tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 02

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 02


As each day went by I held my breath. Was this going to be day Francesca fell off the wagon. I knew she was doing it hard, especially as I had also forbidden her to smoke. You may feel this was unduly harsh, but I felt smoking was feeding her craving for alcohol. Francesca was on edge and irritable, and I could tell she was not sleeping well. Often I would hear her awake at night. To the amazement of both Olivier and I, Francesca lasted the first week without incident.

But on the ninth day I returned home from shopping and when I could not find Francesca I went looking in the storage shed behind the house. Francesca heard me coming but not quick enough to hide the bottle of brandy she was holding. Furiously I snatched the brandy bottle from her and poured the contents down the drain.

"Right, you have just earned yourself a spanking, madam."

"But I only had one small sip. Just to settle my nerves," she pleaded. "I promise it won't happen again, and I have been so good up to now. Please."

In truth, I did feel some sympathy for her. But I knew if my plan was to have any chance of success I had to be absolutely firm with her and follow up on my threats, something that had not happened up to now.

"When Abigail has gone to bed you are to have a shower, put on your night robe, and then come into the lounge for your spanking. And I don't want you wearing anything under your night robe."

Francesca opened her mouth to protest but I held up my hand. "Do you understand?" I barked out.

Hesitantly she nodded her head, and I could see tears welling in the corner of her eyes. She looked like a sad-eyed puppy, but I had to be strong so I turned and left her standing there.

When Olivier returned from work that evening I took him aside and explained what had happened.

"You are not really going to spank her are you? Isn't that a little harsh?"

"Olivier," I groaned, "It is that exact attitude of always giving your mother another chance that has got you nowhere. She is going to be spanked, and it is important you are present to reinforce the fact that we both support her being punished every time she falls off the wagon."

Olivier was clearly uncomfortable, and who wouldn't be at the thought of witnessing your mother getting a sound spanking from your wife. Not something you come across every day of the week. But to Olivier's credit he had given his commitment to me and was not about to let me down. He agreed to be present.

That evening there was a great deal of nervous tension in the house and it seemed an eternity until Abigail had finally dropped off to sleep. A short time after I heard the shower being turned on and fifteen minutes later a very apprehensive looking Francesca stood at the doorway, her body wrapped in her expensive looking pink night robe. Nervously she fidgeted with her fingers.

"Come and stand in front of us," I directed.

"Please give me one more chance," she pleaded.

"No," I replied firmly. "There are no second chances."

Francesca turned to Olivier. "Olivier, you can't let this happen to your Mama?" she pleaded.

I held my breath as I waited for Olivier's response, concerned that he would back down under the emotional pressure from his mother. But he held firm.

"Mother, this is for your own good. You must understand that your behaviour is going to have consequences. Jane has my full support."

I noticed Francesca's shoulders slump forward as she finally realised she was not going to be able to charm her way out of this crisis. I repeated my request for her to stand in front of me, and slowly she shuffled over, her lip pouting like a child who was trying not to cry.

I slid my knees forward on the chair. "Lift you night gown to the waist," I directed, trying to sound like the voice of authority but underneath I was probably almost as nervous as Francesca.

I was surprised that Francesca did not try to protest further. Slowly she pulled up her night robe to reveal her perfectly shaped legs, but then stopped.

"I want it right up to your waist," I commanded. I wanted to ensure that Francesca endured maximum humiliation, as I felt the humiliation was ultimately likely to be as much of a deterrent as the actual spanking. And what could be more humiliating than having to display your private womanly charms to your adult son and his wife.

But when Francesca reluctantly pulled her night robe higher it revealed she was wearing pink lace knickers.

"Did I not tell you to wear nothing under your night robe?" I scolded her. "Can you not follow a simple command?"

"Please, can't I just keep my panties on this time? You can't expect a Mother to be seen naked in front of her own family?" Francesca's pleas were genuine.

"I gave you simple instructions but you choose not to follow them. Not only have you earned yourself an extra spanking tomorrow night, but you will also be spanked totally in the nude." I could not believe my own outrageous boldness. What had come over me? "Now take off those knickers."

I expected Francesca to vehemently protest but she seemed overcome by my firm, aggressive stance to her punishment. She reached up under her robe and removed her panties.

"Now remove your robe."

Slowly she removed the cord holding her night robe closed, then allowing the robe to fall from her shoulders until it fell in a heap at her feet. She now stood before Olivier and I in all her naked glory. Her face and chest was blushing with shame. I could not help but wonder how Olivier felt seeing his mother totally naked. I was surprised at the impact it had on myself. Emotionally I was on a type of high that I had not felt before. Being in control of this glamorous woman and ordering her to be naked stirred up new sensations from within. They weren't sexual responses, but they were powerful. I forced myself to focus back on the task at hand.

I didn't want to rush the punishment, so I made Francesca endure a little longer standing naked before us. When she embarrassedly trying to cover herself with her hands I ordered her to keep them at her side. One couldn't help but notice her firm breasts and perfectly trimmed pubic hair. She might be an alcoholic, but at least she still took good care of her body. Her whole body was in amazing condition for a woman of her age, but then she had never had to endure the ravages of child birth.

"You know why you are being punished, don't you Francesca," I asked.

"Yes. And I am sorry I let you down." Her response sounded genuine.

"You let yourself down more than us."

She considered this thoughtfully. "I guess so."

"Right, now over my knee." I patted my thigh to indicate where she was to place herself, although I think it was probably self-evident.

Without protest she folded herself over my knee. Her naked warmth felt good. With her backside raised over my knee I was surprised at how utterly exposed she was and I could fully understand her total embarrassment. I was sure I would die of shame if I ever found myself in the same predicament.

Having had almost no experience at spanking someone, I was unsure of how much force I should use. But it was a punishment, and punishments are meant to hurt, are they not? So I did not hold back. Francesca screamed in shock as the first blows rained down on her poor tender backside. As I continued to smack she squirmed and bucked about on my knee, but did not attempt to slide off or protect herself from the punishment.

She was soon reduced to tears but I did not stop until her total backside was a flaming red. The contrast to her milky white skin was immense. Even after I stopped spanking she lay sobbing on my knee for several minutes. Eventually she raised herself, quickly put on her night robe. She started to walk off, but then hesitated, and turned back to face Olivier and I.

"Thank you," she sniffled, before quickly exiting the room.

I couldn't help but admire how well she had taken the punishment. I turned to face Olivier. He looked a little stunned, but had survived the ordeal. I desperately hoped that he did not think I had gone overboard with my treatment of his mother, but his only comments were brief and supportive. As a trained medical practitioner he obviously had doubts about my 'unusual' approach to trying to cure his mother's alcohol and smoking addiction, but he was desperate enough to give anything a go.

Nothing was mentioned of the punishment the following day. If Francesca was resentful of the way she had been treated, she certainly didn't show it. Instead she seemed buoyant and only too willing to give me a hand working around the orchard farm.

As we walked through the orchard at the end of good day's work Francesca spoke in almost a whisper. "Are you really going to spank me again tonight?"

I turned my head and looked her in the eye. "Yes, I am, and I want you to behave yourself and do as I ask."

You averted her eyes and looked at the ground as we walked. After about a minute she quietly responded, "I will. Do I have to be totally naked or can I keep some clothes on?"

"I think it will be best if you are naked."

I heard her take in a deep breath, but she said nothing.

Francesca was true to her word. That night she read bedtime stories to Abigail and when she had drifted off to sleep Francesca showered before joining Olivier and I who were in the lounge watching television. Francesca was wearing the same night robe.

The television program we were watching had about ten minutes until it finished so I patted the couch beside me and beckoned for Francesca to take a seat. She sat down beside me and tucked her feet up underneath her. The attractive, confident, mature woman took on the appearance of a vulnerable young girl. I felt a need to try and reassure her, so I reached out my hand and ran it through her short, spiked dark hair. She leant closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I felt much moved by this gesture, and continued to stroke her hair as we all watched the end of the television program.

Once it had finished Olivier used the remote to turn off the television. The room became quiet but there was a palatable tension. Francesca lifted her head from my shoulder and gazed at me with her wide, deep blue eyes. I could not believe how much she had the same dark, sensual features as Penelope Cruz. The likeness was uncanny. Nothing was said but I gave her a small nod of my head and a reassuring smile.

Francesca unfolded her feet from underneath her and then stood up. Without being requested to do so she untied the cord of her robe and let it fall to the ground. She was naked underneath, and made no attempt to hide herself. Her arms were compliantly at her side. She was blushing profusely but maintained a stoic look on her face.

"I know I have done wrong," she whispered, "and I deserve to be punished. Please spank me."

I was staggered that she actually requested to be spanked. A sneaked a quick glance at Olivier who raised his eyebrows at me as if to say 'well, what do you know'.

I let her stand naked before us for a full two minutes, which must have seemed like an eternity to her, before patting my knee and gesturing her into position. Francesca did not hesitate to comply and lowered herself over my lap. She wiggled her bottom about until she was comfortable, or perhaps she was ensuring her bottom was well positioned for the inevitable spanking it was going to receive. This I am not sure.

I was pleased to note that the firm cheeks of her backside were not bruised or marked in any way from her spanking yesterday. Without ceremony I commenced the spanking and did not stop until I had hand spanked her fifty times. She yelped and squirmed, and the tears flowed freely. Once I had finished she continued to lie over my lap for many minutes, sobbing quietly to herself. Finally she raised herself, dressed, thanked us for the spanking and departed.

Olivier turned to me and shook his head in disbelief. "Is this plan of your so crazy that it just might work?"

I sincerely hoped that he may eventually be correct, but I knew we had a long road ahead of us.

Over the next few days I could see that Francesca was trying very hard, but addictions are always there, haunting your every move, waiting to catch you at a vulnerable moment. There were times when she seemed on top of the world, but just as quickly her emotions would take a downward spiral. I kept a close eye on her, ensuring she ate well and got plenty of exercise.

However I could not watch her continuously and just before the end of the second week of her punishment program I found cigarette butts in her bedroom when I was changing the sheets. At least it wasn't alcohol, but I knew I could not let it go unpunished. I angrily called her into her room and shoved the cigarette butts under her nose.

"I am so disappointed in you, Francesca", I reprimanded. "Not only have you been smoking, but you have being doing it in my house despite the fact you know it is strictly forbidden."

Francesca hung her head in shame. "Oh, heavens, I'm so sorry." She put her hand over her mouth and I could see her regret was genuine. "It is just that I cannot sleep at night."

"Well smoking is not going to help. You know that Olivier has offered to prescribe you something if necessary."

Francesca looked up at me. "Am I going to be punished tonight?"

"I think you know the answer to that question."

However I had forgotten that our neighbours, my good friend, Paula and her husband, Dave were coming around for dinner that evening. I debated as to whether to delay Francesca's punish to the following night, but then fate stepped in.

"Francesca looks very edgy tonight. Not her usual cheerful self," Paula commented as we cleaned up after our dinner and Francesca had taken Abigail up to bed to read her a story.

I decided to be brazen. "That is because she is going to be punished tonight."

Dave and Paula stopped in their tracks.

"Come again?" Paula enquired, a curious frown on her face.

I then proceeded to explain my theory that Francesca was more likely to overcome her addictions if she was under the threat of punishment for her transgressions. I explained about finding the cigarette butts and that she was therefore going to receive a sound spanking tonight. Our friends looked stunned.

"Which Jane will administer tonight, after you have departed," Olivier chimed in, a little embarrassed that I had raised the subject.

"Don't delay it just because of us," Paula quickly added, "I for one am not going to be offended if you spank her in our presence. After all, if you believe that the humiliation she receives is as important as the actual punishment, wouldn't it stand to reason she would be more humiliated if we were in the room?"

I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't care either way, but inwardly I agreed with Paula's sentiments.

"I'm okay with it," Dave added.

We looked to Olivier. It was after all his Mother that was being punished.

Olivier sighed and held his palms up. "Very well. I have no objection."

I could see Paula and Dave give each other an excited glance as I disappeared up to Abigail's room to say goodnight and take over bedtime reading duties. As Francesca kissed Abigail goodnight and was leaving the room I told her to have shower, put on her night robe and join us in the lounge.

By the time I had got Abigail to sleep Francesca had showered and was sitting in the lounge talking with Olivier, Paula and Dave. You could sense the nervous energy in the room. I joined them and the conversation continued. They were discussing the current global financial crisis, but I could tell no one really had their heart in the conversation. Everyone was wondering what was going to happen next. I decided it was time to put them out of their misery, especially Francesca.

I turned to face her. "Tell us why you are being punished tonight?"

Francesca looked mortified that I had raised the subject in front of Paula and Dave.

Hesitantly she responded. "Because I have been smoking cigarettes."

"Inside the house," I added.

"Yes, inside the house." Francesca looked shame-faced.

"And how are you going to be punished?" I continued.

"I am going to be spanked." Francesca blushed.

"And how will you be spanked?"

"I will be lying over your knee." Francesca's voice was barely a whisper.

"And what will you be wearing?"

Francesca looked up at me, momentarily confused. "Nothing?" she added hesitantly.

"Correct, you will be totally naked." I reinforced the point.

Francesca groaned in embarrassment, both at the thought of being nude, but also that she was being made to confess all in front of the neighbours.

"Now get yourself ready for the spanking." I pointed for her to stand up in front of us.

The look of mortification on her face increased even further. Her jaw had dropped open. "But....but....Dave and Paula.....we have to wait until they have gone home. Please, I beg of you."

"No Francesca. Your punishment is taking place now. If you don't want to be humiliated then you must learn to control your behaviour. Now quickly before I double your punishment." In some respects I felt I was being unfair on Francesca, but deep down I felt I was doing the right thing in terms of the long term goals around overcoming her addictive behaviours.

Reluctantly Francesca stood and faced us. She looked pleadingly at Olivier in a last ditch hope of a reprieve, but her son just nodded for her to continue. Francesca went through her routine of untying the cord around her waist. Her nervous fingers fumbled at the knot but finally she got it untied. The night robe fell open at the front exposing her triangle of pubic hair. Dave sat up straight in his chair, his eyes fixed on the object of beauty before him.

With a shrug of her shoulders the robe fell away, revealing her total naked glory. Even though this was not the first time I had seen her naked, the sight of her disrobing could not help take your breath away. Naked beauty is naked beauty, no matter what your sexual orientation is. A quick glance around the room confirmed that I was not the only one who felt this way. Surprisingly, Olivier also seemed to be staring very intently at his own Step-mother, although I suspected he would later deny it.

Francesca nervously tried to slide her hand in front of her pubic region, the glare of four sets of eyes more than she could endure.

"Put your hands on your head," I commanded.

Reluctantly she did as ordered. It made her look even more exposed, and I am sure this is how she felt.

I made Francesca stand there for what probably seemed like an eternity to her before I finally gestured for her to lie over my lap. She quickly complied, happy to be away from the prying eyes. I made her lie there longer than usual, knowing that it was affording the others a voyeuristic view of her backside, including her anus and a peek of her vagina.

The spanking then commenced, and I did not hold back just because visitors were present. Francesca squirmed furiously on my knee, desperately trying to keep her legs closed so as not to expose herself. She mostly succeeded. The tears flowed freely and when I had finished she stood and rubbed her backside, before realising she was nude and quickly putting on her robe. Tearfully she thanked me before departing.

I looked over at the stunned faces of Paula and Dave.

"Holy smoke," Dave muttered.

"That was unbelievable," Paula exclaimed, shaking her head as if she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed.

I got the impression Paula wanted to ask questions but was too embarrassed to do so in front of her husband and Olivier.

However she got her chance the following day when I drove over to her house with more plums we had picked. Francesca had stayed home as Abigail was due to be dropped off by the school bus. As in the past, Francesca did not seem to hold any grudges following her punishment. In fact she bounced back with renewed energy. It was almost as if the punishments were helping her to refocus.

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