tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Boy and the Fairy

The Boy and the Fairy


Local folktales warned of Fairies, but such stories were long ignored or thought of as just a source of amusement. It was after all the twenty first century, mythological creatures were almost entirely forgotten in Dagsdown. But that didn't make them any less real.

Since the age of five, Gregory was often left out in his family's large backyard. They never thought him in any danger because it was surrounded by a large garden and a forest just beyond that. Almost every day, whenever he was alone in the backyard, he would hear her voice calling out to him. She would whisper his name sweetly, tell him stories, or sing him songs to keep him company. As Greg got older, he walks into the garden to meet his magical friend. There he found a tiny young looking woman with large butterfly wings and flowing hair that would change between a pure blonde or a stunning red depending on the wind and temperature. She told him her name was Sofia and he would sometimes whisper her name whenever he was frightened or sad. Her name was like a magical word that made everything better.

She told him never to tell anyone about her even though she became his best friend.

As the years went by Gregory got older, but Sofia still remained a tiny beautiful companion. Sofia however noticed Gregory's changes and waited patiently for him to reach the right age.

"Gregory, do you know how lonely it is to be a fairy?" Sofia asked the innocent boy one day as they sat around a large stone well deep in the garden.

"Um, no Sofia. I had no idea." Gregory answered.

"I love having you as a friend, but you're always going places without me." Sofia said.

"I'm sorry." Gregory began, but was quickly interrupted.

"How would you like to help me make more friends?" Sofia flew over and landed in Gregory's lap.

"How do I do that?" He asked.

"Take off your cloths." Sofia instructed and pulled down his zipper. His pants were off before he could even finish removing his shirt. His underwear seemed to just disappear, but he knew Sofia was magical after all.

"Did they teach you about sex yet?" Sofia asked standing over his limp penis.

"Uh, yea. I learned about that a long time ago."

"Well, I bet they didn't teach you how Fairies have sex." Sofia held up Greg's dick and massaged the hole with her tongue.

"Sofia... I... I don't know if I can..." Gregory had never thought of her in such a way and she was making him very uneasy. She felt good to the touch however and his dick was hardening in her arms. She removed her small coverings made from flowers while rubbing his dick's underside with one hand.

Gregory couldn't help but reach out with one finger and rub one of her breasts. She gladly pressed her chest onto his hand and let the boy enjoy them, before he noticed her Cock.

His eyes jolted toward the long, and growing, cock hanging between her legs.

"What... What is that?" he asked curiously.

"This is how Fairies have sex." Sofia said with an evil grin and began dry hump the boys dick while she made out with his hole. Her wings glided her gently up and she stood in his lap while growing slightly larger along with her cock. She hugged the head of his dick and blew toward his stomach. Her warm breath guided him back and he lay waiting unaware of what she was going to do. The worry shown on his face.

"There, there." Sofia said in her soothing way. "It won't hurt. I promise."

She finished kissing the head of his dick and pulled it forward. The small head of her cock slid in with ease, but her cock's girth swelled just enough to stop her from continuing. She started masturbating with frustration.

"I'm going to fuck you Greg!" She shouted and his eyes widened with surprise. "I'm going to fuck you right in your little piss hole; you know you want me too!"

Her crude words worked and the mouth of his dick moistened with pre-cum. Her own cock began sliding forward gently into his and growing in response to the success.

"Ow, this is wrong. It's too much." Gregory whined, but Sophia ignored it. Her own cum was finally pouring into the boy's penis and it would work its own magic soon enough. Her cock just continued to grow in size while stretching the Human's out. Once her hairy ballsack slid over the bottom of his dick head, the hairs tickled him causing him to twitch. The pressure on her nuts was the sign she needed and she freely mounted his dick like a whore.

She wrapped her arms around his shaft and humped his hole with the speed and vigor of a bull rider. Gregory twisted and moaned, his hips bucked and he squirmed under the incredible sensation as his manhood was violated.

The magical cum flowed into him with far more than her balls let on. She was pumping him full of more then he himself could produce. Her seed found its way into his own testicles but it would be hours before she would be done with him. He complained more and more about the growing heat in his balls while moaning in ecstasy.

When his body was fully drained of energy and his dick was too numb to feel, did a powerful gulping sensation shoot through his dick and cause him to black out momentarily. He blinked awake into the afternoon sun and studied his lopsided dick.

"Is it bigger?" Gregory asked and Sofia patted his dick's head with a smile.

"Yep. The holes bigger too." She almost laughed at the last part and walked further onto him. He leaned forward expecting that their friendship had just reached a new level, when she put her mouth around one of his nipples and sucked out a nice droplet of milk.

Greg trembled and grabbed at his small breast. Sofia flew up and away with a chuckle. "The eggs should almost roll right out of your dickcunt thanks to my pecker. Take good care of my daughters dumbass!"

And with that, Sofia disappeared into the forest.

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True fairytale

Made me want more

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A good short for a rare niche.

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