tagBDSMThe Bound Life

The Bound Life


This is a fictional tale of how I got into the things I think of, the things that please me just thinking about.


Chapter 1.

It was 3 years ago, I was in London walking around a market at a place I do not recall the name of, but something in the corner of my eye kept getting my attention, but I looked away.

After my attention repeatedly moved to another object, another store, another planet, I gave in.

I went over the street and into a fetish store. I wasn't planning on getting anything in there, and really didn't have any intentions other than looking, until a lady, dressed head to go in spiked latex, a red and black corset, a spiked collar, a mask covering her entire face except her eyes, mouth and nose. I was stunned for a second, and her voice caught my immediate attention.

It was a soft voice, something I did not fully understood, because she looked so in control.

I stood there for a while, just staring at her.

-Are you enjoying what you see? She said in the same soft voice that caught my attention

I shook a little, but responded with a clear: Yes, very much so!

She gave it a little laugh, until her head was pulled back with the collar, a chain was attached to it, and another woman came over to us.

Dressed in a black, skintight latex dress, shining heels, higher than I had ever seen before, and in her hand was the other side of the collar the first girl was wearing.

Her hand went to the girls face and held it in the direction of her own face and she said in a dominant way

-Aren't you going to say hello properly? Like the slave you enjoy being?

-Yes, mistress Leena she said.

And within seconds she was up in my face, kissing me while holding a good grip on my balls, I did not know what else to do than to enjoy it.

She moved back again and I stood there, paralyzed.

-Did I please you Sir? She said, in a voice so soft, so gentle, like she was afraid of something.

Stuttering I responded: I don't know what to say, that was, different?

The woman stepped forward and said, in a hard, but pleasant manner:

-I apologize for my rudeness Sir. Let me introduce myself, my name is Mistress Leena, but you may call me Leena, and this is my slave, she does not yet have a name. She is still in training I'm afraid.

Like the gentleman I was, and always planned on being, I took her hand and gave it a soft kiss, to my surprise she responded with

-You might be a gentleman, but here we do not greet like that, we greet the way you just learned by my little slave.

And yet again, a hand grabbed my balls and a pair of beautiful lips was headed my way, this time I was more prepared, and I kissed back, unaware if I was doing a good job or not.

She stepped back and said: That was better, but you lack the hand movements, you to get to feel what I have to offer, and I sure have something to offer you, but not quite yet. If I may ask you what you may be looking for, I could lend you some assistance if you wish it.

-I am not sure if I'm looking for anything, I have never really been into this sort of thing, and I just wanted to have a look.

-Oh, you are newer to this than I expected I see, let's find something for you to try then shall we? Without a single pause, she began to move towards the back of the store, looking for something she knew was there.

We halted at a rack of body suits, and she took one down, put it over her arm and kept moving. This time we stopped at an underwear section, she took down something that appeared to be latex, with a sheath for your penis, so you could have a real boner within it without restrictions. But I could not see the whole outfit. She took a collar down, and a few straps down from a rack of similar items.

She turned around and smiled at me, but turned her face to her slave and said in a demanding way:

-Show the gentleman where we change and help him into this. Go, now!

The slave got her collar clipped off and took a firm grasp of my butt to push me towards a door with a lock. She moved in front of me and pushed me inside and herself as well into the room, she then proceeded to lock the door behind us.

I didn't quite understand what was going on, but something definitely was, and before I got the chance to stop her I asked if she expected me to wear that?

She nodded, and once more grabbed my balls, but this time no kiss, she went down to her knees and unzipped my pants, and because I am the man I am, I did not resist, letting her do whatever. Unexpectedly she removed my underwear and immediately started to suck me off, growing harder and harder for every second passing, she kept going. She slowed down, and stopped moving over to a shelf of what looked like to be full of oils and other toys. She took one of the oils out and smeared it on a small dildo. She did not say anything and went back to my and went back to giving me this amazing blowjob.

Speechless, I stood there just enjoying what was happening, until I felt the dildo behind me, I tried to move and she looked at me and said:

-Trust me, this will help if you wish to get into the clothes the mistress demanded you to wear, if you do this, you may get to please me, and I would like you to.

I was out of words, so I let her do what she was doing, because it felt just so amazing.

I could feel the dildo along my exposed ass, she pushed it, and in it went, slowly back and forth with the same rhythm as her mouth, and it felt amazing. This new sensation, something I never considered.

Never before had I thought about putting something inside my own ass, but this, indescribable.

She once more stopped, but left the dildo just hanging of my ass; she moved back to the shelf and started to rub an even bigger dildo in with oil. Are you sure about this? I carefully asked.

-Most definitely, there is only this one and you will be ready, but we must hurry or the mistress will punish me.

She moved faster, removing the dildo and inserting the new one. I could feel my ass cheeks moving apart from each other. But I still didn't resist it.

I was unable to hold back anymore, and I gave her a load into her mouth, but to my surprise, there was no mess, she just looked at me and smiled, and the swallowed it all down.

-Thank you Master, she said in the most pleasing way I could imagine.

I was still standing there, until I felt her removing the dildo.

-Let's get you dressed. She said and pulled out the underwear that Leena had chosen for me.

I went along and lifted my legs up so she could pull it up. I looked into the air when I suddenly understood she said that the dildo was the only way for me to get ready. Because the underwear had its own dildo, and it parted my butt cheeks as it went, and just as it was about to penetrate, she stopped to oil it in. Carefully she pulled the underwear up and inserted my penis inside the sheet. Without warning, she plunged the dildo as far as my ass would allow it to, until it stopped, and set itself in place. I was in a new world, full of pleasures.

She proceeded to move me so I could get into the body suit, and I followed along, enjoying everything that was happening. Never had I been in something so tight. In the front of the suit was a hole for the penis, and she made sure it was on the outside before pulling the entire suit up and zipping me in it.

I heard a "click"; she locked it with a small padlock!

-Don't worry, the mistress has a key, but we won't need it yet.

She just kept smiling, and I did not know what to do.

I was there, head to toe in latex, and I felt great.

The suit also had a few clips on the side of it along my hips, I did not understand what for, but I didn't really consider it, because there was so much new to this.

The girl went over to the door and unlocked it, letting Leena in. I felt exposed, moving in a way that Leena noticed.

-I see you are getting used to your new outfit. Does it feel good?

-Never felt anything like it before, I said, with a shivering voice.

-Good, she responded.

She looked over at the girl, her slave.

-And said, so, are you going to finish what you were told?

-Yes mistress Leena!

The girl moved over to the last piece of clothing that Leena had taken out, she bound one strap on each side of her corset and moved towards me, with her back facing me, and Leena moved towards us and tied us properly together. With the heels that the girl was wearing, she was about the same height as I was. Her butt was suddenly in my crotch, pressing me towards it. It felt so good, but I just had an orgasm, I thought I was unable to get just as hard once more, but Leena seemed to know this.

She moved over and showed me a blue pill. This will help you connect; she said and forced me to swallow it.

Just as I suspected it was a Viagra, and my cock grew until it could not get any harder. The slave's hands where once more all over my cock, and as we stood there connected, she inserted my cock into herself and moaned.

Leena stood there looking very pleased with what she saw, until she opened her mouth and said:

-Now here is the offer I was talking about, do you wish to help me in the training of this slave, and perhaps pick out a suitable name for her?

How could I resist? How could I say no to such and offer? But was this that I really was? Was this the sort of thing I liked to do?

-Yes or no Sir?

My train of thought stopped and I responded with a solid YES.

Leena let out a little giggle, and said: You may finish what you are into now, and then meet us as this address later in the evening. She put a card in my pant pocket, a pocked I was not wearing, but I could see that she put it in the pants lying on the floor before you she left the room and locked the door from the outside.

-Please sir, let me cum; the girl said,

I was still in some sort of shock, but I liked it, so I loosened the straps binding us together and furiously plunged in and out of her amazing, latex covered ass, until she could not hold it back, screaming of pleasure and releasing a load of her own cum all over the suit I was still wearing.

-Thank you she said, as she went down on all four and once more started to give me this amazing blowjob.

But this time I could not hold back as long, and I gave her a smaller load, as it was not long since the last.

Once more her mouth uttered the words: Thank you master, do you want help changing back to your normal clothes?

I shook my head and she left the room.

I removed all the clothing, feeling very empty in my ass, because there had been something in there for the last couple of minutes.

Not long after I got my clothes on and left the room, Leena and her slave stood there and Leena said: See you tonight I hope, Sir. I nodded and went out of the shop, as I reached for my phone, with a shock, I noticed that more than 45 minutes had passed, so I went to my hotel, got some lunch and went to bed. Unable to think of anything else then what was to come of this, I fell asleep.

Chapter 2.

My alarm clock went off, I didn't quite understand why, until I had a look at it. It said: A new adventure awaits you.

I never name my alarms? A little light went off in my head. It must have been, either Leena or the slave who made an alarm so I was sure not to forget, but how could I possibly forget such a thing?

Once I realized it was either one of them, which one didn't really matter, I smiled, and my cock bounced of joy, never before had I been invited to sort of have my way with a girl, on command from another woman. Both stunningly beautiful, both full of desires and magnificent fantasies I could only dream of for now. Just thinking off it made my cock stiff, and I had to make sure it went down before I went out, I couldn't just go outside with a raging boner between my legs, and everyone would stare at me. And I did not wish for it.

So I got dressed and ready to go, made sure I didn't stink of death and sweat before I went out, as I delivered my keys to the receptionist, I said good evening to her as I walked out.

Never before had I been this happy to go out alone, I was seldom with others. I grew up mostly without anyone, so I became a gentleman, so I was sure that nobody would mistake me for someone alone and miserable, because I didn't want to be that person.

A few stops later with the underground, I was there. I felt like a child going to Disneyland or at Christmas. Unable to control my own movements, I quickly jumped up the stairs, way faster than I should have, because I gentleman does not run, he walks in a gentle pace.

As I knocked on the door with the lion head that was mounted on it, a woman immediately answered it, like she was standing there, just waiting for me. And that was more or less all she could have been doing, as she took my coat, I realized, she was dressed in latex as well!

The hallways was filled with paintings, some of them looked like they had been painted in the same style that you see the statues and paintings in church look like, but these had more nudity. Also on the walls were whips, flails, cuffs.

In the center of this room was a statue that looked like a person covered in a full latex suit, legs spread wide, and arms in the air. Not until the statue twitched a little, I noticed that it was in fact a person, not a statue!

My heart rate increased, as I checked her out, up and down, she was so wonderful, so extremely sexy. As I kept looking at her when she hung my coat up on a rack, she came over to me, grabbed my balls and kissed me, just like Leena and her Slave had done earlier that day. I was not quite used to this yet so I stood there, receiving the pleasures.

The hallways was filled with paintings, some of them looked like they had been painted in the same style that you see the statues and paintings in church look like, but these had more nudity. Also on the walls were whips, flails, cuffs.

In the center of this room was a statue that looked like a person covered in a full latex suit, legs spread wide, and arms in the air. Not until the statue twitched a little, I noticed that it was in fact a person, not a statue!

It didn't take long before Leena knew I was there, and out of some dark room she came towards me, making sure the door she came out of was locked.

She loudly said to me: How wonderful to see you again, Sir.

Leena noticed how I had looked at the girl who took my coat, and said; how do you like the statue? Isn't it nice to having something so pretty just standing there, only to please your eyes and body, mind and soul?

I could do nothing else that to agree with her, so I nodded as I said as calm as I could; Indeed it is, the body is always been natures best form of art.

-Well put! Leena almost yelled, and clapped her hands once together.

Leena was wearing a black latex coat and some high heels, that looked like had straps going quite far up, but I could not see because of the coat she was wearing. Other than that she had her hair in a latex stocking, reaching all the way down to her ass, and the sheer sight of all of this was simply stunning. My heart was racing as I thought of all the things I would do to all of these bodies, but Leena interrupted my set of thoughts once again; second time that day as she said; do you wish to feel the statue?

As she was now standing next to me she lifted my hand, almost like I would have done with a lady, in a gentle matter, but I did not resist at all, because I knew that so far, all that she had shown me had been a good experience.

She led my hand and placed it on the right cheek of the "statue" (It wasn't really a statue, I knew that, but the lady behind the mast was securely fastened in a chassis on her back, so she was unable to move), letting my hand glide down her body, she stopped my hands at her breasts, making sure I gave them a proper squeeze.

-Isn't it wonderful? The feel of a body is just so refreshing!

Leena stood there, also enjoying what she was doing to my hand. She kept moving it down the body, a circle was made around the belly, and my hand was led to her right hip, until she stopped it as my hand was at her crotch. Leena whispered into my ear; it has an opening, I want to see you make her moan, see if you can get her close, or even make her have an orgasm.

I glided my fingers into the opening, and the statue definitely felt it, as she twitched a lot, I kept moving my fingers on the outside of her apparently hairless hole. It felt amazing, so soft, not so wet yet, so I kept moving my fingers around the outside, making sure she was aware of my intentions.

It became very moist around her crotch, so I let one of my fingers glide into her opening, and she let out a little moan, but was interrupted by Leena; you know you can't moan just yet, nut until you are ready to finish.

I stopped moving for a second, until Leena told me to keep going.

One finger was on the constant move, so I decided to see if there was an opening in the back as well for another hand, and it sure was. I looked at Leena and she encouraged me to keep it up.

I stuck my hand down between her asscheeks as I noticed, there was something here, and she was wearing a butt plug! I took a firm hold if it with my fingers, making sure I could hold it, as I pulled it almost all the way out, a mumbling scream of pleasure was let out, and I plunged it back in, at the same time as I inserted another finger into her soaking wet pussy.

She squirted with massive force, and it went in every direction along my arms as I was covering the only two openings to her suit. I pulled my hands out and smiled at Leena.

"It looks like you have a natural talent for this" Leena said and made a hand signal to follow her. A door was opened, and I was asked to go change into something, more suitable.

A girl was in the very same room, Wearing nothing else than I corset, a black thong and some very high boots with a lot of straps around them. Once more, I had a pleasing person too look at, as she moved towards me, grabbing my balls, kissing me. This time I was ready for it, so I kissed back, gave her a proper tour of my mouth as I rubbed her pussy with my hand, still wet from the last pleasure I had given to the statue.

Without words, she pulled out the same outfit as I had worn earlier but this time; I had a hood on it as well. I did not say no to this, how could I? As she removed my pants, she noticed my cock was already hard as stone. She moved a table over, placing it in front of me, and said "DO you wish to fill me, Sir?"

Only milliseconds could have passed as she went down on all four on the table, pulling her thong to the side, and pointing at her asshole as my cock was close to it. "Please sir, fill my ass!"

After all these new experiences I still was shocked, but not that shocked that I was going to let this girl stay like this unfilled. I placed one hand on her body, and one on my cock, so I could aim it directly into her tight, sweet little ass. As I pressed on, her body was shaking, and I stopped for a second until she said "Don't stop, Sir. It just feels so good!"

And I kept going in, until I could not go any further, my entire cock was in her ass, and I pulled it out with the same speed as I inserted it with, until I was all the way out. I pushed the tip of my cock in, and rammed the rest of it into her. I thought to myself; I can't do this for long, I can't hold it in!

And my massive load was going everywhere, shooting out of her ass. "Thank you, Sir" she said with a subtle voice. As she moved the table away and started to dress me up.

The feeling was amazing, the pleasures just kept coming, and I had no clue what to expect next, and that thought intrigued me.

It was not long before I was brought before Leena again. I was brought into another big room, but this was filled with different toys, stands, pads, whips and just so much more. There were cages in all forms of shapes and sizes; one of them was even shaped like a human, almost like the statue in the hallway.

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