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The Boy Next Door


The Boy Next Door

Grace Discovers her Sister's Secret Sordid World

The summer I finished my first year at university was uncharacteristically long and hot. A golden sun blazed down from a cloudless, crystal clear azure sky and baked the ground until the grass scorched and any unattended flowers shrivelled in the heat.

It was a perfect time for me. I was nineteen and a full year at university had shown me life beyond school and the tight borders of the small, rural English town in which I had grown up. With little to do before the new term began, I had almost four months of free time stretched out before me.

Hour after hour was spend lazing around in the back garden of my parent's house, either on my own, curled up on a sun lounger with a good book, or surrounded by friends chasing Frisbees, drinking beer or just sprawling on the baked earth soaking up the sun's rays.

Josh - who lived in the house at the back of us - used to watch me whilst I sunned myself. I could often see him out of the corner of my eye as I read, standing at his bedroom window, peering down into our garden. It was funny really, Josh had been in and out of our house since we were kids and was my sister's part-time squeeze, but the attention was as much of a buzz for me as it clearly was for him. The arrival home of my younger sister or his own mother was usually the only thing that could drag him away from the window. Without them, I'm sure he'd have watched me all day.


I'd had some old school friends over for lunch and Stacey had brought a bottle of wine to accompany the sandwiches I had put together for us, so as we lounged around in the sun, we ate and sipped away at the cool white wine. I guess from memory it was mid-August and the summer was at its hottest, the days peaking in the nineties for maybe two weeks and with one memorable day when the temperature broke through the one hundred degrees mark - a record for the country as a whole.

The girls wandered home around four o'clock, leaving me on my own, my cheeks rosy from the wine and with a few hours to kill before we'd agreed to meet up in town later on in the evening.

Laying back on the sun lounger with the garden and house completely to myself, I began to slowly massage sun cream into my bronzed skin. Having spent the majority of the summer sporting little more than a string bikini, my perfectly tanned skin covered all but the very extremities of my body, and whilst I'd been very careful not to develop a thin string and bow of white skin on my back, my breasts and a small triangle between my legs were the only two remaining areas of white.

As I massaged the cream into my stomach I noticed movement in the house behind and a furtive glance was all I needed to affirm that Josh was watching me once more. Whether it was the warmth of the sun on my body, the lunchtime drink, even the sensation of my own fingers rubbing cream into my skin, and probably a combination of all three, my mind focussed on him watching me and me teasing him.

I continued to massage the cream into my flat stomach, then with another quick glance to verify that I had his undivided attention, I slowly, and at first briefly, slipped my hand beneath the waistband of my bikini bottoms.

I twisted and turned my pale brown pubic hair in my fingers before pulling my hand back out and resting it on my stomach. A squint through the sun confirmed my audience's presence.

I had initially intended to leave it there, to just give him a hint of something extra, but the brief touch was not enough for me. Egged on by the wine and in no small part, excitement at my audience, I felt my fingers curl around the string that tied the bottom half of my bikini around my waist and pulled it slowly, feeling the tension relax as the bow unravelled. With the briefest of pauses, I let my fingers creep along my skin and slowly push the tiny triangle of fabric to one side until I was totally exposed to my voyeur. I hoped for his sake as well as mine that neither my sister nor his mother would return to break the moment.

My fingers wasted no time in sliding themselves home and I shuffled my legs apart to allow them access. They tangled briefly amongst my public hair before brushing against my lips and sending a sudden charge through my bones like the static prickle of an electric shock.

I groaned satisfyingly as my fingers gently stroked my lips. Each touch drew more and more of my juices to the surface and my lips slowly became slick and oily to my touch. A brief breeze washed across my skin, causing my nipples to spring up and push hard against the thin fabric of my bikini top.

I spread my legs wide and pressed the soles of my feet together and with the new angle I was able to slip my index finger inside. The feeling was delicious and my whole body shuddered at the penetration. As I strove to push my finger deeper I rubbed my swelling lips with the heel of my hand. The sensation was exquisite and I couldn't resist a quick peek to make sure my audience was still attentive. After all, this was not solely for my benefit. I needn't have worried. I wondered if Josh was doing the same thing as he watched - a thought which until now would have disgusted me, but in my current frenzy seemed perfectly natural.

I even pictured him stood by the window stroking his cock, then a sudden image flashed across my mind of him spraying his seed across my stomach and I came. I pushed a second finger inside as my orgasm washed over me, then found my clitoris with my spare hand and rubbed it frantically until my shuddering body could stand it no more.

I lay for a moment on the lounger, then suddenly as the warm glow of my orgasm dissipated, it was replaced with a sudden wave of self-consciousness and I plucked my bikini bottoms from the grass and sashayed in through the French windows into the kitchen.

By the end of the summer, I had treated Josh to three more solo shows. The final time, I had shaved myself completely -- whether he could tell or not from his distance, I have no idea. I even rolled over onto all fours, and rubbed myself to orgasm like a centrefold, my pert bottom pointing directly at him whilst my fingers played over my smooth, swollen lips. I was also very nearly caught by my sister, just managing to clumsily tie my bikini back on in the kitchen as I heard the front door slam and her walk quickly through the living room towards me.


It was twelve months before I saw Josh again and to be honest, having spent most of that time in Munich, firstly at university, then working, I have no idea when I'd last thought about him or that summer, but as I walked back into my parent's house and into my sister's party, it all came flooding back.

It had just gone nine o'clock and as I stood outside the front door with the thump of the bass pulsing through it, I shook my head in a vain attempt to clear it. The last week had been a blur. It had started with a party with my work colleagues, moved on to an end of term party at Munich University, before catching the last few days of the end of term at my English university in Leeds, catching up with friends I had not seen for over six months. As a result I'd spent pretty much every night for the last week either in a bar or a nightclub, I could scarcely remember what day it was. As I walked into the house, the music bounced so loud I could feel the beat in the handle of the porch door. Maybe forty of my sister's friends were milling about, drinking and smoking and after a couple of minutes searching, I found her leaning against the wall in the dining room, drinking from a bottle of lager and chewing the fat with a girl I recognised as one of her friends, but couldn't for the life of me remember her name. She turned to me and did the same and we nodded at each other in a dull, vacant recognition that made Alicia, my sister, turn around.

We looked each other up and down for a second before she threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"Hey sis. When did you get back?" She said. "Mum and dad weren't expecting you back for a couple of days."

It's amazing how you forget that time doesn't stand still when you're not about - life goes on despite your absence. I looked at my sister as she drew away from the embrace -- probably for the first time since I'd gone to university, I really looked at her. Of course she was eighteen, I knew that, she'd be at university in the autumn. I knew that too. But in my mind and maybe too in my heart she was still my kid sister. But as we stood and watched each other, our hands clasped in each others' I could see she was certainly no longer a kid. Obviously still my sister, definitely no longer a kid.

"You look like shit." She hollered above the beat. Yep, definitely still my sister.

"This time next year when you've done six parties in six nights, you'll look like this too." I said. "So where are mum and dad?"

"Out." Was all I got and when Alicia realised I needed something else she said. "Don't worry, it's all above board. I finished my exams today. I've officially finished school! Grab a beer, the kitchen's full of the stuff." And with that, before I could give a hug and congratulate her, she turned back to her friend and I faded into the background.

Before I grabbed a beer I pushed passed various people on the stairs and dumped my bags in my bedroom, glad to see that not only was it ready for my return, but that it was undisturbed by the revellers and their new found freedom. I stood in front of the full length mirror and ran my fingers through my hair. It was not enough to make me look presentable, Alicia was right, I did look like shit. Still, I'm sure they'd be time to sleep at some point before I went back to college.

I plucked a can of beer off the worktop in the kitchen and popped it open, taking a long slug of it to quench my thirst. I spotted Josh instantly perched atop the washing machine. It seemed my kid sister was not the only person who'd grown up.

I figured I'd say hello, but as he was clearly holding court with a group of friends, I thought I'd leave him to it and see if there was anyone else I recognised, but as I turned away, I caught his eye.

"Hi Josh." I said as he turned to face me, an initial vacant look turning almost instantly to a broad grin.

"Well, well, well, the return of the prodigal daughter." He said, slipping off the washing machine and bending to kiss me on the cheek. "Come back for an encore performance?" He said as his lips brushed my cheek before pulling away to see my reaction. I blinked and suddenly it all came flooding back and I drank from my beer to hide my grin. I swallowed in a deep gulp.

"Never say never." I said eventually, letting a smile play briefly over my lips. He stooped in towards me again, this time his hand slipped around my waist and he pulled me towards him.

"It's just I could do with some fresh material." He said, his breath hot on my neck. "Four films a year is not a lot to keep a growing lad going." He pulled away and turned back to his friends and instinctively I turned away from the group and wandered back across the kitchen. Then, what he said suddenly registered with me. What did he mean? Had he taped me in the garden? Every time? I started to turn back to him, but thought better of it. I guessed his eyes were probably burning a hole in my back, waiting for me to do just that. I replayed what he had said in my head. There was no denying it, it was certainly what he'd implied. I drained the can, tossed the empty in the vague direction of the bin and popped the top on a second beer. The cheeky bastard.

I had found someone I recognised in the living room, one of my sister's school-friends, but the thin conversation was getting a little strained when I saw Josh walking towards me. Again, he leant over me, emphasising his size.

"So, what do you reckon then?" He whispered into my ear.

"Did you make videos of me?" I asked rather stupidly, but he ignored the question anyway.

"Or I could return the favour and show you what I was doing whilst you were playing with yourself." His hot breath was sending a shiver down my spine, but as he spoke he also took my hand and ran it along the length of his cock as it hung in his jeans.

My God, it was massive. As he guided my fingers down his length I tried to picture it in my mind. It must be nine inches soft. It must look like a cudgel when it was hard. Unashamedly, I felt my mouth begin to water.

"What do you reckon then?" He repeated, this time staring me straight in the eyes, his hands on my shoulders. "A new tape. You playing with me, before I cum all over you." I couldn't take my eyes off his, then I realised that his hand was no longer holding mine, yet mine still traced up and down the length of this cock, now straining a little against the seemingly insufficient denim of his jeans.

Minutes later he was stood before my bed with me on my knees, slowly massaging his enormous cock in both my fists. I'd practically dragged him through the house, passed most of the party guests and slammed my bedroom door behind me.

From nowhere he produced his mobile phone and trained it in on me as I began to tentatively run my tongue around the head of his gigantic cock.

"Is that what you videoed me with last time?" I asked, looking up at the camera and still wanting him to confirm that he had made videos of me in the garden.

"Nope." He said. "Less talk." He said, and whilst training the mobile phone on me with one hand, he pushed my head down with the other.

Opening my mouth wide I closed it over the head of his cock and suddenly, inexplicably, an image of Michael Caine filled my mind. Something about a baby's arm holding an apple. I think it's a line from an Austin Powers movie, but suddenly it seemed very appropriate, unlike the muffled giggle that escaped my lips.

I needed both hands to control his cock and could barely manage more than just his helmet inside my mouth. My lips were stretched as far apart as I could comfortably get them and my saliva ran freely down his shaft, lubricating my clenched fists as they circled his cock and pumped him towards climax.

Slowly, insistently, he continued to apply pressure to my head, either pulling on my hair, which he scrunched up into a pony-tail in his fist, or pushing me down, testing me to see how much I could swallow -- which I have to admit, was embarrassingly little. Even with three or four inches encased in my lips, the sheer girth of the damn thing stopped you getting any more inside. It was simply too damn big. I was pretty sure my pussy wouldn't cope much better, but before the summer break was over, I resolved myself to give it a damn good try.

Rather than struggle or admit defeat, I concentrated my attention on his bulbous helmet, exploring each and every part with my lips and tongue -- whilst continuing to pump him with my hands. I could tell I was hitting the spot as I felt his knees begin to shake and his breath get slowly shorter.

"You like that?" I purred up to his phone and was rewarded with his hand pushing my head back down onto his cock. I tried once more to sink down deep onto his pole, but am not convinced I made it any further down, the dull ache in my jaw growing greater with each attempt. I began to suck rapidly around his head, bobbing up and down, rocking back and forth on my ankles as I drew him closer and closer to climax. I felt his cock began to twitch and writhe in my grip as if it had a life of its own and I readied myself for his orgasm. I had no idea what to expect. Does a massive cock with huge, heavy swinging balls produce a comparative amount of cum? I was about to find out.

"Oh yeah. Suck my fucking cock." He moaned as he exhaled hoarsely. "I'm gonna cream." He spluttered and as I felt his cock twitch, he yanked on the ponytail he had made in his fist and pulled his cock unexpectedly from my mouth as the first volley of jizz leapt from his eye and splattered across my forehead.

"Fuck yeah!" He drawled as he took control of his wand in his own hand. I sat on my heels, my eyes scrunched shut as his cum rained down on my face. And in answer to my question, certainly in this case, the answer was yes. By the time his cock was finally drained, my face was smothered. I could feel it in my hair and coating my nose and cheeks, whilst it dripped off my chin and spattered onto my t-shirt.

I peeled my eyes open, thankfully he'd missed them both, to find myself staring up into Josh's mobile phone as the video continued. I blinked slowly and what I hoped was seductively, then ran my tongue across my lips, tasting his cum. Playing to the camera and loving every sordid minute of it, I chewed briefly on my bottom lip before running my finger along my cheek and sucking more of his cum into my mouth.

"Hey sis!" I spun around on my knees to see Alicia stood in the open doorway. "Thought I might find you two in here." She said. "Hard to resist isn't it."

I watched in a kind of horrified fascination as she walked around the back of me -- leaving my door to swing open -- and stood behind Josh. She reached around him and gently stroked his spent and softening cock.

"Shit. You two are an item." I spluttered, my thoughts finally finding their way to my mouth. I wiped my face with my t-shirt, before pulling it off over my head and using it as a towel to cleanse my face.

"Nah!" Alicia said with a chuckle. "Not an item." She said, peering around Josh's massive frame. "We fuck every now and then don't we honey, but we're not an item." She said casually. We were beginning to draw a little crowd as people stared into the room from the landing. Josh didn't seem to mind. I, on the other hand, did and stretched out and pushed the door closed. I looked back at my clearly not so little sister.

"Fuck buddies?" I managed and wondered how I had missed my little sister grow up. It's not like I never came home from university.

"I suppose so, yeah." She said. "But hey, it seems rude not too share a treat this good." She said, slapping Josh's softening yet still massive cock with the back of her hand.

I shook my head and hauled myself onto my feet, stretching my legs luxuriously as I stood.

"How do I look?"

"Still like shit, but now with cum all over you." Alicia turned back to Josh. "Bad boy!" She said and playfully punched him in the chest. "Had you been saving that up all week? I thought for a minute you were going to drown her!"

I watched the exchange in fascination and guessed the video he had just shot would sit alongside ones he had already made with my sister.

"Pity you cleaned yourself up." Josh said, breaking his silence and turning his attention towards me. "It would have been great to get another video of you playing with your pussy already drenched in cum."

I must have shot a quick glance at my sister because when I looked back at Josh they were looking at each other and smiling.

"You've seen the videos haven't you." I said, looking back at my sister. They both looked at me and laughed.

"Seen them. I was there when he was shooting them." I looked from one to the other waiting for them to laugh, but neither cracked.

"Fuck off!" I said and shook my head, turning instead to the mirror so I could clean up the rest of the cum.

"No shit." She said. "That last time, when you did the whole porn star thing, I ran home as fast as I could to see if I could catch you. But you're good. I reckon you were only just dressed, but dressed none the less."

I wiped the rest of his mess up with my t-shirt and pitched it in the corner of my room. I guess I'd have to wash that one, it wasn't really one for my mum to find.

With seemingly nothing left to say, Alicia left us alone in the room, albeit again without closing the door as she left.

"Tell you what." I said, stepping in close to him to whisper in his ear as he had done to me earlier in the evening. "I'll give you another tape of me playing with myself, if you'll give me a proper go on that." I said, tracing my fingers along the still visible bulge in his jeans.

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