements, asking her to close the door behind her. Before she had a chance to sit down I commented that her legs were looking very attractive that she was wearing a nice skirt and was she wearing my preferred stockings and suspenders.

She coloured slightly and fairly quietly confirmed that she was. I then stated that I could see that her stockings were flesh coloured but what colour were her suspenders? A little bit more of a pink tinge to her cheeks, and the answer came back - "black"!

"Walk around the office so I can see your legs properly! Turn around so I can admire them from the back! Now walk towards me! Now away from me! Now a twirl!"

After a minor hesitancy she complied with my directions. I was beginning to enjoy myself and I believed that she was also beginning to enjoy the attention and the compliments interspersed with my directions. After a few minutes I decided to progress - "You are looking very sexy, your legs are superb in those stockings, your skirt is short enough to be interesting - now show me your stocking tops!"

She stopped in surprise at this - I thought she was going to refuse then she asked me "How?"

"I want you to pull the hem of your skirt up slowly until I tell you to stop and I want you to do it now or you will be in trouble!"

Anne looked me straight in the eye, slowly moved her arms to her side, took hold of the bottom of her skirt and gradually pulled it up her thighs. Because I was sitting and she was standing I had a lovely view, as slowly her legs were revealed, then as the dark bands at the tops of her stockings became visible my cock began to harden.

The clasps of her suspenders were next into vision, followed soon after by the white flesh that bulged sexily over the tops of her stockings. Sure enough, black suspenders were pressing tight against her flesh as the bottom of her skirt crept upwards.

My cock was by now straining against by business suit, I was nervous in case anyone decided they needed to talk to me, and I could see that Anne was flushed, her tongue was licking her dry lips, and she looked decidedly nervous as well. She didn't stop but continued to draw her skirt up her legs until the matching black lace of her panties came into view - they were very small, semi-sheer, and were pulled tight into the cleft at the tops of her legs.

Still I kept quiet until her skirt was around her waist and could be pulled up no further. For the first time Anne stood before me in a pose that was to become familiar.

Black court shoes with probably 3" heel, then those delicate ankles encased in flesh coloured stockings that carried on up her slim and shapely legs, past her knees and up to mid thigh. There they stopped in the familiar dark bands, held up by black lace suspenders with shiny metal clips that continued up to the tops of her legs, underneath those black lace almost transparent panties, that simultaneously managed to hide and yet reveal the shape of her pudenda, and just revealed wisps of light coloured hair escaping at the side.

"Very good. Now I want you to turn around for me slowly so that I can examine you from all angles. I want to see you obediently revealing to me your underwear for the first time and I want you to understand that once we have finished with this display, I will be dictating to you certain rules about your future position as my PA. Now turn around as ordered."

I will certainly remember that first time that Anne stood in my office and slowly pirouetted for me. As she rotated I was able to admire her legs from the side, notice how she had attached her suspenders, and finally as she reached the point with her back to me, I called "Stop!"

She did so, and I could then drink in the sight - long legs, very shapely, slim, calves and thighs straining slightly as she kept her balance. She was revealing to me a most cock straining pair of cheeks; white, flawless, with tight suspender straps pinching each cheek, and her tiny panties disappearing as a thin wisp of lace between her cheeks.

I made her stand there for several moments before allowing her to complete her circle. Once she had returned to face me and I had made a very specific point of looking directly at her pussy region for several seconds I allowed her to pull her skirt down, compose herself, and then sit down in the chair she normally uses when we are going over letters, actions, meeting arrangements and so on.

"Anne you have had a good start to our experiment, I have very much enjoyed having you display yourself for my pleasure, you are very beautiful and sexy. You have absolutely fantastic legs, and that bum of yours is flawless, I have a hard-on, and I intend that we should continue with this experiment, but only with your agreement - did you enjoy it?"

Anne admitted reluctantly that she had been very nervous as she dressed that morning especially as she did not want her husband to notice her choice of underwear, she had been uncertain as to my intentions, and she had been extremely worried in case someone had come into my office.

She further admitted that she had also been incredibly turned on by her first (albeit minor) excursion into submissiveness and she did wish to continue to explore this previously untried trait in her character.

"For now, the simple rules will be as follows and I want you to write these down, then type them up for me in duplicate so that we can sign them for future reference" Slightly hesitantly, Anne, opened her note book, took up her pen, and waited for me to begin.

"Rule 1. Dress code - You will in future wear whatever I tell you to wear, whenever and wherever I tell you. In the absence of any specific direction you will not wear trousers, you will always wear stockings and suspenders, you will always wear shoes with heels, and you will always wear skirts or dresses that are above your knee. In addition you will always wear tops that have buttons whether they are blouses when wearing a skirt, or your dress tops."

"Rule 2. Behaviour in my office - at least once every day you will prove to me that you are wearing the standard attire. Every time you are in this office in that seat you will ensure that I can see at least your stocking tops, and your suspender clips, and some amount of bare flesh at the tops of your stockings."

"Rule 3. Our relationship - you will carry on your executive PA duties with the same diligence and ability that you have exhibited to date. In addition, however, you will now agree to follow my instructions as issued, to the letter, without complaint, and without dissent. You also agree that you will allow me to determine any punishment that I deem appropriate in respect of any mistakes, misdemeanours, dissent or other behaviour that I find unsatisfactory."

"Rule 4. Behaviour in the building - you will not discuss our arrangements with anyone in the company unless I specifically tell you to or give you permission to. Equally you will discuss that relationship with anyone that I do tell you to."

"Rule 5. Behaviour at home - You will not accede to any requests by your husband to take the dominant role in your sex life. You will accept instructions from me about behaviour I may wish you to adopt at home and you will carry out those behaviours to the best of your ability. Furthermore, you will be prepared to answer me in detail any questions that I may ask about your sex life away from this office"

"Finally, Anne, You will have the day off tomorrow to go shopping in London and you will acquire the following items - at least two skirts that are very short (much shorter than you would ever choose normally- one very tight, one very flared), at least two tops that are semi transparent, at least one pair of shoes with a minimum 5" heel, 6 pairs of stockings as follows - black, black with seam, flesh, flesh with seam, patterned, fishnet - two sets of underwear comprising bra, panties, suspenders, one set in black, one set in red. Both sets will be daring, with tiny thong panties and quarter cup bras.

Finally you will acquire one dress that is semi-sheer with buttons all the way from neckline to hem. These items are to be brought here to the office the day after, and are to be used at my direction only."

"Now go and type up the rules, sign one copy for me before you go tonight and I will inspect the items you buy the day after tomorrow. Do not forget the new dress code rules!"

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