tagFetishThe Bottom Slave Ch. 03

The Bottom Slave Ch. 03


Part 3

Sunday Evening

'There we are,' Debby's maid, Sally, panted, finally strapping Dave's head on to the seat. He'd protested adamantly against what she was doing but she'd merely ignored his pleas. She was extremely strong, and any strength he may have had at the beginning of the weekend had been drained by Debby's constant face-sitting and by the demands she forced him to perform. He was virtually exhausted, spent by her persistent usage of him.

'Make sure he can't move a muscle,' Debby said, supervising. She watched the proceedings fascinated, her nipples poking out like cork-stops in anticipation of what was going to take place.

Now he was trussed up naked to a specially adapted chair, his head strapped tightly in the chair's hollowed-out centre, his upturned face comprising of the actual seat. His knees were on the carpet, with his legs tucked under the chair legs and his back arched slightly. His glazed eyes stared at her actions, barely able to comprehend what she was about to do.

'We're as good as ready now,' Sally added, pleased.

'Lovely,' Debby exclaimed excitedly.

The dining room was large, as was the shiny dark-wood table. There was seating for eight. A ready meal lay in serving dishes near her set place.

'I'm absolutely starving, darling, so going to have my dinner now,' Debby smirked, touching his restricted face, fascinated by its vulnerability. 'You can have yours after I've had mine.'

She wore a low-cut dress so her huge breasts spilled out, almost overflowing, stockings and suspenders. Dave gave a long gasp as she turned her back to him and dragged the chair closer to the table. As she bent to sit the spread of her bottom cast a shadow over his face and the skirt rode up her thighs.

Sally smirked enviously, assisting her mistress to aim her bottom to sit on the most comfortable part of his face.

'Noooooo...' was all he could manage to utter before her vast backside lowered itself down onto his upturned face. Her soft, firm flesh filled his helpless countenance, spreading its vastness across it, squashing it. All means of breathing had now been taken away from him.

Now it was Sally's turn to watch in mesmerised fascination.

'Mmhhh,' Debby's throat went. She shifted slightly to force his nose further up into her anal crease, and for her vagina to completely encompass his mouth.

'You know what to do,' she gasped, removing one of the serving dish's lid. 'In and out and round and all around.'

His dominated tongue slid into her cunt, tasting the tangy wetness of her excitement.

'Ohh!' she went. 'That's it, just there. Ohh, yes.'

Her eyelids drooped, becoming heavy with pleasure, and her movements of dishing up her meal grew slower because of it.

Sally helped serve her some chicken and vegetables, to which Debby began to eat with gusto.

It had been an ultimate fantasy of hers for years: To sit on a man's face, to revel in the humiliation of it, to make him suffer, to be able to completely restrict his breathing and, most importantly of all, to eat a meal at the same time.

This was absolute bliss!

She settled her bottom more comfortably, smearing his face with it, enjoying the feeling of him trying to escape but loving his helplessness, as he suffocated beneath her.

The orgasm came quicker than she'd expected, almost catching her by surprise, and when it came she involuntarily took in a sharp intake of breath. She was forced to stop eating and drinking as the ecstasy overwhelmed her. The climax was so intense it apprehended all other senses, and Sally peered at their victim under the table.

'I think you'd better let him breathe,' Sally warned, still in awe of what they were doing to him. And she would remember all the things they'd both made him do and the ways they'd made him suffer throughout the weekend, for the rest of her life.

'Madam!' Sally called anxiously. 'I really think you should let him breathe!' Sally hurried behind her mistress and helped the still orgasming amazon to raise herself from his almost blue face.

'Hhhhoooollly... fffuuuccckkking.... Jjjjeeesssuuusss...' Debby managed to utter, quickly coming to her senses. Then, upon seeing her victim's condition: 'Quick, get the oxygen!'

Sally raced back with the small tank and mask that her mistress used daily to keep her skin in top condition. She forced it over the unfortunate Dave's face while Debby used heart massage.

'Come on,' you little fucker,' Debby hissed, massaging harder. 'If he pegs it it'll cost me more than the 10 grand he's earned this weekend.'

The oxygen began to take effect and his chest began heaving. But his eyes still span round in complete oblivion.

'How much would it cost you if he didn't make it?' Sally enquired curiously, untying the spluttering and gasping man.

'I heard it cost a woman two-hundred-and-fifty-thou' once,' Debby answered, steering the stupefied Dave towards the stairs.

Sally gave a low whistle as she watched Debby dragging the stupefied Dave upstairs.

'Can I have him later?' she called after her mistress.

'If you're a good girl,' Debby called down to her laughing. She pulled him into her bedroom.

'Now, you'd better get yourself together because we've still got all night before you leave in the morning...'

If Dave had any of his senses working properly his heart would have sunk. But he was oblivious to anything that was happening now. He was done in and whatever happened from now on was completely and utterly outside of his control.

'I want you to give me full anal,' Debby breathed, squashing her bum deeper into his face. He was lying face-up on top of the bed, with her lying on top of him, her back to his feet, her thighs on his shoulders. His lungs were already complaining.

He didn't think he'd make the other client he had to see tomorrow. Not if she carried on using him like this.

'If you do it till you pass out I'll give you another thousand quid,' she panted.

Then she climaxed for a very long time.

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