tagFetishThe Bottom Slave Ch. 11

The Bottom Slave Ch. 11


Chelsea high street was building up for the Saturday lunchtime crowds. Dave left the cab, tipping the driver. The bitter wind whipped up and he pulled his cashmere collar up hard against the chill.

I hope they haven't all got big bums, he thought, trudging along the pavement. In fact I hope they don't want their bums serviced at all.

That's all he seemed to see these days. Female arses, big bottoms being shoved in his face. He'd got to the point where he hated the whole business. The humiliation, the smell of arses, the mocking, the taking him for granted, the smothering...

He rang the doorbell. The front door was highly glossed black, so shiny he could almost see his face in it.

'Hallo,' the pretty young woman said, sipping from a fluted crystal glass.

'I'm Dave.'

'You're a lot older than I thought.' She seemed to process this information for a second before breaking into a broad smile. 'But I think that makes it all the much better. I'm Emma and you're going to be our entertainment for the day, I understand?'

It was a rhetorical question. They both knew why he was there and just the thought of it lit up her eyes excitedly.

She was dressed in clothes bought only from top-of-the-range boutiques. Her whole persona reeked of money, from her expensive hair-do down to the skin-tight trousers.

Dave's heart sank. She had wide hips, a sure sign she had a big arse. From his wealth of experience, he could tell what sort of bottom a woman had from the front just by the shape of her thighs, legs and hips. And this one was going to be big.

'Follow,' she haughtily told him.

She spun round and his worst fears were confirmed. Her buttocks were the type that protruded a lot. A big horse-riding backside, he noted, disappointed.

The hallway had those kind of stairs which stood in the centre, wide, with deep-pile carpet going up to a double landing leading to the left and right.

He trailed behind her, her high-heels click-clicking eerily against the marble flooring. She noticed him looking apprehensively at her bottom, each large buttock undulating aggressively within the tight satin. She smirked as if she instinctively knew she was going to have an extremely exhilarating time with him. It made him feel somehow insignificant, almost as if his sole purpose in life was to be humiliated and used as an anal slave for these bitches' amusement and pleasure.

He followed with the aroma of Clive Christian perfume wafting in his nostrils. He couldn't help but hope their bottoms were going to smell as equally as pleasant.

She strutted jauntily ahead down a corridor and into a room where music drifted from a surround-a-sound system.

'This is Dave,' Emma gleefully announced to a group of three other attractive young women.

They stopped chatting and laughing, looking Dave up and down as if he were a mere object they were interested in buying.

'Oh, yes!' Naomi exclaimed.

'Nice!' chipped in Josie.

'You're older than we thought, Dave,' Tamara said, beaming. 'But I think it adds to the pleasure, don't you girls?'

'Oh, yes,' they all chimed.

'Tell me, Dave,' Tamara said, still beaming. 'Do you know why you're here?'

'Yes I do,' he replied, blushing.

'Tell us why you're here,' Josie said, smiling.

'I'm here to give you ladies anything sexual that you want,' Dave said, swallowing hard.

'Even if it means kissing our bottoms?' Naomi giggled, enjoying saying the words.

'I am here to give you ladies the best time of your lives,' Dave said as confidently as he could, but still red-faced.

'Kissing our bottoms?' Emma jokingly queried. 'I want more than that!'

'We want more than just bottom-kissing. We want...' Tamara started, forming the next word with her lips.

'...analingus!' they all laughingly chorused.

They all smirked, turning their backs to him, eagerly watching his anxious eyes surveying their four posteriors. His fears were confirmed. They all had large, protruding backsides.

'Well, what d'you think, Dave?' Emma said, wriggling her bottom. 'Are they good enough to eat?'

They all laughed.

Dave struggled for a moment, fully knowing what was inevitably going to happen. This was the first time he'd been put in this position and he was finding it extremely humiliating. Four unfamiliar female bottoms all wanting to extract his undivided attention.

Then he recovered and went into professional mode just like he'd been trained.

'You have got the most beautiful bottoms I have ever seen,' he went. His eyes watered slightly while he politely stared at the four pairs of heaving buttocks all begging adoration. 'Please would you allow me to kiss them?'

'If you must,' Josie joked.

'I'm going to really enjoy this,' Naomi breathed.

'My bum likes it gently all over,' Tamara chuckled.

'Me first,' Emma said eagerly.

Dave knelt behind Emma who was the nearest, his face close to her wavering backside. Four pairs of female eyes smugly watched his every move.

'Each cheek four times,' Emma smirked.

Then she closed her eyes momentarily as his collagen-enhanced lips gently began to do as he was commanded. Each buttock seemed to move appreciatively at each lingering kiss.

'He's a good kisser,' Emma noted, as he moved to the next bottom.

Then they giggled and chuckled at his lowly position, knowing they would soon be enjoying the best birthday party they'd ever had.

'I want you to properly adore my bottom, Dave,' Tamara sniggered, crouching naked on the bed with her awaiting posterior positioned right before him.

Her smirking eyes said it all. You're here solely for licking my bottom and worshipping my body like the lowly creature you are. I'm paying you to make me very happy and if you have to degrade yourself by adoring my backside then it makes it all the more enjoyable.

Dave eyed her protruding backside with not a little apprehension. He knew what he must do, had to do, had no choice. But each time he lowered himself to worship a female arse the humiliation hit him hard. It was proving to be more difficult each time he did it.

'I want you to kiss my bum all over very slowly,' she smirked, 'working all over from the outside in.'

She was loving it.

'Then I want rimming for a long time and when I say 'up' I want you to work your tongue right up inside my arse,' she continued.

She was loving every single solitary second of it.

Anxiety was getting to him, and the overwhelming feeling of being controlled by women made his heart beat fast.

'Then when I say 'now' 'I want you to sing Happy Birthday' to me while your tongue is as far as you can get it up my bum,' she went on, grinning from ear to ear.

The knotted feeling in his stomach tensed him up. There was also a sense of dread tugging at the corners of his mind just by looking at the large bottom staring him in the face. He knew he had to just get on with it, however demeaning and anxiety-producing it was.

He mentally did what he'd taught himself to do. He psyched himself up and took a deep breath.

'Your bottom is absolutely adorable, Tamara,' he said, bending forwards to kiss the left buttock.

She almost gave out a full gasp at the touch of his inflated lips against her anal flesh. Then she sank down, raising her bottom to accept the full treatment of having it kissed lovingly all over.

'Mmmmmmmmmhhh..' she went, closing her eyes to the blissful sensation of having her bottom worshipped.

'I love kissing your beautiful bottom, Tamara,' he said in between kisses. 'It was made to be adored and kissed because it is so lovely.'

What made it even more pleasurable for her was it was being done by someone who didn't really like doing it. She knew the story of how he had been forced into doing it and of how he had to do it even though he hated doing it.

Now he was doing it to her.

'Now rim me,' she breathed, hoarsely, after he'd carefully worked his mouth all over her buttocks and was now kissing inside her crack.

His tongue skilfully glided its glistening tip round and round her anus muscle, bringing faint gasps from her opened mouth.

She was so close now, not very far away. All it would take was one little push and she'd be tipped over into ecstasy.

'D... D... a... v... e...' she wheezed. Then she momentarily gave up holding back while the feeling of having her anus licked by someone who didn't like doing it gripped her in overwhelming enjoyment.

Round and round his tongue went, wending its way in a circle, first one way then the other. Teasing, probing, flicking in its salacious provocations.

'U...u... u...' she attempted, then tried again.

This really was the most glorious sex she'd ever had.

'U... u... u... up...' she managed to pant.

Straight away his moistened tongue-tip slowly snaked itself past the muscle's entrance and entered her expectant passage.

She was now beyond words as she writhed on the satin sheets in a complete state of euphoria. Sometimes she could just turn enough to take extra pleasure from watching his humiliation at what he was doing to her.

She gathered whatever remaining strength she had to call out and all she could manage was one word:

'N... n... n...' she tried, rested a moment, then tried again.

She knew this was going to be the best sex she'd ever had.

''N... n... n... o... w...' she managed to croak.

He stretched his tongue to go as far as it could up her bottom. It was so far up there it felt like it was up there to its roots. He sucked at the same time as pushing his tongue round and round, his opened-wide mouth pressed hard against her anus.

The humiliation was getting to him. His eyes welled from the emotion of being made to do this degrading sexual act on this rich spoiled female. With tears in his eyes he sang, his muffled voice making the words completely unrecognisable.

She was lost in another world, fully extracting the utmost sensations of feeling his deeply entrapped tongue massaging her malleable anal passage.

She was unable to make any other sounds apart from gasps while he continued singing 'Happy Birthday' to her with his tongue shoved right up her backside for so very long it wasn't until Emma entered the bedroom and managed to gently prise his face away from her helpless friend's bottom.

'J... e... s... u... zzzzz!' Tamara eventually exclaimed, stretching herself out in absolute satisfaction.

'It's our turn now, Dave' Emma said to his reddened face, with a smug look on her face. 'And the three of us have decided we want you to worship our bottoms together.'

'Do you need a hand?' Tamara asked, marvelling at all the delicious smells emanating from various dishes.

'Could you stir this for me, darling?' Nigella replied, moving to one of the four big ovens.

It was a large kitchen, well equipped with everything a chef could need. It was all hanging colanders, saucepans, frying pans and garlic and herbs. It was also big enough for a large dining table and eight chairs.

The table hadn't been laid yet. There'd be plenty of time for that. The others wouldn't be finished with Dave for ages.

'This soup smells lovely,' Tamara noted.

'That's called my Happiness Soup,' Nigella said, moving things in the ovens.

Tamara topped up both their glasses with iced Cristal, handing Nigella hers.

'Happy birthday,' Nigella said, clinking glasses.

'Here's to a wonderful day,' Tamara said.

'What's he like?' Nigella asked, busying herself with more preparations. 'Is he as good as they say?'

'Better,' Tamara replied fondly, momentarily reliving the experience. 'You'll love it.'

Both women merrily chatted, looking forward to what lay ahead.

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