tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 04

The Boys and Girls are Watching Ch. 04


I tossed up whether to tell Olivier about punishing Paula, as we did not have secrets from each other. However I was so uncertain as to how he might react that I felt it was best to keep it to myself, at least for now. For all I knew it was going to be a one-off incident not to be repeated.

Francesca was continuing to progress well and was definitely looking healthier and eating better. However she still had major mood swings and I knew she was struggling when she was feeling down. It was then that the urge to drink or have a smoke was the hardest to combat.

At nights she was struggling to sleep and I would often hear her moving about the house, and to be honest I was suspicious as to what she might be up to. The night after my punishment session with Paula I was also struggling to get to sleep. My mind was having trouble absorbing the crazy things that had been happening in my life over recent weeks.

I decided to get myself a drink of water, and climbed out of bed, careful not to wake Olivier. As I silently walked down the hallway I heard small rustling noises coming from Francesca's room, and she was obviously awake. I debated what to do. I didn't want to invade the privacy of her bedroom, but the longer I stood at her door, listening, the more I became convinced she was up to no good. I just knew she was having a smoke, or worse, consuming alcohol she had somehow smuggled into her room.

I decided I just had to act. Silently I gripped the door handle and suddenly swung the door open at the same time I switched the light on. Francesca looked up at me, startled by my sudden entrance. Her hands were under the blankets between her legs that were bent at the knees. I was convinced she was trying to conceal something from me. In a flash I rushed to her bed and yanked the sheets away. But there was no bottle of alcohol or packet of cigarettes. What I did find was a hand resting against her swollen labia, telltale juices on two of her fingers. She had been masturbating. I was embarrassed; mortified even. I had totally misinterpreted the situation. I couldn't think what to stay, and I think I gave her a disgusted look before quickly fleeing her room, noisily shutting her door behind me.

The following morning the relationship between Francesca and myself was strained. Francesca was clearly embarrassed by being caught out playing with herself, and she did her best to avoid me. I didn't help the situation by virtually ignoring her. Although I had no idea why, I was angry and disgusted that she was masturbating herself under my roof. But as the day wore on I began to think more rationally about what had happened the night before. What possible harm was there if Francesca was masturbating? She was after all deprived of any male sexual companionship while staying with us in New Zealand. It was her alcohol and smoking addictions we were trying to combat, not anything to do with sexual addictions. Francesca also had trouble sleeping at night and it could be that masturbating helped her relax. I realised I was being such a bloody hypocrite.

I didn't get a chance to speak to Francesca alone as my daughter, Abigail, arrived home from school, but I was determined to apologize for the way I had acted. That evening I was in my bedroom when I heard Francesca go to the toilet and return to her room. Olivier was already asleep so silently I walked down the hall and tapped politely on Francesca's bedroom door. She responded by asking who it was, and when I said it was Jane she told me to come in, but I sensed hesitation in her voice.

She was already back in bed, so I sat down beside her. I then apologized profusely to her for my conduct the previous evening. I told her she had every right to masturbate if she wanted to, and I was wrong for reacting in the manner I had.

Francesca responded by giving me one of her vulnerable, shy smiles. She was embarrassed by the conversation, and for a while she just looked at me with her wide, deep blue eyes.

Finally she spoke, her voice barely a whisper. "It's just that....." her voice tailed off.

I waited patiently for her to continue.

"It's just that at night the demons come. Sleep is not easy for me."

I nodded my understanding.

"I lie awake for hours, and I know I shouldn't, but I find myself craving a drink or a smoke."

"I understand," I added supportively.

"To keep myself sane I focus my mind on my fantasies, and play with myself." Francesca blushed at her intimate confession. "It helps me relax and sleep."

Her frank confession made me realise how dumb and callus my reaction had been the previous night. Again I reinforced the point that she should feel free to continue to masturbate whenever she wished. Francesca nodded shyly, and I left her to it.

The following night I awoke shortly after midnight and for some unknown reason I poked my head out into the hallway and saw there was a light on in Francesca's room. I am not sure what my motivation was, but without forethought I found myself down the hallway and knocking quietly on her door, careful not to wake Olivier or Abigail.

When I heard a faint 'come in' from within the room I entered, closing the door behind me, and seating myself on the bed beside Francesca, who was lying propped up by two pillows. She had her reading lamp on. From the expressions on her face she looked lonely and tense.

"Can't sleep?" I enquired, running my hand through her short cropped dark hair.

She shook her head to indicate 'no'.

"The demons are on the prowl, eh?" I enquired with genuine sympathy. "Yes," she responded quietly.

"Tell me about your fantasies?" I tried to ask the question as casually as I could.

Francesca seemed bewildered by my request.

"What is your favourite fantasy you like to use when you are playing with yourself?"

Francesca blushed and for a long moment did not respond.

"It is going to sound terrible if I tell you," she finally spoke.

"I promise it won't," I reassured her.

Francesca thought about it for awhile, and then took a deep breath. "It is not actually a fantasy. It really happened to me. It is not as if I enjoyed it at that time, I don't think. But for some reason it is what I fantasize about. I replay it like a scene from a film."

My interest was definitely piqued. I wanted to know more. "Go on," I urged.

"As a young girl I entered puberty very early and was always much more developed than other girls my age, even those that were several years older. The boys use to leer at me, and the girls would make horrible comments, but I knew they were envious of my boobs and the attention I was getting from the boys. As you know I have two older brothers, and they soon learned how they could make a profit from their attractive and well developed younger sister."

"How do you mean?" I enquired, fascinated by her story.

"My parents were always getting us kids to do jobs around the house or walk up town to do errands. They believed hard work developed good attitudes in kids. However my brothers would get the other kids in the neighbourhood to do most of the jobs for them. There reward is they would.....get to see me." Francesca blushed.

"I don't understand?"

Francesca seemed hesitant to continue. I waited patiently, but in truth I was dying to know where her little tale was going.

Francesca took a deep breath. "I have never told anyone this story. I was too ashamed. The reward for the kids if they did jobs for my brothers is they would get invited around to our house on a Saturday afternoon when our parents always went out visiting relatives. My brothers would make me remove my panties and bra and wait in the next room until the invited kids were all there. I would then go into the room and lie on the bed. When my brothers told me to I would lift up my top so that they could all see my boobs."

"Oh, my goodness," I exclaimed, struggling to keep my voice quiet.

"But that was not the worse part," Francesca continued, her voice barely above a whisper, "I would then have to lift up my skirt and show them my private parts. My older brother would then tell me to open my legs wide so that everyone could see my vagina."

I was genuinely shocked. "The boys would all be watching you expose yourself?"

"Oh, it would be both girls and boys. The girls would like to watch me expose myself also. In some ways the girls being there was almost more embarrassing."

"But why did you allow your brothers to treat you like this? Couldn't you have stopped it?"

"That's almost the worse part. I could have stopped it...but I choose not to. Yes, I was humiliated beyond belief. But it also made me feel special. Kids older than me wanted to come and ogle at my body. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling down below and even at that age I noticed it made my vagina all puffy."

It took me a while to take it all in. It was quite some story. I wanted to take matters further and I hatched an outrageous plan.

I looked Francesca firmly in the eyes." The boys and girls are coming in tonight, aren't they? The boys and girls are going to be watching you expose yourself."

Francesca looked at me, wide-eyed and shocked. She opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. I looked around the room and then gestured to the imaginary youngsters in the room to come closer. Incredibly Francesca's eyes darted around the room as if taking in the visitors. Slowly I lowered her blankets, exposing her nightie-clad body. She was wearing a modest, knee length white nightie. I suspect she would never had worn such an item of nightwear in the past, but living in a house with your son, Daughter-in-law and Grand-daughter does force one to adopt a more modest night attire.

"The boys and girls have all come along to see you expose yourself. From the looks on their faces they are full of expectation. Show them what they have come to see." I urged Francesca on.

For a long while Francesca just laid there, and just as I began to fear she was not prepared to go further, she lifted her backside off the bed and slid her nightie up, revealing to me again her seemingly faultless body. She pulled her nightie up until her breasts were exposed. She held the nightie nervously under her chin. Her lips were trembling slightly, but her eyes were registering something that seemed to be pleasure.

Without any further urging from me she slowly began to open her legs slightly, at the same time bending them at the knees.

I lent down so that I was almost whispering in her ear. "What have the boys and girls come to see, Francesca?"

Francesca gulped. "My breasts....and my pussy."

"Well make sure they get a good view." I urged.

With that Francesca gathered her nightie up even tighter under her chin and took a deep breath so that her breasts thrust upwards. It was an intoxicating sight for me.

"Can they all see your pussy?"

Francesca had partially opened her legs, but only a few inches. She seemed to lack the courage to degrade herself totally by splaying her legs wide open. I could see that she was nervous and I felt she wanted to let go, but couldn't bring herself to. To try and relax her I ran my hand up and down the inside of her thigh. Her flesh felt warm and soft. Even though I was touching another female in an intimate manner it felt natural to me. I liked it.

Even though you may find this hard to believe, it was actually by accident that my hand brushed against her pubic mound. I was actually a bit shocked, and fully expected Francesca to react in the same manner, but when I glanced up at her she only seemed to have a pleasurable glaze on her face.

Again that deep feeling of wanting to go further urged me on. I slid my hand slowly back down her inner thigh until it rested firmly on her labia. Francesca closed her eyes, but uttered nothing. I stroked the back of my hand up and down her labia gently, and felt the first signs of her wetness seeping through her vagina. Slowly she began to open her knees wider in an act of submission. A bolt of sheer pleasure coursed through my veins. I was excited by what was happening.

Boldly I used my thumb to encircle her clitoris that I could feel was begin to poke out of its hood. Francesca bit down on her finger to suppress a groan of pleasure. Her hips were beginning to slowly rotate up and down, and her knees were now splayed open as wide as she could.

As I continued to encircle her clit I whispered into her ear, "The boys and girls are all watching in disbelief. They have never seen a fully developed girl being as naughty as this."

With that I slid two fingers deep into her well lubricated vulva and Francesca's body erupted in orgasm. Her fist was now pressed hard against her mouth to suppress her desire to groan loudly in pleasure. Her hips bucked up and down wildly and pushed hard against the intruding fingers. I was spellbound watching another woman so overcome in absolute pleasure. I had not realised how erotic it was to watch a female orgasm in such total abandonment.

The following morning Francesca was already having breakfast when I entered the kitchen, which was a little unusual as she normally had trouble dragging herself out of bed.

"Sleep well?" I enquired as I went to the fridge in search of juice.

"Very well," she smiled shyly.

"Me too," I lied. The truth be known I was so damn worked up when I got back to bed. My mind was a whirl, and my senses were heightened. I would have loved to have been able to awaken Olivier and get him to screw my brains out, but I had to respect the fact that he had an early shift at the hospital.

The next night I heard nothing from Francesca, but good solid sex with my darling husband always ensures I sleep soundly. However the following night I was just dozing off when I heard Francesca get up and go to the kitchen. I glanced over at Olivier and he was sound asleep, having worked a full twelve hours at the hospital. Silently I sneaked out and walked down to the kitchen. Francesca was drinking, but fortunately it was only fresh milk out of the refrigerator. She looked edgy.

"Can't sleep?" I enquired.

Francesca nodded affirmatively. We sat together silently while she drank her milk and ate two kiwifruit that we had picked earlier in the day off the orchard.

"Would it help if the boys and girls came to watch?" I tried to sound as casual as I could, despite my heightened sense of anticipation as to what might be.

Francesca looked up from her empty glass and gazed at me with those piercing round blue eyes that looked tired and hinted of despair. After a long delay she again nodded affirmatively.

I smiled reassuringly. "Go and lie down and get ready for your visitors. I think your brothers have been active and arranged a big crowd of local teenagers tonight.

Without a word Francesca left the table and disappeared down the hallway to her room. I poured myself a grapefruit juice and waited an agonisingly long ten minutes before following her. When I silently entered her room Francesca's beautiful body was lying exposed on her bed, her nightie pulled high up under her chin. Her chest was fully inflated with air, pressing her firm breasts invitingly upwards. Her legs were straight and only slightly parted, with her thatch of dark pubic hair delightfully highlighted by her fair skin.

I walked straight over to her and stood over her imposingly. "The boys and girls are here, now open your legs wide and show them that pretty, well developed cunt that they have all worked hard for your brothers to see."

Without hesitation she bent her legs and splayed them wide open. I stared directly at her vagina, admiring the various components that make this such an erotically intoxicating part of the female anatomy. As I stared I could see her lips begin to swell and glisten with her vaginal secretions.

"Hold your pussy lips open," I spoke quietly but firmly. "Let them see what the inside of an adolescent vagina looks like."

Without even a moments hesitation Francesca lowered both hands to between her thighs and pulled her labia open. For several minutes I just stared.

"The boys and girls are loving this. I can see the penises of all the boys are rock hard in their pants. I bet they have never had erections like this before in their lives," I whispered quietly to her.

Francesca opened her labia even wider. She was flushed and breathing rapidly. I reached down and ran my finger along the fleshy pink exposed canal of her vulva. Francesca gasped, but continued to hold her labia apart. I ran my finger round and round her vulva, each rotation penetrating slightly deeper. When I felt her excitement building I pulled my fingers back and then started the rotations all over again, working back into the depths of her vagina. By doing this I kept her on edge for several long minutes. When I did eventually thrust two fingers fully into her sopping wet vulva she came almost instantly, her face contorted as she struggled to silently absorb the pleasure, aware that she could not awaken Olivier or Abigail.

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