tagLoving WivesThe Bought Husband Ch. 02

The Bought Husband Ch. 02

byJust Plain Bob©

The honeymoon was as bogus as the wedding had been. The script had been given to me well before hand so that I would be able to play my part so that any observer would only see what they thought was a happily married couple. Gloria was a conspiracy freak and she saw people everywhere whose sole purpose was to prove that she hadn't met the terms of her father's will.

"I know you don't believe it Jack, but the people in charge of the charities and foundations that will get the money if I don't meet the conditions of daddy's will are going to do their best to find a way to get that money. They like their half million a year salaries and they will do their absolute best to get my money. You absolutely have to be a convincing husband."

"Well if that is true Gloria, all they have to do is put an army of private detectives on the case and they will turn up the skinny on you and Jumal in no time."

"That won't matter Jack. There is nothing in daddy's will that says I can't cheat on my husband and if push comes to shove I'll fall back on that old standby, "I love my husband, but I'm a slave to a big, black cock." If that happens you will be shocked, but you love me so much that you will forgive me. Besides, I have a ton of personal security. You won't even know that they are they, but any private eye that tries to get close will meet them up close and personal. Money does have its advantages Jack."

The script had the two of us in the honeymoon suite and Jumal in a room just down the hall. I was to sleep in Jumal's room and he would be sleeping with Gloria. All the activities planned for the two weeks were scheduled to give Gloria and Jumal as much time together as possible while I read one of the many books I'd brought along, did crossword puzzles, or did whatever else I wanted with my time.

A typical night would have Gloria and I going out for dinner and dancing where we could be seen as a loving couple by anyone who was watching. When we got back to the hotel we would go back to our room where Jumal would be waiting and if no one else was in the hall Gloria would go into the honeymoon suite and I would go to Jumal's room. If anyone were in the hall we would both go into the suite and wait for the hallway to clear before I would go to the other room.

A typical day would have us going somewhere where we could be alone except that Jumal would already be there. One day we rented a boat and sailed it to a secluded cove and Gloria and Jumal did whatever they did (I didn't watch) while I sunbathed on the deck of the boat. At four in the afternoon Gloria came back aboard and we sailed the boat back and went to our room to get ready for another night of dinner and dancing.

The routine was broken on three of the nights when Gloria came into the room while I was sleeping and got into bed with me. She played with my cock until I woke up and when I was awake she sat on my face.

"Eat me Jack. Eat my pussy. Jumal left a big mess in me Jack; be a good hubby and clean me."

Well, it was part of the deal and I knew ahead of time that it was eventually going to happen so I did what I was hired to do. Gloria had been right in that I probably had sucked another man's leavings out of Shelly, but I had never known it so it hadn't bothered me at the time. In Gloria's case I knew for sure ahead of time that she had been fucked by Jumal. I was concerned that knowing that I was licking up an arrogant nigger's leftovers might translate into a quick trip to the porcelain throne. Surprisingly enough, Gloria didn't taste all that different from the times I had eaten her after cumming in her on our wedding night. I didn't like it, but it didn't kill me.

The honeymoon passed without incident and then we flew home. I returned to my job at Stearns, the same one that I had when it all started. After all, we couldn't have it said that I married the boss just to get ahead nor could we have it said that Gloria was playing favorites. I didn't care. I liked my job and I was good at it; good enough that everyone there knew I would make Regional Manager on my own merit. The only thing that changed was that Gloria and I rode to work together in the morning, had lunch together and then rode home together at night. Most nights when we got home Jumal was there waiting for us.

To the casual observer Jumal being at our house was explained by a snippet on the society page of the local newspaper.

"Apparently Gloria Stanton, nee Stearns, is having to redo the family manse to accommodate her new hubby."

When we got home there would be a van in the drive with Elate Construction on the side in big letters. Elate had employees, Jumal and his cousin Darrnel. Sometime shortly after Gloria and I returned home Darrnel would get in the van and drive off. The van had tinted windows so you couldn't tell if there was one man or twelve inside. Dinner would be a quiet affair as Jumal and Gloria didn't want to talk in front of me and I had nothing to say to them. After eating I would go either to my room or to the home office I had set up.

The first week went by with Jumal and me ignoring each other until it was time to go to bed and then I went to my room and they went to theirs. The second week Jumal started doing what I had always known that he would.

"Well, its bedtime. See you in the morning Jack. I'm going to take your wife upstairs and fuck her eyes out. You don't mind, do you?"

The next morning on the drive to work Gloria apologized to me for Jumal's behavior.

"No need to apologize. I knew it was coming. Don't forget that I already told I could write the script. The first act came just as I said it would. While we are on the subject, I'm ready for my sex life to begin."

"I'll get on it as soon as we get to the office."

At lunch Gloria told me that, "The woman you chose will start tomorrow. She can only be there during the day so you are going to have to take long lunches and I'm going to have to arrange some fake business meetings to explain your absences from work. All I'm asking is that you be discrete."

"I will have to come up with a story that will explain why a newly wedded husband is getting his sex from a play for pay lady. How do you feel about being a closet lesbian that just needed a husband for appearances sake?"

Gloria laughed, "I'm way ahead of you Jack. I had an interview with her shortly after you picked her out. I told her that our marriage was a little on the weird side, that we loved each other deeply, but that for medical reasons I couldn't have sex. I told her that I realized that you had certain needs and that I was seeing to it that they were met."

Gloria reached over and patted my knee, "She is being extremely well compensated Jack; try and see to it that I get my moneys worth."

That night Gloria came into my room after I had fallen asleep and woke me up by playing with my cock. As I was shaking the sleep out of my eyes I heard her say, "I'm overflowing Jack. Eat my pussy. Lick my pussy and clean me out."

I went home at lunchtime and found Sally Ann sitting on the living room couch reading a magazine. She looked up when I walked into the room and I saw the astonished look on her face.

"Jack! What are you doing here?"

"You didn't know?"

"Know what?"

"That I'm your date?"

"Good Lord no. If I had known that I would never have accepted this assignment."

"Am I that repulsive?"

"It isn't that Jack, it is just that you are friends with Fred and I've worked hard at keeping what I do from him."

"Well Sally, let me set your mind to rest. I've had the hots for you since the first time I laid eyes on you and when I saw your page in the agency's book I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I picked you out of that book because I've wanted you for years. Do you really think that I would blow my chance at you by running to Fred and telling him that I screwing his wife?"

"When you put it that way, no, I guess you wouldn't."

"So, you want to be romanced or do we get right to it?"

"A little romance might be nice, but maybe later. Right now I think we should get to the business at hand so I see what I have to work with."

"Any limits?"

"I don't do animals or anything that involves pain, but I'm pretty much open to anything else."

"Well I'm a pretty ordinary kind of guy who is into oral, anal and regular sex and usually wants all he can get."

"You sure married the wrong girl for that from what I hear."

"What can I say? Love is blind. She told me she wanted to be a virgin when she married so we never fooled around first. I didn't find out about her medical problems until after I said "I do." But I love her and if she is willing to set me up with someone like you to take care of the sex angle I can live with it."

"It's your house baby, lead the way."

Sally was every bit the hot piece of ass I'd always thought she would be and we bounced around on my bed most of the afternoon. She gave the most glorious head, loved being fucked in her butt and was multi orgasmic. I was trying for one more time when she said; "I can't Jack. I have to get home before Fred and have his supper ready when he gets home."

"Won't he know what you have been doing when you go to bed? Won't he be able to tell from how your pussy feels?"

Sally giggled, "How would he know the difference Jack? There hasn't been a day since we got married that he was the first man in me and that includes our wedding day. Should I just come back tomorrow or wait for you to call?"

"Tomorrow sex-pot. Same time, same script."

Sally Ann giggled, kissed me and took off for home and a husband who didn't have a clue. But hey, who was I to laugh at poor Fred. He was married to a woman who got paid to fuck other men and here I was married to a woman who paid me not to fuck her.

Life settled into a routine for the next nine months. Two and sometimes three times a week Sally and I would have a good time together. Gloria would come to my room two or three nights a week to have her sloppy, cum filled pussy eaten. Jumal was his usual obnoxious self and there were times I want to smack that stupid sneer off his face or knock him on his ass. I just could not see what Gloria saw in that asshole. But as bad as I wanted to hurt the son of a bitch I didn't; I just thought back to my "mental health" night with Gloria and let things ride.

Because of Gloria's position and her involvement in community and charitable affairs I found myself out in public playing the role of loving and adoring husband as we attended this civic function or that charitable dinner and I began to notice some things. There actually were people who were watching us and watching us close. I began to think that Gloria's paranoia was not necessarily misplaced. About the same time something else occurred to me. I was playing the part of loving husband, but Gloria was not playing the part of adoring wife, at least not to the extent that I thought she should.

One night at a do for the Girl Scouts I noticed a man closely observing us and I'd seen him doing the same thing at several other affairs. Gloria had gotten up to go to the restroom and on her way back I intercepted her and as I took her in my arms I whispered, "Don't fight me on this, just go along" and I kissed her. I made it as passionate as I could and when I broke the kiss I whispered, "Look over my shoulder as you run your hand down my back and squeeze my ass. Do you recognize the man sitting at table three?"

She did as I asked and then said, "Yes, that is Brian Moser."

"Who is he?"

"He heads up the Clayton Foundation, why?"

"Pull yourself against me and act as if you are rubbing yourself against my cock."

She did it and she felt my erection. She gave me a strange look and said, "Did I do that?"

"You've done it for years lady, but that isn't what this is all about. Turn around and walk outside with me holding hands and I'll explain."

Once outside I told her about the bald headed guy and how he had been watching us. "And what he is seeing is me playing my part to the hilt to what appears to be a disinterested wife. If we are going to pull off this charade you are going to have to give me some help here. You are going to have to start acting like a loving and adoring wife when we are in public, at least until we get a year or two away from the wedding and honeymoon."

I unzipped myself and took out my cock.

"What are you doing?

I stroked my cock a few times while she watched and said, "I'm playing my part Gloria." I tucked my cock back in my pants so that the partial erection showed and left the fly unzipped. "I'm going to walk back in with you with my fly open and I want you to be adjusting your bra strap as you go through the door. Try and look like you just snuck away for a quickie with your hubby. I can almost guarantee baldy will have his eyes glued to the door as we go back in."

He was looking and I looked over at Gloria and saw that she noticed and it caused her to blush which was a nice touch. On the way home that night Gloria said, "Still think I'm a conspiracy nut?"

"I don't know Glory, it could be a coincidence."

She gave me a funny look. "Why did you call me that?"


"Glory. You called me Glory."

"Just trying it out."


"Because we are madly in love and should have pet names for each other. After tonight I'm going to have to act more affectionate in public. Touch you more, gaze lovingly at you and make the people the people around us sick to their stomachs with all the lovey-dovey shit. Somehow sweetlips, babycakes and hot stuff don't seem to suit you while Glory does."

She was quiet for a while and then she said, "What did you mean when you said I'd been doing it for years?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your erection when you stopped me coming back from the john."

"Oh that."

"Yes, that. Just what did you mean?"

"Just that I, like every other guy who works at Stearns had the hots for you."

"Had, not have?"

"Get serious Gloria. You felt it, you know the answer to that."

The rest of the ride home was made in silence.

Jumal was waiting up for us when we got home. He and Gloria headed for the wet bar in the dining room and I headed for my room. I was just sliding under the covers when Jumal and Gloria walked into the room.

"Slide over Jack and make room for me and your wife. She wants her cunt licked and I want to watch you do it, but you know the rules."

Well, it was in the script as I had described it to Gloria way back when so I moved over and made room for them. Then I reached over to the nightstand and picked up the book that I had been reading, propped myself up and pretended to ignore them while reading. I did my best to hide the erection that seeing Gloria's naked body and hearing her moans gave me. When Jumal finished and pulled out he sneered at me and said, "All yours now hubby." I rolled over to keep my hard cock hidden and I went to work eating Gloria's pussy. The Gods were on my side that night and as I munched away on Gloria's cum muffin she had two loud orgasms - louder than the one orgasm she had when Jumal fucked her. When Gloria pushed me away, "Enough Jack, enough" I rolled over, picked up my book and pretended to read it until the two of them were gone. As soon as the door closed behind them I beat myself raw.

That night was the first and last time that Jumal fucked Gloria in front of me and it was also the first and last time he watched me eat her pussy. I guess his ego was too fragile for him to handle my giving Gloria bigger and more orgasms with my tongue than he gave her with his dick. What he didn't know and what I sure wasn't going to tell him was that it rarely happened. Like I said, the gods were on my side that night.

The next six months flew by with not much changing. I say not much, but there was a small change. Gloria made more trips to my room at night. It went from two or three times a week to five and sometimes six times and the visits themselves were just a tad different. Where before Gloria had come into the room and had then wakened me by playing with my cock until I was awake and then sitting on my face, now she stroked me until I woke up and then she kept stroking me for a while before moving up to be eaten. Then came the night that she kept stroking me until I came. She wiped her hand on my sheet and then sat on my face. After that night she jacked me off once or twice a week. Nothing was ever said, not then and not on the ride to work the next day.

Sally Ann was an insatiable slut and she kept me drained. A couple of times Gloria asked me if I wanted to get another girl from the book and I told her no. I wasn't sure, but I got the feeling that she thought that I might be having too much fun with Sally. I couldn't help but wonder if she might be just a touch jealous that her husband was having such a good time with another woman.

Our charade seemed to be working and almost everyone seemed to buy that we were a happily married and loving couple. I say almost everyone because I still saw Moser closely watching us. I had a bad feeling about him and the more I saw him the worse that feeling got. There was just something about him that set my teeth on edge.

And then one day I found out that my feelings were justified.

To be continued...

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