tagGay MaleThe Boy from the Sea Ch. 04

The Boy from the Sea Ch. 04


*All characters are 18+*

He woke up before dawn, as he always had. He rested for a few moments with the limp warm bundle of the strange boy in his arms. The boy had to be one of the Merlee; it was the only thing that made any kind of sense.

The boy had also wept while screaming someone's name, right before seducing Christopher. Adriel had known exactly what to do, while Chris was fumbling along. Adriel had guided him.

Christopher was not an idiot. Something bad had happened to this boy's lover, and he had fled. Somehow, he had shed his fish-tail and gotten tangled in his nets. He kept thinking about it, trying to make sense of it. His rational mind kept trying to deny it, but the more he thought about it, the more this seemed like the only way.

Adriel's hair was stiff and matted with dried saltwater. Chris rubbed his cheek against the softness of it. Just holding the sleeping boy in his arms made his cock hard and insistent, so he had to cautiously hold his hips away from the sleeping boy. Last night had been some sort of freak accident. There was no way this could be real.


When Adriel woke up, he was alone in the bed. He looked around sleepily and felt the indentation near him with one small sleep-warmed hand. The indentation was still warm. Adriel felt safe. He had never thought that he would feel safe again. He rolled into the slight dip in the fabric and fell asleep surrounded by the warmth and the smell of Christopher.


Christopher came inside after a quick masturbation and wash by the well. He was clothed only in a pair of knee-length cotton pants and his sun-gilded chest was bare and shining subtly with trickles of water.

Adriel was sleeping, sprawled over the entire bed. Chris smiled a little at the sight and warmed up his griddle, a flat piece of metal with a handle, over his small wood stove. For breakfast he fried up four eggs from his two laying hens and a bit of dough made with coarse brown flour to make rough flat cakes. Since it was a special occasion, he crumpled a bit of brown sugar over the cakes. Sugar of any kind was expensive, for it was shipped from the Americas.


He nearly jumped at the sleepy little voice behind him. He looked behind him to see Adriel yawning and stretching like a cat. The covers had slid off of him and he was unashamedly naked on the bed. His skin was paler then the linen ticking of the mattress, and it looked soft. His hair was a matted silver halo around his head and his eyes were dark and sleepy. Christopher couldn't stop his eyes from sweeping over that narrow muscular torso and those lean triangular hips with the genitals hanging between his slender thighs like mouthwatering fruit. Chris had to swallow and turn away, hiding his erection behind his body, feeling his cheeks burn.

The flush in his cheeks made him realize something and he whirled back around. He felt his jaw drop. Adriel's sunburn was gone. Twenty-four hours earlier it had been so bad it looked like a real burn, and now his skin was perfectly healthy except for a little bit of pink peeling skin at the cheekbones and forehead where the burn had been the worst. The skin on his face, instead of being pearly-pale was now the faintest shade of gold. On any human it would be called white, or pale, but on Adriel's pearl-colored body it looked gold. It was the very tender beginning of a protective tan.

Adriel cocked his head curiously. "Christopher?"

The cakes were starting to burn, so Chris quickly turned back to them, still a little shell-shocked by how fast he had healed. "It's alright Adriel, you just gave me a little shock."


Christopher burst out laughing at the parroting behavior of the boy as he set the singed griddle cakes on a battered tin plate.

"Breakfast." He explained, gesturing to the meal.

Adriel copied him. They began to eat, with Chris pointing to every individual thing on the plate and explaining what they were. He was beginning to tell Adriel colors by saying 'Brown' and then pointing to every brown thing in the cabin. Adriel understood and they had gone through red, blue, brown, and yellow when Adriel snuggled under Christopher's arm.

Chris couldn't stand the allure of Adriel's slender ripe body, so he scooted away and covered Adriel with the sheet as well as he could. Adriel looked up at him, confused and a little hurt. Chris wilted under that look.

"Christopher no...want Adriel?"

He spoke slowly and deliberately, using the few words that he knew already to make the clumsy sentence. His eyes were filling with tears.

"I want you Adriel." Chris whispered. "I want you very much, but what about, about him?" Chris tried to pronounce the babble of syllables that Adriel had screamed into the ocean. He found that he couldn't, so he repeated the first two syllables of that long name. "What about Theo?"

Adriel started to cry a little. "Theo...no. Theo is no." Adriel lacked the words to say it, but Chris understood what he was trying to say.

"Dead. That's the word you're looking for. Theo is dead."

Adriel started to cry in earnest, and this time when the frail boy leaned against him Chris didn't push him away. Instead he wrapped his arms around Adriel's tender white shoulders and murmured soothing nonsense. His cock was limp, grief didn't turn him on.

After a few minutes Adriel's sobs tapered off. Chris kept his arms around the small boy and shushed him quietly. After another moment Adriel looked up with those big indigo eyes of his.

"Please Christopher. I hurt...Theo is dead...I want you." Twenty-four hours and he was speaking at the level of a four year old. But Chris could no longer notice that, not when a small hand was clumsily fumbling with the leather tie that served as a belt on his pants. Adriel's voice was raw with need, and he was stiff and needful elsewhere as well.

"Adriel, are you sure you want to do this?" Christopher's voice cracked like that of an adolescent boy.

"I want Christopher." The boy said simply, before nuzzling his mouth into the older man's neck. After that there was very little conversation.

Christopher couldn't stop a small moan from escaping his mouth as Adriel sinuously slid his body into the older boy's lap. The young boy's hands clasped around Christopher's wrists and led them to his body. Christopher groaned softly when he felt Adriel nudging his fist around the slender hard point of his pale hairless cock.

"Please Christopher." The boy begged softly. Then he lifted his head to press his soft warm mouth into the older boy's numb lips.

Christopher was still stunned by the sudden seductive attack, but with Adriel's soft mouth nuzzling his, Christopher's heart melted and his cock became rock-hard. He tightened his right arm so the young Merlee was clasped tightly in his grip and he gently caressed the pale throbbing member in his hand, amazed by the feel of another man's cock. He tongued the softness of the boy's lips, lips that had been badly chapped not even eight hours ago.

Adriel's clumsy hands had finally figured out the knack of Christopher's belt. Chris couldn't stop a soft groan from escaping his lips as his cock sprung out of it's confines of cloth and rested against Adriel's tender inner thigh.

Chris couldn't stand it. He took Adriel and moved so they were lying on the bed facing each other. Adriel's eyes were still glassy and red from the tears. Adriel needed the sex like a drug, to dull his grief. The slender boy moved forward and suddenly their naked bodies were rubbing together gloriously.

Adriel gasped at the strange rough feel of Christopher's hard furred body, Chris groaned at the soft velvety feel of the other boy's cock against his stomach. Their mouths pressed together with a roughness borne of need.

Chris knew he was stronger, he was holding himself back, treating the sweet boy in his arms like glass though he lusted for him like no one else. Adriel gasped in pleasure and it sounded like a cry of pain. Chris backed away, his eyes glazed with terror, thinking he had somehow hurt the boy.

Adriel's lips were reddened and a little swollen from the force of their kiss. "N-No!" He stammered. "More... Please Christopher more!"

Chris lunged back at him and kissed frantically.

Chris was so close when Adriel pulled away and down. He couldn't stop letting out a frustrated groan of need, but then his brown eyes opened up so wide that they looked like they might fall out.

Adriel was lying on the bed further down, and he was holding Christopher's cock in his small white hands. His face was nearly level with his cock, and he was caressing it slowly and looking at it with a sort of curiosity. His hands kneaded, feeling the soft tender skin slide over the rock hardness of the engorged shaft. Feeling the texture of the organ that was so similar, and trailing his fingertips in the soft bush of dark tangled pubic hair that was so different from him.

The only noise Chris could make was a strangled little moan.

He let out another moan when the beautiful boy leaned forward and nibbled softly at the pulsing pink head with his lips. His cock looked so big in the boy's small hands, and the feel of those soft nibbling lips was feather-light, and heavenly.

Carefully, gently, Chris tangled his hands in the soft silkiness of his matted hair. He could feel the warmth of the scalp beneath, and his little finger could feel the muscles in the side of the head and jaw working very gently as the boy moved his lips and tongue.

Chris closed his eyes, and somehow that made it better. The soft velvety nudges from the lips gave way to hot little licks from a hot moist tongue, and then those soft lips hardened as the muscles in them flexed to make a ring and the ring of hot muscle slid down his shaft in an imitation of another area. The head of his cock trembled and throbbed inside this sweet creature's mouth, which was hot and wet and yielding.

Chris opened his eyes, feeling sweat bead on his forehead and back and buttocks. He saw his hands cupped around the head of this boy, and Adriel had somehow made the length of his cock disappear. His mouth wasn't big enough to fit it, but those pink lips were now buried in the bush of his pubic hair. He moaned as he felt the hot rough tongue caressing his length, and saw the tip of his cock making a small bump in Adriel's throat.

That sight was enough to put him over the edge. He cried out and climaxed into Adriel's mouth. He couldn't help it, and when he was done, he blushed and smothered his face into the pillow, feeling his face burn and his eyes sting with shame. He felt Adriel gag a little and withdraw his mouth. He was cringing with shame at having come so early, and in his mouth!

He felt a feather-soft kiss on his cheek and when he looked up Adriel was kneeling near his head and holding his cock in his hand, the slender pale head poking from the fingers.

"Please." He said quietly. Sweat was shining in a soft sheen on his shoulders and unmarked chest. There was something powerful and animalistic and alien about the way the muscles writhed under that smooth nipple-less, navel-less skin.

Christopher leaned forward. In that moment his shame and naïve confusion were so great that he would have swallowed powdered glass, or thrown himself from a cliff if Adriel had requested it. But he also felt a strong urge, like a sexual hunger, to taste Adriel's cock.

Clumsy, and unsure, Christopher leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Adriel's cock.

The flesh was warm and smooth and hard under his lips. Unlike anyone Chris had ever seen, Adriel was uncircumcised and the skin was soft and loose on his cock. Chris tentatively touched the tip of Adriel's cock with his tongue and he could taste the faint wetness of precome at the tip. He was able to feel the faint vibrations through the tip of his tongue as Adriel moaned softly.

Chris moved onto his hands and knees, his face buried in the other boy's crotch, suckling clumsily. He copied what Adriel, a far more experienced and skilled cocksucker, had done to him.

Adriel's hands cradled his head and the boy groaned and whimpered softly. Chris gained a little confidence and began to bob his head up and down a little faster, slurping on the hot hard member in his mouth. Adriel was about six inches long, and slender, so when Chris lunged down on him, Adriel's cock poked the back of his throat.

Chris let out a muffled cry as Adriel's cock spasmed and began to spurt. The ropes of come in his mouth were earthy and somehow delicious.

Adriel fell back, panting and sniffling a little. "Christopher?"

Chris slid sinuously so he was lying next to the sexy boy he had found in his nets.

"Sh... I'm right here." He murmured, burying his face in that heavy fall of silky hair. "I'm right here."


The first of the busybodies came when Chris was fixing his nets. He was doing a little mending where they had been ripped and attaching them more tightly to the green glass floats that had saved Adriel's life. Adriel was lying on the bed and pointing at objects, wanting to know their names, and learning them with his scary-fast intelligence.

The knock on the door made them both jump. Chris quickly got up and covered Adriel up to the nose with the blanket. The boy squirmed a little, uncomfortably hot, but he stayed under the blanket, knowing, or at least guessing, the risks of being caught.

Chris went to the door and opened it. It was the Spaewife, looking harried, and she was followed by Bertha, a large cheerful wife of one of the other fisherman who was as nosy as she was cheerful.

Her honest features were twisted with curiosity and an eager sort of lusting for knowledge. It made her pleasant face ugly and childish.

"I've told you Ber', the little castaway is very sick. He needs dark and rest and isolation!" I could tell that they had been arguing all of the mile-long walk from the outskirts of Haven.

I decided to take a different approach. I smiled my most winning smile at them, and by Bertha's somewhat breathless giggle I knew that we had been lucky. Bertha was one of the women in the village that thought that I was very handsome. Several of the women thought that way, and it had been a source of constant amusement and depression since I was about fourteen years old.

"How are you doing Ber', I haven't seen you since the last council meeting!" I moved in to sweep her up in a bear hug. She was far shorter then me but we weighed about the same.

The Spaewife was giving me a look that wanted to be sour, but she couldn't stop the corners of her mouth from twitching. Bertha was blushing and giggling. She was ten years older then me, and she loved her husband, but I had a feeling that if I actually pursued any of the women in Haven I could probably get at least half of them to share my bed, husband or no.

I turned my face grave. "I'm really sorry Ber', I personally don't think you would do any damage, but the boy is pretty badly burned. He's been talking, moaning in his sleep. He hasn't told me much, but what he did tell me was that he was so scared to fall asleep, because the nightmares are so bad."

This of course, was a carefully plotted piece of bullshit. It answered none of her questions, made her think that he was still burned, and made her feel guilty. I could see her face twist in sudden sympathy, though she was still staring into my face avidly.

"And besides, it's the Spaewife's orders."

Bertha looked down at the dust for a moment. "Ooh, alright! Just take care of the poor thing for Bertha!" she gave me a look up and down that made me suddenly feel like a chunk of meat at the marketplace, or maybe a prize fish.

"See you around..." She was twelve years married, and she had borne three children, and suddenly she was batting her eyes at me. I bit my lip before smiling warmly at her.


"Is that your master plan?" The Spaewife asked me dryly. "To act like Adonis whenever women come over? To bat your eyes at every nosy bitch in this town?"

I was startled. She was joking, but there was some real bitterness in her voice.

"Every person in town it seems, and nine of ten of them are women, have been at my front door, curious about the strange 'girl' they heard of. This is the first time I've been able to break away in hours."

Feeling stupid the minute the question left his mouth, Christopher asked, "They think he's a girl?"

She rolled her eyes. "That isn't the most important question, now is it?"

Chris tried to stop her from going into the house, tried to warn her of what she would see, but as soon as she came in, Adriel recognized her and sat up, smiling a sweet little smile.

"Spaewife!" he called, looking proud that he had remembered. "Spaewife help me! I like Spaewife!"

She dropped her basket with a crash of something glass breaking inside and covered her mouth with her hand. Chris ran forward, ready to catch her if she swooned, but the Spaewife was made of tougher materiel then that.

She straitened and looked at him, awfully pale with hard spots of red dancing high in her cheeks, right under her eyes.

"Christopher?" Her voice was very soft, and somehow childish. "Why is that boy, who didn't know a word of any civilized tongue, why is he talking to me. More importantly, why does he not have a single burn on him?" her voice cracked a little. "Why Christopher?"

"Christopher!" Adriel parroted, smiling uncertainly.

"Calm down, Spaewife. It's a long story, and you need to relax."

For a second, Christopher thought that she would scream, or hit him, or both. But then she just took a very deep breath and let it out slowly. Chris saw with amusement that Adriel had also taken a very deep breath and let it out, and Chris had to bite the insides of his cheeks to stop himself from laughing. The Spaewife still looked very angry and he thought that laughing would be a very bad idea.

*There was going to be more to this chapter, but I'm getting a new computer and I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't lose anything, so here it is.*

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