tagGay MaleThe Boy from the Sea Ch. 06

The Boy from the Sea Ch. 06


*Sorry for not submitting anything for a while, I have been suffering from a pretty bad case of writer's block recently. I foresee two more chapters, but there may be three.

Please enjoy, and rip it to pieces in the comment's section.

all characters are 18+*

Adriel and Christopher were oblivious to the strange and terrible things that happened in the town that night. They were too far away. The Merlee king, who had exiled his mistress and illegitimate son once before exiling his bastard to the mainland, was not responsible for the attack on Windward.

The Merlee who had orchestrated that attack, was a young female with a name unpronounceable, and even unable to be written by humans, so we will call her Shia.

Shia had been in love with a young exile. She had defied her mother and father to go out and be with him. She had followed him and hunted with him for over a year. They had gone onto the sand-flats out of sight of the mainland and made love countless times under the brilliant night sky.

Then her lover, we call him Theo, left her in a heartbeat for something forbidden and perverted.

Shia was heartbroken, and then enraged.

Shia was a beautiful and powerful Merlee of an ancient powerful line. She had gone up to several young males to enlist them in her cause, and they followed without complaint.

Shia knew that Theo must have been tricked and misled by that perverted little bastard. And now, Theo's body had been picked bare by sand fleas and crabs, while that little bastard was alive, and fucking a human. A human man!

Her head was still sore from the blow that the bastard had given her, and with the very float that had kept him alive. Shia and her gang had been separated and guarded on that day. The little traitor was to be given his chance of survival that day.

Shia knew about humans. She had swum up their rivers and watched them curiously where the royal guards couldn't persecute her. She was disgusted and fascinated by their dark hairy bodies. By the strange pink markings on the men's chests. The women had them to, on the tips of strange pendulous bags of fat. Shia shuddered, disgusting. Merlee laid eggs, and did not lactate. Shia, and all other females of her race had no breasts.

Shia knew human's fear of the unknown, so even after she had missed her chance at snatching the little traitor, she stayed in the uncomfortable, shallow, and dirty water of the harbor, two or three of her dedicated following by her side and she shrieked all night long.

She was screaming promises of revenge. To the townsfolk of Haven, it sounded like the gateway to hell had been opened.

In Haven, the livestock went mad. Deep fear was bred into them from the days when Merlee had stolen cattle and goats and sheep that wandered too close to the shore. Passive sheep screamed like dying women and battered their bodies against the fences until either the fence broke, or their ribs and skulls. Gentle cows gave soured milk and tore up their stalls with their horns and feet. Horses screamed and broke their legs trying to kick the stall doors down.

Cats became wild and aggressive, attacking dogs, livestock, other cats or humans. Dogs whined and moaned with fear, cowering in their houses, or in ally-ways if they were strays. Land-dwelling birds like robins and crows fled the shoreline. Only the seagulls were unaffected.

In the cacophony of shrieks of frightened and maddened animals, humans cowered in their homes. Bitten and kicked and scratched. The whimpers of their frightened dogs and children filling the air.

In the home of Bertha, the plump wife who had flirted with Christopher, she was tending to her children. She had four. Becka, the oldest was six and she had a broken leg from being kicked by the placid old cow. The Spaewife was too busy, and Bertha hadn't been able to find her, so the flustered woman had just bound it herself and given the screaming little girl a gulp of her husband's moonshine liquor to calm her.

Josiah was four, and had been bitten by a sheep on his shoulder, clumsy bandages and a gulp of liquor for him as well. Elsie was two, and had been badly clawed by the cat. Ingrid, the baby had bin bitten on her feet and knees by two huge rats, right in her crib.

Bertha was weeping and terrified. Her husband would be one of the fishermen that wouldn't return that night. Shia's gang would sink four boats, and his would be one of them. All she knew was that all of her children were crying and injured, her baby was now missing two toes, she had been forced to kill her cat with a chunk of firewood, and her husband was three hours late. Underlining the chaos on land, was a high-pitched demonic shrieking that came from the water.

Bertha cried, rocking frantically on the chair that her husband, Harold had made for her after Elsie was born. Harold, who would never see the new fifth baby he had planted in her stomach.

Her children were sleeping or crying in blankets spread on the floor around her, afraid to go to their beds in case of the rats that had mutilated the baby. The brown and white mutt that herded their sheep was whining and trembling at her feet as she rocked faster and faster, holding her screaming, whimpering babe tight.

"It's that boy," She whimpered. Her face was a hard-set snarl of fury and terror. "It's that fucking witch-boy from the sea."

Inside every house, the thought was pretty much the same.


Christopher was at his hut, and the trembling exhausted Adriel was lying in his bunk.

Adriel's face was grey and his eyes were haunted. "I did not... understand. Did not understand that she... that she try hurt us."

Christopher was worried sick about him, Adriel was terrified of those things that had attacked them, and so was Chris, but he was more worried about Adriel, and he felt safer now that they were on land.

Chris didn't understand why Adriel was still scared. They were safe now, weren't they? Chris went up and kissed Adriel gently on the cheek.

"We're going to be okay Adriel. I wont take you out again, and we'll be okay, trust me."

Adriel gave a weak smile, but looked unconvinced.

They both jumped when banging came from the door.

"Hey Chris! You aren't ditching out on me again are you?"

A huge smile nearly split Christopher's face in half. He tucked the covers around Adriel's body and ran to the door. He flung it open and saw Max and Anna. Anna was holding their new baby girl in her arms, wrapped in layers of soft white cloth printed with yellow flowers. The baby was gurgling and staring cross-eyed at her fingertips.

First Chris hugged Max in a big bear-hug, and then hugged Anna more gently because of the babe in her arms. Max had a huge picnic basket slung on his elbow.

"The boy, his name is Adriel, he is sleeping right now. I took him out in the boats and the villagers exhausted him. They keep asking him questions that neither of us know!"

Christopher hated lying to Max, but Max only shrugged. "Hope you kept him well covered, you said he was burned pretty bad. He can sleep as long as he wants, I just want to have a beer and some dinner with my family!"

Chris laughed, and they set up the picnic dinner out in the moor by Christopher's hut.


The little girl's name was Moira. She was a sweet happy baby who only cried once when she was getting hungry. Chris adored her, and loved the way she played with his fingertips. Something was strange, and for a while Chris couldn't figure it out, but then he realized.

He wasn't jealous of Anna anymore. He looked at his brother, waiting for the choked-up feelings of longing and need to come up, and they did, but only with a shadow of their former strength.

His feelings for Adriel, that strange beautiful boy from the sea, were now stronger then the forbidden lust he had felt for his adopted brother.

Christopher took a deep drink of the cold dark beer that Max had brought in a covered jug. For the first time in years, everything seemed perfect.


Max and Anna went back to Haven to find Hell, but Christopher and Adriel were unaware. Christopher and Adriel were only aware of each other.

Christopher had closed the door, just to find it dark. He fumbled with his tinderbox and lit the stubby beeswax candle. In the sudden flare of yellow light he saw Adriel.

Adriel was lying on his back, his long legs extended and the ankles crossed, his thin chest thrust out and his hands under his body. The pose was sexy and confident, and he was unashamedly naked, his pale prick already hard enough to stand up from his body. Those dark eyes smoldered in the dull yellow light.

"Christopher." Adriel whispered.

Chris stripped out of his shirt and trousers, baring his body without any sort of teasing or coyness or guile that usually comes with sex. Just an ernest lust. His own cock had been soft, but was hardening quickly in it's thick patch of dark brown pubic hair.

Chris slid into the bed sinuously, enfolding Adriel in his arms and groaning softly at the feel of his cock pressed against the heavenly hollow of Adriel's pale left buttock.

Christopher took over. Adriel had been leading him for all of their encounters, but the boy gladly relaxed and let his new lover take the reins. Adriel gasped and mewed as Christopher used his hands and mouth, one hand rubbing the flat vulnerable plane of the Merlee's stomach, one hand stroking his hips in seductive ever-shrinking circles towards his genitals, and his mouth nipping and sucking at his sensitive neck.

Adriel clung to Christopher's neck, whispering his name in a low seductive moan. Christopher's breath came out in an uncontrolled gasp as his hand carefully circled Adriel's pale slender cock.

Adriel whimpered with need and turned so that the two young men were facing each other in the bed, their cocks rubbed together. Adriel kissed the human's chest, rubbing his soft cheek against the roughness of Christopher's pubic hair, and nibbling the soft pink buds of his nipples.

Chris moaned softly, needfully. Adriel's hand fumbled with his cock and Chris growled, humping the air. Adriel wrapped his slender legs around Christopher's lean waist. Their cocks rubbed together. Chris could feel hot loose flesh over a hard shaft. He could feel the damp spot of precome on the slender tip of that sweet pale cock.

For Adriel, the sensation was not familiar, it was alien and exciting. The human's cock was shorter, but thicker then Theo. Chris had the strange mutilation that he had described as 'circumcision', so the tip of his cock was a brighter pink then the rest of it. The feel of wiry hair was unusual and rough and arousing.

Christopher's skin was so dark, his eyes so strange, not the normal Merlee variety of shades between dark blue and dark green, but a pale cinnamon brown. His hair was dark and short and wiry, his body covered sparsely with a pelt that grew thick on his legs and crotch and chest and under his arms.

Adriel couldn't stand it. He needed it. He needed it so badly. He rolled onto his back and panted harshly with need.

"Please Christopher!" He begged, spreading his thighs wide open and reaching to touch his lover's side. "Please sex me Christopher, please make love me!"

Christopher moaned deep in his throat, but Adriel wasn't done speaking yet. "Get oil, get lamp oil! Hurry!" The last word was nearly a scream.

Christopher fumbled out of bed to one of the cabinets, and he found the clay jug of vegetable oil that he used in the small lamp.

He ran back to the bed, and kissed Adriel hard on those full gasping lips. "What do I do Adriel?" He whispered into the young man's mouth, nibbling the full lower lip. "Show me how, love..." The word felt so ridiculous and so right on his tongue.

Adriel whimpered and kissed his neck, nipping with his small white teeth. "Use your fingers Christopher, here." He led Christopher's hand in between his buttocks.

Christopher crouched over Adriel's trembling little body, and gave that pale throbbing cock a few strokes with a slick oily hand before lowering his hand. Adriel heard the human's harsh breathing in his ear, heard it match his own as that slick hand gently caressed the tender pouch with the two vulnerable sacs resting in his palm.

Adriel whimpered when Christopher's slick fingers found a tiny opening. Chris moaned and pressed one oily finger against it, feeling warmth and tightness and a trembling of muscles. The muscular ring softened at his touch to allow him in, and the boy in his arms wailed softly with sensation.

Chris dipped his fingers in the jug of oil, slicking them anew. Adriel's opening was tight, but softened from use. Adriel screamed when the human used two fingers, feeling the muscles writhe and contract and ripple against his digits. Then feeling a hard spot behind a sheath of muscle, a hard spot that made Adriel melt and moan with delight.

Chris moaned and stroked his cock, covering the warm velvety skin with a slick coat of oil.

"Please Christopher, please sex me, please, please, please!!!"

Adriel whimpered and bit Christopher's shoulder hard enough to make little indents in the human's sweaty skin. Christopher moaned and his eyes fluttered as he slowly pressed his cock into Adriel's hole.

Adriel was not a virgin, not for a long time. Christopher was able to press his cock in almost all the way to the pubic hair. He gasped and sweat ran down his tanned sleek body in trickles and rills. His eyes were wide and full of lust and need and an innocent sort of love for the boy under him.

Christopher put his hands on Adriel's slender white hips and began to move. He threw his head back and cried out with how good it felt to bury his cock in Adriel's hot slick asshole. Adriel let out mewling little cries whenever the head of Christopher's cock brushed that hard little sweet spot deep inside of him.

Adriel raised himself so he could cling to Christopher's neck. He wrapped his thighs around the human's taut waist and groaned with pleasure when gravity pushed Christopher's thick cock even further inside of him. He felt so full, so complete again.

They moved together, their flat stomachs clapping together with each stroke, Adriel's cock bobbing between them and constantly fondled by the human's dark hand. They climaxed and their cries mingled. Christopher felt Adriel's come bead on his sweaty chest, and felt a hot little tongue lap it from his nipples and chest hair.

Adriel let out a hurt little moan when Christopher pulled his softening cock away. He had felt so good with the human filling him up. Christopher's fingers nudged his loose opening, feeling the trickle of thick come.

Chris wiped his lover clean with the sheets, and held him very close, with his softening cock against Adriel's ass and his hands around his vulnerable taut stomach. Adriel's long white hair feathered against his lips as he placed tender kisses all over his lover. Under the shell of his ear, at the line of his jaw, on the sweet curve of his neck.

Adriel started to cry as Chris kissed him, cry and curl up tighter.

"Shh," Chris soothed. "It's okay, I'm here... I'm here... Just cry it all out love. I know you miss him."

"Not cry about Theo!" The little exile whimpered. "I cry about Christopher!"

Chris winced, wounded. "Did I hurt you? I thought you liked it. I'm so sorry..."

Adriel started to cry harder. "No! Sex was beautiful, but I a monster!"

Christopher's brow furrowed. "Shh... You're not a monster, it's not your fault! Never think that it was your fault."

"No, not that! I used you!" Adriel was barely understandable. "How you still hold I, still call I 'love'. I only sex you because I miss Theo, and you call I 'love'. I am terrible!"

Christopher didn't say anything, and held the crying exile close. "I knew that Adriel."

Adriel cringed at the pain in his lover's voice. "Don't you think I knew that you were just having sex with me because you miss Theo?"

Chris took a deep breath. "But that doesn't matter to me." He sounded so vulnerable. "I love you Adriel, and I think that maybe, someday you'll come to love me too. I have loved men since I turned twelve years old, and I fell in love with Max. You are the only other person that I have ever loved like this."

"I am grateful for you, and I love you. I want to protect you, and I hope that one day you will love me as well."

Adriel turned around and kissed the human hard. Chris could taste the tears on Adriel's cheeks. They were freshwater, another of the differences that separated them.


The young men fell asleep, exhausted from sex and emotion. One mile away, hell was still breaking loose.

A group of ragged, terrified townspeople had met in the town hall. They had their families and children with them. The Spaewife was there, pale and haggard. She had two helpers that were brewing a pain-killing concoction out of poppy-seeds. The concoction was mixed with strong corn liquor and fed to the injured in spoonfuls.

Five ships were missing, and four in Haven had died. A man trampled by cattle, a teenage boy who climbed a tree to escape the livestock and fallen to his death, and two very young children, their necks gnawed by crazed rats.

It was a group of bleeding shouting people that filled the town hall. The Mayor tried to call over them, but no one could hear him. Instead the priest climbed to the top of a table and started to rant about demons and witches.

The townspeople surrounded him, and they shouted out to him, interrupting his sermon.

"The demon lives with Christopher Angler!"

"Christopher Angler has been fucked by the devil and is a demon!"

"It's that boy!"

"That boy is hellspawn!"

"That boy has poisoned our town and killed our men and children!"

And more along those lines. The rumors spread like a virus, until the words hovered on everyone's lips.


"Christopher Angler."

"That boy..."

"That fucking boy from the sea."

The fear of the dark and the fear-maddened animals and the unearthly terrifying shrieks from the ocean kept them trapped inside the town hall.

The sun rose, and two young men slept peacefully, nestled vulnerable and trusting in each other's arms.

The shrieks stopped. Shia, the Merlee lover of a man named Theo listened and she could hear the town in chaos. She could hear shrieks of pain and rage and fear. She would stay close to the coast, and watch. She watched with delight and a savage sense of justice as a mob of humans ran the mile-long path to the small hut of Christopher Angler, and that boy who had taken so much from her.

Shia did not understand the languages of men, but if she had, she would have been even happier.

"Kill them! Kill them both!"

"Hanging is too good for that perverted demon, burn him and bury his ashes in dung!"

"Carve out their eyes and let them rot in a dry well for what they did to my child!"

And more of the same.

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