tagGay MaleThe Bottom Tier: Ari and Cato

The Bottom Tier: Ari and Cato


*Oh my god! This is the last chapter of the Bottom Tier, and Jesus it's really taken it out of me. I stayed up till four in the morning to finish this one. -_-'

The Bottom Tier has always been one of my favorite worlds to play with, my darkest invention. I think I should stop playing with fire, and I will be truly amazed if this chapter makes it past the editors on the first chapter. If you don't like dark, then run away screaming.

Everyone in this chapter is 18+*

If you had asked anyone in the year 2356 about the Upper and Bottom Tier, only a select few would have corrected you and said that technically, there were three Tiers, not two.

The third Tier had no name, and it was in between the other two. Strangely enough, the third Tier, the Middle Tier, was made almost entirely of the genetically enhanced.

Those in the Upper Tier were paranoid, and perhaps rightly so, of an uprising from the Bottom Tier, so they had thousands of cloned men called Regulators. These men were bred with genes from a German Shepard. They looked human, but they were more obedient and loyal. The rest who lived in the Middle Tier were pleasure slaves, who had outgrown their usefulness. Pleasure slaves that grew too old were given 'retirement licenses' which gave them permission to live independently, and become part of the working class.

The Middle Tier was a sort of working class. The Upper Tier needed maids and janitors and gardeners and delivery people and most of all, an army of Regulators. The Upper Tier was not, however, willing to give this army of caretakers the riches and rights that came with being a citizen of the Upper Tier.

The Middle Tier had become a sort of purgatory, the only place in the urban sprawl of the city Pangea where citizens and slaves and Regulators and Bottom Tier dwellers could rub shoulders. The Middle Tier was only supposed to be a residential area for Regulators and working class, but it had spawned a black market, human trafficking, and a booming prostitution industry.


Ari was a mistake. He had been in the same batch of test-tube babies as another Ladyboy named Kip, but he was a mistake.

Over ninety percent of the failure margin had been cut out of genetic engineering, but still there were mistakes. Ari was supposed to be a Ladyboy, but he had been born a full male. As he grew from a sickly little baby into a sickly little toddler, other problems presented themselves.

Countless infections, countless colds. When he was three, they added immunity boosters to the cocktail of vaccinations against STDs, but even after those he was still sickly. At three, he had yet to walk more then a few steps. As the fragile little boy grew older, they learned that his bone structure, while delicate and pretty like the rest of the Ladyboys, had been made a little *too* delicate.

His feet were small and flat, and it hurt for him to walk on them for any period of time. He had back problems, joint problems, terrible growing pains. He had the three expected growth spurts, one when he was four, one just before puberty and one after, but in each one he grew too fast and he sometimes had to spend months in bed, weeping and drugged and screaming with the pain of his freakish poorly made body growing.

His health problems made him undesirable for Masters in the Upper Tier. After two Masters in the Upper Tier, both who had shed him quickly, they sold him to a brothel in the Middle Tier, and there, his life became a new sort of hell.


At the same time when a shy sweet Ladyboy began to sleep with his lovers, Ari was crumpled on a tiny pallet in a room the size of a closet. Most of his 'clients' were from the Bottom Tier, gang members who wanted to see what it was like to fuck a Ladyboy, even a ruined mistake of a Ladyboy. Gang members who wanted to feel rich and powerful and in control.

Ari looked at the ceiling with glassy unnaturally colored eyes. He didn't move. He was afraid, so deeply afraid of the men who came in. Sometimes they tried to be gentle, but those times were so rare. His genes had been altered so his body became aroused almost always, but that just added to the humiliation.

When the door opened, Ari let out a frightened little whimper. He had been in this tiny room for nearly eight hours, and he was exhausted. Exhausted and hurt. He lifted his tired head, with the hair matted with sweat at the back of his neck and at his temples. The hair on his head was floppy and silky and a pretty shade of pale gold. His eyes were a shade of violet. His face was thin and hollow-eyed and tired, the skin sticky and sweaty. There was a bucket filled with soapy water by his cot. He was supposed to wipe himself after every man, but he had been too weak to get up, and three men had used him since.

He felt so dirty, he felt so low. And now there was a gigantic shadow in the doorway, a Regulator.

The Regulators had gone through many phases, and this was the most recent. The first batches of Regulators had all been cloned from the cells of one man's DNA. They had all essentially been identical. Suicide rates had been as high as forty percent in those days, so newer batches were made with many different subjects cloned. Suicide had gone down about five percent.

Then one Generipper suggested that since all of the Regulators were essentially gelded, unable to breed or even perform the act of sex, the sexual frustration was causing the depression and high suicide rates. They had been breeding them without the ability to have sex, but then pumping them full of hormones like testosterone.

The arrival of sexually active Regulators caused a boom in the prostitution industry. There were hundreds of these new Regulators reaching sexual maturity every day.

That one of the Regulators was here, in the brothel, it meant that he was one of the newest batches. The kind that was somewhat unique, and infertile, but still able to have sex. His name was Cato, and he eyed the frail exhausted boy sprawled on the bed with pity in his dark eyes. Ari eyed him with misery and fear. He shifted weakly, and the chain around his left ankle clinked softly.

He had been used three times by these new Regulators. Two had been brisk and uncaring, using him like a doll, but not intentionally cruel. They had been so big, so unconscious of their strength, that they had hurt him anyway. Their cocks had hurt him. They were huge in more ways then one. The third had been cruel, and he had been unable to work for two days after the beating he had received at that monster's hands.

Something was different about this Regulator. He moved more carefully, slowly, almost gracefully. He sat on the side of the bed, and Ari flinched. The man was huge. No matter what DNA the Regulators were cloned from, they were made big and strong by modifications to the embryos.

The man stood just short of seven feet. His shoulders were very broad, and everything about his body seemed too big, his hands and feet and face seemed too broad, too large. His hair was cropped and dark, though the color was impossible to say. He sat on the side and touched the bruised swell of Ari's slender boyish hip. He ran the backs of his fingertips gently across the black stain of a hand-shaped bruise. His touch was so gentle that Ari closed his eyes in relief. At least the man would not be cruel.

Ari moved slowly. His slender limbs ached. He moved his frail abuse-marked body so he was on his stomach, and then with his arms and thighs trembling, he lifted himself to his hands and knees. The chain clanked and rattled. He thrust his scrawny used ass into the air, and waited. Soon the Regulator would take hold of his hips and fuck him. It would hurt, maybe it would make him bleed. Ari took a whimpering little breath and gritted his teeth as he felt the bed squeak and move, and the giant Regulator shift his weight.

A scrawny gang member high on meth had enjoyed giving the weeping little whore vicious jabs to the lower back with his hard sharp fists. That had been two days ago, but Ari still pissed blood and his kidneys ached. He flinched as the warm flat of the giant's hand rested on his lower back.

"Lie down boy, we aren't going to do that."

The Regulator had soft polite clipped speech, but with an undertone of disgust and pity. He hesitated when the little whore looked up at him with those strange pretty eyes. The boy had a collar around his neck, SteelFiber, with a small round tracker, a few lights, and the inscription ARI. The boy lowered his body with trembling arms, and continued to look up at him, that sweaty face and violet eyes unreadable.

"My name is Cato." The big Regulator whispered. He looked down at his knees, keeping his hand rested on the slightness of Ari's hip. "I... I don't want to fuck you... It would hurt you. I...I need this, and I need you to help me, but I promise I wont hurt you."

Ari looked up at him, and one small trembling hand lifted from where it rested on the bed. Cato watched that hand, and groaned softly as Ari laid his hand on the place in his steel-grey pants where he was hard and needful.

"Thank you." The little mistake whispered. His voice was soft and raspy, he had bruises on his throat. Those eyes were huge and glassy and a dark bright purple in the dim light. The look on that face was frightened and hangdog.

Cato moaned softly. He was huge, but suddenly Ari could see how young he was. The Regulator was barely eighteen, yet already a man in his genetically altered body. He had been in training his entire existence to protect the soft spoiled citizens of an exulted life, maybe he was even a virgin.

Ari turned onto his back, and Cato gave a small gasp, and tentatively touched Ari's frail body. Ari gave a humiliated little moan as he felt aroused by the touch. He hated that he became so aroused, that his body kept betraying him. Cato either didn't hear or he was too distracted to care. He fondled the softness of those little pink nipples, and stroked hardening shaft and tender testes of Ari's genitals.

Ari whimpered and let out breathy little cries. No one had focused on his pleasure before, and he knew that he should be grateful, and that the big Regulator was trying to help, but all he could do was choke on his shame. Tears ran down Ari's hollow cheeks as his slim hips moved in gentle bumps, pushing his hard shaft further into Cato's warm hand. There was something raw and pathetic in the way his fragile body moved.

Cato breathed faster, the little whore was weeping, moaning, tears were running down that gaunt and beautiful face. But his body was soft and responding, and the feel of a hard cock in his hand was intoxicating and arousing. Ari's hand on his cock was kneading softly through the fabric, and he was hard as stone, fondling the pretty boy in the come-stained bed.

Ari closed his eyes and bumped his frail hips. Cato gasped softly, and Ari let out a surprised gasp when the giant leaned down and fondled the boy's cock into his mouth. Not since the perverted pedophiles of his youth, had a man sucked Ari's cock.

Ari cried out weakly and his tears stopped. He was too shocked to cry. He had come into the Regulator's mouth. Shock and terror moved through his body in another weak sob that bubbled through his lips. He looked up at the Regulator with shell-shocked eyes, cringing and waiting for the beating that was sure to come.

The big Regulator looked up, and suddenly the huge man with the brutal killer's body seemed eager and young and fumbling and shy. He was smiling, and a droplet of come leaked from the corner of his mouth. He looked happy, and still horny. The light was too dim for him to see the abject terror on the little whore's face melt into confusion and relief.

"Please?" Cato whispered.

His hand was on the zipper of his dark grey trousers. He was so inexperienced that he seemed to have forgotten that the trembling boy on the bed was a slave. He seemed to have forgotten about the cruel shackle on Ari's swollen left ankle. Ari was a creature who was as inexperienced as he was when it came to consensual sex.

Ari was overcome with some deep emotion that was a mixture of gratitude and confusion and a desire to please. That was perhaps the deepest cruelty of the way the Ladyboys had been altered. They were made into tender little creatures who were very attached to their masters, no matter how cruel they were.

Ari felt attached to any man who was gentle to him, and over and over again they left him cringing and weeping on his come- and blood-stained cot. Ladyboys were still a new creation, and in the near future, Generippers would warn buyers of the unfortunate side-effects of Ladyboys having more then one partner over a short period of time. The side-effects included constant depression, confusion, lethargy, PTSS, and a disturbingly high level of suicide. Nearly 80%.

Ari crawled between Cato's thighs and nuzzled the bulge in that steel-grey crotch. He knew that the misleading feelings of happiness and satisfaction were being produced by the altered pleasure centers in his brain. Ari hated and mistrusted his own body, and his own emotions. He never knew if they were real.

Cato unleashed his cock and it was rock hard. As thick as a child's wrist and about eight inches long. That was smaller then poor Ari had suffered before at the hands of Regulators, but it was still painfully huge. Ari felt a throb of real gratitude that he was servicing this man with his mouth, and not his bruised and overused ass.

The cruel Regulator had been a monster in his depravity. He had entertained himself by beating the shrieking whimpering helpless little whore on the bed. Waiting until Ari cringed in hollow-eyed terror from him, then lunging at the bed and watching the boy limp like a crippled animal, trying to escape mindlessly and falling when he reached the end of the chain.

Ari sucked, and he felt the familiar hunger, the need to debase himself and grovel at the man's feet. The need to whimper like a slut and suck the man's balls, to lick and worship them.

Cato felt so ashamed. The boy sucking his cock was starving, cowering, cheeks and thighs still smeared with come from the last man who had fucked him. The boy looked up at him with glazed violet eyes filled with humiliation and shame and self-hatred. Ari trembled and flinched away from his every movement, his every touch. The frail whore was like a badly abused dog, cringing even from his gentlest caress.

Cato felt dirty and wrong, even if the boy's mouth felt good. He felt ashamed that he had spent his luxury tokens on this tiny trembling little thing. Would it have killed them to let him have a little rest? Some decent health care? Someone who stopped the customers from being so rough? The whore was a patchwork of bruises and scrapes and swollen red scars.

Cato yanked his cock out of the little whore's mouth and jerked off quickly with his back turned. He had never been with another man, and didn't want this cringing little animal to be his first. He didn't want to lose his virginity to a boy who was so afraid of him.

Ari cowered. He had done something wrong, the man hadn't grasped his hair and finished, he was finishing for himself. Ari was so frightened that he started to cry, crawling away to the foot of the bed, at the end of his chain, looking at Cato with haunted tearful eyes. His cock was limp and bruised and soft between his shivering thighs.

"Noooo..." He groaned deep in his throat. The word was more like a moan then an articulation. He shrank away when the big Regulator stuffed his spent cock in his pants and stood up. Now the beating would happen. Now the Regulator would punish him for coming in his mouth. There was always punishment, why would this one be different?

Cato had rented Ari for half an hour, and there were still twenty minutes on the clock. Cato saw the written reminder on the wall for 'employees' (what sick cruel joker thought of that term? thought Cato angrily) to wash themselves between customers to promote cleanliness. To flout the rules would result in 'loss of privileges.'

Cato glanced at the trembling weeping boy, curled in a fetal position at the foot of the bed. He saw the left ankle, which was so badly bruised that red swollen flesh puffed out on either side of the narrow shackle. What privileges? The right to unbroken limbs? The ability to curl up on clean sheets when the morning came? The privilege of being able to eat a few spoonfuls of broth?

Cato wrung out the cold rag in the bucket of soapy water. "Don't be afraid Ari, please. I'm just going to help you."

And for a wonder, Ari did try to remain quiet. His skin was pocked with bedsores and a painful rash on his inner thighs. Washing Ari was a very intimate thing. Cato felt so huge, so strong, but only because the frail boy was so weak, and so small. Ari whined weakly with pain when Cato swabbed the cold wet cloth across his broken and softened anus. He whimpered again when the cloth touched his hot swollen ankle.

The boy's skin was so badly damaged. Bruises, sores, rashes, reddened places, rough places, swollen places. Ari's eyes closed when Cato brushed the cloth over those slim scarred shoulders. He cooed softly, a tiny pleasured noise. The cool cloth felt good, there at least. Tears shone in those swollen pretty eyes. Ari whispered 'thank you' in a quiet hoarse voice. Cato told him to lie down and try to rest in the remaining time.

Ari kissed his hand. Cato shivered and got goosebumps at the feel of Ari's cold little mouth. Ari curled into a tiny ball on the bed, his head resting on Cato's thigh. Cato stroked that soft matted hair as the boy slept. When he got up, the boy clung to his hand and started to cry. His grip was so weak.

Those eyes were dazed and shiny with drugs. Painkillers, or sedatives? Cato hoped it was painkillers. "Please... Please don't go." The boy was shaking with fear and exhaustion. He was so afraid. "Don't l-leave me..."

"I'll come back. I'll save you." Cato choked, feeling tears well and sting in his own eyes. He still had to pull his hand away from the sobbing little teenager.


Cato had left, and that just made the next man--a gang member small in stature and cock, but with a cruel streak a mile wide--so much worse. The next man liked to bite. Ari was too weak to do anything but struggle feebly.

Despite the cruelty Ari had to suffer every night, this wasn't the worst brothel to be in. He got a private room, a bucket to clean himself with, a sedative to calm him down when customers were with him. Ari suffered more then the other whores because of his frailty and his popularity. He was the only whore in this brothel with the immunity shots. While other whores worked for six to eight hours, poor Ari was forced to lay on the filthy mattress with other men, sometimes for up to twelve hours.

Despite his shots, the owner was considering selling the boy soon. It cost a fortune to get sedatives and painkillers, and Ari needed both to function. He was so far gone, so badly used that even some of the crueler customers were beginning to notice and object. Ever since the cruel Regulator that had used him, Ari had been needing painkillers almost daily, and the owner was getting less and less willing to buy them.

Most of the other places just tossed the whores into a dark room and had them used until they rotted from the inside from STDs. Ari would last longer, and they would tie him up so he wouldn't be able to commit suicide.

The hurt boy on the filthy bed knew that he was running out of time. He needed to kill himself before the real hurting started. But his mind was always a confused jumble of drugs and hurt and lack of sleep and hunger. He was going insane, and the few men who had been kind to him never helped him.

Cato passed out of his mind like every man who had gently touched his wasted body, and then left him chained and screaming like an animal in a cage. But this man was different.

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