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The Boy


Mary Alice stretched like a cat, arching her back and pushing her large breasts high. She casually looked through her window to make sure the neighbour was still watching her. Mary Alice got very hot thinking of that young 19 year old boy staring at her naked body. She ran her fingers across her stomach and slid them up to cup her bountiful breasts. She pinched each nipple between her fingers, rolling them back and forth. She could feel her pussy getting hot and damp. She looked through her window again to check if he was still watching her. Assured that he was, Mary Alice lifted her left foot and placed it on her bed. She slid her right hand down in between her thighs and started stroking her hungry pussy. It was so wet and slick that her fingers slipped in. She finger-fucked herself slowly as she looked through the window at the boy.

Beyond the shadow of the boy in the window, she could see a sliver of light appear, as if a door had opened. The boy quickly drew his curtains. Disappointed, Mary Alice sighed deeply but continued toying with her hot wet hole. She slid her free hand behind and started teasing the tight pucker of ass. She slid a finger inside as she thrust her hips into her other hand. In a frenzy, she gyrated and ground her hips back and forth between her two hands. She moaned low as she climaxed and felt her pussy muscles tighten around her fingers. Licking her fingers clean she strode off to the bathroom, replete but somehow unsatisfied. She felt pathetic. It had been too long since she had had a cock inside her. After washing up, she crawled into bed and fell asleep with a frown on her face.

All through the summer, Mary Alice would look out her bedroom window and if she caught the boy looking back she'd put a show on for him. After a while the boy started playing back. Lit from behind he would stand in front of the window, jerking his cock as he watched Mary Alice fuck herself. In silhouette, his young cock jutted forward as he stroked it hard and fast. Mary Alice loved watching him play with his cock. But, as much fun as showing off her pussy was, what Mary Alice really wanted was a cock to play with. She wanted his cock. Thinking of his hard cock pumping into her wet pussy always made Mary Alice cum. If it wasn't for the fact she was 22 years older than him, she would invite him over for some up close and personal contact.

September came and the boy was getting ready to leave for university. His parents threw a barbeque for him and invited all the neighbours. Mary Alice sat with the other guests and ate and drank all the while sneaking looks at the boy. She grimaced inwardly when she heard the boy and his mother have a quiet argument because he didn't want to come home for Christmas vacation. Soon it was time to say goodbye and while Mary Alice smiled politely as she wished him good luck at school, her panties got wet thinking of the night before. He smiled back and thanked her. He shook her hand and as he did so he squeezed it. Mary Alice whispered to him that her back door would be unlocked that night. The boy squeezed Mary Alice's hand again and then walked off to join his friends.

Later that night, long after the party had ended, Mary Alice lay in bed. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation. She closed her eyes and rubbed it softly, needing to feel something down there, but not wanting to cum until the boy was there. Eventually, she drifted off to a very frustrated dream filled sleep. Mary Alice awoke to the sensation of something warm and wet rubbing against her right nipple. She opened her eyes and looked into the grinning face of the boy. He lapped at her nipple again and Mary Alice grabbed his hair and pulled his face closer to her. He sucked the hard nipple into his mouth as he crawled onto the bed. He was already naked and Mary Alice loved the feel of his young hard body pressing against her. He took turns at her nipples going from one to the other. Mary Alice was getting too excited to settle for much more of this teasing.

She sat up and pushed the boy over on his back. He moaned low in his throat as Mary Alice wrapped her fingers around his cock. Mary Alice slid her free hand in between her thighs and fingered her hot pussy as she took his sweet young cock in her mouth. She slowly sucked and licked her way up down his hard throbbing shaft. It didn't take long for him to lose control and cum in her mouth. Mary Alice swallowed his cum and kept sucking. He stayed hard. Mary Alice worked his cock until he came a second time. He started going limp but Mary Alice wasn't done with him yet. She slid her tongue over his balls and started lapping at his ass while she jerked his cock. He got hard again.

He pushed Mary Alice away from him and she rolled over on her back. Reaching out, she grabbed a hold of his cock again and started tugging. He moved in between her thighs and slid his thick cock into her waiting pussy. Mary Alice came immediately. Just the feel of his cock in her was enough to make her cum. He fucked her with long slow strokes that made Mary Alice moan. He pumped away at her pussy as she slid a finger up his ass. He jerked away but soon moved his ass against her hand as he realized how good it felt. They spent the rest of the night fucking and toying with each other until at last they fell into an exhausted sleep.

Mary Alice woke alone. Her pussy was swollen and bruised. Her nipples were sore and there were teeth marks on her breasts. She smiled with contentment and rolled over and drifted back off to sleep. Across the yard the boy was packing his car. He walked a little bowlegged and kept re-adjusting the crotch of his jeans. His cock felt raw from the abuse it taken the previous night. He finished packing the car up and slid into the driver's seat. With a grin he pulled a pair of panties out of his pocket and draped them over the rear view mirror. As he pulled out of the driveway and started the long drive to the university he smiled to himself and thought that maybe he'd come home for Christmas this year.

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